Black Texas Teacher Fired For Racist Comments About Ferguson

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Black teacher goes off on ‘crackers, kill yourselves’ rant; ‘Ask why she’s still employed’ – BizPac Review: this happened this week.


Right on the heels of vast Democratic losses in an election, the conversation about ‘education’ resumes its wayward course.  Not a soul still dares talk about why SOME schools are failing badly because it leads to a discussion about race and intelligence and culture. All are hot third rail topics for Democrats and Republicans know perfectly well what is going on but content to let it lie buried so they can sneak around the issues.  The main thing happening is, public schools are slowly being turned into illegitimate entities and will end up dead.  Both parties for opposite reasons are killing public schools as a duty and replacing it with voluntary schools.


ALL of NY elites send their children to private schools or live where they can go to fine, 98% white/Asian schools.  These same people constantly tinker with the remaining schools to fix a problem they refuse to understand or face.  Here is a Bilderberg editorial about all this:  New York Needs a Stronger School Plan –


The rescue plan for struggling schools that Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled on Monday needs to be fleshed out in greater detail before it can be fully appraised. But it is already clear that the plan — which involves giving failing schools support services and seeing how that turns out — might not be sufficient to remake the city’s lowest-achieving, most-dysfunctional schools. The plan could easily delay action on schools that are in desperate straits and should be reorganized or closed in fairly short order.


Under the new initiative, the city has designated 94 of the most troubled schools as Renewal Schools, based on a list of criteria, including graduation rates and test scores. The students in the schools will receive an extra hour of instruction each day; teachers will get supplementary training, and the schools will be encouraged to offer summer school. The schools will also receive additional money — $150 million spread among the 94 schools over two years.


The Bilderberg/Bloomberg (Jewish) plan for schools was to close them.  Since all the closed schools were 98% black/Hispanic, this raised a lot of ire in both communities.  Parking these students in other schools spread the destruction all across the boroughs leading to higher despair for working class parents struggling to educate their children.  At no point was anything done to fix what was wrong with the students and all the blame was parked on the teachers and administrators of minority schools.


The racist Obama White House continues this tradition which is a Bilderberg gang policy of blaming teachers for bad students:  What The White House Is Doing To Make Sure Low-Income Students Get Good Teachers


The government sent each state an educator equity profile, outlining the distribution of experienced teachers. Education Department officials said on a call with reporters that these profiles would not be made public until December.


The new guidance allows states to identify root causes of inequity in teacher distribution, then develop plans for remedies. In that way, each state may develop measures best for local conditions.


It is painfully obvious that the plan is to take good teachers from white schools and park them in black schools filled with violent, obscene, obnoxious, aggressive students and more often than not, these teachers will probably be white and will have to go into dangerous neighborhoods that are openly waging war against anyone who is white and who can be robbed.


This new DNC policy will drive teachers insane.  It will destroy not just white students leaving them bereft of good teachers but black students who will have no teachers because 100% of the teachers forced into black schools will end up quitting or in the hospital or dead!


Daria Hall, who directs K-12 initiatives for The Education Trust, which advocates for education equity, said there’s now general awareness about the importance of fairly distributing good teachers.


“We know more about the teaching force and a whole lot more research that suggests how important it is,” Hall told HuffPost. “There is increased awareness among the advocacy and civil rights community about just how important this is.” The organization said in a statement that it is “hopeful about the possibilities it creates, but not naïve.”


Civil rights activists have destroyed most inner city schools and now are aiming at wrecking all schools.  This alone guarantees Republican victories for the next 100 years.  It will end civil rights and possibly cause a race war which the blacks are doomed to lose.  I agree with what this commentator at the Huffington Post wrote:



Heffe Golanzo
And. . . no this wont work. Our school system is trying to provide incentives to exemplary teachers to teach in failing schools. One teacher that I know was told that they were being reassigned to a failing school and they resigned, and picked up another job the next county over a week later. So the school system not only didn’t get that teacher to teach low-income students, but that teacher LEFT the system. And she was a really good teacher.


If exemplary teachers feel pressed to work in a less than favorable environment on the OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTY, quadruple the commute time, they are just going to leave, and because they are exemplary teachers they will EASILY pick up a job in a system that doesn’t practice “Excellent Education for All”. The incentive for the school system to not comply with the initiative is that they keep and attract the most exemplary teachers.
“Excellent Educators for All” is the result of people who have never worked in a classroom trying to write education policy. “No Child Left Behind”, and Common Core Curriculum”, and “Race to the Top” are all results of this continuing practice of politicians writing and determining education policy.


It is worse.  Black teachers are angry about losing jobs, too.  The attack on bad teacher tenure laws is actually an attack on black professionals – The Washington Post


After the Vergara v. California decision in California’s state Supreme Court, which held that key job protections for teachers are unconstitutional, anti-union advocates everywhere began spawning copycat lawsuits. But while reformers may genuinely want to fix education for everyone, their efforts will only worsen diversity in the teaching corps. The truth is that an attack on bad teacher tenure laws (and ineffective teachers in general) is actually an attack on black professionals. If the Vergara clones succeed, black children will lose effective teachers and the black community will lose even more middle-class jobs.


Unfortunately, a huge number of bad teachers being pushed out of the system are minorities.  They go into minority schools seeking a pay check and since they went to college on an easy glide just to get them through the system, they are often woefully unready to teach anything having not learnt very much previously, themselves, being products of bad schools that are mainly minority students.


This cycle of poor learning is quite toxic and hard to break.  The concept of working hard to do well has nearly vanished in black culture.  Except for sports!  Sports, and of course, entertainment and sports is entertainment, have huge rewards for the hard workers who hone their skills diligently. Then there is the 2% of black students who actually can keep up with whites and Asians who make it to the top, for they are also guaranteed high positions for doing half as well as Asians who have to fight ferociously for any positions, in steep competition mainly with each other.


My work in New Orleans showed me what can happen when black teachers lose protections. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans School Board summarily and illegally fired its 7,500 teachers and staff. Based on 2000 census data, nearly 5 percent of New Orleans blacks lost their jobs with that decision. Then, citing the absence of teachers (who had evacuated), the board chose not to renew the collective bargaining agreement with United Teachers of New Orleans. The (mostly black) teachers were gone, and there followed no systemic effort to recruit the best ones back.


Nine years later, New Orleans reformers rave about growth on test scores. But the quality of any reform must be measure against other quality of life measures to see the broader impact. The share of New Orleans’s black middle- and upper-income households dipped from 35 percent to 31 percent, while their white counterparts increased from 60 percent to 68 percent.


Every single state I looked at to see the race breakdown in school scores tells the identical story: the more black students, the lower the scores.  Disastrously lower scores.  Get more Asians in particular and scores shoot upwards.  Black teachers have to have the same standards as white teachers, not lower standards!  And black students must recognize THEY and their MOTHERS (if they have fathers, they all do much better in school!) have destroyed their schools pretty thoroughly.


If they don’t change attitude, nothing will fix this broken culture.  They and they alone can fix this and this means dropping the furious attitude of aggression and self-worship and to see themselves realistically and to stop the anti-white racism which sees black students calling BLACK teachers ‘whitey’ if the teachers request appropriate behavior in class.  I had the link to a story about that and then lost it and I have to go to the hospital to have my knee probe because I hurt it last week while doing construction work.  Maybe I will look it up later and add it to this story.


I do know from black kids I have known in the past that if they do well and work hard they are teased by black students as being ‘whitey’.


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21 responses to “Black Texas Teacher Fired For Racist Comments About Ferguson

  1. Jim R

    She uses language like that but probably gets all bent out of shape if someone says “nigger” within earshot.

  2. Luke

    All I need to know about Blacks I learned from my own personal experience, ‘The Bell Curve’ and crime stats. I am race realist.

    Meanwhile the gov continues its attack on Whites.

  3. Petruchio

    At the top of the list of any serious education reform should be the existence of expelling misbehaving students. One troublemaking student can grow into two and three and more problem students. Set a fair standard for student behavior, but once that line is crossed, the problem student is OUT THE DOOR. No school is going to improve if incorrigible students are allowed to roam the hallways. Another option: holding students back. If a student does not meet a certain performance level, grade to grade, they do NOT merely get passed on to the next grade so they can be someone else’s problem.

  4. Christian W

    I’m no expert but I believe in Finland the educators have a strict ‘leave no kid behind’ policy. They try to identify kids having a problem at school very early and take action to give the kid support to get it back on track. Also kids that are disturbing class get put in special classes until they calm down again.

  5. Christian W


    US schools to have non-white majority

    White pupils in state schools in the United States are set to be in the minority for the first time when schools return for the new term.

    According to official forecasts, enrolments for the 2014-15 school year will mark the threshold when ethnic minorities become the majority.

    This demographic shift has been driven by rising numbers of Hispanic pupils.

    Poor Luc.

  6. John

    It’s going to be harder to suspend “non-white” students for bad behavior, in the name of “civil rights.”

    And yes, they know full well what they’re doing. The Blacks in power are aping the white oligarchy, trying to destroy every bloodline which isn’t already in power, so they don’t have to worry about talented peasants rising up to displace them from their self-created Olympus.

    Humanity is in the grip of a global pathocracy, or rule by psychopaths.

  7. melponeme_k

    “This demographic shift has been driven by rising numbers of Hispanic pupils.”

    Cooked story. They didn’t say where. And I have a feeling it is only in the cities. The rest of the country is still all white.

    You have to ask yourself why the elites want to lie and state that “minorities” are now “majority”. If this was truly the case then the democratic party wouldn’t have suffered so embarrassing a defeat last week.

    And the more they push the Hispanics to come in illegally the closer to race war we get. And this disturbs me greatly because I’ll be one of the ones being accused of being a Mexican, or any other Central American, South American illegal and suffer a beating or worse from it. Just as I was treated as an evil Middle Eastern “terrorist” after 9/11.

    People in a lynching frenzy don’t think rationally.

  8. Christian W

    Yes, take out say California of the equation and the statistics probably look much different.

    People in a lynching frenzy don’t think rationally.

    Which is why emotions were deliberately stoked/baited with the Trevyon and Brown cases.

  9. Luke

    ΩΩΩ ELAINE: Please refrain from attacking each other personally here.

    The real reason for Common Core,

  10. e sutton

    The U.S. is being populated with third world people. Luke’s right. The majority of whites in this country are old and were born, like me, prior to 1965. The floodgates from Hell opened that year when immigration standards were lowered to accept immigrants from places other than Europe. You can all snicker all you want, but there really is no American citizenship anymore. I have recently taken a seasonal position in a banquet department at a huge convention center near where I live in Greensboro. NO ONE speaks English. ****NO****ONE*****period, end of sentence. There are two blacks who work with me. Very nice fellows. They are from Morocco. This work is much, much too hard for most American blacks to dare consider. Anyway, these Moroccan fellows, like the other employees, they do not speak English AT ALL. I cannot understand a word of what they say because they converse with each other in their native languages. I’m really getting tired of the smug, multiculturalism from some of you posting here. You know what? You fill in the f’n blanks. A country without common language and common culture ceases to be a country. What we have here is the United States of Corporations. Call it “multi-culturalism” or any damn thing that turns you on. I call it a cesspool.

    Great articles! Thanks for being one of the ONLY reporters who DARES expose the awful truth. Hope your knee heals promptly! 🙂

  11. Christian W

    Racism, like courage, doesn’t have any color. You can look at any group and find racism, more or less latent and expressed. Regarding immigration I absolutely agree that there are limits that once crossed leads to great stresses. I agree that cultures do not mix easily, simply because the basic cultural programming often have vastly different basic value systems.

    Whites, Blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, Jews etc etc etc it is all too easy to find example of racism and race and cultural superiority thinking. You can look at most cities and the people dislike other people living in the ‘wrong part’ of town, or the neighboring city or state or nation or speaking the wrong language (Swedish in Finland for example) or whatever. And if you scratch the surface a little it is easy to find idiots making moronic statements in any society.

    It is obvious that a lot of the illegal aliens coming to the US and EU do so simply because they want money for survival and to send back home for the people back home to help with their survival. Often they are running from war and political persecution, if not racial/tribal/religious persecution. How desperate do you have to be to set out on a boat that is not sea worthy because it is over crammed by human smugglers?

    DeVaul made the interesting observation that every single individual at a swearing in ceremony of new US ‘citizens’ talked about the opportunity to earn US dollars, they didn’t mention or talk about US culture and cultural values (I’m curious as to how people here define US culture). Why should they embrace it? People tend to stick to the cultural values they were programmed with as children, don’t they? Most of which were unconsciously adopted in the first place.

    It is an inescapable fact that the USD is not merely the currency of exchange for citizens of the United States. It is supported by the de facto involuntary slave labor of millions, perhaps billions of people, some of whom happen to become illegal aliens in the US.

    Most illegal aliens come from Latin America right? Then why doesn’t the US stop messing about with the governments in Latin and Central America?

    No matter how you slice it and dice it, it is pretty pointless to blame the illegal aliens for policies that have their root in Washington. It always comes back to policies from Washington. Washington is always the key, the epicenter because that is where the currently most dominant center of power lies. Cause and effect.

    It is obvious we are being set up/stitched up by an elite who run governments, multi nationals and global corporations for their own ends and their own profits. It is not only the United States of Corporations, it is in fact the Global Rule of Corporations. They wanted Putin to surrender Russia to this rule, but he hasn’t so far, this is the reason he is so hated by our rulers. You can bet they are looking high and low for chinks in the Chinese armor and for Chinese leaders to sell out China in the name of personal power and prestige and wealth and so be accepted into the elite global aristocracy.

    We, normal people with normal lives, are in effect being made into a new sort of cast/serf system with the elites as untouchable Pharaos floating high above us.

  12. Luke

    Have people seen Googles graphic for Veterans Day?

  13. Luke

    ‘Most illegal aliens come from Latin America right? Then why doesn’t the US stop messing about with the governments in Latin and Central America?’

    It is the population explosion. See a best seller by Brimelow titled ‘Alien Nation’. It will give you stats on population growth. Mexico in 1900 – how many people, El Salvador, then and now? 10x increase? even with dumping millions of its ill educated people on the USA..

  14. Eric Blood Axe

    Going from my own experience,
    1There should be at least 2 streams, with the slower students in one stream. and smart kids in the other.
    2 After the age of 11or 12 the boys should be separated from the girls, not just because of the hormonal distractions, but because of the different way they learn.
    3 It’s no use trying to teach a stupid kid how to integrate inside the diffrentiation sign, teach them what they will need to keep track of their money, and how to read properly.
    4 Teach the slower kids a trade, rather than trying to make Phds out of them

  15. emsnews

    You can’t train children who are being trained by their mothers to be thugs! If the parent insists on thug behavior, the child will go with the flow because thugs have it easy at first.

    They can take whatever they lay their hands on, they can be self centered and rude and can have a life of mainly leisure and indulgence like any Roman emperor.

    Teaching children to carry a burden and be responsible and to look to the future and care for the future is impossible if the mothers think the other lifestyle is much preferred.

    And yes, there are many white thugs with bad mothers. It is just a complete epidemic with black mothers.

  16. Jim R

    It isn’t a popular thing to say, but there are real differences between groups of humans.

    Just watching the Rosetta mission, landing a fragile spacecraft on the nucleus of a comet, after a ten year spaceflight. Looking around the control room, I don’t see a whole lot of African looking individuals. They are in northern Europe, but still, Europe is diverse now with all the Arabs and Africans they have brought in.

    And when I watch a basketball game on TV, for some strange reason most of the players are black.

    I think we need an affirmative action program for professional sports teams, where fifty percent of the players must be skinny white guys with glasses. 🙂

  17. DeVaul

    I agree with Jim R.

    American football needs many more skinny white guys (with or without glasses), as these are the men who will give us fascinating fumbles, spectacular kick-offs (where the fans get to keep the football), wild reverse and pitch plays, endless laterals, and of course, throwing the ball to the wrong guy type plays that will make football, and any other sport, something more than a cure for insomnia.

  18. Lois T

    Elaine wrote: “Every single state I looked at to see the race breakdown in school scores tells the identical story: the more black students, the lower the scores.  Disastrously lower scores.  Get more Asians in particular and scores shoot upwards.”

    My suburban Detroit school district has a small but steadily increasing number of black students. The district has an excellent reputation and has attracted many Asian families over the years. In a typical year we’ll have about six National Merit Exam scholarships awarded to our local students, and it’s rare to see a non-Asian on the list.

    Our high school received an official black mark from the State of Michigan a few years ago because there’s too much of an achievement gap “…between the top-scoring 30% of students and the bottom-scoring 30% of students.” In other words, our Asians are too much smarter than our blacks.

  19. vengeur

    OT: Duncan family shakes down Hospital. : I love how they phase things: the family ENDURED a 21 day quarantine. Boo Hoo. No mention of the fact that the Duncan lied to everyone and CONCEALED his contact with someone who had DIED of ebola. No, he died because “Duncan was poor. He had no insurance. And he was black.”

  20. Jim R

    @DeVaul, LOL!

  21. Luke

    Vengeur, the two part ‘Duncan tale’ [sickness and lawsuit] is another reason I have such a low opinion of immigrants and blacks.
    ‘Always with their hand out wanting something for free’.

    EMS has written about ‘pit bulls’. I spoke to someone today who [with the help of a celebs child] rescued 200 dogs from a so cal shelter.
    The shelter went broke due to all the pitbulls it took in. This is a major cities shelter. ‘Now the police kill stray dogs, no humane society’.
    And who bred all those dogs for fighting? Non whites he tells me.

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