CounterPunch Magazine Prints Editorial Demanding No More Children To Fix Global Warming

Counterpunch is an online magazine run by old-fashioned liberals, ‘In 2007 Cockburn and St. Clair wrote that in founding CounterPunch they had “wanted it to be the best muckraking newsletter in the country”‘but over the years, the muckraking has been replaced by endless whining and gnashing of teeth.  This week, the rag has gone over the Niagara Falls in a barrel with an editorial calling for outright conversion of the US into North Korea especially calling for the annihilation of children because of…get this…GLOBAL WARMING.  This itch to attack society about warming is sad, hilarious, and insane.

Breeding Ourselves To Extinction » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


…a tipping point in the planet’s sixth mass-extinction event, attributable to human folly. The planet simply cannot accommodate another human doubling. Whether or not there is sufficient hydrocarbon to permit such a doubling, it will be prevented by the ravages of climate-change events, such as floods, hurricanes and droughts due to global warming, by famines…


I will note here, all the ‘climate change’ events these monsters yap about never, ever mention things like severe cold, ice in the Antarctic and Arctic growing rapidly or blizzards.  Nor do they mention how plants grow better with this increase in CO2.


CO2 falls drastically during Ice Ages and rises during Warm Cycles.  Yes, we are artificially boosting it right now but we are also sliding into an Ice Age right now and the solar data as well as geological data clearly shows us that we are moving into another Ice Age, not a dinosaur-type warm age.  It is significantly colder today than in several key eras in the past, the further in the past, the warmer the warm cycles.


The inability to see reality is so intense in liberal circles now, we can see in astonishment as 90% of the US has a severe, record breaking cold spell with huge storms, while a tiny corner has a drought/warm weather, and liberals yap about hot droughts nonstop!  They don’t even pause to note that this is ridiculous.


This has led to the destruction of the Democratic President.  He, too, yaps about droughts and heat and like the liberals who surround him in the overheated White House, he ignores blizzards and dying Americans who are freezing to death.  Jimmy Carter turned down the heat and put on a sweater when we had the oil crisis.


But Obama Getting Heat from media for Turning Up the Oval Office Thermostat to 80 degrees while telling us to freeze to death.  The Age of Obama: Heat for me, but not for thee 


“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.


“That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen,” he added.


He said all this and then merrily turned up the taxpayer-supplied heat.  Al Gore is infamous for preaching Tiny Houses and don’t drive fancy cars or live in mansions in Malibu…and then doing exactly that plus private jets, too.  Hollywood hacks do the same, sailing about in massive yachts, flying private jets and owning multiple mansions heated to 80 degrees while demanding we live like we are in North Korea.


Back to the incredibly cruel editorial at Counterpunch:

…In an overpopulated world, parenthood is an act of self indulgence: the ultimate act of selfishness against the society at large and even toward the children themselves, who are being delivered to a world in crisis. So far, the only country that has seriously tried to control its population has been China….


I am assuming this writer will go to India or Africa and demand no more children?

Population control policy is needed globally and can be achieved without coercion. In most industrialized countries, parenthood currently comes with substantial tax breaks and an assortment of benefits. This must end. Instead, parenthood should be heavily taxed…


…The notion that children are a burden to the community at large — and not a blessing — must become part of the discourse. Ultimately, this should become incorporated in the culture to such a degree that the sight of a mother or father with three or four children will become obscene…


We must challenge capitalism and adopt a degrowth model. If we are to make any progress on mitigation of climate change, we must urgently address the problem of overpopulation…


So, the quick road for this is to eliminate welfare.  Deport all aliens pronto.  Punish baby fathers who get women pregnant and then run off.  Catholic Hispanics should be put in jail if they have babies.  Mmmm…yes, the slums should be cleared of all kiddies a la Adolf Hitler.


Obviously, the rich don’t worry about child credits, welfare money, etc.  They can have many children while everyone else goes without!  Like with CO2: they can spew it all over the place because they rule us while we are supposed to freeze to death to service them better.  I wonder if Counterpunch has figured out they are now a neo-nazi publication?


Someone allowed this creature to post this story about global warming and how to fix it.  Counterpunch was to let in more illegal aliens, wants to let welfare queens pop babies by the millions and in general, is all out for ‘feed/fix/fund everyone’ bandwagon…and they print this story?


I think they have gone insane or have no philosophical structure, no moral system…very sad.


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16 responses to “CounterPunch Magazine Prints Editorial Demanding No More Children To Fix Global Warming

  1. nclaughlin

    That’s too bad about Counterpunch. I’ve been giving them $100 for a while during the annual fund drive.

  2. e sutton

    The only people breeding themselves irresponsibly and with wild abandon is blacks and Mexicans.

  3. Christian W

    Never liked Counterpunch. I’ve been aware of them for years but never cared for them.

  4. Luke

    E Sutton, read a best seller by Brimelow, ‘Alien Nation’. The book was a best seller and got no good reviews. 530? bad reviews. Even the WSJ drubbed it.

    ‘The only people breeding themselves irresponsibly and with wild abandon is blacks and Mexicans’…uh not true.
    Yellows all are breeding.

    India may be first country with 2 [yes 2] BILLION PEOPLE.

  5. Luke

    Obviously, the rich don’t worry about ………………………….school lunches?

    Today, at their elite private school, Sidwell Friends, the Obama kids dined on Lentil Soup, Sweet Wheatberry Salad, Beef & Gorgonzola Salad, All Natural Beef Hot Dogs, Brats & Kraut, Vegetarian Dog, Squash Gratin, Baked Organic French Fries, and Clementines.

    It’s good to be taxpayer funded Princesses!

  6. e sutton

    With all due respect, that menu sounds positively revolting. Young kids like the Obama girls should be eating large salads with multiple greens, a very small slice of animal protein, like sirloin steak or chicken breast. I’ll give the Lentil Soup an A-OK! Perhaps an apple for dessert. Low carb = healthy diet. 🙂

  7. JimmyJ

    Looks like the US may be babysitting Ukraine’s gold reserve which ought to be $989m but suddenly is only $124m. From Russia Insider:

  8. Luke

    Jimmy J, what does that mean?

  9. Elaine, right around the time you went into the cone of silence, Alex took counterpunch online creating a forum for many a writer and critic of empire. I don’t view this collection of viewpoint as being so skewed as daily kos or huff post etc. Pollock,Nader,Leupp,Blum, et al good reads just like yourself. Nice to be informed and have free exchange of ideas….

  10. aashild

    One questions: Who will serve the rich if all the peasants die? Have they thought about that?

    Actually, that was two.

  11. emsnews

    They are eliminating the middle class, not the peasant class.

    Peasants, unlike workers in industry or city people, are easily made into servants. This is why landless peasants fleeing from Hispanic lands come here and do ‘servant’ jobs including store jobs, fix it up jobs, farming jobs.

    But this lasts only two generations then they become either the middle class or more often, the lumpen proletariat class in the cities. This is why a constant flood of illegal aliens from peasant states (including India, very much a peasant state) are allowed into our country.

  12. Luke

    Read ‘The End of Work’. The rich want servants and for manufacturing there is now and will be more robots.
    Check ‘Georgia Guidestones’ and learn TPTB want to cull the rest of us.

  13. emsnews

    What annoys me most is ‘liberals’ who want to eliminate us…while demanding we let in an army of illegal aliens! Nuts, all nutty as squirrels in fall.

  14. Jim R

    I just ran across this stie:

    It isn’t new, it’s been there for several years, but I just saw it for the first time. This Danish scientist has been saying similar things to Elaine. But his work has been ignored.

    So, does this mean people should have lots and lots of children, then?

  15. emsnews

    The sun is a star.

    Our relative planetary position with the sun, the core of the galaxy, star events distant and near has an effect on us, with the sun being the #1 stellar force.

    This is what irritates me most about global warmists. They totally ignore the shift in our planet’s orientation with the local star, our sun, and how our planet wobbles on its own axis and how our local arm of the local galaxy changes position relative to each other and then there are stellar explosions and other events showering us with cosmic rays not to mention debris called comets and asteroids.

  16. JimmyJ

    @Luke: I presume that it means the Western banker operatives said to Maidanites the West would look after Ukraine gold by taking physical possession and the Maidanites agreed likely because certain Maidan individuals were promised a share. So sovereign reserves of Ukraine gold are no longer sovereign. Of course this is probably a permanent relocation.

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