Rich Elites Use ‘Global Warming’ To Tax Workers, Eliminate Jobs And Impoverish Middle Class

Pope Francis says we all must cease consuming stuff and flying in planes etc


Wildfires May Fill our Future as Climate Change Sparks Lightning is the latest Silly Story coming out of the Global Warming…er…Climate Change Bilderberg headquarters.  The minions toil endlessly to warn us of what will happen if things ‘change’.  There are very few ‘wild fires’ this last few years due mainly to the fact that the planet is definitely cooling down…rapidly.  Those of us who live in the Ice Age belt where the vast majority of glaciation happens every 100,000 years, are highly aware now that we are in a much colder climate cycle.  But the elites cling to this ‘global warming’ mythology because it gives them an excuse to tax us, steal from us and drive us into poverty while they live high off the CO2 derivative cap and trade scam.


G20 climate change protesters bury their heads in the sand in Australia.  Australia is one of the hottest continents on earth and has been cooling down for the last decade just like all other places.   Denver metro residents brace for extreme cold, snow as Parts of U.S. abruptly thrown into early winter as cold snap sweeps through and for the next 10 days we will have January weather for the entire eastern half of the North American continent, actually HALF of the entire continent from the edge of California all the way to Florida and beyond!


Despite a severe knee injury, I tackled our wood pile to chop more firewood, I am way behind in this annual rite of winter due to two knee injuries one following the other.  It was very painful but had to be done, I have only 2 cords of wood so far which is way below the number I need to survive.  Unlike the Pope, I have to toil hard to keep alive.  Unlike the very rich, I can die if I don’t work hard before winter, winter is very deadly.


Like all previous jerks occupying one of the biggest, fanciest palaces on earth, this latest Pope wants us to live poor lives:  Pope Francis: “Unbridled consumerism” will have destructive consequences for the planet.  I think all bastards living in palaces preaching to us how WE are destroying the planet by consuming stuff, should be struck by lightning and then frozen to death at Hudson Bay, Canada so polar bears won’t have to hunt on the thick ice anymore.


Meanwhile, in reality land, College fees shoot up more than three times the rate of inflation over last 30 years as the elites lure our children deep into debt while degrading our university and school systems to the point where they barely function.  All our children and grandchildren will be forced to live in Tiny Houses@ mainly because their school loans now cost as much as buying a home!  Will they be forced to wait until they are 55 years old to buy a home???? How insane is this!


Here is a prime example of a top ‘progressive’, Mr. Richard Smith, talking blithely about turning America into North Korea:  Climate Crisis, the Deindustrialization Imperative and the Jobs vs. Environment Dilemma


 Despite ever more dire warnings from the most conservative scientific, economic and institutional authorities, and despite record heat and drought, superstorms and floods, and melting ice caps and vanishing glaciers, “business as usual” prevails…Unless we can come up with an alternative economic system that will guarantee reemployment for all those millions of workers in industries around the world that will have to be retrenched or shut down to get that 90 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, we won’t be able to mobilize them to fight for the radical changes they and we all need to save ourselves…


This is the definition of insanity.  These watermelon chameleons are so doctrinaire, they can’t even take in the fact that it is numbingly COLD now.  And there has been no record heat anywhere on earth.  It is colder today on the hottest days than 50 years ago, much, much colder than 1,500 years ago and tremendously colder than 5,000 years ago.  The earth has been cooling ever since the Minoan Empire days long before the Roman Empire.


Three hundred thousand people came out into the streets of New York to demand that the powers that be do something about climate change. But they were not demanding “degrowth” or industrial shutdowns. Given capitalism, how could they?


Except many of them WERE demanding ‘degrowth’ which is code for ‘depression.’  They WERE demanding ‘industrial shutdowns’.  The rich played them all for fools by using their delusional march to pile on more taxes on us all but this backfired because the Chinese penned a deal this week whereby they get to consume CO2-producing energy while WE have to downsize rapidly.


Europe is used by these watermelon types to show us we can do this, too.  Only Europe is in severe economic decline and now the Russian cheap gas is going to all go to China, not the EU and the depression there will get worse and worse.  Europe is rapidly falling apart due to this and resistance to global warming…er…climate change is growing rapidly especially if this winter promises to be like the ones we are enjoying already, here.


The Necessity of Economic Planning and Public Ownership of the Major Means of Production


The only way we can brake fossil fuel-driven global warming is to socialize the fossil fuel industries, buy them out if necessary, but nationalize them, socialize them one way or another, so we can phase them out, conserve the fuels we absolutely can’t do without, at least for a transition period, and re-allocate their resources to things society does need. And not just the fossil fuel industries and electric utilities. We would have to socialize most of the rest of the industrial economy as well…The Imperative of Deindustrialization in the North…The second problem is that we don’t need to “degrow” the whole economy. We need to completely abolish all kinds of useless, wasteful, polluting, harmful industries…


Far from austerity and sacrifice, an eco-socialist society would free us from the endless treadmill of consumerism.

This reads like something produced by the Chinese communists…the destroy the US!  As they go full capitalist and thrive, we should do the opposite and both China and Russia will laugh themselves to death if this happens here.  I bet voters want to be ‘liberated’ from buying stuff, no?  And the left thinks that the Democrats will win elections if only they embrace bringing in millions of illegal aliens, CO2 taxes, ebola and…no more buying anything except stuff approved by the Commissars who will live in fancy palaces and drive fast cars and planes while everyone else has to either walk or ride bikes like in China circa Madame Mao.


The Republicans can laugh their way to winning all the seats in Congress and all the governor positions if the Democrats do this.


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9 responses to “Rich Elites Use ‘Global Warming’ To Tax Workers, Eliminate Jobs And Impoverish Middle Class

  1. Discovery

    ‘Agenda 21’

  2. melponeme_k

    They want to push the Global Warming Taxes as soon as possible before the Maunder Minimum truly gets started. Then they can reap the rewards when everyone is forced to turn on their heat and electricity.

    Of course, there will be new energy taxes added on to houses. That is how they will force us all into little rabbit hutches. Which will rife with crime, just like Public housing is today. All of us corralled into one place will be like ringing the dinner bell to organized crime gangs.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, they want the good old peasants paying taxes on nothing to return. Like the good old days of tithing.

    My ancestors were all Normans. And quite cruel.

  4. John

    Just a reminder, as this subject has been thoroughly showcased here at Culture of Life News:

  5. Jim R

    Hey, mel,

    The Maunder minimum was 300 years ago. This is the Meinel minimum.

    As for the Pope, I thought we had a new ‘nicer’ Pope, who wants to live a humble life in slightly-less-palatial surroundings than the previous, nazi pedophile Pope.

  6. Luke

    climate change protesters bury their heads in the sand in Australia.
    YES, BUT FOR HOW LONG? Did they suffocate?

    Jim R, ‘ pedophile Pope’. Can you prove that?
    this is what I found elsewhere [talk about throwing stones at glass houses].
    Considering whats going on in Jewsih communities…..

    ‘It’s like being sued by your parish pedophile priest.’

  7. Luke

    EMS, as we both know Bush2 made student loan debt non dischargeable.
    And since then the ‘for profits’ have run wild. The goal is debt slavery for the little guy and big bucks for the banks. Read ‘The Biggest Con’. Since 1970 our ‘un economy’ [the authors term] is debt based. No debt, much smaller economy.


  8. Jim R

    Yeah, well, OK, maybe he didn’t personally partake.

    That he was a nazi was established fact, however. It was amazing he got as far as he did.

    And at the time he resigned (since when do Popes resign?), the Church was rocked with scandals all over the place. In a whole lot of places, there were long-suppressed tales of pedophilia coming to light. (that stuff was sort-of common knowledge even when we were kids, as my Catholic friends would joke about it)

  9. Luke

    Actually I am suspicious of this media ‘riff’.
    Ambulance chasing lawyers and the left-Jewish owned media wanting to attack its enemy, the church.
    IOW the media was like ‘this is only happening in the Catholic church’. Uh, no.
    You can find images online of rabbis fellating infants.
    EMS is far more aware than most of the huge disinformation campaign the ‘jewsmedia’ does 24/7.

    Unlike the CC scandal this wont make page 1 of time-newsweek.

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