Battling The Hydra: US Expanding Wars In Middle East, Asia, Europe While Ebola Spreads

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AIPAC rules us so we have this bizarre, insane new foreign policy:  Obama admits Bashar al Assad MUST go before ISIS can be defeated National security team believe removing Syrian President Bashar al Assad will kick-start the defeat of ISIS.  This is beyond ridiculous.  Hitler’s claim that Poland invaded Germany as an excuse to launch WWII is matched by this bizarre policy.  ISIS was created by the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia to overthrow Assad.  He was supposed to collapse promptly only he didn’t.  So now they are going to bomb the Syrians to do what?  Why, open the door wide for ISIS!



ISIS is very useful for the propagandists.  The ISIS folk are exactly the same as the Saudi royals.  They do the same things.  They persecute and kill and rape the same religious minorities they conquer.  They are just as venal and cruel.  The Zionists love this because it makes their form of Naziism look civilized.  The Turks are angry about US support of vicious religious fanatics…and the US created al Qaeda in the first place…and are taking this out on American Sailors Assaulted By Turkish Youths in Istanbul.


They are angry because the US is bombing Syria to support a Kurdish rebellion.  ISIS, the Syrian government, the Turkish government and the Kurds are all at war with each other.  As chaos spreads, we see the Jews stirring the pot by suddenly closing off the Golden Dome site in Jerusalem and stealing even more Palestinian land.


Our lunatic program to assassinate people is making things worse, it is the stupidest form of diplomacy, ever.  The US media has been riled about stories of the cowardly and totally illegal invasion of bin Laden’s private home in Pakistan.  This home invasion was extremely unpopular in Pakistan and has caused a serious deterioration in relations there.


‘The Shooter’ speaks: We thought it was a one-way mission…“He was standing there two feet in front of me, hand on his wife, the face I’ve seen thousands of times,” Rob O’Neill told Fox News Channel in a special that aired Tuesday night and will conclude Wednesday night.
“I thought, ‘We got him, we just ended the war.’ ”    
Far from ending the ‘war’ this was the opening shot.  The cowardly way bin Laden’s body, dumped supposedly in the ocean (MINUS the head which is now living with Geronimo’s skull at the Skull & Bones magic game crypt) simply made this more obvious.


Wars end when someone surrenders and stops fighting.  Far from surrendering, every assassination fires up the opposition and they grow bigger and more powerful each time.  This is how all Hydra multi-headed monsters act when chopped up.  Russia to increase ‘patrols’ over Gulf of Mexico with nuclear-capable bombers as a strong reminder to the US that our goofy foreign policies of squawking like a deranged duck, strutting around the world clobbering everyone with a big stick, is foolish.


Due to huge US pressure, Mistral ships won’t be delivered to Russia Nov. 14 – French Defense Minister which means France, already on the ropes with economic decline accelerating due to the boycott of Russia, will take a huge economic hit.  Not astonishing news—via Russia’s evil news service since the US never carries real news about Israel here!…Israel refuses cooperation with UN Gaza war probe, calls it ‘one-sided’ while the jet shot down business in Ukraine goes yet another week with nary a peep from investigators who have all the data and are sitting on it like a hen on a bunch of rattler snake eggs.


While in China the other day, signing off the entire US economy dooming us to collapse as we try to eliminate all CO2 production (!!!!) Obama told the Chinese he agrees with them controlling Tibet!  This is, by the way, also a position for AIPAC which wants to rule the Palestinians forever, too.


Because he was utterly defeated during the last election and the voters made it crystal clear also in polls they don’t want many millions of illegal aliens legalized and voting next time, Obama To Announce Immigration Action Next Week which, since it is an attack on our collective sovereignty in order to replace us with alien voters for himself and his party, is grounds for impeachment.


Obama hopes his support of AIPAC goals will prevent this but I seriously doubt it since all politicians are equally owned by AIPAC so they don’t need him.


Now on to more of our world trade deals all of which, without exception, leads to US deficits, loss of US jobs and more illegal aliens:  India wins U.S. support for food scheme, ends WTO blockade | Reuters:


Washington, which was the principal opponent of India’s food scheme on the grounds that it distorted trade, hailed Thursday’s deal. Trade Representative Michael Froman said it would “give new momentum to multilateral efforts at the WTO” and predicted the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) struck by the WTO last year in Bali, Indonesia, would now win quick ratification.


Now, on to ebola news, another Hydra head:  ‘America sent Ebola to Africa to punish us’, Thomas Eric Duncan’s sister claims | Daily Mail Online


‘America sent Ebola to Africa to punish us… then left my brother to die like a dog’: Thomas Eric Duncan’s sister launches extraordinary attack on brave U.S. medics…Mary Pearson has spoken of her disgust at how her brother was treated…
52-year-old believes conspiracy theory that Ebola was created in U.S. lab…’They sent the virus and infected people here… then blamed Liberians’.


She got all these story lines from liberals.  This is gratitude after getting millions of dollars from the hospital!  This clown, Duncan, was poor and didn’t support his family or even talk to them until he got scared, he had ebola.


Thanks to the US and UN refusing to put in a proper quarantine, the Outbreak in Mali Eclipses Early Success –


 The victim who apparently began the new outbreak was an imam who fell ill in Guinea and traveled to Mali for better treatment at a major private clinic in Bamako, the capital…The imam died at the Pasteur Clinic in Bamako on Oct. 27. Because of his status, his body was washed at a large mosque and returned to Guinea for burial after a funeral at another mosque.


And all this was in violation of the W.H.O.  New Guidelines on Safely Burying Ebola Victims –


The burial process is very sensitive for the family and the community and can be the source of trouble or even open conflict. Before starting any procedure the family must be fully informed about the dignified burial process and their religious and personal rights to show respect for the deceased. Ensure that the formal agreement of the family has been given before starting the burial. No burial should begin until family agreement has been obtained.

Step 1: Prior to departure: Team composition and preparation of disinfectants

Step 2: Assemble all necessary equipment

Step 3: Arrival at deceased patient home: prepare burial with family and evaluate risks

Step 4: Put on all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Step 5: Placement of the body in the body bag

Step 6: Placement of the body bag in a coffin where culturally appropriate

Step 7: Sanitize family’s environment

Step 8: Remove PPE, manage waste and perform hand hygiene

Step 9: Transport the coffin or the body bag to the cemetery

Step 10: Burial at the cemetery : place coffin or body bag into the grave.

Step 11: Burial at the cemetery : engaging community for prayers as this dissipates tensions and provides a peaceful time.

Step 12: Return to the hospital or team headquarters


So…the mosque did everything possible to spread the disease so it will now take off in Mali.  And Sierra Leone Detains Journalist for Criticism of Ebola Response –


The arrest was front-page news in Sierra Leone, although one newspaper, The Awareness Times, featured an editorial by its publisher, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, who asserted that Mr. Tam-Baryoh had been arrested not for criticism of the Ebola response, but for sectarian “incitement.” Ms. Blyden, a former close adviser to the president who resigned last month, has also criticized the health ministry, saying it underreported cases of Ebola.


It is grossly underreported all over Africa.  It is at least 3 times if not 10 times worse than official statistics.  Claims that it is slowing down are false.  As for quarantines: the US has quarantined both Palestine and Cuba for decades!  Of course, they can do it easily in Africa.  Just ask AIPAC how to do this.


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11 responses to “Battling The Hydra: US Expanding Wars In Middle East, Asia, Europe While Ebola Spreads

  1. Jim R

    And this, THIS is the reason not to worry about burning a little more coal or oil. Most of that damage is already in the past.

    We should worry about all those not-walkaway-safe NPPs.

    We should worry about the side effects of the ongoing economic and political collapse.

    The CO2 thing will correct itself a whole lot quicker than a lot of Cs137 strewn all over the planet.

  2. Peter C.

    Freezing temps on Vancouver Island.
    I am doing my part raising temperatures , burning lots of propane for heat and generating CO2 but it doesn’t seem to be working.Still cold here.
    Oh yes CO2 went up by 20% during the global warming “pause” that is now 18 years and counting.

  3. melponeme_k

    German banksters cut their growth forecast.

    “However, the key problem for the German economy is its overreliance on exports, according to economist Jim O’Neil, the man who came up with the name BRIC to describe the fast growing developing economies.

    “The deepest problem I refer to is that Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world; it shouldn’t be so dependent on exports. Germany should be a much bigger engine of economic activity for the eurozone,” he told RT.”
    RT Story quote

    WTF does this mean? If you create product and export it how is this not beneficial? Do they mean they get too many imports? And that bigger engine for Eurozone quote is an even bigger head scratcher. WTF!!! Why should Germany be responsible for the eurozone?

    And I like that geopolitical tension euphemism they use for Germany and the rest of the euro nations slaves trying to cut Russia and causing themselves pain.

    But Germans beware! What this story was really about is cutting your minimum wage and trying to steal your pensions. BEWARE and FIGHT IT NOW! Or you’ll end up like the USA.

  4. DeVaul

    I always knew that the bombing campaign against IS would actually be extended to Syrian Troops. It was obvious from the start.

    On another note, I found these two stories side by side on RT. They both show what is true about America: the collapse of black communities and the total immunity of white police officers.

    Both of these ongoing issues actually reinforce each other, with the end result being total, all out violence between both sides.

    I don’t know if the oligarchs encourage this, or just think they can float above it all forever, or even if they are aware of it at all.

  5. emsnews

    So long as bankers are not arrested: yes, they want tough cops.

    Ditto goes for the ghetto.

    About Germany: they chopped off their noses for NATO and now will pay for it while China beats the crap out of the Germans in world markets. China will own the Russian market from now on.

  6. Christian W

    We don’t need to be invaded by foreign enemies when we have incompetent and traitorous leaders wrecking our systems and nations for us. With Ukraine Merkel proved she was just a Bilderberger plant rather than a leader for Germany.

    I wrote a day or two ago how the US is trying to lure China into the Bilderberger elite system and a day or so later Elaine linked an article highlighting exactly that process.

    I am sure the US is working right this minute on identifying and ‘grooming’ some Chinese kids (at university level) as future Chinese “leaders” that identify with the elites rather than with their nation and national public interests. That is how they did it in Europe.

    Although, it is very funny that Elaine showed them how NOT to do it! Ie teaching them real stuff from about the real world 🙂 I’m sure the owners are not best pleased with Elaine. 🙂

  7. e sutton

    @Christian W,
    Yes, Elaine must know she is very much a marked woman. 🙂

  8. Eric Blood Axe

    Don’t worry about Eileen, she got rid of that Pope she didn’t like

  9. emsnews

    We are not through with Raztinger, no, my dearies! HAHAHAHA.

    He still has to deal with the Outer Darkness when he passes through the Gates of Death….the Watchers are eager beasts and love these sorts of visitors.

  10. Petruchio

    “Yes, Elaine must know she is very much a marked woman….” They probably monitor this website. They take note of the commentary, especially those posters here who are regular posters and/or who seem to agree with Elaine. Of course, these are the same people who didn’t know the Berlin Wall had fallen until they saw it on CNN. Supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. The result of an overindulged and overly inbred environment.

  11. EC

    Speaking of the Watchers, anyone see the History channel episode on them last night? Came at it more from the wacky “ancient aliens” perspective, but interesting nonetheless.

    “we are being watched by beings from beyond our world.”

    Eager beasts indeed are these fallen angels, who want to destroy humans, including Elaine.

    This morning I read a beautiful description of what I believe really happens when passing through the gates of death – see Guardini’s “The Lord”, Part 7, Chapter X – “Victor, Judge, Perfecter”

    “One day we too shall be resurrected and placed before the awful white throne … Only our naked conscience will stand before God’s gaze. … If, ultimately he believed, was receptive, loved good, he will be reckoned to the “men of good will,” … through Christ … he will be perfected and established in his eternal form to live forever in the sight of God. If, on the other hand, he closed himself fundamentally to God, refused faith, rejected obedience, then whatever he did and experienced will be determined from this core of rejection. In all eternity he will remain a part-reality, a spiritual fragment living the non-life of “second death.”

    “Man becomes precisely that which eternal mercy and his own will have made him. … The individual becomes completely himself, fashioned entirely of his own deeds, his own attitude. The ultimate unifying of his being takes place – here, before the throne. … Through God he has become the exact product of his earthly existence, without a single shadow of obscurity. And so he remains throughout eternity, though it is false to use the word remains here, which would be speaking in time; so he simply is.”

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