Bill Cosby Rape White Teens And Black Cops Abusing Blacks While Obama Lets Illegal Alien CRIMINALS Stay

NYC housing project police shooting

NYC housing project where cops shot man in dark stairwell: note the fire engine outside in typical day there (fires being sadly common!)


We have this growing Woody Allen type of scandal with Bill Cosby being accused by a host of white actresses of rape as he played the cynical ‘casting couch’ game so beloved of mostly Jewish-run Hollywood/NYC TV executives.  These players of this awful rape game closed ranks behind Woody but have left Cosby out in the cold but Bill Cosby Gets Standing Ovation at Florida Theater as his Jewish lawyer, Mr. Singer, savages these pesky females.  Also, we have in the news stories of cops (both minorities) abusing blacks (who are breaking the law or doing something really weird).


I am predicting, after this flurry of accusations, Hollywood will ‘rehabilite’ Crosby and let him off the hook like other, identical criminals.  This happened to Michael Jackson.  Various white rock stars get a free ticket to rape, too.  I know this first hand.  Sigh.  When I was a teen and working in a nightclub to make money for school, on the ‘Hollywood circuit’ and these same guys propositioned me promising movie roles, etc.


For example, the director of ‘Easy Rider’ who was filming nearby and hung out at our joint.  They do this openly and cynically.  Famous people know that young people are very anxious to get a break and this is why casting couches never go cold.  Cosby Show producer describes sexual assault accusations against comedian as ‘beyond our knowledge or comprehension’ even as yet another victim speaks out: Law & Order actress details Bill Cosby’s attempted sexual assault of her while working on The Cosby Show – and claims he DID drug at least one woman on set.


Woody Allen and his gang of rapists are even worse, they prey not only on children but their own children or adopt children to rape and torture.


Victims who grow up and finally get mad enough to tell the truth are savaged.  The actresses accusing Crosby of rape will now find themselves no longer asked to perform in movies and shows.  They will (like me) be blacklisted.  The media will pretend they no longer exist.  Once this ‘blows over’.


Now on to cop news:  NYPD officer uses baton to attack man who didn’t pay his subway fare: the cop is very much a black man.  Blacks hitting or killing blacks is extremely common.  The most common way of dying violently for black males is to run into a black male.


‘They’re going to shoot him in the chest and walk away — like he was a dog’: Loved ones of unarmed man, 28, killed by cop in dark Brooklyn stairwell say police didn’t even check on victim after fatal gunshot.  One of the cops is Asian.  This is, of course, the girlfriend’s story of what happened and is not to be trusted.

This happened in a 7th floor stairwell of a public housing project, i.e. another ‘Shooterville’ in NYC.  The light bulbs were removed by criminals so they can use the stairs as a highway for crime.  The two cops were rookies sent into the projects…a TERRIBLE place…to look for lurkers in these stairwells.


They panicked and shot in the utter dark.  I am assuming that the cops demanded the man identify himself and he probably refused.  The cops have excellent reason to be terrified of patrolling the projects!  In Cabrini-Greene projects in Chicago, the only way the cops could enter was to have armed forces show up and take over the joint.


Ditto, in Newark.  I knew black men from the projects there.  Two of the survivors worked on one of my street patrol efforts and campaigned for the city to close the project towers.  Which was finally done around 1986.  The city then blew up the buildings, I was asked to participate in the ceremony and when the buildings blew up, the wind shifted and the dust came rushing towards us and we all ran away as fast as we could.

About half of these demolitions are public housing buildings.


People with brains know that tall project buildings are a catastrophe for welfare families.  These buildings are so dangerous across America, nearly always they are occupied by only one or another ethnic group as these people then torment anyone else who gets this ‘freebie’ from enjoying it.  The race breakdown of any project is strictly along race/ethnic lines and this can’t be fixed  unless cops are brought in and patrol all over the place very heavily which will never happen.


This is also why no more welfare towers are being built and many cities are blowing them up.  For example, last March, the Brewster-Douglass Public Housing Complex in Detroit was blown up.


A liberal publication’s admission that these stupid towers are a disaster:  The Last Tower | Harper’s Magazine


Since 1995, when the federal government rescinded a rule that required one-to-one replacement of any public-housing units demolished, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded billions of dollars to cities nationwide to topple housing projects and build in their stead these mixed-income developments.


Which are still a failure because who on earth wants to live next door to criminals who are also violent, angry and looking for any excuse to either kill you or at least, steal your stuff while you are at work?  Naturally, building spread out projects that have a mix of working/criminal class people is highly unpopular in stable neighborhoods so few of these have been built forcing the criminal class to drift elsewhere and we can see where via crime statistics.


Another event: Obama ENDS program that deported 283,000 criminal aliens | Daily Mail Online


‘Secure Communities’ program was shuttered on Thursday as Obama finalized his immigration executive orders…
Program allowed immigration authorities to learn when illegal immigrants were arrested for crimes and scheduled for release on bail…
They could be held for up to an additional 48 hours so federal agents could pick them up and begin immigration or deportation proceedings…
Now the US will only deport illegal immigrants after they are CONVICTED of a narrower list of more serious offenses – assuming they show up for trial.


This is totally the fault of the Democrats.  So if you are an illegal alien drunk driver, you get to stay. If you are an illegal alien drug dealer, you can stay.  Only if you go all the way and murder or rape someone, you MIGHT be deported…but then, if you get a Hollywood gig, rape is legal.


Just as robbery is legal for Wall Street.  And bribery legal for K Street, for that matter.  And treason is legal, of course, for dual citizens bribing Congress and Presidents to go to war and funnel US taxpayer money overseas.  Yup.  Let’s not even talk about the Constitution.


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14 responses to “Bill Cosby Rape White Teens And Black Cops Abusing Blacks While Obama Lets Illegal Alien CRIMINALS Stay

  1. Luke

    Blacks are safer around police [of all colors] than they are around other Black people. Haha.

    Crosby was a serial rapist. Life is full of surprises.

    However Black men in USA rape a MILLION White women a decade [this can be verified at Gov site but one must remember that for every reported rape there are 2 that do not get reported].
    Plus Black men rape non White women and males of all races.
    Sorry Liberals but those are the facts.

  2. Luke

    I just had another insight. As [jewish] Hollywood idolizes Blacks in film etc the facts are quite different.
    ‘Annie’ is now Black.
    Captain America [Marvel] is now Black.

    It is okay for billionaire Oprah to say ‘Old White must die’. etc.


  3. Petruchio

    I found Barack Obama’s recent comments on immigration TRULY despicable. The Prez says,”We (the USA) have always been and always will be a nation of immigrants.” Maybe, maybe not true, but that’s not what is so offensive. Obama’s heart bleeds for ALL of the illegals that come to this country to get freebies, straining social services to past the breaking point. But that isn’t what is so offensive to me. What is? The President’s TOTAL lack of concern for the people who were born and raised here who are losing their jobs, losing their homes–and losing hope. Not one shred of concern from our beloved President about them. I have no problems with immigrants per se, but I DO think the priorities need to be straight and clear: we take care of taxpaying citizens who were born and raised here FIRST, then base our immigration policy on what is socially and economically feasible. No concern about people who have lived here their whole lives and are homeless, but Ebola carrying immigrants get VIP treatment. Great job, Mr. President. Thanks for the hope and change we can all believe in.

  4. Luke

    He will live in Hawaii after he leaves the WH so what does he care about us peons?

  5. Jim R

    He doesn’t care about the immigrants either.
    He just feigns care, because his handlers have told him to feign care.

  6. Petruchio

    I suppose it’s easy to say now, what with the recent accusations against him, but I always found something creepy about Bill Cosby’s public persona. It seemed contrived to me, something vaguely sleazy about him. Of course, every public person has a public persona or face if you will, but Cosby’s seemed to me to be particularly insincere, phony even. I guess my gut instinct about the guy was right.

  7. Petruchio

    Elaine: I have to admit it; my curiousity has got the better of me. Could you post a pic of yourself in your younger days? You seem to have driven a lot of men crazy with, ahem, desire. I gotta see for myself what all the fuss is about.

  8. vengeur

    Elaine has commented on the predator male type many times. The only difference here is that Cosby allegedly used drugs to seduce (and rape) his prey. Now look at Bill Clinton. SAME type of insatiable predator of younger women. Clinton even allegedly gamed Walter Mondale’s daughter, just to show you that there is NO loyalty or honor among these fiends like Clinton . And these women rarely if ever go public, because THEY will be shamed, not the predator. Not to mention that many of these women feel a sense of loyalty to the predator! But these things always were and always will be.

  9. Narciso

    Cosby being a possible rapist is pretty shocking but it just goes to show that the persona you see on TV is not a real depiction of the actual character of the person.

    Obama is incredibly cynical to believe that ending deportations will some how resurrect his crappy legacy. I guess its fitting because Reagan is his hero and guess what Reagan did in his 2nd year of his last term?

    Its pretty shocking how Obama is a republican and people refuse to admit the obvious.

    The ObamaCare farce is pretty much off limits due to the left wing refusing to admit the obvious that Obama is a corporate hack that doesn’t give a shit about anything but getting his 30-50k speeches once he’s out of office.

  10. vengeur

    Obama was president, but he will be a veritable KING once he gets out ($$$). Which is what he and Michelle really aspired to all along (news flash) LOL. Hobnobbing with celebrities and heads of state in between parties rounds of golf. And the celebrities will LOVE to have him in their collective circle jerk.

  11. Luke

    Comments online about rape murders that did happen. Not news as the presumed killer is Black.

    Recently at UVA there was a real rape and murder case… it involved an upper middle class white girl and a BLACK MAN!!! The campus LGBTs and Feminists did not have a huge rally to publicize this actual event.
    Contrast that to a phony story… the forces of liberalism were spastic in their outrage…

    So, if they can march against the oppressive white male… pretty ludicrous now because young white males have been minority and pussy whipped to be meeker than Jesus’people who are going to inherit the earth .. [Taki Mag]
    Two universities in Virginia also have disclosed that Matthew was accused of rape when he was enrolled in 2002 and 2003, but that the accusers declined to press charges.
    “When you look at all the rape charges there have been, it’s staggering,” said Gil Harrington, Morgan Harrington’s mother.
    Now, as search teams comb the woods and farms of central Virginia for a sign of Graham, at least four law-enforcement agencies in Virginia are reviewing unsolved murders and disappearances for Matthew’s potential involvement.
    “We’re putting fresh eyes on it,” said Lewis Thurston, a police spokesman in Newport News, Va., where two women went missing in 2003 while Matthew was a student at Christopher Newport University in the city and have not been found.
    USA TODAY reconstructed the events leading to Graham’s encounter with Matthew using surveillance videos, court records and interviews, and got the news media’s first look inside the apartment Matthew occupied until his arres
    e’re relieved that he’s not going to hurt anybody right now. We are devastated that his capture and arrest came at the cost of the abduction of Hannah Graham,” said Morgan’s mother, Gil Harrington, of Roanoke, Va.
    Harrington calls Matthew “the back-to-school rapist” because of the timing of certain events:
    • Her daughter went missing on Oct. 17, 2009. Exactly seven years earlier, on Oct. 17, 2002, Matthew was accused of rape by a student at Liberty University, where Matthew matriculated in 2000. The accuser declined to press charges, and Matthew withdrew from the Christian university the same day.
    • At Christopher Newport University, a public school in Newport News, Va., where Matthew enrolled in January 2003, a student accused him of rape on Sept. 7, 2003. The accuser also declined to press charges. Matthew withdrew five weeks later.
    • Three women, whose murders or disappearances are now being reviewed, also went missing in the same time of years. Cassandra Morton was last seen near Liberty University on Oct. 10, 2009. Sophie Rivera was last seen in Newport News on Sept. 7, 2003. Samantha Clarke was last seen in Orange, Va., about 30 miles from Charlottesville, on Sept. 10, 2010.
    Orange Police Chief James Fenwick said, “We have not developed any information that leads to any connections.”
    The time span between charges against Matthew can be typical of serial rapists or murderers, said Tod Burke, a criminal justice professor at Radford University in Virginia and a former Maryland police officer.

  12. My Info

    The Constitution was written to prevent all this. Unfortunately, liberals have hijacked our govt and “education” system, kicked God and morality out of society. Then they have the audacity to lament the disastrous results of their own failed ideology and policies. A free people cant remain free without sound education and morals. The founders, after announcing the finished product of the Constitution acknowledged it was an imperfect document and that the success of self-government depended entirely upon its morality. Jefferson, Washington and many others at Constitutional Convention tried to outlaw slavery in the constitution but the delegates from southern states refused to accept it. The Great Compromise was that the southern states would get less representation (infamous 3/5s rule) to weaken the slave states’ representation in Congress.

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