Obama Illegally Legalizes Illegal Aliens And Ebola Nation Africans

Well, he tried to help the Democrats lie about who they really are by not giving legal working rights to illegal aliens while Democrats controlled the Senate, he now does this right after an election!  An election where this was a HUGE issue!  Unilaterally, of course, which I think is impeachable.  There was no political consensus for this move, outside of the illegal alien community.



‘We’re not going to deport you’: Obama announces amnesty for millions of ‘anchor baby’ parents and illegal immigrant children — as long as they’ve been in US for five years 


Illegal immigrants can’t apply for months and no one who arrived after January 1, 2010 is eligible…
President acknowledges that it’s a temporary fix and demands help from Congress to make it permanent…
Anyone who takes advantage of the program will have to pass criminal and national security background checks, pay their taxes, pay a fee and prove their eligibility…
The president calmly explained in a 15-minute speech – subtitled in Spanish – the parameters of what angry Republicans are calling a lawless ‘amnesty.’


Illegal alien criminals have been always deported in the past!  So he will continue doing this?  Great.  The problem is, open borders are like free trade: they are designed to destroy the working class and prevent the creation of unions and to depress wages.  The Democratic Party used to be the pro-worker party…IN THEORY.  Now, it is nakedly the Banker Party like the Republican Party.


Both are also warmongering parties and this is due to the same bankers who bankroll everything.


Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas have huge problems due to illegal aliens who have been systematically destroying the schools there.  Here is a video of a Sheriff’s deputy knocked out teen girl while trying to break up high school fight in a California school that is 60% Hispanic.  The police have gone there to break up one fight and got involved in yet another fight and this isn’t the first time students have chosen to riot there.  The police go in regularly.

Riots break out between Black and Latino students at LA in 2010 … – YouTube

In San Diego in the dying California school system:   Student: Daily fights at Lincoln High School have created atmosphere of fear – 10News.com KGTV ABC10 San Diego

▶ Hispanic Games Fight Breaks Out During High School Relay Race at the Armory Track in NYC – YouTube 


To top off the cake with some icing, Obama also decided unilaterally that Immigrants from Ebola countries in the US will be protected from deportation | Daily Mail Online


The U.S. reserves temporary protected status for people from countries experiencing conditions deemed too dangerous…
People from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone in the U.S. as of Thursday may apply for protection from deportation, as well as for work permits…
People who arrive after Thursday will not be eligible.


Livid GOP governors threaten legal action over Obama’s immigration executive order because a number of new governors are Republicans in this overall repudiation of the entire Democratic Party and they have to do as the voters wanted and yes, the voters did not want any of these things an out of control Obama is imposing on us via fiat.


The Bilderberg cheap labor brigade is being slapped around in England, too:   Two more Tory MPs set to defect if Ukip wins in Rochester, says Reckless | Politics | The Guardian


Asked whether he was about to defect, Bone did not specifically deny it, although he called for Ukip members to reunite with the Conservatives on the centre-right. “You’ve seen what the motion says,” he said. “It’s quite clear. It says Ukip is a good thing for British politics which in my view it is to have another party which is pushing the Europe debate on and about immigration. It’s helped moved it along.


Some Bilderberg folk don’t give up:  Ken Clarke lets rip at David Cameron’s EU reform plans | Politics | The Guardian


Kenneth Clarke has launched a frontal assault on David Cameron’s EU reform plans, declaring that he was seeking to dismantle one of Margaret Thatcher’s greatest legacies by challenging the free movement of people in the EU.


The Tories are being torn apart thanks to mainly the immigration issue.  The Tea Party here forced the issue onto the Republican Party which originally was 100% for a flood of cheap illegal/legal alien labor.


Black and Hispanic youth, unlike say, Chinese or India immigrants, are quite violent.  CDC youth violence in America


Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24 years old.1
• Among homicide victims 10 to 24 years old in 2010, 86% (4,171) were male and 14% (657) were female. 1
• Among homicide victims ages 10 to 24 years old in 2010, 82.8% were killed with a firearm.1


Among 10 to 24 year-olds, homicide is the leading cause of death for African Americans; the second leading cause of death for Hispanics; and the third leading cause of death American Indians and Alaska Natives.1



Instead of fixing what ails these populations, the leaders of minority populations put all the blame on white people, police, teachers, anyone but themselves.  Leading Ferguson protester warns of fears police response will be ‘ten times worse’ after Darren Wilson grand jury decision – as he pleads for them to indict Michael Brown’s killer | Daily Mail Online


Fellows said that he cannot pay his bills and that the rent on his apartment was overdue – and others like him are in the same boat.


So, this irresponsible man who wants a lynch mob to do something illegal is also whining about how his nefarious, illegal activities which probably include looting and burning businesses, he is now not paying rent or his bills???  And his buddies are in the same trouble?  I will weep when they are all tossed into the street…after laughing.  How dare they!


Florida State University student shows off book that stopped Myron May’s bullets the shooter was a paranoid former law student who also is a black man.  We know many crazy white males who have gone into schools to mass murder due to being anti-social and hallucinating things or just filled with hate.  Blacks do this, Hispanics do this, once, a Korean did this, all ethnic groups do this.


But the constant mayhem that is destroying much of our school system is a particularly bad problem for black and Hispanic students.  The fix is social and cultural and slips further and further away as amoral, thuggish, violent, cruel and obscene behaviors are encouraged by our media, entertainment, political leaders and society.


Obama’s actions are more like throwing gasoline on these fires.  At no point in time does he talk about blacks taking more responsibility for their own destruction. And white racists are gleefully glad he has finally alienated the bulk of white women voters who are the ones who pushed him over the top and into the White House in the first place.


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21 responses to “Obama Illegally Legalizes Illegal Aliens And Ebola Nation Africans

  1. melponeme_k

    You know what really gets my dander up about this whole crappy deal? That “Liberals” use my people, Native Americans, to justify the presence of illegal Alien mostly South American criminals in the US. They have their heads so far up their asses, they are comparing my people to a mass of entitled criminals.

  2. Petruchio

    It’s been clear for all to see that Barack Obama is Bush jr. on steroids. I guess the con worked, well enough at least. Who would have thought that a black man would be every bit or more of a drone assassinating warmonger than the previous, Bush Administration? And unlimited, unregulated immigration is their domestic policy. Despicable.

  3. Petruchio

    “Now, it is nakedly the Banker Party like the Republican Party.” No, I don’t think so. The political class and the elites are pulling off a giant con on the American people. The Dems play one role. The Repubs play another. Do both Parties work for the same people? Yes, but all the world’s a stage, Elaine and each must play their part. The Reupgs are the nakedly pro-elite Party; the Dems play the part of the “loyal” opposition. True, the Dems suck at this role and the veneer of being different than the Republican Party is VERY thin, but the roles are different if you consult your playbill. Recall when Obama told his masters that he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks? That’s the role of the entire Democratic Party right now. With only a few exceptions.

  4. John

    Trey Gowdy shot down the whole impeachment idea with one simple question:

    “Have you ever met Joe Biden?”

    I think he should be arrested and tried for treason, and since Biden has been in lockstep with him the whole time, arrest them both.

    Oh, and the Democrats have been the bankster party for as long as the Republicans have. Marxism is a bankster creation.

  5. melponeme_k


    The students the Bilderberg group is targeting to get China under their control. Can China resist this trojan horse?

  6. Narciso

    Lol, blacks and hispanics have to man up and take personal responsibility while white people get to whine it’s not their fault.

    The Ebola hysterics i understand but I know when to admit that i was chicken little. Ebola won’t spread in the US for the simple reason that people are healthier (immune system’s not compromised), Infrastructure exist, and Medical care, for all its problems, does exist. Ebola is fear mongering but i still don’t like the ebola nurse attitude that we are a bunch of idiots. I don’t want to run the risk of Ebola and quarantines make sense but its not going to happen even with Republicans in charge of congress.

    Obama i despised from the get go, since he plagiarized “yes we can” from the whole “si se puede” nonsense. Community organizer was just laughable as a profession.

    I learned my lesson after i foolishly voted for John Kerry back in 2004. I was young and foolish and believed that Kerry wasn’t a political hack. Poor Elaine drank the Obama kool-aid and is lynching a stooge instead of criticizing people who own him.

    Gay rights are a joke, Climate change is a joke, Education is a joke, affirmative action is a joke, and white people complaining about racism is a joke. The oppression Olympics just shows you how well the political system in the US is when it comes to divide and conquer.

    Elaine prides herself on being in the “middle” but its obvious that her blinders have clearly prevented her from seeing that she is basically indulging in racial tribalism. Whites are being abused by Zog, Blacks, Latinos, etc and the great race war is going to be upon us if things don’t change ;(

    We just need a post on IQ and we can convert this site into Vdare.

    Everyone in America needs to man up and take personal responsibility for their own lives. Bashing blacks for being feral (violent and uncontrollable), Hispanics lazy and stupid, Jews being responsible for everything bad is just laughable. Go ahead and pretend that you’re not indulging in naked white tribalism with those little nuggets of wisdom.

    According to Elaine whites are not in charge and don’t wave their american flags and pom poms when we bomb those savage darkies that are squatting on our oil and other resources.

    We are all fucked because white people refuse to take responsibility for allowing the rich to control the government so thoroughly. We are all fucked because blacks would rather blame whitey and riot than try and change anything. We are all fucked because hispanics are not learning and are joining the oppression olympics. We are all fucked because whites are choosing to be either insane hippies/hipsters or crazed right wingers.

    Its all the fault of the vaccines, gays, zog, minorities, global warming or its the fault of right wingers, climate denialist, guns, human beings. Yup its not any of our own damn fault for wanting to live it up on the government’s tab while robbing other nations of their resources.

  7. emsnews

    Talk about misreading me!

    Blacks blame whites for problems caused by blacks themselves and I push this very hard because the only way blacks can save themselves from destruction and future ethnic cleansing is to do something about the mess they live in today, created by themselves.

    Hispanics have problems, too, with learning in schools and other intellectual things. They have been used UP TO NOW as useful serfs but this is ending soon as they can be replaced with the much, much more malleable serfs from India, for example.

    Whites: they are still the majority and a huge power base for Republicans. And are being destroyed relentlessly not because they are white or black but because their ‘serf’ culture is LONG GONE.

    Unlike India (and China!) where the masses toil on the land.

  8. Christian W

    It wasn’t much of election though the last one. Only some 36 % of eligible voters voted, the lowest participation in 72 years. This at a time the US is going to hell in a hand basket AND insisting on taking the world with them.

    Biden just gloated Obama had to “embarrass” European leaders into joining the US in sanctioning Russia. That is, blackmail them, pure and simple.

    You can’t just point fingers at other “communities” and demand they “fix themselves”: “Instead of fixing what ails these populations, the leaders of minority populations put all the blame on white people, police, teachers, anyone but themselves.”

    Besides some of the most vocal “leaders/self appointed spokes people” for the minorities are professional rabblerousers inflaming emotions on purpose.

    I don’t agree it is all the doing of the minorities themselves they are in trouble. Definitely everybody needs to take responsibility for their own actions, but isn’t helpful to divide the US into various minorities and interest groups. What do you think they will do, snap their heels and shout “Jawohl, unser Führerin! We will fix ourselves!”

    I’ll do the same – I’ll paint with a broad brush and demand that the Whites in the US fix the mess they have put themselves in and most of the world too. “Whites in the US have to vote in sane people into politics [are there any sane people left in the US?] and uphold the law and put all the political and financial and military crooks in jail.” That will impress everyone I’m sure.

    It’s not only the minorities going nuts in the US, it is ALL the communities, from top to bottom. If you get into some kind of trench mentality it will only make things worse. That is the UKIP/Tea party reaction in a nutshell, isn’t it.

  9. emsnews

    What everyone seems to want is race wars. And we shall get this in spades.

    And if we had to choose the winners, it would be…white Republicans, not black radicals or Hispanic illegals or whatever…the number of white males is huge, it is also rather organized and isn’t madly killing each other like the rival groups.

    Yet, blacks and Hispanics want this warfare in the future, it appears. This is SUICIDAL. But what the hey!

    Liberals make fun of white males and act as if they are ‘stupid’ and ‘cowardly’ which is rather obviously racist. And…dangerous because white males can fight back successfully.

    I am baffled as to why people want race wars, ethnic wars or religious wars. I think this is insane. But it appears that EVERYONE wants this so we will get this in the end.

  10. Christian W

    There is absolutely nothing baffling about it. It is the logical consequence of the US giving up any pretense of being a modern liberal state based on the rule of law, including international law, civic rights and a domestic constitution.

    The US let American supremacists (the US as the “indispensable nation”) take over and allied itself with Israeli Zionists (money and tribalism) and Saudi Aristocracy (money and tribalism) for business opportunities (the MIC) and the greed of Wall Street. Take Zionist money and Saudi (Gulf) money out of Wall Street and how much will you have left?

    Now Europe still have (had) a choice, to cooperate with Russia and China in a gigantic project for business and jobs. But the US slammed that door in Europe’s face by igniting Ukraine. Ukraine can be seen as a similar strategic point to Europe as to what Afghanistan is to Asia. Europe, Russia and China are not to be allowed to be outside US domination. European politicians are being black mailed, or bribed, or are simply recruited tools. Russian politicans are being sanctioned and ridiculed and you can bet they are trying to find chinks in the Chinese armor as we speak.

    Moreover, US supremacism allied with Israeli and Saudi tribalism creates the irrefutable logic that if one tribe (say, the Jews) are allowed to be number one, then the same logic must apply to all other tribes. What stops other tribes from being number one? Everybody has the right to consider their tribe as number one and special and worthy of all the loot and all the rights and all other tribes as dirty heathen beneath our God appointed and God approved and oh so special Tribe. Also inherent to the situation is the dynastic thinking of these people who see themselves as above all others, including others in their own tribe who happen to think differently for one reason or other.

    Unfortunately it is not possible for all tribes to be number one, because of the supremacism inherent to tribalism, so then a deciding factor comes into play. Military might. The same applies to the religious mindset when it is immature and tribal bound.

    The US let the fascist troll, or demon, out of the box. That is why racial wars and religious wars are brewing as far as the eyes can see.

    And even if these people achieve their goals and the US and Israel and the Saudi Kings consolidate their power and become the rulers of the earth, what do you think will happen? They will continue their wars and their machinations and their push for more wealth and more power, because they cannot stop. Ever. That is all they know. They will turn on each other if nothing else remains to be attacked.

    And turning on each other, on itself, is that not what we are seeing in the US? It may only be the early days, but the rumblings for future real conflicts are starting to show are they not? How can the US sow ethnic conflict abroad and not expect it to come home to roost? If nothing else, it definitely risks coming back in the form of nukes.

  11. John

    To summarize: karma is a bitch, with an elephant’s memory.

  12. James

    Obama doesn’t do this on his own. He gets his marching orders from his handlers. He simply does his bosses bidding, and everybody pretends that he is a loose canon or due to be impeached.

    The model and the precedent for all this is Europe. Until 10 years ago, most European countries had a nearly homogeneous Caucasian population, with similar cultures. In the Mediterranean South, only a handful people had ever seen a black person before. National borders, the Magreb and the great sea kept people and societies apart.

    Now, for reasons analyzed here, there is a phenomenal influx of millions of “undocumented” immigrants, especially Asians, who pursue the Euroland Dream. This is rapidly desolving these societies to a soup. Italy, Greece and Spain are becoming the frontlines for this atypical invasion and are being converted to human reservoirs and immigrant prisons, for the benefit of the rich Northern countries, the final destination of every pour soul that imigrates to Euroland.

    Everybody, especially the Media, pretends that there is nothing going on. That things are the same. Yet, somehow, women are being attacked in Sweden and Norway for not wearing a hijab and walking alone. Greece has around 2-3 million immigrants, sitting and waiting for a chance to escape to Germany, with a total aging population of 11 million. France has continuous revolts. In Italy teens are attacking Africans to a bloody pulp, out of fear they are Ebola carriers. Anyone can see the potential for conflict, should the various cultures in Europe clash against each other and war and carnage break loose.

    The same motif is now clearly being exported to the US or maybe it is being standardized across the West. As I see it, there is not a single thing, not a single comma, that is different in this policy and the manual they are using. All this supposedly benefits the ultra-rich, as you mention in your articles, as they believe that the can divide and conquer the population of the former 1st World countries, in order to rule over them all.

  13. Narciso

    “Talk about misreading me! Blacks blame whites for problems caused by blacks themselves and I push this very hard because the only way blacks can save themselves from destruction and FUTURE ETHNIC CLEANSING is to do something about the mess they live in today, created by themselves.” —Elaine

    Blacks didn’t cause racism, slavery, jim crow, or disproportionate jailing for the same crime. Blacks are angry because they understand the obvious that they are screwed and treated worse for the same infractions. Its not intelligent or productive to riot but its the only way that they get any type of media exposure (if its not negative they don’t get air time). Its nothing but black people engaging in a massive temper tantrum.

    Who hires illegal immigrants? Who isn’t deporting them? Who is encouraging the mass migration? Its must be Zog, La Raza, and the Rich ;(

    Its obvious that we want immigrants to depress prices of agricultural produce, landscaping, and even services. We all like to get cheap crap and pretending it isn’t so is laughable.

    White people have collectively decided to drug themselves into a stupor and blame everyone but themselves for our governments gangsterism and lawlessness.

    The whole race war is a white delusion because we are all, for good or ill, in the same boat. Murder and mayhem won’t help anybody but it will condemn everyone to poverty and insecurity. Violence looks like a good idea until you realize that its the thugs and sadist who excel at that behavior. sigh, but my sadist won’t hurt me 😦

    Elaine maybe you should balance your bashing of minorities by having a few post demanding white people get off their anti-depressants, oxycodone, vicodin, bath salts, meth and all the other dope that they love so much. The fake patriotism of white people is boundless its all lets bomb other savages while pretending America’s shit doesn’t stink.

    Its not Zog, China, Japan’s, or ethnic minorities fault that America is a declining imperial power. Instead of minding our own business and trading with all nations fairly. We create coalitions, force nations into unequal trade agreements, undermine foreign nations that try and exercise sovereignty and bomb bomb bomb weak nations to make ourselves feel better.

  14. emsnews

    Who isn’t deporting Hispanics????

    A BLACK PRESIDENT! Amazing, isn’t it? A total betrayal of all blacks who have lived here a long time but then, Obama’s father also wasn’t an American, either.

    Race wars are not ‘white’ they are EVERYONE. The Japanese imperialists hate ‘white Europeans’ for example. Black nationalists hate whites and are openly racist, too.

    Native Americans play the same racist game of exclusion as do Jews. The story that only white males are ‘racist’ is…very racist. And has to stop. And blacks complaining about being killed have to first deal with blacks killing blacks since 90%+ of all black murders are by blacks.

    Far more blacks kill whites than the reverse. And blacks are only 12% of the population.

    This is COMMON.

  15. Luke

    A few thoughts. First Obama is not Black. He had one Black parents.
    Second, its not ‘blacks’ that are killing but a sub group. YBMs. Young Black males. They are 3% of USAs pop but from that group come most of the killers.
    shocking if you think about it.

  16. Christian W

    Obama has deported more immigrants than any other US president.


    Maybe it is still less as a percentage than other presidents if the number of immigrants are far larger now than before, but to say that he doesn’t deport is not accurate.

    Elaine is saying Obama does not deport, while “immigration” supporters condemn him as the “deporter in chief”.

  17. emsnews

    I never said he didn’t deport anyone!


    See? Trashing our nation after his party was drummed out of power with only him lingering behind and I expect him to be eventually impeached if he keeps this up.

  18. Christian W

    You have been electing people to trash your country for decades. It is not as if this is something new. What is happening is that the increasing poverty of the US is showing up more and more in real life situations. The red tide of poverty rises as the elites steal more and more. And as the red tide of poverty rises people become increasingly desperate and do increasingly desperate and stupid things.

    You wonder how NY can increase the budget? It is PORK! Pork is what makes the US system go round and round nowadays. All major US companies fatten up by going through the US government pork system. Take non existent US Government money (created debt) and make it “real money” by giving it to Big Pharma, The Profit Prison system, Law Enforcement, hard ware producers, construction companies etc etc etc All the companies listed on Wall Street gets this Pork. Most US companies are part of the PENTAGON Pork Cycle.

    All the time the elites get richer and richer by milking the system using the Pork System. And the elites know that for this system to work (ie to keep spinning round and round) they need, not batteries for production – like in the Matrix movies, but CONSUMERS. And Blacks are designated as consumers for the Profit Prison system, Food Coupon system (fattening up Wal Mart et al), Law Enforcement (think of all the jobs and military/police hardware, the surveillance hardware and software etc.

    All of this is a HUGE INDUSTRY. And all of you have your part to play. Don’t you think Apple has calculated down to the cent how much they can charge for one of their cell phones to get largest possible profit for the largest possible (practical) sales figures

    The US is becoming something much more monstrous than even the Soviet Union or China.

    Think of it like a kind of a caste system of various levels of serfs. And you wonder why the are trashing the (pork) education system? You are all free to do whatever you want inside your designated caste parameters, as long as you don’t change the SYSTEM.

    That is why Occupy was taken out so ruthlessly. They suddenly popped up demanding real change. They didn’t behave within the allowed parameters of their designated group(s).

  19. Christian W

    And now you should see why the elites want to have a lot of identity voters, or special issue voters. They want any kind of category voters that vote within the allowed (prepared) parameters. What they will NOT allow, is voters demanding real change to the SYSTEM. Any candidate running for the real issue, SYSTEM CHANGE, is ruthlessly destroyed. Usually they manage to do that before they have to kill him/her but sometimes not.

    In two years time, when you have been thoroughly stewed in GOP misogyny politics or crazy Christian fundie politics will you be prepared to vote for the Democratic Savior Figurine they put up as stress relief? That was the ploy the elites (the Dem side of the operation) did with Obama promising SYSTEM OVERHAUL (get tough on Wall Street, close Guantanamo etc etc). Unsurprisingly Obama proved to be Dubya Bush in black face.

  20. emsnews

    Both Bush presidents are close friends of Hill and Bill Clinton.

    All three treat Jimmy Carter like poison.

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