White House Finally Notices That Education Degrees Are A Total Joke Leading To Bad Teachers

All my life, reforms have poured down upon our entire education systems and this rain of concern has had one effect: it has nearly destroyed the entire system from top to bottom!  The collapse of our education systems starts at the top and the rot goes all the way to the bottom.  Higher education, thanks to government loans, has devolved into a money machine system designed to lure naive students deep into debt and to keep this flood of chumps flowing into the carnival booths, they need to hand out easy high grades like candy and create useless courses to study so students think they are learning when they are really having their pockets picked by con artists.  Meanwhile, at the bottom, the bottom is falling out as our schools fill with minorities who are nearly utterly incapable of learning anything at all.  While we teach our upper class students in business school and administration studies, how to loot the poor even more efficiently.



The worst part of higher ed is the ‘Education’ degree programs.  These are a total farce and produce very inept teachers who have flooded into our schools and are making a bad situation worse:  Teacher Training Is A Ridiculously Easy Way To Ace College, Report Says


The NCTQ report quantifies how easy it is for teacher preparation students compared with those other fields of study. It examined college and university commencement brochures, and calculated the percentage of education majors at an institution who received honors — the highest grades. At 58 percent of 509 schools, “teacher preparation programs are much more likely to confer high grades than are other majors on the same campus,” the report says. While an average of 30 percent of all students graduated “cum laude,” 44 percent of teacher preparation students received the honor. The report calls the results “a wake-up call for higher education.”


The report also found that assignments in teacher preparation classes that were the basis of 71 percent of course grades were “criterion-deficient,” asking for opinions or viewpoints rather than facts. It recommends common “standards to define excellence” and the assignment of objective measures.


Amazing, isn’t it, for someone who has gone into higher education way back in 1967, I had little debt and great schooling whereas today it is the reverse.  Universities let in many students and then ruthlessly winnowed out the ones unable to cope and left the core students who then sail along to victory…except for the reforms!


I was one of the earliest victims of this!  I was allowed into the German department programs at age 16 and went to Germany to study, came back in 1969 and was well on the way when suddenly, with little warning, the language requirements for both high school and colleges were junked.  Yes, dumped into the trash!  I was stunned.


So way back in 1973 when I was pregnant with my first child, I moved to NYC and transferred to NYU only to dump the entire business due to the German department there being basically shut down and I went into construction instead and made my living with that and alternatively, working with computers.  Both made me money.


The corruption for money at the top is obvious to see, when I worked for RPI, for example, a STEM school, the new President, Shirley Jackson, elevated due to being a black female, terminated the professor’s Senate which advised the Presidents and set policies, and ruled herself and the first action was to give herself millions of dollars while starving the staff of funds.


I lost my battle with her (the corruption is all over the place there now) but she was just merely typical, not unusual.  All the schools are now giving huge funds to Presidents and their staff and starving the professors and taking away all power from them, mainly to force them into passing students who do nothing and to make no demands or show any initiatives.


Even popular ones (ahem, yup!) are fired if they try to stop this.  It is epidemic in particular in the Education departments which are diploma mills at this point.  Many good potential teachers are quitting both lower and higher academia due to starvation wages for TAs and AAs at major universities and the fact that most education graduates must apply to schools hosting near-savage minority students with a high teacher turnover rate.


Many poor saps who get these degrees learn early on, they are being fed to the lions and flee to other jobs that may pay less but are far safer and saner.


In the latest flailing about, the White House Turns Up Heat on Teacher Preparation – Education Week:


 Long-delayed federal rules aiming to hold teacher-preparation programs accountable for producing effective talent are getting a surprise boost from none other than the White House…


Though billed as an executive action by President Barack Obama, the plan is really the revival of a 2012 effort. Early that year, the Education Department attempted to put teeth in what are generally considered fairly lax accountability requirements for teacher colleges in the Higher Education Act…


“The higher ed. community was kind of aghast at that, and not just in teacher ed. The fear was, is this what’s coming next?” said Rick Ginsberg, the dean of the education school at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence. “They were trying to come up with a stick, but it could end up hurting the very students who need it the most.”


Lord help us!  The first university to give me a scholarship was the University of Kansas!  And now the school demands the courses for teaching teachers be made easier so they all pass so I suspect, ‘minority’ teachers can become teachers?  I have watched a number of exposes over the years showing the chaos that has engulfed our major cities’ schools and it is painfully obvious that black teachers in particular, struggle to teach mainly due to incompetence.


The GOP came up with a program that punishes teacher who have bad student results and reward the good teachers but all this was cover for giving goodies to white teachers because of course, few of them would go into inner city schools to do battle with an army of out of control, disrespectful children and their enraged, violent mothers.  So black teachers got no help and no rewards and everyone else avoided black schools like the plague since this meant you would be labeled ‘bad teacher’ no matter how good you are!


This is a problem across the board, of course.  Accreditation is a farce.  Confessions of a College Professor: Accreditation to Die Overnight?


Accreditation, before the Federal student loan program existed, used to be about education. Accredited schools used to be legitimate schools that cared about education…accreditation was a final seal of legitimacy.


The HEA changed that…accreditation became about money. I was with a school that went through the accreditation process. Once that school became accredited, being legitimate was no longer necessary—the student loan money flows in mightily from scammers that are there for the checks (after administration takes their cut). Once accredited, I, and other legitimate faculty, were kicked in the balls repeatedly harassed by the institution until we resigned because we no longer were desired.


The HEA is renewed every few years, and the renewal scheduled for 2014 has a clause in it that’s devastating for accreditation:


Create a more flexible higher education experience and reduce costs by decoupling federal financing from accreditation (Title IV).


Ho. Lee. Crap. If accreditation is decoupled from federal financing, whatever will it be for? Administration in higher education took over accreditation years ago, warping into something that has nothing to do with education at all. If accreditation isn’t linked to federal loans, it’ll become a joke. Oh wait, it’s already a joke, as I’ve shown in detail, many times.


Dr. Doom (who, unlike me, has to have a fake name due to fear of his job) and I have fun chatting about all this.  The fun of despair, of course.  We can see the end result as our nation goes into a tail spin.  I remember the sixties very well.  Reformers, terrified that Russia and China would beat us in the Cold War, were desperate to improve things.


But at the same time, the school integration business began and even more ominous, the Vietnam War.  Many students flooded into Universities was males sought the student exemption while black children began their slow decline into the thug hell we see today.  The Vietnam war led to chaos at the university level and I was very much an anti-war organizer.  I remember the very day Nixon eliminated the student exemption.  I was sitting in the Peace and Freedom office in Tucson, making a template for a leaflet about this issue when the president of the student council came running in, crying.


I sat him down and said, ‘Welcome!  You are the very person I want to see.  You will be our featured speaker at our rally tomorrow.’  The police attacked this rally and beat the students who then rose up in rage and we had a running battle going which eventually led, across the country, to the war basically being shut down and the draft ended.


Now, colleges are not for learning, they are traps.  They have wonderful services and fun things to do while the carnival is in session.  All sorts of goodies to keep students and virtually no serious attempt at making them learn much of anything useful.  Even the STEM schools are now doing this!  And it is all quite sad as Russia and China once again push forwards while we go backwards.


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24 responses to “White House Finally Notices That Education Degrees Are A Total Joke Leading To Bad Teachers

  1. emsnews


    From 2012 NYT is this letter from a professor who was forced to retire early due to refusing to pass semi-literate students who could barely write in English:

    Frederick K. Lang New York, NY 20 July 2011
    Something should be said about the “external and internal incentives for the faculty to grade more generously.”

    At the nation’s largest urban university, where I taught for almost thirty years, a faulty member, even a tenured professor, will lose his job if he refuses to pass all students regardless of performance.

    Soon after I refused to pass subliterate students, I was suspended from teaching and given busy work to do in an attempt to justify my professorial salary (over $90,000).

    When, in an effort to get my teaching back, I came into contact with college administrators, representatives of the faculty union, and, later, university administrators, I learned to my dismay that I was a pariah.

    If I hadn’t retired, I would have faced financial ruin because of the ongoing legal persecution by the university administration.

    That my students wanted inflated grades wasn’t surprising. The shock was discovering they were far from alone.

    Frederick K. Lang
    Professor Emeritus of English
    Brooklyn College,
    City University of New York

    Since he wrote this touching letter at the NYT, things only got much, much worse. This is why 50% of the students at the wretched Detroit school were able to enroll in universities even though less than 35% were able to read or write.

  2. melponeme_k

    Brooklyn is my Alma Mater. It was a great school way back when in the ancient past when I attended. All of my professors were fantastic, they were willing to give out extra credit assignments and even teach over class time if they could.

    However, when I was there they began to change their basic requirements into a CORE program. Most of those core programs were for remedial writing, reading, math, science, speech, art etc. All classes that should have been given in High School. All of them taking time away on what should have been focused on a major. I’m sad and angry thinking that this has destroyed the school I once attended.

    Speaking of Education Institutions, Reforms and Teachers, I blame the degradation of it all on what I call “Educationese”. The whole industry is based on this convoluted writing style that promotes bad grammar and is just a hair away from malapropism. I first came across this when friends and family were studying education and worked in schools. But I saw it first hand when I worked in that “non-profit” that advised inner city teachers.

    My boss was a black woman who had a chip on her shoulder the size of the whole United States. One of my first assignments was to proof read one of these educationese reports that she wrote. In my naivete I actually did proof read the document. I corrected grammar, spelling and cleaned up some of the sentences for easier reading. Well, you would have thought I mass murdered puppies and kittens in front of her. That was how angry she was that I actually did proof read.

    She had a big degree (Doctorate) but never stepped foot into a classroom as an actual teacher. Despite no first hand experience she had the gall to advise teachers on how to do their jobs.

    Instead of being an adult and just telling my temp agency that she didn’t think I was a good fit for the company, instead she tried to cause a scandal to get me fired from my agency. Luckily they didn’t believe her.

    This is what is behind the “changes” in public schools. And after this experience, I knew why schools were failing, still failing and will never recover.


    ELAINE: I can’t thank you enough for your postings here.

  3. Petruchio

    The best solution, imho: go STRAIGHT for the jugular. Slash and slash deeply the funding these education leeches need in order to survive. Taxpayer funding I mean. It shouldn’t be a hard sell to the voters. It goes like this :”The ONLY thing the Universities produce are unemployed, very deeply in debt students. How on EARTH does this justify the massive funding the Universities receive, courtesy the taxpayer?” And the lower levels of our US education system are no better, but imho, attack the scum and stinking fish rot at the top first. Of course, the media is in the pockets of the elites who are leeching off the taxpayer. I know in my home state, University funding is finalized behind closed doors-and AFTER the legislative session is over! Nice democracy, huh?

  4. Jim R

    Of course at the root of all this corruption is the silly notion that education is a product, to be cranked out like a factory cranks out cars.

    The education-factory snake has finally swallowed its own tail.

  5. nclaughlin

    Locally, San Francisco City College was threatened with having its accreditation status pulled. The report making this threat was long and nearly incoherent and no newspaper was able to explain it. But basically it amounted to the complaint that the school was not bureaucratized enough.

  6. vengeur

    “Girls of color” (colored girls) LOL .You gotta know damn well that these programs are just a scam for some smart connected people to enrich themselves: https://ph.news.yahoo.com/white-house-turns-girls-color-050212069.html

  7. Christian W

    Higher education, thanks to government loans, has devolved into a money machine system designed to lure naive students deep into debt and to keep this flood of chumps flowing into the carnival booths, they need to hand out easy high grades like candy and create useless courses to study so students think they are learning when they are really having their pockets picked by con artists.

    This is the crux of the matter. By no means is it just a US phenomenon. The first thing the new Tory government in the UK did was raise tuition fees to put the students deeper into debt. The second step was also to have weird ministers push through unpopular (with the professional teachers) ‘education reforms’. It is just another assault on the public and the common interest in order to have private profiteers steal more money. Who cares if it is ripping society apart, right?

  8. DeVaul

    Again, I wish to say that our educational system is irrelevant at this point in time. It will not undo the mistakes and failures that have led us to the brink of collapse, nor can it be “reformed”. At best, it can only be “tolerated” until it is no more.

    As proof of what I said about Asian children dropping out of school, here is another “Asian Tiger Mom” at work:


    She is lucky that the police found her son. She will not “communicate” better with him because she demands absolute perfection, which of course is not possible, so the boy will run away again or leave when he turns 18.

  9. Peter C.

    Have not all our systems and institutions been co-opted and corrupted by cheap fiat money?Charities and “non-profits” for example,board of directors sucking huge amounts away from the intended population.

  10. DeVaul

    Off Topic (a little):

    Just the other day I said to my wife that Hollywood was living in a different world than us, and now here comes this:


    A fundraiser for the IDF! (They’re out of funds? Someone alert Congress!)

    What’s next? The Friends of Pinochet?

    You have to read it to believe it, and then maybe you still won’t.

    One thing I do know: today’s celebrities act and think just like the French aristocracy under Louis XVI. I can see no difference, right down to the “progressive minded” celebrity who talks big, but gives little.

  11. melponeme_k


    New York nurses calling for firm procedures on Ebola.

    Also Ebola Doctor was released from the hospital. I sure as hell hope criminal charges will be brought against him.

  12. emsnews

    Nope. In Texas, the Duncan clan got a lot of loot for endangering everyone by suing the hospital that took care of that ingrate.

    And yes, we do need ‘standards’ set up and soon. Not later. This requires special attention to handling DYING patients who are the most toxic by far.

  13. Luke

    Mel, in the 1970s -80s Brooklyn College had a reputation as a good [read ‘tough’] school.
    This is after ‘open admissions, Lindsay, Beame, etc. I know what happened.
    At one time BC had the highest percent of grads going on to get PHDs.

  14. melponeme_k


    I attended Brooklyn in the late 80’s, graduated in the early 90’s. It was still a good school. Many of my friends from other disciplines went on to great schools, the main one being Harvard for graduate work.

    Its sad to think that this has all ended. All in the wrong headed aim to even scores.

  15. Mr Bill

    There have been discussions for several days regarding the declining quality of education in the USA. Most of the discussions were so downer and sad.

    I basically agree with that sentiment. `The USA education system has created a stagnated structure that is in decline on many levels. The nation should establish a new vision of a dramatically improved system and realistically move toward it.

    A good starting point for an inproved system might include looking at the structure of the most highly ranked school system in the world – the Finland Phenomenon. The link below is an excellant documentary on the Finnish public school system. It is about 1 hour long, but so well worth it. The whole video is so thought provoking.

  16. emsnews

    NO public school system can teach children who are out to kill or ignore the teachers!

  17. Luke

    EMS, Bill, the ‘Finnish Miracle’ has to do with IQ. I have read the ‘smartest USA state is Minnesota, land of Germans and Nordics [and now Somalis with IQs of 70 and drug problems]. Nordics have high IQs.

    Read ‘The Bell Curve’.

    The link is laughable in its ‘theres no elephant in the room’. Its about IQ, not the school system,


  18. John

    Luke is correct. Education needs to be tailored to the intelligence of the students if it is to be effective. Not grades. Not ethnicity. Not gender. Not social status. INTELLIGENCE.

    This will not happen in America, or in any other country controlled by “progressives.” The purpose of education, to “progressives,” is simply this: beat down and utterly ruin any peasant who might have the wit and talent to compete with the elites. Only the psychopathic who is “gifted” can survive this process, and they will join forces as minions of the elites.

    I’m reading a book right now, called The Rockefeller File. I just completed the chapter that covers how the Rockefeller foundation network funded “progressive” (aka socialist-fascist) ideology in colleges of education all throughout America, beginning in the 1930s.

    J.D. Rockefeller (aka Satan) believed competition to be a sin. His legacy is one of erasing every single person capable of competing with the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the rest of the globalist parasites, so they may live out their delusions of Deity with as little effort as possible.

    If we do not find a way to rip the nationless parasitic psychopaths from power, the human race is utterly doomed. Straight up fact.

  19. emsnews

    Sorry, I organized against the Vietnam War and for women’s rights and so forth and the Rockefeller didn’t give me one thin dime!

    Nor did my friends get a penny, either. He rode on OUR backs not the opposite and that book is ridiculous.

    On the other hand, when the mainstream supported something I was already doing, that goofy family took credit for this.

    IT WAS MY HARD WORK. I first sued for the right to run long distance races, take auto mechanics, drafting and shop classes when I was only 14 years old and I did all the ‘back room work’ for my push starting in 1964, for basic civil rights changes…for myself!

    I went to the ACLU and argued my case to lawyers who did NOT want to do it at first. But I won them over.

    I also won all my cases only this happened when I already was in college (I left high school right after my 16th birthday).

  20. Mr Bill


    I have minimal personal insight into things Finnish, but I understand their overall standard of living and intelligence is outstanding. So, I accept your comment that IQ is very important to learning. But I suspect there are many other factors that also influence learning.

    Is the high Finnish learning performance inherent to the IQ of the specific students in school or to the overall IQ of the overall society as a whole?. Is it the student or the educational structure established by the Finnish “systems” that lead to the high learning performance?

    Do ordinarily high learners fare as well in either calm or disruptive learning conditions? Are learning deterrents mostly related to learning deficiencies or disruptive emotional tendencies? How to best factor such other issues into a “best” learning performance.

  21. “This will not happen in America, or in any other country controlled by “progressives.” The purpose of education, to “progressives,” is simply this: beat down and utterly ruin any peasant who might have the wit and talent to compete with the elites. Only the psychopathic who is “gifted” can survive this process, and they will join forces as minions of the elites.”

    Exactly, John. And there are two kinds of “progressives” in this country: “liberal” and “conservative.” And the media stampede the masses into voting for one or the other, depending on the elites’ preference. This will continue until the USA collapses, utterly.

  22. emsnews

    No one wants to pay the bills due.

  23. Jim R

    This talk of NYC schools has reminded me of a bit of my life from a very long time ago.

    The very first computer book I ever read was written by a teacher at the Bronx High School of Science. I don’t suppose that place is still there?

    I grew up in Indiana and never visited the place, but apparently it was one of the first ‘TAG’ schools in the US. They were giving computer courses to high school students in 1965.

  24. Ruderalph

    Here is exactly why the young are “schooled”, School is compulsory. Lesson One…you belong to US {INC}. You and your parents choice is comply or be damned. Stimulated by the hazing of proctors in twelve year long “day care” the end game is to instill a sense of collective being with privacy a theft from the public “good”. Testing, testing, one, two…

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