Obama Ignores Election Results And Will Legalize Millions Of Illegal Aliens


We just had an election.  The Democrats lost hugely in the recent election.  Nearly across the board.  To an astonishing degree.  This was no mistake, it was a voter revolt mainly of the middle class and obviously, mainly white voters alarmed at the seething mess the Democrats have created.  The President and his party that used to control the Senate did no ‘immigration reforms’ before the election because their own polls showed clearly, the vast majority of voters were against this.  So they waited until after the defeat to unilaterally create, what they hope will be, millions of Democratic voters for the next election and thus, get back into power again.


This foolish hail Mary toss of the football is going to explode in Obama’s face.  Congress will have grounds to impeach him.  Due to his rising unpopularity, this will be much easier to do than if he had real political support of the American people.  Illegal immigrants have taken many, many jobs from citizens and have driven down wages greatly in the process which is why allowing illegals to flood into the country was very popular with the very rich.


The lower working classes has been rendered useless by this action.  Once the illegals are made legal, they will join the present Lumpenproletariat underclass when they now qualify for welfare.  Then there will be a push to replace these new citizens with more illegals that can’t get welfare and this will be a defacto policy of our government as it was every time in the past when the Presidents legalized border crossers who steal jobs.

We have many issues which are not being addressed by Presidential fiat such as the limp response to the banking crisis which continues lawlessly forwards, doing as they please and of course, the War on Terror:



Rising Scrutiny of Goldman’s Ties to the New York Fed

The coziness between the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Wall Street banks has been questioned after a recent leak.

Nurses Ask Leniency Over Refusal to Force-Feed Prisoners

The case of a medical officer who refused to force-feed prisoners on a hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay is the latest flash point in a heated debate over military medical professionals’ role in interrogation and torture.



The President can stop the torture and the wars and won’t.  He could punish (mainly Jewish) Wall Street bankers who wrecked the entire economy of the world and who have corrupted Congress and who drive us into endless wars via AIPAC lobbying and making billions in profits off of the military/industrial complex.  The fact that he chooses to not do any of this via Presidential fiat shows the power of the Bilderberg gang.


Here is the NYT editorial about this Presidential dictate:  At Long Last, Immigration Action – NYTimes.com


It has been the immigration system’s retreat from sanity, of course, that made Mr. Obama’s new plan necessary. Years were wasted, and countless families broken, while Mr. Obama clung to a futile strategy of luring Republicans toward a legislative deal. He has been his own worst enemy — over the years he stressed his executive impotence, telling advocates that he could not change the system on his own. This may have suited his legislative strategy, but it was not true.


Why didn’t he do this BEFORE the election if it is so popular?  Did we have any issues in this election???  Why have elections if the votes don’t please elites?  People come here to steal jobs or commit crimes.  For them to complain about how this ‘breaks their hearts’ when deported is strange since they left family behind when entering illegally in the first place!


They are hoping for the remaining goodies, namely, welfare and other programs for the lower classes which have already seen cuts in these services due to having not enough tax money.  Meanwhile, welfare continues to breed thugs and useless citizens who refuse to learn in schools or obey laws.  Something we certainly don’t need more.


When I did a series of stories about our schools which have functioned just fine in white neighborhoods across the nation for generations but now need constant ‘reforms’ in futile efforts to pull the lumpenproletariat out of the ghetto, blacks uniformly across the board, have done extremely poorly in school and the next worst ethnic group are Hispanics who barely do better.


Illegal alien children go to our schools and the majority of them are Hispanic.  Now, a renewed flood of Hispanics, seeing how the Democrats plan to rise in power via flooding the nation with blacks and Hispanics, will pour into the country unless severe border controls are imposed.


It’s good that Mr. Obama has finally turned the page. He plans to lead a rally in Las Vegas on Friday at a high school where he outlined his immigration agenda in January 2013. Legislative solutions are a dim hope for some future day when the Republican fever breaks. But until then, here we are.


Obama is going to run off to a city overrun by illegal aliens to boast about how he can ignore election results.  This isn’t a ‘Republican fever’ nor racism when voters ran to Republicans in the last election.  It is fury over the way immigration was handled by the DEMOCRATS, not the Republicans.  The Republicans saw that voters were against Obama’s policies and the results of the election showed that they were right.


I watched the Democratic/progressive websites work hard to deny the results of the last election which also repudiated Obama’s obsession with ‘global warming’, too.  These delusional supporters of the Bilderberg regime, the Obama voters, told each other, that Americans really wanted immigrants to be made into citizens after illegally entering the country and that voters also are terrified of roasting to death, not freezing to death.  So they plowed onwards with these two unpopular issues while snarling at the rest of us calling us ‘climate deniers’ and ‘racists’.


This initiative cannot be allowed to fail for lack of support from those who accept the need for progress on immigration, however incremental. Courageous immigrant advocates, led by day laborers, Dreamers and others, have pressed a reluctant president to acknowledge the urgency of their cause — and to do something about it. The only proper motion now is forward.


When I began to work in construction, wages were $20 an hour way back in 1980.  Today, the same jobs are barely $10 an hour and nearly all are held by illegal aliens.  None of these aliens will be there tomorrow if they become citizens, they will be in the welfare offices.  That is, the women, the men will join the black army of drug dealers and never-do-wells.


Meanwhile, two generations of white workers who used to do construction work will see low wages and terrible working conditions as people hire more, newer illegal aliens who will work for no overtime or safety measures.


The right will falsely label Mr. Obama’s actions lawless. They are a victory for problem-solving over posturing, common sense over cruelty, and lawful order over a chaotic status quo.


The elites are lawless.  Not the voters.  The voters voted for present laws to be enforced.  The rich voted for laws to be ignored and for us to be ruled via fiat.  Common sense tells us that floods of illegal aliens destroys the working class and makes life harder for them.   And workers vote and being ignored when they show exactly how they feel is the cruel thing.


And Obama should be impeached if he does this thing.  Somehow we have to stop our Imperial Presidents.  We failed to carry this through after Nixon.


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32 responses to “Obama Ignores Election Results And Will Legalize Millions Of Illegal Aliens

  1. Peter C.

    Return to pre_Mexican War borders,give the Hispanics back California and Texas,then build a proper border.

  2. melponeme_k

    @Peter C

    LOL. NO WAY is the USA going to give Mexico major port cities along the West Coast.

    No, this will be war. I see us at war with Mexico within 20 to 30 years. Maybe even sooner. At least we the people of the USA will be at war. Our elites will still do the shuffle pretending to be legitimate and run a “government”.

  3. Luke

    Mexico is falling like Colombia did. I see a more likely [not for sure] ‘crisis’ where USA troops take over Mexico and the border dissolved.


  4. Luke

    In UK the ‘race replacement act’ is well underway as Cameron [jew] says ‘immigrants and die versity are UKs strengths’. Have him say that in Israel. he is a latter day Emma Lazarus.


  5. tono

    What a emotional post !!

    @Peter C

    The recovery of the Pre Mexican War borders , will be get it at the present birth rates from the mexican descendants , there is no need of violence , the demographics bonus plays a role here.

    Over the issue of the construction workers , i have been surprised that contrary to what happen in USA , the positions in that industry always go for for people with poor qualifications , offering only his hands , no value added , in Mexico.
    We have at least millions more to offer to the laboral market ( your market)
    You really should be worried!!

    And about the performance of mexicans in your educational System , you must know something commonly overlooked , most of mexican illegal workers thta go to the USA barely speaks spanish properly!! and for generations dont trust in the values/benefits of getting education at schools.

    But what about the jobs that required proper qualifications and pass and strict screening in that field the position will be granted to the best qualified , no matter if the person is Asian, Black , Mexican , European etc.
    You open the world ( neoliberalism , your thinkers , your rulers ) , but when something dont like you you start screaming!!

    You Want cheap Raw materials , and jobs with good pays but just for you.
    You have to compete for the goodies.


  6. DeVaul

    The proper border of the US is the Mississippi River. If you look at a map of the US at night, the eastern half is lit up like a Christmas tree, but west of the Mississippi is one vast black hole between California and St. Louis. Most of our infrastructure stops at the Mississippi River.

    I agree with the comment above that the western half will return to Mexico or its successor just as a matter of demographics. There will probably be some violence, but in the end the aging white ranchers will die off and then there will only be the Mexican ranch hands left to run things (without A/C).

    There is also the possibility that the plains will revert to grassland or tundra, and only bison and other herd animals will live there. Most of the topsoil is gone and the underground aquifers depleted.

  7. DeVaul

    Can someone tell me why Obama’s speech on immigration will not be broadcast on any major network station? They keep announcing that over and over again, which I find really strange. They also say it may be on cable.

  8. Ed

    Continued destruction of the Rule of Law . The consequences will be the rise of true fascism as the citizens clamor for protection.


  9. vengeur

    I have to laugh about this “southwest will return to Mexico” . That is JUST what the world needs- MORE of MEXICO!

  10. melponeme_k


    I laugh at that as well. Most of the country is a hell hole unless you are rich enough to pay for private security. Obviously they need MORE land and infrastructure to degenerate.

  11. Christian W

    There is no Democratic Party. There is the War Criminal Party. War criminals do as they please.

  12. Christian W

    Voting for war criminals and then complain that they are screwing you over is ridiculous.

    Now there’s a gem of wisdom.

  13. DeVaul

    “Voting for war criminals and then complain that they are screwing you over is ridiculous. ”

    This is why I do not vote.

    If there was a genuine third party candidate who was anti-war, anti-free trade, anti-banker, anti-PAC, anti-speaking fees, anti-clear cutting, anti-fracking, anti-deep drilling, anti-ZIRP, anti-secrecy, anti-spying-on-citizens, anti-let-everyone-sneak-into-America, anti-Zuckerber/Gates/Buffet/Soros, and pro-national health insurance plan, I might just vote for that person.

    I’m an Independent, and I’m still waiting. A black widow just set-up shop in my left ear. I guess I will get to see her eat her husband.

  14. Christian W

    I laugh at that as well. Most of the country is a hell hole unless you are rich enough to pay for private security. Obviously they need MORE land and infrastructure to degenerate.

    There’s no point in letting Texas and California return to Mexico. What will happen is that the US will turn into Mexico North of Rio Grande and Mexico South of Rio Grande. Maybe you can call Mexico North for Mexica to make it easier to differentiate between Hot Mexico and Cold Mexico. Mexico and Mexica.

    The West is being ripped apart along class/money lines. What you are seeing in Mexico is the future for the US. The elites have stopped/given up (if they ever cared at all) to fix the real issues in the world and are just focusing on getting as rich as they can, hog all the remaining resources for themselves, and consolidate their power and create dynasty lines.

    The majority of the American people will be treated as the poor Mexicans are being treated, as the Palestinians are being treated, as the people in East Ukraine are being treated. The same of course applies to people in Europe.

    Did you see Poroshenko’s rant about Eastern Ukrainians caught on video? He is clearly following the Israeli ethnic cleansing strategy against the Palestinians, which is no coincidence of course as Israel is driving the attack on Russia (and Europe) through Eastern Ukraine.

    The Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Strategy is being used as a Class War strategy in the US and elsewhere.

  15. melponeme_k


    Of course they want to turn the USA, Europe, and Asia into South America/Africa. Poor people without the fist of a sovereign government behind them are so easy to steal land and resources from.

    The interesting element is that Obama is in a corner now and he knows it. The Elites are welshing on him, they won’t put him on the talk circuit gravy train unless he gets more illegal alien slave labor BUT if he does what they want, he will be impeached and be barred from the talk circuit anyway. If he had any sand in him at all, he would come to terms with the fact that they screwed him over AND then go public with all their dirty laundry. It would be the only way to save face for himself. He is a dead man walking no matter what he does, so he might as well salvage whatever dignity is left.

  16. Christian W

    That is why Netanyahu told him to behave or face the Grassy Knoll Option.

  17. larry, dfh

    All this talk about illegal immigrants ‘taking’ jobs seems inaccurate to me. In order to be legally employed by a legitimate employer, one has to present a valid Social Security number. Since the employer is representing this employee as legit, the employer has the onus of ascertaining the validity of the Social Security number. Employers scamming the system are breaking the law; they are giving the jobs away illegally. But most of your complaints are about the illegal immigrants. I’m not saying these are innocent victims, because they have broken the law by being here in the first place. But their employers have also broken the law, and nobody’s going after them. This whole shrill “look over there, there’s another wet-back” tirade shifts the focus off the reason they are here in the first place: crooked employers. Go after them, go after the employers who replace whole crews with H1B visas. The politicians are doing what they’re paid to do, and negating unions and eliminating wage concessions is what their backers pay them for. BTW, obama has deported more people and broken up more families than any previous president;
    Let me relate a little story: my Brother-in-law lives in a toni development between Annapolis and D.C. A couple of years age they got 2ft of snow. The only people who came out for hire to clean his 100yd driveway were four Mexicans with 4 snow shovels: midnight to 4 AM.

  18. melponeme_k


    Are you that naive that you think if we go after the employers (which is continually discussed on this webpage) all of these criminals will just pick up and go home? LOL. They want FREE Welfare, healthcare and other tax supported goodies that they don’t pay for.

    And this group is the biggest group paying for stolen Social security numbers. That is how employers are employing them. As long as the SS number works, they look no further.

    “The only people who came out for hire to clean his 100yd driveway were four Mexicans with 4 snow shovels: midnight to 4 AM.”

    Its a shame they don’t show that drive to take back their own countries from the elites. But the mirage of free crap shows their true worth. Criminal worthlessness.

  19. Judah

    I don’t understand why this is such a big issue right now when it’s just a bunch of executive orders against a Republican Congress.

    The Republicans have the Congressional Review Act; it was passed during the Gingrich administration back in the 90’s. The CRA allows Congress to overturn any executive order that has been on the books fewer than 60 days. It also limits debate to ten hours in each chamber and prohibits amendments and filibusters.

    All the Republican Congress needs to foil the executive order immigration ‘reform’ is a majority in the house and senate + 10 hours. Do they not remember the CRA?

  20. DeVaul

    They’re just acting out their respective parts in a play called “The US Government Still Works”. If they did not do this, the US could collapse.

  21. emsnews

    Many aliens use FAKE ID and the employers know this and overlook it because the aliens won’t report law breaking at work (employers can pull all sorts of stuff this way!!!!) and real citizens get screwed.

  22. vengeur

    I know people think I’m crazy for even suggesting it, but sometime after his leaving office Obama will officially convert to Islam. His father after all was a muslim. And it really wouldn’t be a big deal at all except that he will be a former president of the US. So he won’t have to worry about speaking engagements.

  23. larry, dfh

    Mel. I Mexico they recently found the remains of about 50 students who were murdered for their ‘revolutionary’ zeal. The indigenous in Chiapas are still holding the govt. to an armed stand-still. Mexico is much more revolutionary than the U.S. As far as reverse migration goes, that started happening here after 2008. I never stated that the immigrants would ‘go home’. They wouldn’t be here in the first place if they weren’t being hired. That’s all I was trying to convey. I realize that our Hostess has criticized crooked employers before, you need only look at the ‘headlines’ of the recent articles to get an idea of how frequently.\
    And there is a whole lot of fraud with Legal immigrants and Social Security: lots of Russian and Chinese grandparents get paid.

  24. Luke

    And there is a whole lot of fraud with Legal immigrants and Social Security: lots of Russian and Chinese grandparents get paid.

    How so?
    Russian Jew ‘refugees’ and armenian crooks.

  25. melponeme_k

    “I Mexico they recently found the remains of about 50 students who were murdered for their ‘revolutionary’ zeal.”

    How do you think our forefathers received their freedom from England? Did you think England just handed it to us?

    We got it by blood. Freedom is still won by blood. And in the near future, we will have to fight with blood to win it back.

    If these people don’t have the guts to see it through to the bloody end, they don’t deserve their freedom. And the USA has no obligation to cater to their cowardice or greedy entitlement.

    If this doesn’t get sorted now in an efficient and humane way. It will get sorted out by a war lord who will have no compunction against killing fields. And whatever is left of the US will cheer him/her on. THAT is something we don’t want.

  26. Christian W

    If you are smart you do it the non violent way through general strikes and mass demonstrations. Just anything that is not aggressive in the least – even “occupy” was too aggressive. Just a general mass level non cooperation on all fronts exposing the crimes and hypocrisy at the top. Unfortunately I doubt the US is ready for that yet, and when the US population will be ready I think it will already be in a much more desperate state as a whole. Too many Americans are simply sleep walking into disaster.

    If you try it the hard way the US has been preparing for that for the last few decades. You will be labelled “terrorists” and disappeared/murdered/tortured whole sale. You will be a threat to the precious “Homeland” you see. Never mind that it is your Homeland. The other “Homeland” is also at stake. No US financial, diplomatic and military milk cow -big problems for Israel. The Zionists have shown they don’t care one wit about anyone standing in their way – and the US is copying Israel for all it’s worth right now.

  27. John

    Christian W,

    The elites have stopped/given up (if they ever cared at all) to fix the real issues in the world and are just focusing on getting as rich as they can, hog all the remaining resources for themselves, and consolidate their power and create dynasty lines.

    Fix the problems? What is happening now is the endgame, the checkmate move, is a centuries-old plot to cause this very outcome. Eloi and Morlocks. Nobles and serfs. Gods and minions.

    All predicated upon bloodline, and driven by psychopathy – which is physiological, and therefore, genetic.

    And thus – inheritable.


    Understanding this explains the House of Rothschild, and the rest of the bankster/oligarch filth. Generational dynastic psychopathic families, convinced they are Man 2.0 and determined to rule over the whole of the Earth and everyone on it.

    We stop them, or we all perish. It really is just that simple.

  28. melponeme_k


    EXACTLY. They believe they have magical blood. This is why all their heraldry and decorations plus anything else is covered in magical symbols (lions, unicorns, roses, stars etc). This is why our entertainment offerings have specific symbols and stories that stress the fact that we must have rulers who are just so special, they must rule.


    Occupy was anything but aggressive. Most of the participants were the progeny of the upper middle class.

    And revolutions start because things are so dire. In the French Revolution the women didn’t start marching to Versailles until they were starving. And that was thanks to weather change caused by a volcano. Bad winters shorten growing seasons, we’ll be feeling the food pinch sooner than you think. And when we starve, we’ll start marching and we won’t have much to lose either. So bully techniques won’t stop the march.

  29. charlottemom

    Not sure why all think this “immigration reform” is all that for illegals. Obama has essentially created second class citizenship for them..is that constitutional? Or is it closer to noncitizens voting in us elections? Other than that what changed?
    Corporate Democrats cynically looking to enhance the welfare gov-dependent voter base with alot of no-skill peasants. Sure illegals get to stay in America (instead of returning to hollowed out cartel-run third world countries) but they do not receive us citizenship. This “amnesty” is temporary so these masses will continue to live in the shadows.
    Nothing changes other than dems looking to enhance their voter rolls…republicans will also try to make a play for these illegals (who can now legally vote).
    The howling by the republicans is a head fake as they will complain for the cameras and then do nothing!!!! Corp america..dem and rep.. loves low skill poor populace with minimal rights.

    This plan is just like obamas grand carbon/global warming treaty with china. Ha ha yeah we’ve got them right where we want them!!!

    A continuation of the Us destruction.

  30. charlottemom

    So to respond to Elaine ‘s thesis
    Obama is not ignoring the election results. In fact quite the opposite he is looking to bolster Dem numbers with noncitizen votes to win the next one.
    All the repubs efforts at voter id requirements just went poof with temp “citizenship” for Illegals.
    “Legal” illegals=election pawns

    political elites do not care about us.

  31. Luke

    From a site called ‘Buy high sell higher’.

    My observation: for people who can afford to travel to and shop in New York City, all is good. The economy is booming. I suspect, however, that we are in a “bi-modal” world, where the rich are very rich, and the poor are poor, and there is no middle class. That’s my key observation. The middle class is disappearing.

    Macy’s, a middle class department store, has just finished spending $400 million on a renovation to their store on 34th Avenue. Why? To attract luxury shoppers. They have a floor or two that have less expensive goods, but the focus of the store is shifting to where the money is: the rich people.

    Long term I worry about the implications for the economy in general. If you don’t have a large middle class, who will drive the economy? Who will be the consumers? The workers?

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