Americans Freeze To Death In Historic Massive Blizzards While Obama Battles Poseidon (Oceans Rising Due To ‘Warming’)

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As Arctic winter winds howl around my house and is killing US citizens living in Western New York, Obama and his gaggle of goofy buddies are all about…GLOBAL WARMING.  Yes, these monsters are totally and completely ignoring the blizzards howling across the northern tier of the US and the severe cold going all the way to Miami Beach and near Malibu…all the White House activities this week are about protecting ourselves from hot weather.  Yes, I kid you not.  Droughts!  With only a thin sliver of the nation suffering from drought.  Namely, Malibu.

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Vast blizzards are assailing America…and Obama only thinks of global warming and I am utterly outraged.  I feel like we are living with Caligula.  When he decided to fight Poseidon.

This is no joke!  Obama is warning us that the OCEANS ARE RISING!  We must battle this by making the planet much colder!  All citizens must do with out heating via using say, coal, and instead prepare for vast warm floods caused by super hot temperatures!  And see how mad, mad, mad that is?


The White House that hasn’t mentioned the record cold this month, has instead focused entirely on preventing warming CO2 and replace it with Ice Age conditions.  So here are some of this week’s Battle with Poseidon events:  The White House Blog | The White House:  Electric Vehicles Help Drive Climate Action


Yesterday at the White House, Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz and I got to see American innovation in action, as Pacific Gas & Electric demonstrated their new plug-in hybrid bucket truck — a utility vehicle with emissions nearly 80% lower than a conventional truck.


Not only does PG&E’s plug-in hybrid utility vehicle run cleaner, it provides up to 120 kW of exportable power — meaning that the trucks can actually be used to shorten or end power outages by plugging their reserves into the grid.


This is the kind of innovation we need to take action on climate change — reducing emissions on the one hand and finding creative ways to boost community resilience on the other.


How about trucks that can plow out roads buried six feet deep in snow?  The NY Thruway has been closed for several days now and is still nearly impossible to plow out and yet another blizzard is hitting hard.  This afternoon there was a brief pause and rescuers dug out both survivors and found dead people who froze to death in their cars…while our Caligula in the White House prattles about electric cars saving us from Poseidon’s wrath, that is, rising seas due to all that ‘melting’ going on…!


He is also busy, when not fighting the Seven Seas, doing these things:  President Obama Holds a Meeting on Ebola, Discusses Attacks in Jerusalem while his side kick, Biden, is roaming the planet ignoring the rest of us as we freeze to death:  Travel Journal of the Vice President’s Trip to Morocco, Ukraine, Turkey and last of all Obama and his gang announced this new A Toolkit to Help Communities Respond to a Changing Climate so I went there to see how to protect myself from blizzards:


Here is the White House Climate Explorer

White House climate change only drought oceans rising no blizzards or cold



It is all about that pesky god, Poseidon!  And his trick about making droughts, too!  Not a peep about General Winter, the fearsome buddy of Putin.  There is ZERO information from the White House about blizzards.  Nothing.  Last winter he managed to never say a thing about the severe cold and bitter weather and many blizzards, too.  I want this lunatic impeached!  Out!


Bush laughed while people died during hurricanes.  Obama laughs while people die in blizzards. Our emperors are ALL crazy as loons and should all be put  in insane asylums.  With Bill and Hill Clinton.  Oh, torture is illegal.  Sort of.


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8 responses to “Americans Freeze To Death In Historic Massive Blizzards While Obama Battles Poseidon (Oceans Rising Due To ‘Warming’)

  1. e sutton

    Yes, the spin they’re giving this on the networks is a shake of the head, “Gosh, isn’t this silly?!” kind of attitude. Even the local channel “weather forecasters” are shrugging their shoulders as if to say,
    “Well now, what an unseasonable early surprise!” I’m firmly convinced I live in a parallel universe where up is down and down is up. You’re right, though. This weather is life and death and our Dear Dictator is fiddling while Rome burns (NOT!).

  2. e sutton

    Add to the above sentiment: Our local homeless shelters here in Greensboro are overwhelmed with people seeking to get out of the freezing cold (16F last night). The silence from Washington is deafening.

  3. Luke

    Agenda 21.

    E Sutton, The silence from Washington is intended. Kill citizens off and bring in ill educated ‘wetbacks’ and people with Ebola.

  4. Mewswithaview

    How well do electric vechicles work in the cold?

  5. melponeme_k


    They won’t broadcast because they don’t want people to really know how this is moving forward. Just another way to fake consent.

  6. emsnews

    We heat our vehicles from the excess heat the radiator cools. Yes, the hoses that provide heat in the car is from the radiator. I had to replace this hose in the jeep last week.

    If you have to heat using the batteries, naturally this will run them down very quickly if it is below zero.

  7. DeVaul

    “How well do electric vechicles work in the cold?”

    Not very well. I am disabled and use a “heavy duty all terrain” mobility scooter, but they lied to me about its capabilities. For starters, neither the batteries nor the charger will work when the temperature is below 50 degrees. Since I don’t have a heated garage, my scooter cannot charge its batteries unless the temp is above 50. I use the basement of the office building where I work to charge my scooter batteries.

    Secondly, the heavy duty batteries are actually worse than the smaller U1 batteries on other scooters in cold weather. I can barely go two miles before the batteries start to die. I drift into work (2 miles from home) using the headwinds of the polar vortex.

    When I bought the scooter, no one said it would not be workable above the Mason Dixon Line. Others have confirmed the same problems. We all got ripped off. I lost $3,000 on a scooter that cannot drive in cold weather or in the rain. I have also been told by an insider that the old durable scooter I rode for 8 years is no longer made because… it lasts too long!

    I wish I could use a horse.

  8. DeVaul

    If this is not proof of what “climate change” activists really want, I don’t what is:

    Yeah, let’s hit some waves, dude!

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