Jews In Jerusalem Try Their Best To Start The Apocalypse: Muslims Massacre Jews In Synagogue After LIeberman Says Ethnic Cleansing Will Continue ‘Forever’

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Interview with Henry Kissinger ‘Do We Achieve World Order Through Chaos or Insight?’: Kissinger is a gigantic member of the Bilderberg conspiracy.  He has been to all these secret meetings for over 50 years.  Every once and a while he actually mentions ‘The New World Order’ and Bush Jr. gleefully talked about this after 9/11 before shutting up.  The US media and political parties all want to hide the ‘New World Order’ garbage and love to make believe anyone who mentions this conspiracy against the American People are conspiracy nuts.  This conspiracy against our sovereignty is also against European sovereignty, too.  And all of this is very, very connected to Jerusalem and the Apocalypse and black magic number games by these same elites who make fun of us and manipulate us via the media which they own.

Once again, the focus point of the Apocalypse is Jerusalem one of the most mis-named cities on earth.  BIBLE BABEL–HOW JERUSALEM GOT ITS NAME

Psalms 76:1-2 reads as follows: “In Judah is God known: his name is great in Israel. In Salem also is his tabernacle, and his dwelling place in Zion.” This passage would seem to indicate that “Salem” was the site of Yahweh’s tabernacle, and also his dwelling place, i.e. the place where his temple was located. This passage, then, would seem to indicate that “Salem” was one and the same as “Jerusalem.” And, since the there was no “dwelling place,” or “tabernacle” to Yahweh in Jerusalem prior to the time of David and Solomon (late 11th century-early 10th century B.C.), and since that passage in Psalms was written many years after the time of Solomon, it would appear that the term “Salem” which is pre-Israelite, continued to be used (at least by some) in reference to “Jerusalem” long after the Israelite conquest of the city.








The Genesis account mentions a Melchizedek (actually Malek Zadeq), king of Salem who was supposedly a priest of the most high God during the time of Abraham. (c. 2,000 B.C.). The account does not say which God, Malek Zadeq was priest of, but it most probably referred to the Canaanite “El,” since Yahweh was not known to Abraham and his followers (Exodus 6:3). Of importance here, though, is the fact that Abraham, his followers, and the surrounding communities all considered this Malek Zadeq to be an important person. Indeed, he has the authority to “bless” Abraham (Gen. 14:19-20), and that blessing, and greeting of Abraham also influenced the king of Sodom to make peace with Abraham. The name Malek Zadeq means “King of Righteousness,” so, this person was apparently both king and priest of a place called “Salem,” which in turn means “Peace,” and is an older Semitic equivalent of the later Hebrew “Shalom.”

The very beginning of the Jewish belief systems dates back to Malek  Zadeq.  He came before Abraham.  From this guy, three huge religions sprang: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  All three are incredibly violent and intolerant of each other, all other religions and internally with each other.  These are very focused on killing various victims and all seem obsessed with the End of Time, a final deadly battle leading to the earth being utterly destroyed.  Charming, no?
The Apocalypse is WWIII using nukes and lasers and space craft.  I am rather obsessed about this due to growing up watching the Death Machine being built during the Cold War.  One God Into Many Gods: The Relentless Battle Over Who Owns Jerusalem | Culture of Life News

At the dawn of the Age of Pisces, the two fishes, the tribal Jewish god suddenly split into three parts. The destruction of the Temple by the angry Romans facilitated a spiritual revolution: the home of this very tribal god was suddenly gone and it became homeless. It found three homes: Mecca, inside of all Jewish ghettos via the newfangled invention of the synagogue and the Christian Church. The word ‘synagogue’ isn’t Jewish at all, it is Greek. It means, ‘To gather together’. The Church has Synods, for example.




A ‘temple’, on the other hand, is a dwelling place for various gods. This words is Latin and is an ‘open sacred place’. The threshing floor of Jerusalem where David supposedly stopped the Angel of Death (an epidemic, namely, some sort of virus or bacteria…hehehe) is an ‘open sacred space’. This is also the ‘umbilical chord’ anchor of the tribal god worshipped by Jews. Before they took over this site, it was the religious center of a far older religion dating from the Minoan empire.




According to the Jews, during an epidemic (sort of like ebola) King David stopped it by wrestling with an ‘angel’ during a dream just like Mohammed mounted Pegasus and flew magically to the same threshing floor to do some ritual thing involving death.  This Threshing Floor is now known as the Dome of the Rock.  Over the eons, various conquerers have eradicated previous dwellings of this Angel of Death site and replaced them with their own celebrations of this and in the process, the inhabitants of the city have been mass murdered or ethnically cleansed.
Over and over again, this goes on.  Most major cities of the past end up abandoned for various reasons over time but not this one.  It is extremely potent due to the teachings about this ‘god’ that confuse people who think this thing created all living things EVEN AS IT TALKS NONSTOP ABOUT KILLING EVERYTHING ON EARTH!!!!
Billions pray to this Death God.  Seeking to bring on the Apocalypse, the Jews in Israel did the worst thing possible:  Abbas: Closing Jerusalem holy site means ‘war’ – which happened last week.
Of course, then this week, the Death God’s followers attack other Death God followers: Slaughtered as they prayed: Massacre inside Jerusalem synagogue as Palestinian gang shouting ‘God is Great’ storm building armed with knives, axes and guns.  As per usual, Kerry jumps to condemn this act while totally ignoring all the many things the Jews do to the Palestinians that is both violent and illegal.
 Speaking in London, Mr Kerry and Mr Hammond called on the Palestinian leadership ‘at every single level’ to condemn the assault.

‘To have this kind of act, which is a pure result of incitement, of calls for days of rage, of irresponsibility is unacceptable,’ Mr Kerry told reporters.



‘The Palestinian leadership must condemn this and they must begin to take serious steps to restrain any kind of incitement that comes from their language, from other people’s language, and exhibit the kind of leadership that is necessary to put this region on a different path.’



Mr Hammond added: ‘Both sides in this conflict need to do everything possible to de-escalate the situation and reduce the tension we’ve seen in Jerusalem over the past few weeks, which is extremely dangerous for both Palestinian and Jewish communities in that area.’

No one can stop these events because both Jews and Muslims actively work to make these events happen.  They move heaven and earth to insure it happens. Christians are no different.  Crusaders swam in blood of massacred Muslims to come to this very stop to worship and rule 1,000 years ago.  They then went home and persecuted Jews with vicious maniacal frenzy.




This came to an epic massacre by Hitler in modern times.  Learning nothing from the Holocaust, the Jews have toiled ceaselessly to have a World War instead.  Yesterday, Israel said to the West Bank, they are going to step up their ethnic cleansing and anyone who has a family member who touches a Jew and harms them in any way, will all have their homes destroyed and will be kicked out of Jerusalem forever.  This is exactly the sort of thing the Nazis did, too.


Lieberman’s comments were made during a meeting with his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who later expressed hope that peace talks be reignited.



“Unilateral decisions pose an obstacle to the success of negotiations,” Steinmeier said, according to Reuters…



In an October statement, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said: “We strongly condemn the latest Israeli announcement to expand its illegal settlements in and around occupied East Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine.”



“This announcement amounts to evidence of intent to further commit crimes defined by, and punishable under international law,” he added.



Protected by the US thanks to AIPAC bribing all the rulers of America, Jews in Israel do as they please.  Ignoring the fact that a billion Muslims now hate them, they ceaselessly fan the fires in Jerusalem.  There are more twists to this story:  Israel may face EU sanctions for hampering 2-state solution – secret document — RT News



The classified paper was originally intended for internal circulation among the 28 member states, but word of its existence reached Israel after some of its diplomats in the EU leaked the fact to the Foreign Ministry back home.



Although the Israelis could not secure the full text of the document, some important details have come out, thanks to three EU diplomats and two senior Israeli officials.



In April, Israel went ahead and destroyed several EU-funded humanitarian projects in a West Bank settlement zone known as the E1 corridor, despite threats from Brussels and warnings that this was seriously disturbing territorial coherence with the Palestinians, let alone that it was a breach of international law. Netanyahu’s government has targeted areas inside the corridor since 2012. The three destroyed projects joined scores of other EU-funded structures that Israel has dismantled.



The wars in Jerusalem will come to Europe which has a large Muslim population.  Turkey is also part of the EU now and people in the US tend to forget this important fact.  The Jews maliciously destroyed EU projects for Muslims as a slap in the face to Europe.  Note how meetings to decide what to do are leaked to Netanyahu!



Now the EU had blood on its hands with its nasty war against all Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe.  The EU has used every possible excuse to boycott and be rude towards these people and to torment Orthodox Christians in Ukraine after a coup, too.  The propaganda smearing the Orthodox Christians never mentions their religion because it is illegal for the EU to persecute people due to religion.  But it is obvious to anyone observing this from afar.



As the mega-war brews in Jerusalem, the EU and US work hard to blame Russia for WWIII even though it is EU/US NATO violation of promises to Russia to not expand nuclear missile and troops to Russia’s borders.  So of course, to the propagandists, it is all Russia’s fault they are rearming!  Mysterious Russian space object sparks dark speculation even though EU/US space objects do all sorts of creepy things!  And spy on Russia and China in a very intrusive way.



This is why I am absolutely convinced the US knows exactly, from satellites, who shot down the Muslim Malaysian plane in Ukraine! That magic number flight is being used as a propaganda tool to smear all Orthodox Christians.  And is key to starting WWIII.  Here is more madness:   Putin’s Reach: Merkel Concerned about Russian Influence in the Balkans!!!



What the hell?  Right on the anniversary of WWI, Merkel tries to start WWIII over the exact same issues that started WWI????  What sort of nuttiness is this?  We must ask Kissinger!


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15 responses to “Jews In Jerusalem Try Their Best To Start The Apocalypse: Muslims Massacre Jews In Synagogue After LIeberman Says Ethnic Cleansing Will Continue ‘Forever’

  1. Eric Blood Axe

    If you don’t learn from history,you’re compelled to repeat it.

  2. melponeme_k


    Detroit continues to predict the future of the US. A world of violent no man’s zones with pockets of extreme wealth protected by private security companies. It sounds like…Brazil.

    Is this how the rich truly want to live? They want to see misery surrounding their castles? While they have to live behind barbed wire? Is that so much better than a functioning society without violence, with an educated population and the ability to walk on any street without fear?


    ELAINE: in a nutshell: YES! The nobility thrived on this for eons! The present system is less than 150 years old.

  3. Luke

    ‘Detroit continues to predict the future of the USA’. [corrected the US for ya].
    Actually ALL cities worldwide with large Black or Mulatto populations have the same downward trajectory.
    Crime, Slums, Noise, Needing money from ‘the White Devil’, etc.
    [Christian, can you prove me wrong?].

  4. John


    The psychopaths wish to witness the suffering of the masses, yes. How else can one live out one’s delusions of Deity? Not all the wealthy are psychopathic; however, the ones who are have most of the power and control in society these days. They are the “top0.01%” to which I’ve often referred.


    Crusaders swam in blood of massacred Muslims to come to this very stop to worship and rule 1,000 years ago. They then went home and persecuted Jews with vicious maniacal frenzy.

    I get the point you’re trying to make about the Vatican, but this is a complete mischaracterization of events.

    Jihad vs Crusades

  5. Some yin for the yang. Palestinians have to mow the lawn occasionally, as well.

  6. Petruchio

    The elites of today are just like the Nazis. They believe that they are some kind of “master” race. So a.) they deserve all the riches they can get, by hook or by crook-which is why they think laws shouldn’t apply to them and b.) the elites believe that the human population has been soiled by mixing the races. So inferior races must be eliminated, culled, thinned. Like a herd of sheep-or some other kind of farm animal. Factoid as an aside: Hitler was likely part Jewish! So was Himmler.

  7. Peter C.

    Lets see….We have the Jews worshiping a God whose name is derived from the planet Saturn,we have Muslims travelling around the world to walk around the kaaba which houses a chunk of meteor and was built on a pagen temple location that worshipped 3 Saturn goddesses.They humanized the spectacle they saw in the heaven and then threw in some screwy tribal rituals.

  8. emsnews

    Saturn is a death god, too.

  9. emsnews

    The bin Laden family is friends with the Bush clan since 1970.

    The people paying the 9/11 attackers…DITTO. Easy to connect the dots here.

  10. Christian W

    Sorry, Luke, not even a High IQ White Nordic can prove a negative. 🙂

    I think it is likely you have causation and correlation wrong, most likely as a result of biased thinking. Since you are the one making the claim the burden of proof is on you to prove that major cities are on a down ward spiral because of the fact they have a black majority, and not as a consequence of other factors.

    Since you frequently use IQ as an argument and like to quote statistics I’ll make a couple of comments on those.

    You can’t use statistics as a club to hammer home your point without a proper context. There are lies, damn lies and statistics remember?

    IQ can be a pretty meaningless term in the larger context. There are plenty of White High IQ Morons driving the US and the West towards destruction out of their hubris, emotional and psychological immaturity, and/or belief they are infallible and superior to everybody else. Or maybe it is simply cruelty and they enjoy murdering other people because they get an emotional high and economical benefits from it, who knows, it is hard to understand such warped mind sets.

  11. emsnews

    High IQ has nothing to do with MORALITY. There are dumb crooks and there are smart crooks. 🙂

    Both are dangerous.

  12. William

    Thank you Christian W. First time to comment here, but like to read articles and comments on this site.
    This character Luke is a sorry piece of humanity. He just speaks with no ‘understanding’. Read a lot of his comments on this site and that is all I can summarize about his state of mind. Very sad.

  13. emsnews

    Welcome, William (I just had to write that)

  14. John

    The intelligent and evil use the actually unintelligent as their main tool in destroying the fabric of society. Why do that? It makes the masses easier to rule, to lord over.

    Never forget that the true oligarchy, defined as the intersecting set of the ultra-wealthy and the psychopathic, fancy themselves as gods. And gods need worshipers to subjugate; it’s part of the definition of “god.”

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