Record Cold And Record Blizzards November 15th: More Polar Vortexes Next Week, Too

From last spring, record snow for Wisconsin


Obama is in Asia making global warming deals that will make it much colder for all of us as energy is denied to us over time, and which is insanity when we can see very, very clearly now that the entire North American continent is getting much colder now except for Malibu and Miami Beach.  This latest cold wave will be followed by yet another one which is the exact same global cooling pattern we saw last winter.  Records are being set…COLD records even as NOAA and NASA tell us the warmest months in history were the last four months.  Utter insanity at this point and a danger to us all and we may have to end up doing something drastic about global warmists who are destroying the climate sciences by jiggering the numbers and changing data to make up a false story about super hot weather that doesn’t exist.


All this and simply because the very rich created a CO2 derivatives cap and trade market and imposed huge energy taxes on everyone!  Meanwhile, in the real world:  Record-Breaking November Arctic Cold: How Long Will It Last? | Weather Underground  with temperatures at average January highs for 90% of the nation outside of Death Valley and Tucson, Arizona.


– Burlington, Colorado, on the eastern Plains near the Kansas border, dipped to -10 Thursday, setting a new record low for the month of November.


– Casper, Wyoming, dipped to -27 at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday night, shattering their all-time November record low of -21 on Nov. 23, 1985 (records date to 1939). The temperature stayed at -27 at midnight Thursday, making it the new record low for Nov. 13 as well. Previously, the soonest Casper plunged to -27 was on Dec. 5, 1972. Casper’s high of 6 on Nov. 11 was the record earliest single-digit or colder high temperature there. (On Nov. 15, 1955, the high was only -3 degrees). Wednesday, Casper only managed a high of 3 degrees!


– Denver’s high of 6 on Nov. 12 was the coldest daily high so early in the season. Only three other November days had daily high temperatures colder in Denver, dating to 1872. Early Thursday morning, Denver chalked up a bone-chilling -14 degrees, easily the coldest temperature so early in the season. (Nov. 17, 1880 was the previous earliest such cold reading in Denver.)


Yes, records are being set.  Today is the first day of hunting season in my mountains and unlike previous years, I have not heard one bullet fired so far.  It was 14 degrees F at dawn so I assume most hunters aren’t bothering to be out that early.  It isn’t going to warm up much:


– Current arctic surge: Spreads into the East through Saturday (which is today)

Second arctic surge: Plunges down the High Plains and Rockies through the weekend.

Third arctic surge: Arrives in Northern Plains, Upper Midwest Sunday, then sweeps into the Ohio Valley, Deep South and East next Tuesday and Wednesday. For parts of the mid-Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and the Middle Atlantic States, this could be the coldest of the surges with numerous daily record lows threatened.

Screen shot 2014-11-15 at 8.40.03 AM

Here is NOAA’s prediction about snow fall and rain for this month!


Here is the reality, far from a drought over the Great Lakes we got the Greatest 24-hour Snowfall on Record for the U.S.?  Amazing, and it is early November.  Over 50 Inches of Snow Blankets Wisconsin Town; Possible State Record –   Now look at the NOAA prediction for this month: INSANE!!!!  Not only did they claim it would be much warmer than usual for this month for Wisconsin, they predicted a DROUGHT!  Not a ton of snow.


This isn’t merely a poor stab at forecasting, this isn’t ‘neutral’ it is showing a definite drought over the Great Lakes.  We all know, at least sane people know, that the Great Lakes pumps tons of snow onto everyone whenever it is suddenly cold and the lakes are warmer.  Duh.  The NOAA projections shows the Great Lakes being much warmer than normal this November.  Instead, it is really much, much colder than normal and not by a tiny amount but extremely colder than normal.

official NOAA map for November 2014


Everyone who works for NOAA should be summarily fired for incompetence.  The fact that they are allowed to merrily roll onwards with fake predictions and stupid statements that conflict with reality and then there is the overt data tampering and lies they now have to tell due to things getting very cold very fast and you get the present mess.  All should be fired.  And there should be an investigation of siting of thermometer stations many of which are deliberately near highways and other UHS.  Urban hot spots.


Temperature data from 100 years ago was done in cities with few paved asphalt roads and cities were mostly ten times smaller and the population was one quarter the present population.  So data from then should be ‘dialed up’ while recent data ‘dialed down’ which is the exact opposite of what NOAA does.



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13 responses to “Record Cold And Record Blizzards November 15th: More Polar Vortexes Next Week, Too

  1. ziff

    just look at glaciers ???

  2. DeVaul

    What a mess. The NOAA is a joke now, but people still refer to it to support their global warming religion. Without it, they would have to rely on unofficial sources, and that is the reason why the NOAA will not be shut down by the government. The bankers want it, so it stays.

    Last night I was almost run over by a young college girl who made a fast left turn into a pedestrian zone. Her front bumper bumped my scooter chair from behind after I swerved out of the way to avoid a head on collision. I had been sitting on the corner under a lamp waiting to cross on the white walk signal for 5 minutes, so everyone could easily see me.

    She just kept driving after I moved behind a car that was stopped at the red light. This is the second time I have been hit, and it was right in front of city hall in the downtown area where everything is lit up at night and the sidewalks and crossings are all strictly regulated (in theory, that is). If there had been ice on the road, I would be dead now.

    The gods saved me again. I don’t want to die like that. It’s humiliating. I cannot tell my wife and daughter because they will panic, so I am just venting it here.

  3. Luke

    However I get a ‘pm’ that its almost 85 in Florida and I know its hot in California and I assume the same for Hawaii. The other 47 states ????

  4. Luke

    ‘Temperature data from 100 years ago was done in cities with few paved asphalt roads and cities were mostly ten times smaller and the population was one quarter the present population. So data from then should be ‘dialed up’ while recent data ‘dialed down’ which is the exact opposite of what NOAA does.’
    Cities keep their heat due to smog, buildings, people, concrete, asphalt etc.

  5. Jim R

    Presumably they’ll wait ’til next July to publish another “Hottest Year Ever!” headline.

  6. emsnews

    Yup, every year is hotter and hotter..NOT.

  7. Jim R

    But it’s kind of hard to sell this time of year ..

  8. DeVaul

    I’m almost sure they will do just that, Jim R. It is kind of weird knowing that they will broadcast this lie almost a year from now and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it. I bet it is already on a calender somewhere in someone’s office:

    July 15th — announce June, 2015 as “Hotter Than Hell Itself — New Global Record!”

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