Both Black And White Police Officers Are Killed By Thugs Every Year, Not A Peep From Liberals And Black Racists

Out of plain curiosity, I wanted to discover the race of cop killers over the years, some sort of government statistics and tried every possible way of doing this and found absolutely nothing.  No studies, no graphs, no clues at all.  If anyone can find a list of cops killed (annually, it is around 40-50 a year) that also breaks down the race of who kills cops, I would appreciate this.  Having run street patrols in mostly black communities in the past, I know from personal experience that black street thugs are the most likely killers of police with the second most common killers being violent domestic white males going nuts when police come to stop them from abusing their families.  The fact remains, people kill cops.  Even 57 Cops Are Murdered by “Unarmed” Criminals.


First, some Ferguson news:  Gun sales in Ferguson spike a staggering 700% as residents wait to see if Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for shooting dead unarmed teenager Michael Brown‘If you do not have a gun, get one and get one soon’: The alarming online chatter between Ferguson’s own cops and their supporters ahead of Michael Brown shooting grand jury verdict because…Militant group offers cash rewards for ‘location’ of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson – and says ammunition will ‘solve a lot of problems’.


Yes, thanks to the White House, our media and black radicals and racists both white and black, we will have a race riot from hell.  In the Holy Land, we also will have this, too:  We will settle the score in this battle for Jerusalem: Israeli PM’s chilling vow as thousands gather in grief after Palestinian fanatics massacre five people in synagogue axe horror.  As I keep pointing out, the US cannot endorse, protect and enable ethnic/religious warfare in the Holy Land without it hitting us at home here.


Here are the most recent statistics:   FBI — FBI Releases 2012 Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted which is two years old.


Circumstances: Of the 48 officers feloniously killed, 12 were killed in arrest situations, eight were investigating suspicious persons or circumstances, eight were conducting traffic pursuits/stops, six were ambushed, five were involved in tactical situations, and four were answering disturbance calls. Three of the slain officers were handling, transporting, or maintaining custody of prisoners; one was conducting an investigative activity, such as surveillance, searches, or interviews; and one officer was killed while handling a person with a mental illness.


Weapons: Offenders used firearms to kill 44 of the 48 victim officers. Of these 44 officers, 32 were slain with handguns, seven with rifles, and three with shotguns. The type of firearm used was not reported in the deaths of two officers. Two officers were killed with vehicles used as weapons, one with personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.), and one with a knife.


Regions: Twenty-two of the felonious deaths occurred in the South, eight in the West, six in the Midwest, and six in the Northeast. Five of the deaths took place in Puerto Rico, and one officer was killed in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Suspects: Law enforcement agencies identified 51 alleged assailants in connection with the felonious line-of-duty deaths. Thirty-three of the assailants had prior criminal arrests, and eight of the offenders were under judicial supervision at the time of the felonious incidents.


In 2010, a brave Texan BLACK police WOMAN was killed:  Police Officer, Two Others Killed In Arlington Shooting « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth


Officials with the Arlington Police Department announced on Wednesday that 24-year-old officer Jillian Michelle Smith was shot and killed on Tuesday night while trying to protect an 11-year-old child during a triple shooting at an apartment complex.


Richard said that Nettles (the cop killer) was no longer at the apartment unit when Smith arrived on the scene. But he returned with a weapon while the officer was talking to Carter and her 11-year-old daughter, who was inside of the apartment unit at the time of the shooting.
Nettles began to fire shots and Smith moved to protect the young girl, getting struck by a bullet and killed in the process.
According to the police, Nettles then shot Carter, his ex-girlfriend, in a bedroom while the 11-year-old child escaped to a neighboring apartment unit. Nettles then returned to the living room where he shot himself.


YESTERDAY, Fayetteville officer shot in hostage situation; suspect found dead :: in North Carolina.


“As McBennett recognized the officers, he drew a weapon from his clothing and immediately fired gunshots at the officers,” the department said in a statement.


Very near where I used to live in South Orange, New Jersey, there was another police officer shot by a black thug lurking near the taxpayer run public housing where welfare families live: City of East Orange


At approximately 11:22 a.m. today, Sgt. Williams was patrolling in the area of New Street and North Oraton Parkway when he encountered O’Neil. The suspect pulled an automatic weapon on Sgt. Williams, shooting him in his lower abdomen. The bullet struck the officer’s bullet proof vest, preventing serious injury.


Recently voted “Officer of the Month,” Sgt. Williams was part of anti-crime, quality-of-life unit that works in that area. Sgt. Williams discharged his weapon, but did not hit O’Neil, who fled on foot.


Sgt. Williams called for back-up while making the stop. Responding officers were quickly able to apprehend the suspect not long after Sgt. Williams was struck. O’Neil, who had an open warrant out of Morris County, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, resisting arrest and weapons offenses. He is currently in custody.


Here is a daily example from news where my family lives in New Jersey, typical behavior of black thugs including female thugs:  ‘Oopy from Bullet Town’ charged in Wendy’s attack in Jersey City |  This woman attacked a fast food joint out of deranged rage and after assaulting the (minority) staff, she announced she was from the public housing projects where lots of shootings go on and was going to return with more thugs and shoot everyone dead.


In court today, CJP Judge Margaret Marley warned Dutton not to get arrested again.


From Chicago two weeks ago: Chicago Tribune – Prosecutors: Man fired at least 12 rounds at off-duty Hispanic cop and her daughter


Suspicious that his ex-girlfriend was seeing someone else, Anthony Gates pulled a 9 mm handgun from his car and started firing as he walked past his 2-year-old son, prosecutors said Thursday.


The boy wasn’t hit, but Gates fired at least 10 times at the boy’s grandmother, off-duty Chicago police Officer Samella Ramirez, who was sitting behind the wheel of her own car, prosecutors said during a hearing where they disclosed new details about the shooting Tuesday night on the South Side.


At the locus of the focus of black leaders and their white leftist radical friends, is this news:  Ferguson corrections officer accused of raping woman and this man, who was arrested, is black, not white.  Note there is no comment from the radicals about a BLACK officer raping women in jail.  The door is closed and the shutters are drawn in the minds of these agitators.


I also found this study which is quite revealing:  Cops hesitate more, err less when shooting black suspects, study finds


Unexpected Results
Given the prevailing stereotype that cops are unduly harsh toward black suspects, James acknowledges that the outcome of the experiments was “unexpected.”


• Reaction time. Her findings reveal that officers took “significantly longer” before they shot black suspects than white suspects. Civilians and soldiers in the study also took longer to shoot blacks, but the hesitation by officers was roughly twice as long as that of the civilians. The delay before shooting was particularly noticeable in the most complex scenarios.


In contrast, there was “no significant difference in reaction time between shooting Hispanic suspects and White suspects,” James reports.


[Although not relevant to the researchers’ primary concerns, James’ team also recorded something that was not surprising: Compared to the civilian volunteers, “police and military participants had better shooting accuracy, fired faster follow-on shots, were far more interactive with the scenarios (for example, shouting at suspects: ‘drop your weapon or I will shoot!’), and had superior command presence….”]


I learned years ago my best weapon in making citizen’s arrests was a commanding voice telling a thug what to do, that is, surrender.  Most of the time it worked.  Twice, I told thugs I had a gun drawn on them and fooled them into believing this by being very convincing (in once case, it was a harmonica and it was night so he simply saw the metal in my hand).


In the case of domestic violence, this does not work.  Many males think they are in their castles and their serfs are their wives and they blow up if anyone enters and disputes this rule.  All the months after the killing in Ferguson, not one US media outlet mentioned this study.  The people running the study even remarked that they were ‘astonished’ to see that the results they expected, that cops like shooting blacks, was false!


Many cops shot dead are shot by their own guns which thugs take from them as the cops struggle to put violent people into handcuffs.  This is very intimate, namely, the cop’s hands are busy with the cuffs and with trying to control someone who is snaking and struggling very hard to escape, and this can end in tragedy for the cops.


Black thugs know this very, very well.  Over the years, trying to restrain them has become more and more difficult.


Bill de Blasio Signs Law Limiting Cooperation With Immigration Detainers because he as said in the past, letting in more illegals and making them legal means more voters for the Democratic Party.  Dual Citizens in Congress? well, most of them are Jews.  And the writer of this article could find no statistics about this matter which is a deep, dark secret.


All of these dual citizens support ethnic cleansing and at the same time, are attacking us at home for being ‘racist’.  This entire business is disgusting.  Citizen sovereignty is an important concept that is always in dire threat from ethnic cleansers of every type and blacks, whites, Jews, Christians, etc, anyone can become an ethnic racist.  Which is a very bad thing.


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24 responses to “Both Black And White Police Officers Are Killed By Thugs Every Year, Not A Peep From Liberals And Black Racists

  1. melponeme_k

    “If anyone can find a list of cops killed (annually, it is around 40-50 a year) that also breaks down the race of who kills cops, I would appreciate this.”

    They won’t do this because it will point out the truth about who is committing the majority of murders in this country. And no amount of tolerance rhetoric will be able to cover it up.

    The powers that be, as we know, like the fact that Black citizens are ripping each other apart. And they like even more that they go around and threaten society as a whole. That keeps everyone running around in either a thuggish attitude or fearful attitude and keeps minds off what the elites are really doing.

  2. Luke

    In 2012 127 cops were killed. that’s like half the number of black people killed by police
    58,000+ officers have been assaulted and 20,000 have died in the line of duty.

    How many non Blacks are raped or killed by blacks? Just cause the media doesn’t talk about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Do your research.

    ‘From 2001 to 2010 306 Whites and Hispanics combined (80% plus of the US population) killed police officers.
    259 Blax (~12% of the US) murdered law enforcement officers in the same period.
    Considering one sixth of the population makes up almost half the cop killers (44.1%) it seems we should expect a disproportionate number of blax getting killed by cops.
    Data: FBI Uniform Crime Reports
    here are no real statistics being cited that I’m aware of, I’m just reply to his post. I’m not sure such a source exists, but I’d be interested to see it too. All I have to rely on is empirical evidence from the media. He made a couple of points;
    1. a vast majority of police shootings are justified. Now that is an unsubstantiated claim and also there is the inherent problem that what is considered technically ‘justified’ is not well defined, which I address in my comment.
    2. Black people are safer with cops than other black people. This I think I sufficiently disproved, but you could perform the calculations yourself based on the method I mentioned and I’m sure your results would reflect my prediction.
    But the main point I’m trying to get across in this post is that people are bending over backward to excuse these killings when if it weren’t black people being killed by cops people would want a closer look.’

  3. vengeur

    OT: here you have it why the CEO’s are peeing on themselves in joy to have illegals given a free path to citizenship. The get the profit, we get the cost , the crime and the problems.

  4. Christian W

    Meanwhile Law Enforcement continues to be a booming business.

    Notice the part about the “Third Homeland Security Conference”…

    “Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy led a delegation of senior local law enforcement officials participating in Israel’s third International Homeland Security Conference. Held in Tel Aviv Nov. 9-12, over 60 nations from every continent sent over 700 delegates to share best practices and learn about Israel’s cutting-edge policing strategies and technologies. Areas of focus included cyber security, critical infrastructure protection (ports, trains, airports, oil/gas rigs and pipelines), emergency preparedness and counter terrorism.

    McCarthy was invited to be an official guest of the State of Israel by Roey Gilad, Consul General of Israel to the Midwest, whose consulate, and the Economic Mission of Israel to the Midwest, organized the visit’s agenda.



  5. Christian W

    I wonder where the “Hood culture” came from.

    As far as I can see it rose out of the 80’s/90s when the

    1. The “War on Drugs” was declared
    2. The CIA helped flood the nation with drugs (can’t have a war on drugs without drugs + nice profits directly and indirectly)
    3. NAFTA destroyed a lot of jobs, leading to unemployment and struggling communitites in whole areas of the nation
    4. Drugs and unemployment helped created broken families
    5. Broken families are not conducive to stable environments for learning in school – creating an environment
    6. The for profit prison system needed inmates
    7. MTV emerged to enforced the image of ‘cool’ gangsters and rappers as heroic figures with lots of money, status and sex
    8. Absent fathers, lack of stable male role models is also probably a factor.
    9. A traumatized collective unconscious and self image probably doesn’t help
    10. Police seen as part of the oppressor mechanism and the enemy (Rodney King etc).

    Probably there are many more angles and spheres of influence on this situation.

    If anyone has more, or better, ideas feel free to chime in and improve my thinking/knowledge on these matters. Those were just top of my head stuff.

  6. vengeur

    You know, one thing I am noticing more and more are security guards at businesses. The latest I see is at the Barnes and noble here in Tucson. I was in Panama a few years ago, and it seemed every stinkin’ little business had a security guard. Latin America, the new normal.

  7. Christian W

    I was ‘joking’ (not funny) about that under the very first years of the Dubya presidency – that the “banana” republicans were turning the US into a Latin style Banana Republic.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, we are a banana republic with no bananas. Or brains, for that matter.

  9. Henry

    Hard to find statistics on the number of police officers killed in the line of duty, but it’s also difficult to find the number of people killed by police, justified or not. The truth is that the militarized police forces in the U.S. are way too trigger happy. They are too ready to use lethal force when there are other methods available. They have become an army of occupation.

  10. Christian W

    They have become an army of occupation.

    Is it not hard to see why when that concept was sold to the US by US/Israeli dual citizens (see the “Homeland” nonsense I linked above).

    Israel have found a nice earner here, use tactics, strategies and techniques honed on the Palestinians during the Occupation and sell the knowledge to the US Law Enforcement (payed for by the US taxpayers of course) to be used on the US populace, like Occupy Wall Street.

    What’s not to like, eh.

  11. Christian W

    That reminds me. A two or three years ago I read about Palestinians saying they had been targeted by a new laser style weapon that burned them horribly.

    Recently the US Navy launched this vessel.

  12. Christian W

    Sorry for the many spelling errors and missing snippets of text. I’m writing from a computer (not mine) that has a badly outdated web browser that barely functions properly. I’ll stop spamming now.

  13. e sutton

    Always nice to hear what you have to say, Christian W! Add to your above list the welfare state, beginning in urgent in 1964. It evolved / morphed into a way of life for single black females. The de-industrialization of America removed jobs for low skilled, uneducated blacks (and whites). Largely responsible for that was Reagan. The rest just seemed to rubber stamp the off-shoring, until Clinton shifted that process into overdrive. The rest of the list seems pretty much on target to me. The Feminist Movement increased female participation in the workforce which tended to sideline men of all races in terms of their importance to a woman. Thus, males were somewhat marginalized after about 1975 or so in terms of their perceived relevance to the family unit.

  14. emsnews

    And now low class males get to make their dough as thugs and criminals and of course, COPS!

    Yes, this is two sides of the same coin.

    The problem is, we NEED cops and we do NOT need thugs!!!!

    And free trade killed male-type jobs. Big time. And I rail about this all the time.

    And the Democrats fix this by flooding the job market with millions of aliens and the Republicans do this by letting in millions of illegal aliens! Both sides of the same Bilderberg coin.

  15. Christian W

    We know that a financial tipping point was reached in the 1970’s and the working and middle class have been getting “poorer” ever since. I guess this has affected “Black communities” harder and more directly than the relatively wealthy white middle class. Also that fact has probably also contributed to the break up of black families, the dependence on welfare and the absent black male and the welfare mum dynamics.

    Keep in mind that all of this is happening in a nation that enjoys the current world reserve currency and the resulting financial boost, and a nation that is hogging a fifth of the world’s resources all for itself. Yet some “communities” see none, or hardly any, benefit either directly or indirectly.

    Also not listed is the deliberate flooding of the US with illegal aliens that compete directly with black males for jobs – a very deliberate destruction of the work situation at the bottom of society AND a way to get de facto slave labour for certain industries like agriculture.

    Nothing of this is happen stance or a coincidence or even an accident, apart from the financial tipping point which was the US reaching the end of an era and going bankrupt with a bang partly as a result of the Vietnam war.

  16. Christian W

    Someone is working damn hard to keep the US split into neat little factions that are easy to egg on to attack each other viciously, rather than the unified focus on the real target, the various Washington elites working mayhem from the shadows for their own profit.

    Look at how Washington works. NOBODY is allowed to unite. Latin America, ha!. The Middle East – must be at war and civil war and eternal strife. Pan Arabism? Absolutely forbidden. US Middle class? Must be split politically red or blue white or black. Africa? No way. Europe – somewhat, as long as it is under the NATO umbrella controlled by the US/Bilderbergers. Ukraine is a US ploy to keep Europe from close cooperation with Russia and China to foster economic growth through engineering, energy deals and industrial know how. This divide and conquer goes in spades for the US itself.

    Under these circumstances allowing Obama to become President is just dramatic irony. This is also why I find it annoying to see Elaine bash “Liberals” or the “GOP” when it really is, say, Soros sponsored “Liberals” or even neoliberals spouting the nonsense she finds annoying. That is, various elite machinations at work. It’s like watching dogs attack sock puppets thinking them real. Same thing when Blacks attack the police/law enforcement as some warped kind of political protest… yeah that will solve things.

    Elaine is easily one of the smartest people I know, and even with her the cultural conditioning is evident at times (we are all culturally conditioned, it is our personal job to try and see through our conditioning as much as possible). This is always, as far as I can tell, when she is under personal stress.

    Washington has no problems with black thugs on the streets as long as they are not a direct problem to Washington. In fact, black thugs on the street feeds Washington power. Washington feeds on anger and hate and fear and strong emotions, especially negative. Love and empathy is kind of anathema :p

    What Washington wants is a stressed society, because stress creates easily predictable emotional and psychological reactions. Stress makes it easy for them to use the energy of fear, rage and frustration to aim people at various political dummies they put up. Washington wants the American people to be completely stressed out about their jobs, their economy, the future of their kids, their health, their house and so on and on and on. Washington wants people to be stressed because they know people will look for relief by consuming entertainment, bad food, and buy stuff they don’t really need just for a brief emotional kick. Washington knows stressed people fall back on primitive reactions. Washington knows people will project their fears and shadow side onto convenient targets (this is akin to believing a rope is a snake). Washington is extremely good at creating such convenient targets.

    The real job is to stop allowing Washington to rule through divide and conquer.

  17. emsnews

    Brit workers are being ruthlessly replaced, too.

  18. Christian W

    Yes they are. Thatcher used the billions the UK got from the newly discovered North Sea oil to destroy the British unions. The Labour party, as a worker’s party, was (deliberately) destroyed by the “New” Labour, Tony Blair and others.

    Education is also under attack in the UK just like in the US. As is the British middle class.

    The Fed system is not only the US, it is also many major banks in Europe, especially the London City, which is in the heart of London but is NOT part of the UK but a special enclave controlled by the Queen. This is how the Bilderbergers and the US elites overlap. And that is why the elites hate Putin. The Fed and Fed vampire EU banks have not been in good shape since Putin put an end to the looting of Russia and the flow of free Russian blood money into the Fed banking system.

    I wonder if the Fed system is the real reason Merkel follows US dictates on Ukraine etc. If the Derivates Beast snacks Deutsche Bank for lunch what is left of German economic strength?

  19. Christian W

    And now low class males get to make their dough as thugs and criminals and of course, COPS!

    And as fodder for the military machine. Look at how the US treats it’s vets. They are left to die early deaths, sick, broke and in great psychological pain. Many commit suicide. The healthier ones become cops or security guards I guess.

    The military is also a back door into the US for a lot of “illegal aliens”.

  20. John

    Uhhh – what exactly IS an “Oopy”?

  21. Christian W

    I think most of us would go a little bit, or more than a little bit, (L)oopy if we lived in a Bullet Town too.

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    Ex GF News Join via Paypal –

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