Ebola Spreads In Africa, Is Huge Issue In US, Most Voters Fear It

Martin Salia, Nebraska Ebola Patient, Dies after being brought to the US:


Salia is the sixth doctor in Sierra Leone to be infected with Ebola. It’s unclear how he contracted the virus, though, because he wasn’t treating Ebola patients.


And there is this story:  A doctor’s false Ebola test result proves tragic because this same doctor was said to not have ebola showing us that there is no such thing as being ‘all clear’ until 21 days pass.  Rhiza Labs FluTracker Forum • View topic – Two Fatal Ebola Cases In Imam Home In Bamako Mali: yes, ebola is firmly planted there, now, thanks to this religious man bringing it home and everyone touching him and his dead body.


There are over 200 people who touched the body or the living Muslim leader before or during his ritual washing of the corpse.  These people all went home and have been in contact with many others.  Are they now in full, strict quarantine?  Nope.


US to Begin Screening Travelers From Mali for Ebola which does nothing to stop the disease.   Number of Ebola-Affected Orphans in Liberia Triples as Liberia remains super hot spot for ebola.


Ebola Among Top Three Health Concerns for Americans: Study which shows why the Democrats lost big in the last election as I predicted.  No surprise for me.  But then, I don’t give consultation to that party, they have no desire to listen to my warnings.


Kaci Hickox accuses governors of exploiting Ebola fears as this lunatic discovers she is now Typhoid Mary and one of the most hated women in America today.  Maybe she should run for office for the Democrats!




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7 responses to “Ebola Spreads In Africa, Is Huge Issue In US, Most Voters Fear It

  1. CK

    It is funny that not one person involved with cleaning up after Mr. Duncan has suffered a dangerous, let alone fatal, attack of Ebola is it not?
    The lady with the tight bustier and really long shapely legs makes hand motions to distract, while the faux magician pretends that magic is real and continues to pick your pocket.

  2. Luke

    My definition of ‘Insanity’ is inviting those w Ebola in [in to yr country, home, wherever].

  3. Judah

    I was pretty concerned about Ebola a couple months ago, but there have been no huge North American outbreaks or new US cases. That means what the CDC/ Obama administration is doing is working, whatever that is. It could be they’ve gotten lucky, they could be playing a media black out, or they could be handling it well. I consider no new US cases of Ebola well-handled.

    All the Ebola patients that have died in the USA lately have caught it somewhere else, not in America. If the USA can give better treatment to these poor people without endangering ourselves, then I don’t think being all hysterical is warranted.

    Of course, ‘nothing has gone wrong yet’ is never a good argument. Still, I’m willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on Ebola at this point based on the lack of American plague victims.

  4. vengeur

    What they are “doing” is making sure we have business as usual. Which really means PROFITS as usual. An outbreak hasn’t happened only because it hasn’t happened. It is only a matter of time before it does happen.

  5. emsnews

    The disease will come here for the doors are wide open to it.

  6. Jim R

    It’s kind of like putting a pile of oily rags next to your grindstone, and then showering sparks on it.

    Most of the sparks just wink out harmlessly, but sooner or later you will get ignition.

  7. DeVaul

    “It is funny that not one person involved with cleaning up after Mr. Duncan has suffered a dangerous, let alone fatal, attack of Ebola is it not?”

    Is this supposed to be satire? Two nurses got sick from cleaning up Mr. Duncan’s vomit and were only saved by blood transfusions from previous ebola patients who survived. That was all over the news.

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