Obama At G20 Summit Makes A Fool Of Himself

Obama and Putin thinking about the US election 2014

‘World’s only superpower’ pledges ‘ironclad commitment’ to Asia Pacific at G20 summit  that is, he is going to do whatever Abe of Japan wants.  Abe has become thoroughly obnoxious towards the US.  Latest scam=deliberately weakening the yen so Japan and run bigger trade surpluses with the US.  I have a long, long memory.  Four Presidents pushed Japan to open markets and not deliberately weaken the yen.  It was a huge part of all negotiations.  Now, it has vanished.  Meanwhile, all this is driving China into Russia’s arms which is why Putin is smirking at Obama.


Cameron warns Putin as Russian president lashes sanctions and Russia, like China, prefers doing business with the EU and US.  But both want a cold war so we get this stupid cold war yet again.  We ‘won’ the last cold war via letting our ‘allies’ ravage our domestic markets and destroy our own industrial base.  True, Russia and China had some chaos and change but are much, much stronger now than in 1980.  While the US is very much weaker.


We owe more trade money debt than any nation on earth, as much as ALL trade deficit nations together.  The dollar has lost 90% of its value since 1980.  The budget deficit is grossly large and our entire banking system needs ZIRP dollar printing to keep it alive and our education system is collapsing while students take on trillions in debt and last but not least, we continue to bleed billions and trillions on useless wars against raging Muslims!


Is this the moment MH17 was shot down as it flew over Ukraine? Russian state broadcaster produces ‘satellite images’ showing fighter jet attack which may or may not be true but then, the US DOES HAVE THESE PHOTOS and won’t share them with us so I believe the Russians in this, not the US since the US can prove Russia wrong simply by releasing the information.

‘Russia’s aggression is a threat to the world:’ Barack Obama wins over an crowd with his Australian lingo but still talks tough on the ‘appalling’ shooting down of MH17 which simply stuns me. So far, ZERO official information has been released about that ‘shooting down’ event.  Not a scrap of official data.  The black boxes seem to have vanished into this black hole and we may never learn the contents.


Since the West has provided ZERO proof anyone shot down the plane, we have to assume, since they are sitting on the data and not releasing it to Russia or China or anyone, that there is definite proof Ukraine shot down the plane and tried to frame the anti-coup people in Eastern Ukraine.


Sweden releases sonar images of submarine violation which shows a grove in the ocean floor but no sub.  So it is a supposition so far.  Since the EU and US spies on Russia and China nonstop, whining about them doing this is kind of childish.

Obama warns Asia over territorial disputes again, siding with Japanese aggression and blaming only China and Russia.  Meanwhile,Asahi Shimbun president to resign over inaccurate articles which is fascist muzzling of the press.  Abe and his gang adamantly deny their parents committed war crimes.  The US allows this which means our government is now complicit in a war crime cover-up which can be added to the thousands and thousands of war crimes we commit against Muslims.  And Eastern Ukrainians not to mention South and Central America and Egypt and of course, good old Vietnam.  Not one US official was put on trial for that!

Since both US parties are more or less fascist especially when it comes to AIPAC wars, we won’t see less warmongering with the GOP controlling things nor will we see any sanity in free trade deals that screw us or anything important.  Both parties are very committed to destroying this country because it is very easy to loot one’s own peasants.  Do this to say, Vietnamese peasants and they fight tooth and nail.  Do this to Iraqi peasants=same result.  Will US peasants fight back?


Nope.  Instead, we have the rope-a-dope lower classes in the US refusing to learn, refusing to work, wandering the streets committing petty crimes and killing each other over turf wars and then whining about the cops nailing them, too.  Boo hoo.  Not exactly revolutionary at all.  Far from it.  So on top of everything, Obama’s ‘people’ will now threaten a lynch mob riot when the cop who shot the Gentle Giant (sic, big time) have to contend with suicidal self destruction yet again.


Putin will simply die laughing.


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17 responses to “Obama At G20 Summit Makes A Fool Of Himself

  1. vengeur

    Meanwhile in and around Syria, the myopic US policy of “arming the moderates” has not achieved the hoped for level of murder and annihilation, so of course our wise leaders respond the only way they know how, which is to pour in MORE weapons. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/us-weighs-expanded-cia-training-arming-of-syrian-allies-struggling-against-assad/2014/11/14/227abfe4-6c17-11e4-9fb4-a622dae742a2_story.html

  2. Patrick Parks

    The old joke of how do you know when a politician is lying?…when their lips are moving. I am increasingly disgusted by such blatant falsehood and misrepresentation by public officials including potus. National Public Radio has morphed into the Pravda of the fifties cold war. By every definition these ‘folks’ are war criminals.

  3. Luke

    By now even Elaine understands BHO hates us and hates America. He is in power to aid the 1% [EMS calls the 1% ‘Bilderbergers’].
    Also it is obvious BHO has low or average IQ. Not good for a ‘leader’ to be dumber than other pols. He is our first ‘AA’ president.

  4. Luke

    But Japan Inc is very dependent on exports, yes? W/o exports Japan is in deep trouble.

  5. Christian W


    Various US Agencies (eg US Marshals) are using spy planes, within the US, to gather the information on regular people’s cell phones. With the usual sense of US agency “humour” the boxes storing the information are called DRT (Dirt) boxes…


    The second bit of “news” (propaganda?) is also interesting. It seems the Russians have developed an electro-magnetic impulse weapon capable of knocking out US AEGIS Navy ships. The US sent a few AEGIS into the Black Sea to needle the Russians but they have apparently stopped doing so after the ships were “knocked out” by the new weapon.



  6. Christian W

    Luke, BHO is quite intelligent. His problem is that he is thoroughly corrupt and sold himself to serve as a house nigger.

    The stupid Presidents were Ronald Reagan and Dubya Bush (the latter is in a class of his own). Carter is obviously highly intelligent. Bill Clinton is smart and slick but only interested in his own hide.

  7. Jim R

    In today’s news, Putin has returned home early from the G20, since the whole thing was just a NATO sponsored freakshow.

  8. Christian W

    @Jim R

    Western media (The Guardian etc) is spinning the story along the lines that Putin left because he couldn’t face up to the pressure for “Russia to leave Ukraine”… The Western media truly is a pitiful propaganda bull horn.

  9. Peter C.

    I am so embarrassed for Canada..Harper opened his big poodle mouth and told Putin to get out of the Ukraine.We need someone like Putin who will look after Canada’s interests not the Zionists.

  10. Jim R


    Yes, I know. The ‘freakshow’ remark was my own summary of the situation. It’s embarrassing to live in America any more.

  11. Christian W

    @Jim, yes I understood your comment. I loved it :). Don’t we all wish our media would print such refreshing honesty.

    Any NATO country is embarrassing at this point, and that goes for wannabe NATO hangers on too like Sweden too with it’s embarrassing “hunt” for Russian Sub “Nyessie Monstr”.

  12. DeVaul

    “…a lynch mob riot…”

    At the risk of starting another depressing discussion on race, I would like to point out that just the other day here in Lexington, two police officers tried to arrest a white man in a hotel room. The white man beat them both with a bat or club, breaking the kneecap of one cop, who is still in the hospital, and assaulting the other cop, neither of whom reached for their pistols, but instead gave “chase” after the white man ran away.

    If the suspect had been black, he would be dead.

    We cannot have two separate standards for thugs based on skin color, or our country WILL descend into racial chaos.

  13. Christian W

    We cannot have two separate standards for thugs based on skin color, or our country WILL descend into racial chaos.

    Actually the racial difference standard is actively encouraged to defuse internal tensions. It is a standard fascist technique. And not the only one. The same goes for military justice – only ‘grunts’ and ‘GI’s’ need fear prosecution, and then only by US military ‘justice’ never mind the political freak show that is the ICC. Officers are always protected, non officers are thrown in the slammer as expendables. If they started to prosecute officers the chain of command line would ensure that generals, politicians and their owners (MIC etc) would eventually also have to go to jail, or hang.

    The same goes for Jewish (Zionist) military crimes and Jewish financial fraud and Jewish political manipulation (for the important insiders – never mind the Madoff amateurs that are dumped every now and then to appease the wolves and white wash the image problem).

    The same goes for the political class once high enough – as long as you do as you are told. If you don’t do as you are told, or if you haven’t gotten the idea yet, they will teach you a lesson until you get the point (see the ‘Lewinsky’ scandal – which was essentially a head shot to the Presidential office. After this any new President knows he/she will be spied upon 100% of the time and have zero privacy and zero possibility for real personal impact. Only policies pre-approved or approved as they emerge will be tolerated. Netanyahu said outright if the President doesn’t behave there is always the ‘grassy knoll’ option.)

    The same goes for the minion class the elites employ to do their dirty work. They are protected unless they do a Snowden. Another example is that the US insists that their military personnel actively destroying other nations are exempt from local and international laws, ie Americans are above any law that is not controlled by the elites.

    The true elites themselves are so far removed from any applicable standard (from below) they might as well live in another galaxy.

    Another different standard is the economic one between classes, even the two sexes.

    Etc etc etc

    The US is toast. No community can survive such internal tensions and contradictions for long. The only thing that can sustain the momentum over the short term is money printing to grease the wheels for as long as possible, even while the entire system deteriorates rapidly.

  14. emsnews

    Yes, the elites are literally lawless. All laws pertaining to them are written by them for themselves ergo: the legalize their favorite activities especially if these are hurting other people badly and utterly amoral.

    About Putin leaving the G20: he made his deals day one. He is quite happy with these deals. Europe will have to learn this the hard way.

  15. larry, dfh

    Apparently they are incapable of learning; the leaders, that is.

  16. Petruchio

    It would be really great to be a fly on the wall at some of those G20 meetings. Imagine the comments one would hear re the US President, Barack Obama. “Is that Wall Street lackey Obama here yet?” Why don’t they send someone with REAL power, like Jamie Dimon? I’m tired of playing charades and treating a sniveling sychophant like Obama like a world leader. A world leader?! HAHA!! Obama doesn’t tie his shoes without first getting permission.” I’m surprised the charade has lasted this long.

  17. DeVaul

    I still remember Obama meeting our oligarchs for the first time. He asked them to “please show some restraint “, and then reminded them that he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks. He knew what his job was from the beginning — protect the oligarchs.

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