Bitter Winter Weather Grips Nation While Media And Elites Try To Ignore This Again Like Last Year

october fall sunset november winter sunrise 2014

The global warmists are relentless.  Even as people suffer all over the planet from super cold weather, all they care about is how warm it is in Malibu, California or the summer coastal weather in Australia.  Yesterday, a bunch of religious (global warming is a religion now) fanatics in warm Australia buried their heads in the sand to protest the rest of us sane people because they want us COLDER due to their religious mania.  Anyone complaining about warming should be sent post-haste to Churchill, Canada, to feed the polar bears.

unusually severe cold november Berlin NY 2014

This is my week in Berlin, New York.  Bitter cold.  Here is tomorrow’s freeze map:

november 13 2014 freeze map

Note how Malibu, California and Miami Beach are not freezing.  80% of the rest of the nation will be below freezing in early November.  The snow that fell on my small mountain is not unusual, what is unusual is the fact that it is very, very cold afterwards. This is because the snow came with an ‘Arctic clipper’ aka, ‘polar vortex’ and not a Nor’easter which comes from the south but the rain slides over a cold area and creates snow but it warms up right away after the storm.


Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change | Watts Up With That?


More than 90 percent of the scientists and climatologists surveyed said they believed climate change was occurring, with more than 50 percent attributing climate change primarily to human activities.


This statement by a Perdue University professor is insanity.  Yes, the climate IS ‘changing’ and has done this for about 3 billion years!  Once these fraudulent professors and ‘scientists’ noticed it is getting colder and colder, they dropped the ‘global warming’ meme and chose the safer ‘climate change’ because this means nothing now.  Yet, when they talk, they constantly harp about how hot it will be.


In contrast, 66 percent of corn producers surveyed said they believed climate change was occurring, with 8 percent pinpointing human activities as the main cause. A quarter of producers said they believed climate change was caused mostly by natural shifts in the environment, and 31 percent said there was not enough evidence to determine whether climate change was happening or not…

“Scientists and climatologists are saying climate change is happening, and agricultural commodity groups and farmers are saying they don’t believe that. Our research suggests that this disparity in beliefs may cause agricultural stakeholders to respond to climate information very differently.”


Farmers know very well it is cooling down!  And who do we trust to know the weather?  The corrupted scientists who get oodles of grants if they push the global warmists agenda?  Or farmers who live in Reality Land?  Obviously, no farmer will last long if he listens to the ‘experts’ as we see below:


Here is the official NOAA prediction map for November: 

official NOAA map for November 2014

Warmer than normal for EVERYWHERE.  This is a ridiculous prediction which I mocked previously.  What is their basis for this map?  Ideology!  This lunacy has nearly destroyed NOAA as a scientific organization set up to help us cope with the weather.  Instead, it is a foolish con game set up to convince us we have global warming, not the obvious global cooling.


The Chinese, who have decided privately to phase down coal burning plants mainly due to air pollution, not CO2 matters, are laughing over how clearly they fooled the US elites.  Here is an interview with one of the White House operatives who screwed us over with this ‘deal’.  Why the world could actually avoid climate catastrophe (if we don’t screw it up) –


 That was the general consensus in China as of about a year ago: that Chinese CO2 emissions wouldn’t peak for the foreseeable future because even under optimistic scenarios, China’s population won’t be using energy the same way that the Americans will until very far into the future. So I think there are signs that China’s emissions will peak earlier, but you have to make it happen in the real world. And this is an important signal that I think will have a ripple effect across the Chinese economy…


These naive children running our country into the ground don’t stop to consider the sudden adoption of US/EU ‘global warming’ protocols by China…in the far future, no less, is due entirely to the China/Russia pipeline deal made just this week.  The Chinese now have much cleaner burning Russian gas.


 On the U.S. side, I don’t think that this is business as usual. This is this administration and the next administration continuing to push as hard as possible and using all of its available tools to drive strong climate action. We’ve seen enough swings in energy dynamics to know that nothing’s guaranteed in American energy and emissions unless you actually have smart policies that drive the kinds of cuts that we need.


This will utterly wreck our economy.  The Chinese hatched a 50 year plan literally in my house because the Chinese trusted my father or rather, Chou En-Lai trusted my father and he sent several high party officials to live with me in New Jersey while studying capitalism.  My father, Aden Meinel, was the very first person sent to China after the famous Nixon/Mao meetings.


I explained to the Chinese how the Japanese were successfully destroying the US industrial base as the US struggled to be powerful during the Cold War by making Japan much stronger and how the Japanese could literally lead around US politicians by the nose via SPEECH FEES, with the Republican dunderhead, Reagan, cheerfully going to Japan to make a $2.5 million dollar speech!  And he wasn’t arrested and impeached afterwards.


Now, the Chinese and Japanese both follow policies that are aimed squarely at destroying the US industrial base and our own rulers have decided, for personal greed, to join them.  It should be obvious now that the world is cooling.  Why our rulers insist otherwise should scare us all very much.  The media constantly harping on ‘climate change’ which is quite real…it is sliding into Ice Age conditions again as it always does after 10,000 years of Interglaical warmth!


Up to 34″ of snow for Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor ski area and Earliest November Snow on Record in TennesseeRecord cold in Casper, Wyoming as well as More than 2 feet of snow for Michigan’s U.P.  As we go into this severe winter, I expect our resident in the White House to never comment on the cold or offer any help at all for dealing with it.  He will studiously ignore it and spend his days mainly golfing in Florida or California as he buddies will also join him in this enterprise.


Antarctic Sea-Ice is Not Disappearing but Increasing as has Arctic ice.


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26 responses to “Bitter Winter Weather Grips Nation While Media And Elites Try To Ignore This Again Like Last Year

  1. Jim R

    To tell the truth, I don’t think China is worried about CO2.

    They have been burning coal the old fashioned stupid way, like we did up until about the ’60s. With no pollution controls, the ashes and sulfur go airborne and make an obvious mess. So, it’s either add pollution controls to their coal burning plants, or close them down.

    With their economy slowing, the easy solution is to close some of them down. They can pat themselves on the back, flimflam Obama, and earn valuable ‘carbon credits’ from US taxpayers. What’s not to like about that?

  2. emsnews

    Yup. A win-win situation.

  3. graywolf

    Are the pictures the Taconic Valley?
    From your deck?


    ELAINE: Yes, it is. I built this house mostly by my own hands with husband, John and my son giving great assistance.

  4. Luke

    Mel, that is so alarming I am not sure I will read.

    Meanwhile as people prepare for another brutal winter I hope the ‘AGW’
    theme doesnt sell with those busy shoveling snow.

    2 records broken here,

  5. ziff

    our glaciers continued to melt even with cold winters in the 70’s.
    the question is how does it still get cold , like at night, what with that warm co2 blanket n’ all

  6. Jim R


    The CO2 blanket effect is real, but it’s a small subtle one.

    It affects high alpine ecosystems, and to some extent the Arctic. However, we also have changes in ocean currents and the major air circulation currents, which may or may not be due to the CO2 blanket.

    But it’s not reasonable to blame CO2 for every storm, and as Elaine gleefully joins the ‘denialists’ to point out, we are in for a cold winter here in North America. If it’s a little warmer than average in Siberia, well, that doesn’t make the Siberians too sad, either.

    Meanwhile, the CO2 is used as an excuse to raise taxes, and to ignore the other, obvious, more pressing, problems of a failing empire and wobbly economy. Mostly all due to the same thieves, the ones who want to collect CO2 taxes, having robbed everyone blind over the last decade with banking fraud, gratuitous wars, etc. (also creating more CO2 by the way)

    As for nuclear energy … humans are too stupid for nuclear energy.

  7. John

    The CO2 blanket effect is real, but it’s a small subtle one…

    This, I can agree with. It’s reasonable to conclude that an increase in CO2 might have some small effect. To suggest that it’s going to turn the entire planet into an inferno is ridiculous, especially when the evidence clearly shows that it has not.

    Chemical pollution, which would cost the oligarchs money to fix, gets ignored, drowned out by all the “climate change” bloviations.

  8. John

    Something else being purposely ignored by the corporate media:

  9. ziff

    jim/john, theres a point being missed here. is the atmosphere getting warmer or is the ground temp getting warmer?
    if i go here even,

    the answer is not clear

  10. ziff

    i should say soil temps

  11. DeVaul

    “the question is how does it still get cold , like at night, what with that warm co2 blanket n’ all”

    Well, in addition to what Jim R said, you can find out that the same “phenomenon” occurs on the moon. If you step over to the dark side (the side away from the sun) the temperature falls rapidly on your thermometer, and when you step over to the sunny side, it rises again.

    This strange phenomenon is caused by the “sun” (the yellow thing up in the sky). I know. It is a revolutionary thought, but hang with me here. Think to yourself what happens when you magnify sunlight through a lens onto a dry leaf. It catches on fire despite all the CO2 up there in the air. Try it at night and see if moonlight does the same thing.

    I do not believe, and never will believe, that man — just another species on this planet — can control the atmosphere of earth or any other planet. Such an anthropocentric view of the world is foreign to me. It is a very popular view with humans because it gives them a sense of great power, but it is purely imaginary.

    The sunbathers in Australia are basking in the feeling of “great power”. They are not about to throw themselves in front of a factory trawler or any other machine that is destroying the Great Barrier Reef. The former requires no effort, the latter, well…

  12. ziff

    its called GST vs Surface Air Temp. it should be rising and is anyone keeping records [ i think not] it should show up as less snow? but the ground surface gets frosty quick, must be a differnce of minutes.

  13. ziff

    as i say the real signature of AGW should be DTR , it seems about the same 8C on a clear night. And DTR has been rising last decades.which is counter AGW

  14. emsnews

    All the statistics provided by governments eager to tax us are FALSE. They have cooked the books.

    On my mountain: the 1990s were much warmer than today. Since last year, I am very starkly reminded of the 1970’s up here which were brutally cold and long winters.

  15. ziff

    yes if you try to access the data its blocked by” you need this program’ or worse. if you can see it its laid out to be meaningless to the the untrained [maybe?]

  16. DeVaul


    You know, you really should not get upset over it. For one thing, the NOAA has destroyed the original temperature data, but even that data only went back to the 1800’s perhaps.

    We are talking about a blip on the geological time scale, and during that short blip, we had many hot decades and many cold decades. None of this proves anything other than that the temperature changes and we know almost nothing about how all these things work together — notwithstanding our grand claims to vast intelligence and spectacular knowledge.

  17. John

    I just watched this all the way through. It’s 75 minutes long and excellent.

    The Great Global Warming Swindle

    Actually, DeVaul, this film shows that we know a great deal about it. As Elaine has repeatedly pointed out, it’s the Sun.

  18. DeVaul

    “… it’s the Sun.”

    Hunter Gatherers knew that much, and they did not have a single book.

    I will try to watch the video at the library this weekend. I hope it is captioned. Sometimes youtube is captioned now.

  19. John

    I just checked. It’s captioned. Forgot about your hearing loss. Although I was posting this for everyone to see. It’s very well done.

  20. ToddMeister

    And the folks in Michigans U.P. face massive electricity rate hikes soon…

  21. ziff

    @ deVaul, hey its all cool!

  22. Ziff

    Re: fake data: really, they don’t need all that science stuff , just look at the glaciers , people too dumb to do that it seems.

  23. Mewswithaview


    An irrational fear of element 6 of the periodic table, from which all organic life is based. Promoted by such great bastions of scientific research such MTV, Current TV, and Al Gore.
    Currently a source of great hysteria. Carbophobia has reached such levels its become its own religion. It rewards believers and punishes infidels and has its own apocalyptic end of the world scenario.

    Often a substitute for deeper personal issues regarding the dislike of other human beings, their ability to warm themselves, cook, and transport themselves through the use of this element. and when faced with conflicting science, victims of carbophobia are prone to religious like reflexes and seek to punish disbelievers by excommunication and ridicule. Viewed by many government figures as a convenient source of new tax funds.

  24. DeVaul


    Wow. The commercial has expert captioning, but the actual movie is gibberish. How typical.

    It seems that the movie is saying that global warming is a farce, but I don’t know that for sure because of the poor captioning.

    Is that the point of the movie? Sounds like it from the title.

    Do they finger the main culprits in the movie?

  25. John

    This is the only transcript I could find. It doesn’t label who says what, but it looks to be an accurate transcript, although I only browsed through it a bit. Tell me what you think.

    And here’s the website for the film itself; maybe the DVD they offer is captioned, or you might write them and see if they have a transcript:

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