Detroit’s Problems Are US Problems: School Failures Key To Collapse Of White/Black Relations

At 21 minutes into the video, Dan Rather talks about University Preparatory Academy (Psad)-High School – Detroit, Michigan holding it up as a fine example of a working school that manages to teach black children.  So I was curious and looked at the ratings after Rather claimed the school performed nearly as good as other, white schools in Michigan.  After watching this investigative report, I decided to see if anything he claimed is true or ever was true.


I believe, from first hand experience, white flight is fleeing crime and bad schools and both have a huge black input element.  Liberals attack people who flee black dominance or dysfunction but all liberal leaders without exception are practicing white flight, big time, often flight from all lower classes as well but in particular, fleeing public schools and public transportation.


Watching the video above was very frustration.  Often, the  people in it talked about the need for more books but what is the point of that if the vast majority of high school students are illiterate?  Here are some salient facts about University Prep in Detroit which are astonishing:  First, I learned that 50% of the graduates of this school go on to college.  But look at how they perform in tests:

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 8.17.24 PMScreen shot 2014-11-10 at 8.17.38 PM

Mind you, this is one of the prime, good schools!  50% go to college but only a third are LITERATE?  A quarter can write?  Between 1 to 2% are able to do math?  How insane is this!  There is no way even the top students are capable of ANY college level courses.  I fear they go to college to learn high school stuff though how they do this while illiterate baffles me.


This school is rated a 3 in a scale of 10 to 0.  It gets a ‘D’ report card which is just above failing.  Yet another ‘school reform’ collapses…in black communities.


Michigan spends $1B on charter schools but fails to hold them accountable | Detroit Free Press |


In reviewing two decades of charter school records, the Free Press found:


Wasteful spending and double-dipping. Board members, school founders and employees steering lucrative deals to themselves or insiders. Schools allowed to operate for years despite poor academic records. No state standards for who operates charter schools or how to oversee them…


Michigan leads the nation in schools run by for-profits…


According to the Free Press’ review, 38% of charter schools that received state academic rankings during the 2012-13 school year fell below the 25th percentile, meaning at least 75% of all schools in the state performed better. Only 23% of traditional public schools fell below the 25th percentile.


Detroit Public School Statistics | Real Life. My Music.


NAEP Achievement Levels: Detroit’s public schools post worst scores on record in national assessment

• Basic denotes partial mastery of prerequisite knowledge and skills that are fundamental for proficient work at each grade.

• Proficient represents solid academic performance. Students reaching this level have demonstrated competency over challenging subject matter.
• Advanced represents superior performance.

4th Grade National Average
Advanced: 6
Proficient: 33
Basic: 43
Below basic: 19

4th Grade Michigan
Advanced: 5
Proficient: 30
Basic: 40
Below basic: 22

4th Grade Large cities
Advanced: 5
Proficient: 24
Basic: 43
Below basic: 28

4th Grade Detroit
Advanced: 0
Proficient: 3
Basic: 28
Below basic: 69

4th grade sample math problem from test: 301-75=?

Percentage with correct answer:
• Nation: 67%
• Large city: 63%
• Detroit: 33%

8th Grade National Average
Advanced: 7
Proficient: 25
Basic: 39
Below basic: 29

8th Michigan
Advanced: 7
Proficient: 24
Basic: 37
Below basic: 32

8th Large cities
Advanced: 5
Proficient: 18
Basic: 36
Below basic: 40

8th Detroit
Advanced: 0
Proficient: 4
Basic: 18
Below basic: 77

8th grade sample: In a box of six red pencils, four green pencils and five blue pencils, what is the probability of randomly selecting a green pencil?

Percentage with correct answer:
• Nation: 77%
• Large city: 67%
• Detroit 34%

The Detroit Public Schools posted the worst scores on record in the most recent test of students in large central U.S. cities.

The scores came on the Trial Urban District Assessment, a national test developed by the Governing Board, the National Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education and the Council of the Great City Schools.

The test for urban districts is part of the National Assessment of Educational Progress test given to school districts nationwide.

“There is no jurisdiction of any kind, at any level, at any time in the 30-year history of NAEP that has ever registered such low numbers,” said Michael Casserly, executive director of the Council on Great City Schools, a Washington, D.C.-based coalition of urban school districts.

“They are barely above what one would expect simply by chance, as if the kids simply guessed at the answers,” he said.


This is last year’s statistics.  It is now worse than ever.  Six years of Obama leadership and this is the result.


Across the US, I see more, not less, segregation but it isn’t whites doing this, it is the ghetto culture doing this to themselves.  We see this with poor Ferguson, a place where the civil rights leaders decided to fly their banner over the body of a common, barely literate thug.  Now the entire place is doomed to become like Detroit.


Gun sales spike as Ferguson area braces for grand jury decision


McMullen runs Solo Insurance on West Florissant close to where looting and vandalism briefly broke out in early August after a police officer shot to death teenager Michael Brown.
“I bring an extra gun now only because it has a bigger magazine,” McMullen says. He began carrying it after tensions increased in the area following the shooting. He says he would never use it to protect his business, but he would use it to save his life.
“So maybe I get trapped here or something and have to have a John Wayne shootout,” McMullen says before interrupting himself, smiling. “That’s the silly part about it: Is that going to happen? Not a chance. But I guess, could it? I’m the only white person here.”


I lived dead center in a totally irresponsible black riot that burned down our neighborhood during this huge blackout in the summer over 30 years ago.  The only two stores to survive this both had owners using their guns and dogs.  One of them was a friend of mine, the other shot the first looter to attack his store.


Mike Brown’s parents to speak to U.N. Committee as political forces use them as a tool.  The problems this family has are not police problems, it is social collapse.  The UN cannot fix this and we see in Africa, the West cannot fix what they broke for 400 years, either.


The curse of slavery casts a long shadow but escaping from this has to come from within, not without.  It has to be internally won, not given as a gift.  Poll Of Ferguson Residents Reveals A Disturbing Divide In Obama’s ‘Post-Racial America’ | here is a new poll:


The survey, released Monday morning by the Kansas City-based Remington Research Group, found that 65 percent of African-American county residents believe Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson acted unjustly when he ended Brown’s life Aug. 9 on a Ferguson street.



Conversely, 62 percent of the white residents surveyed by Remington believe the shooting death of Brown was justified.



The fissure broke even wider when surveyors asked if Wilson should be “arrested and charged with a crime” with 71 percent of African-American residents responding “yes,” opposed to the 71 percent of white survey-takers who believe the police officer should not be arrested or charged.



An equally stark divide emerged on the question of whether Brown was “targeted because of his race.”



Over three-quarters of the white respondents — 77 percent — responded “no” while 64 percent of the African-American respondents answered in the affirmative.



Remington Research, which was founded by Republican political consultant Jeff Roe, based its findings on questions posed to 604 county residents on Saturday and Sunday.


Obama has an obligation to bridge over this chasm.  Instead, he is firmly on one side and one side only and this toxic stance is destroying the entire Democratic Party which cannot survive with a voter base this tiny.  The Democrats’ Political Suicide | Michael Brenner who is a professor of ‘international studies’ at the University of Pittsburgh, whining about how the Democratic Party is ‘committing suicide’.


He blames the media and Republicans!  No look in the mirror.  He, like all his kith and kin, believe that Obama is too moderate, too cautious.  In the above poll of people in Ferguson about the media, nearly 90 percent of the whites believe the media was messing with their community and making things worse whereas nearly all blacks wanted the media to bend over backwards even more for them.


How many whites voted Democratic Party after this?  10%?  Here is this white professor gnashing his teeth:


For six years the Democrats have been bent on committing political suicide. Or so it seems. President Barack Obama has been the point man for this bizarre self-immolation.


That period represents the culmination of a long 30 year exercise in political obtuseness that has seen a steady estrangement from the party’s roots and a fatal mimicking of their Republican rivals.


2010 saw the first fruits of the project. Despite every plank in the traditional GOP program being exposed as rotten and the cause of national disasters at home and abroad, the Democrats under White House leadership contrived to allow the opposition to paint them as the problem. What should have been 1934 became 1994. Now the party has had both wrists slashed as it awaits morosely and impotently for the coup de grace in 2016.


What is the Democratic base?  We all know the answer, only one group votes nearly 100% for the party and this is the same group that is driving the party off the cliff.  The Republicans have been destroying America, too.  They encourage tax evasion, financial finagling,  trade deficits, expensive, useless wars.  They embrace hate the government and egg on religious conflicts.


This is all about a dying empire, isn’t it?


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15 responses to “Detroit’s Problems Are US Problems: School Failures Key To Collapse Of White/Black Relations

  1. John

    The Republican establishment most certainly does not “embrace hate the government.” They grow government every chance they get. McConnell’s idea of leadership is to send Obama bills he will want to sign. This despite the fact that over two thirds of the country thinks all this “progressive” crap is the wrong direction for the country.

    We need to return to a true classical liberalism. This Marxist “progressive” nonsense is going to be the ruin of us all.

  2. e sutton

    My very last year teaching was at a charter school. The blacks who ran it openly looted the living daylights out of it. Our assistant principal had a position at a local college where she taught classes. This in addition to going through coursework to get her doctorate (at a black college, NC A & T). Left scant time to actually do any work at our school. She hired another total (black) incompetent to act as principal so that she could still collect a large payday without having to earn it. Our science textbooks were in tatters, being over 8 years old. We never did get a reading basal that year. So perhaps you’ll forgive me when I scoff, seeing the crocodile tears blacks shed over how education is all about “the chirren”, who clearly receive the message that it’s all about the degree without putting in any real learning time. They learn it from their elders who have encouraged them to milk the system for everything its worth (all while they be hatin’ on YT, of course).

  3. e sutton

    This is all about a dying empire, isn’t it?

    Yep. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. John

    e sutton, I find that the only people who buy the crocodile tears are those who’ve never had any first hand experience with the people you describe.

    The exception being guilty white leftists who are incapable of accepting reality.

    Sadly, the destruction of the American black population is all but irreversible at this point.

  5. Christian W

    Yes. “Peak Wealth” for the US middle and working class was in the 70/80s. “Peak Wealth” for the elite is still on the up curve, at least ostensibly. The elites gave up on trying to keep some sort of balanced social system. Probably they were never really that interested in that, but the momentum of WWII and the New Deal before that kept pushing the counter reaction off until later. Now it’s all about enriching themselves and to hell with everybody else. What is striking now is how thoroughly the elites are trying to burn the bridges so there will be no comeback for the middle and working classes back into power to push the elites back into the fold.

    The Blacks were always at the bottom of US society so of course you see a reaction there first. Down the road other groups will follow as the stress of economic meltdown increases.

  6. melponeme_k

    “What is striking now is how thoroughly the elites are trying to burn the bridges so there will be no comeback for the middle and working classes back into power to push the elites back into the fold.”

    What they are trying to do is impossible. The last time the whole Russian royal family were shot execution style. Before that, the French King and Queen lost their heads. Their son was quietly allowed to die in prison.

    It will happen again. When the middle class/upper middle class start marching…using the lower classes as their fists…then elites die.

  7. Christian W

    When the middle class/upper middle class start marching…using the lower classes as their fists…then elites die.

    Which is why Occupy was potentially a huge head ache for the elites, while Ferguson is not. If the middle class and working class does not unite, but use their fists against each other the problem is solved right?

    If the middle class, or at least the upper part of the middle class, identify with the elites against the rest, you have a Latin American country.

    If the blacks working (unemployed) class are trained to hate and fight the police, they will not aim for higher targets will they?

  8. Petruchio

    I think we would have a better society if our education system directed its attention towards raising minimum standards, not creating special schools for the math and science whizzes. I think our country, for example, would have a much better, informed voter if students could not graduate from high school without proving a reasonable level of competence in the three R’s. It’s fine to create schools for high achievers, but the #1 focus should be on creating a well educated general population. Just my .02.

  9. e sutton

    OT, but then again, maybe not really. I go to RT to find out what’s really going on in the world. U.S. Zionist “news” sites work overtime to obstruct and lie. Comments are enlightening:

    As a citizen of a country occupied by and under full control of the USA for almost 70 years, I can only advice everybody to NEVER go to bed with Uncle Sam. They’re incapable of being friends, allies or just partners. They’re not satisfied unless they have total control over you. They consider the world as their property. They consider it their God given right to divide, conquer, brutally attack, murder, suppress, take your resources, money, ideas, goods, whatever. The only thing they’ll give you is mindless consumerism and a rat race society of vicious individualism with zero solidarity.

    I read these comments a lot. Outside the U.S., people don’t understand that our population is being deliberately dumbed down and lied to relentlessly.

  10. melponeme_k


    “As a citizen of a country occupied by and under full control of the USA for almost 70 years, I can only advice everybody to NEVER go to bed with Uncle Sam.”

    You have learned nothing from this site.

    It isn’t the US oppressing you. It is the elites in your own country stealing its resources in cooperation with groups of other elites. They have no countries, they feel they are above them. Right now the US is their cat’s paw. Once the US is depleted of all money, power and resources they will vampirize another country. On and on until everything is third world or the middle class will rise up and cut off their heads.

  11. emsnews

    This thing has a name: the Bilderberg gang. They are very secretive. They created the EU. They created the entire open borders/free trade scheme to KILL LABOR POWER.

    Can’t unionize if a flood of aliens pour into a country with a rising economy!

  12. melponeme_k

    “Which is why Occupy was potentially a huge head ache for the elites, while Ferguson is not.”

    Occupy did not work for one important, environmental reason weather caused by natural disaster, mainly volcanic eruption.

    In the years preceding both the French and Russian revolutions there were catastrophic eruptions.

    1780 Laka in Iceland erupted, throwing enough ash into the atmosphere to affect agriculture all over the world. The French people were starving AND it was damn cold. That got the middle classes marching.

    In 1910, Mount Etna in Italy experienced a large eruption. In fact Etna was bubbling over all through that decade. This again affected agriculture but this did not stop the Russian elites from going full tilt boogie and exporting practically ALL the grain that was grown. The people were starving and the Middle Class started marching.

    We are now waiting for our volcanic event. And we’ll know who to go after…there are plenty of people like Elaine who will know what is what.

  13. Christian W

    In the Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt explains that the nobles of pre-revolutionary France “did not regard themselves as representative of the nation, but as a separate ruling caste which might have much more in common with a foreign people of the same society and condition than with its compatriots”.

    That could be the exact definiton of the Bilderbergers and the US Insdispensible Nation overlords (America has the Manifest Destiny to rule the earth). We have a new political and economic aristrocracy trying to bypass and change the laws of the nation states, and international law between the nation states, for their own benefit and doing so completely outside the normal democratic process that is supposed to involve the middle and working class in the decision process.

  14. e sutton

    The comment you attributed to me was actually made by a reader of RT, who was stating that their home country was occupied by the U.S. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

  15. This is all about a dying empire, isn’t it?


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