Adam Sobel, Creepy NYC ‘Climate Scientist’ Hates Anyone Talking About Polar Vortex

Adam Sobel climatologist foolish tweets


These are tweets by Mr. Sobel which reflects the irrational beliefs of global warmists. He openly mourns the fact that there are virtually no Atlantic hurricanes!


Salon is run by a bunch of hysterical Californians.  They firmly believe global warming is roasting us to death. Here is a revealing editorial from a ‘climate scientist’, Adam Sobelin NYC.  He is awfully young and looks like he was born after the 1970’s super cold era.  This ‘scientist’ from my state of NY is quite arrogant as well as intolerant.  He is moaning this week about the blizzards assailing the Great Lakes communities especially NY like Buffalo.  He is most anxious to downplay winter as much as possible!



Mr. Sobel believes this: ‘The entire global scientific community is shouting frantically about impending catastrophe & it has ZERO effect on elections. Just invisible.’  He is upset that the Republicans won.  I was not surprised by this victory.  Mr. Sobel believes that assailing us about how CO2 is going to roast us to death is going to work even in a blizzard.


Here is his irresponsible and downright scary editorial at Salon:  Forget the “polar vortex” backlash: How I learned to love an overused media buzzword – by Adam Sobel (@profadamsobel) | Twitter


Here in the U.S., the polar vortex is back, repeating its attack from last year. Like last year’s event, this one is extreme; it is bringing unusually cold temperatures and deluges of autumn snow. And it just turned serious, with at least 10 people killed by back-to-back city-burying blizzards in Buffalo. The forecast now threatens flooding as temperatures rise and rain falls on snow.


So far, he sounds rational, even sane.  But then the sour mood sets in and the snappy, vicious pit bull anger rises:


Here, however, is where some expert observers will beg caution: In most of the rest of the country, it’s just cold. And, in the bigger picture, the polar vortex is repeating what it has done every year since long before there were human beings on the planet…Some weather stories take the normal behavior of the atmosphere and turn it into hype.


Yes, during the majority of the last 3 million years, this extreme cold and the icy grip is normal.  We call these periods, ‘Ice Ages’.  And I am assuming this jerk wants Ice Age conditions.  For a climate scientist, he is not only cruel but stupid,  No, severe cold Arctic vortexes are NOT constant and annual.  During all Interglacials, these cease.


…Yes, there do seem to be more overblown weather stories than in the past. My strictly unscientific, anecdotal assessment is that the atmosphere gets a lot more media coverage altogether, and more different kinds of coverage, than it did even just a couple of years ago.


This statement concerns me.  He is obviously exhibiting signs of insanity.  The global warmists have been screaming about the weather for years now, louder and louder, the colder it gets.  He even opens his editorial claiming that no one is listening to him and his buddies for some odd reason and he wants more yelling, louder exclamations that we are all doomed.


None can beat the global warmist ‘climate scientists’ for drama queen bellowing about the weather.  Overblown barely covers this.  Hurricane force verbosity is closer to the truth!


Sobel also complains about how the liberal media is tiring of global warming despite the fact that a tiny sliver of the US has warm weather:  NPR Reduces Its Environment Team to One Reporter | InsideClimate News: there is now only ONE ‘climate change’ reporter and he is part time!  HAHAHA.  Paid for by Bill Gates!


Here is a very revealing editorial at Sobel’s home page that shows criminal depravity when it comes to understanding what ‘science’ is:  Denial among physicists, part 2 | Adam Sobel where he attacks fellow scientists and calls them stupid because they argue with him:


There were three outspoken deniers at the conference, two of whose talks I heard. This post is about the interaction I had with the third one. This interaction began at the end of the first talk of the conference.


The speaker, a relatively young climate scientist, presented a piece of research using numerical models to assess how various human influences (including but not limited to greenhouse gases) affected a particular aspect of the 20th century climate record in the United States.


The questioner, the physicist about whom I’m writing today – let’s call him Denier 3 – raised his hand at the end and asked if the speaker had considered the criticisms of climate models made by a scientist not present at this conference, a climate scientist famous for his denialist position (let’s call him “Famous Denier”). This telegraphed the views of Denier 3, not least because the substance of the question was only tangentially related to the substance of the talk, and thus came across as a broadside against the field of climate science as a whole.


Sobel is quite coy about the name of this ‘famous DENIER’.  Makes me curious.  And what the ‘subject’ was that so irritated Sobel.


 Denier 3 said “Your field is very prone to ad hominem attacks.”[1] I answered, not trying to disguise my irritation, “Oh, please. Give me a break.”…


HAHAHA.  So scientific, Mr. Sobel!  Clever!  You refuted this mysterious physicist.


I was careful at that point to say that I was not necessarily attributing this arrogant view to Denier 3, to whom I was speaking (although by this point it was clear that he did in fact hold this view). Denier 3 said “And your view is not arrogant?” I said “My view is that those who spend all their time studying a given problem have a better claim to knowledge about it than those who don’t. If that strikes you as arrogant, then you can consider me arrogant.”


Hissy fits win every time especially if you hiss and then pull Denier #3’s hair.  Jerry Springer show, here we come!


The invitation to debate is another standard denialist tactic. It carries the implication that climate science is otherwise free of debate, and that denialist views, rather than having lost the argument by the standard processes of science, have instead been suppressed by some form of political correctness.


I see: debates is a mean tactic of others who refuse to understand there is no debates.  The warmists, in the teeth of obvious contrary information, continue to push their beliefs on us all.  This requires us also making immense real sacrifices that will make our lives much more miserable and for those of us who live in the Cold Zones, deadly sacrifices.


Imaging he can dictate to us with no debate is not just arrogant, it is evil.


He also then refers to this editorial penned by an equally delusional global warming fanatic:  Why experts refuse to debate climate | Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science



Prof Steve Sherwood’s editorial republished below, appeared in The Australian on Friday, October 28. It explains why climate scientists are avoiding debates in public forums with skeptics and discusses why the scientific peer review process is the best way to deal with questions around climate change.


Many climate scientists now refuse to take part in public forums debating climate change because it is impossible to do justice to the science.


The scientists who work day in and day out to understand our climate system have debated the great and small ideas for decades. They’ve debated in journals, at conferences, by the water coolers, by email.


Their ‘debates’ have been…with each other!  No debates at all!  And emails:  Climategate 2.0 emails – thread #2 | Watts Up With That? has the entire story of how someone managed to get the IPCC emails where these climatologists who refuse any debates talked openly about ‘getting rid of the Medieval Warm Period’ and how to manipulate data by changing it entirely and then agreeing to hide the tampering from the public and politicians.


So these ’email debates’ were actually attempts at conspiracy to lie about the climate, lie about the data and plot ways to harm other scientists who disagreed with them.  These people have nearly destroyed the integrity of NOAA and its climate data base, they have wrecked NASA and are out to ruin the entire temperature record of the entire planet so they can twist it into a ‘hot hockey stick’ and then use this to take over our energy systems, change the way the lower and middle classes are taxed and prevent us from having children, driving cars, heating our homes, and so forth.


Enemies of all of us.  We can’t let these arrogant jerks get away with this.


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9 responses to “Adam Sobel, Creepy NYC ‘Climate Scientist’ Hates Anyone Talking About Polar Vortex

  1. Luke

    UCSB is a competitive school. These youths seem to have ZERO ability to look at an issue from several sides. They are not even particularly well spoken. [kritikal thinkin wots dat???]

  2. vengeur

    What frightens me is to wonder what would happen if these people (Sobel type tyrants) were in charge of the entire government, and not just in predicting future climate changes. Actually I think they already are.

  3. Christian W

    People like those “scientists” manipulating the data are clearly not scientists at all, since they are destroying the science, but operators. Who are they working for?

  4. DeVaul

    Did the NOAA just steal my line? (Hotter than Hell)

    I said they would use that next July, not right away. I guess they are spying on me and stealing my ideas. Don’t they understand it was satire?

    Holy crap. If this year was “hotter than hell”, what will they use for next year?

    “Earth now warming the Sun!”

  5. DeVaul

    By the way, I noticed that Orlov updated his notice that he would censor all “climate denialists” (code for those who doubt global warming) by saying that bugs that go splat on his windshield have more intelligence than those who deny climate change. Wow.

    Orlov has a very arrogant side to him that really comes through when the subject of global warming or “seamanship” arises, but I still read him because I believe he has unique insights into human behavior that others do not. It’s a shame, though, that he cannot entertain the possibility that global warming was only temporary and now will change to global cooling.

    It happened before, and it can happen again. Nature makes the ultimate call, CO2 or large amounts of manure out on the prairie notwithstanding.

  6. emsnews

    HAHAHA. That global warming is really off base, isn’t it? Where’s all the deep snow and freezing cold we are having?

  7. anon 99

    I found that via Yahoo News. It promised beautiful pics of AGW and to be afraid? [the urgency sales pitch]. All I found was that pic of the Arc [not Noahs arc].

  8. emsnews

    🙂 Noah’s Ark d’Triumph!

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