BB Guns Kill People: More Black Rage Over Police Shooting That Is Badly Misplaced

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 10.02.40 AM


Photo of actual BB gun held by boy shot by police in Cleveland


Boy, 12, carrying a BB gun shot TWICE by Cleveland cop despite witness telling 911 dispatcher the weapon was ‘probably fake’.  The boy was using a BB gun that looked like a regular gun.  The weapon was NOT fake at all, it was very real, it was a BB gun and BB guns are not fake, they do kill and not only small animals, these can kill even adult humans.  Naturally, this will cause a reflexive rage in black communities who desperately want to believe that cops are hunting them instead of out of control shooting going on inside the black community which is causing 90% of their deaths via gunfire.


Way back in 1959 in Tucson, Arizona, a boy shot at me with his rifle BB gun.  I grabbed the gun from him and smashed it on the rocks and his daddy came after me until I yelled, ‘A little girl beat up your armed boy! HAHAHA.’  He was then embarrassed and left with his brat.  Another brat who got a BB gun for Xmas went out in New Jersey and tried to kill my daughter’s favorite kitty.  Shot the cat in the rump so she survived, barely.

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 10.01.02 AM

Here is the ‘liberal’ website, Raw Story’s illustration of the BB gun showing one that has obvious signs showing it isn’t a full out gun:  Cleveland police shoot 12-year-old boy holding toy gun.  This is typical liberal propaganda designed to inflame race relations via lying about salient facts or using provocations deliberately.


People are killed by BB guns every month.  This is another thing liberal media doesn’t mention with the Cleveland story.  From 2013:  Boy, 10, dies after his brother accidentally shot him in the head with a BB gun and Father Alerts Other Parents After Girl Killed by BB Gun.  The father says a toy gun can kill.  Except BB guns are NOT ‘toys’.  They are ‘varmit guns’.  They were designed to be nearly silent and still kill mainly rodents.


From 2014, this year: Best Friend Kills Boy, 12, With Pellet Gun while they were goofing around with it.  I knew when I was 8 years old, that BB guns can kill and I was furious that a boy thought he could have fun killing me.  When I was 18 years old a man tried to kill me with a full out hand gun and shot bullets that went through a door and back wall of a building in LA.  Both times I was shot at, I was outraged.  Neither event should have happened.  The kid who shot at me didn’t go to jail, the man who did later, went to prison.


Father Who Says He Accidentally Killed Son With BB Gun Will Be Charged With Murder so yes, this sort of gun is a murder weapon and not ‘fake’ or a ‘toy’.  Man killed by tavern owner was unarmed, other 2 carried BB guns in a robbery attempt.  It was quite legal for the tavern owner to shoot at them when they produced two BB guns which are guns, not toys.


A number of places even warn about the killing potential of BB guns:  Believe it Or Not, Pellet and BB Guns Can Kill – Reiff & Bily The government warns about this, too:

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 10.05.54 AM

So when the caller in Cleveland claimed the BB gun was ‘fake’ he was badly mistaken.  And now we will have yet another round of wailing and howling about this.  The caller in Cleveland reporting the youth waving his gun even said the kid was ‘scaring everyone’ so it wasn’t innocent, sweet children behaving nicely.  It was a juvenile thinking he could ape his older thug role models.  And that is the real tragedy here.


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20 responses to “BB Guns Kill People: More Black Rage Over Police Shooting That Is Badly Misplaced

  1. John

    OT: So, the Demoblicans find that the CIA “dindoo nuffin.” No problems at all in the Benghazi affair. ESPECIALLY, no CIA gun-running. Nope nope nope! Not a bit!

    And the “progressives,” who would be shrieking with outrage if a (R) was living at 1600 Pennsylvania, celebrate and jeer.

    All I can do is laugh. Why? Because H. Sapiens is doomed. Really, at this point, what else is there TO do?!

  2. Peter C.

    I received a Crossman pump .22 air rifle for my 10th birthday.Already had BB guns before that.
    I already knew I was NEVER to point a gun,bow,or anything else at something I didn’t want to put a hole in and to ALWAYS treat a gun as loaded no matter what.

  3. Christian W

    I still find it hard to believe that cop had to use lethal force. Was the cop’s life really directly threatened, or was the kid directly threatening other people with his carelessness with the BB gun to such an extent that he had to be killed on the spot?

    Sorry, but the cops in the US have started to look like primitive hammers making all problems into nails. And nailing “problems” they certainly are.

  4. e sutton

    Well, the 12 year old is now dead. Sharpton is on the scene, ready to stir the pot. I think if we try really hard we could combine this event with the St. Swisher Sweet Ferguson Fiasco and have a real category 5 Chimpout by Thanksgiving or at least Black Friday.

  5. JimmyJ

    I wonder about the difference between BB and pellet and folks not differentiating.

    My childhood BB guns could barely penetrate paper at 6′ but a small pellet handgun could penetrate a tree bark at 10′. My BBs were tiny round balls while the pellets were mushroom shaped essentially bullets. The BBs were very light compared to pellets and the pellet handgun used CO2 propulsion versus pump air for the BBs. But that’s the 1960s and I’m not up on how powerful or what design changes have occurred in BBs.

    I was fortunate too to have had firearm training starting with .22 rifle at a very young age.

  6. emsnews

    BB shot killed critters. Trust me on that! (living on a ranch).

  7. Christian W

    That BB guns can be lethal I can accept as fact. That cops shoot fool kids who may or may not be aware of that fact, not as last resort, but as part of their training how to deal with citizens, I find disturbing. Lethal force by law enforcement is the last resort in any civilized society, or so you’d think. But not in the US.

  8. Christian W

    I guess I will live to see the white middle class embrace the police state with open arms soon.

    It reminds me of the last lines in Orwell’s 1984: “But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

  9. Christian W


    The Jews have finally declared themselves the Master Race in Israel:

    Sieg Heil, Juden über Alles.

  10. emsnews

    Yes, that is the Nazi law in Israel and Netanyahu and others are also DUAL CITIZENS because all other countries may not exclude Jews even as Jews do this to everyone else especially the natives who lived there for generations before the Jewish invasion.

    As for a ‘police state’: chaos is engulfing the black community. They are now slaughtering each other at a frantic pace 5X more than any other ethnic group!

    Do you want criminal mobs running wild in your neighborhood? Do you have any idea what this is like?

    I know! I lived in Brooklyn under exactly these circumstances! We actually debated putting machine gun nests on the roofs so we could mow down gangs.

    This was illegal so we used other firm measures. Living with these lunatics was out of the question.

    They even threw DYNAMITE into a storefront next door to one of my neighbors and it blew up her home, too! I ran down the street in my nightgown, barefooted, to yell to the firemen where her bedroom window was and how many children she had that they had to rescue.

    Virtually none of the thugs attacking us were over the age of 28, most were between 12-23 years of age.

  11. emsnews

    Another major warning from realityland: if you stop the cops from fighting people who are doing dangerous or stupid stuff, someone else will do this and I mean vigilante gangs.

    This would be like living in Mexico….ahem.

    The rule of law is life and death!

  12. larry, dfh

    There is some dispute as to if the gun were BB or ‘air-soft’. Nobody’s killed anything w/an air-soft The view of the barrel or whatever is being presented in the article shows a bore clearly too large for BB. Maybe looks more like a firearm. Rookie cop, two shots @ nearly point blank, and one misses. Stupid kid with stupid adult supervision and a stupid trigger-happy cop.

  13. There are towns in Mexico where the corrupt cops were expelled by vigilantes. This is the genesis of the Mafia in Sicily. What a choice!: crooked cops funded by involuntary tax confiscation, or crooked mafia, funded by involuntary ‘contributions’.

  14. emsnews

    It is called ‘chaos’ and people don’t realize how much power they have over the police…I did a LOT of effort to bring the police around to my way of doing things in NYC and made some huge changes with them.

    All down the drain because people are lazy and don’t bother to interact at say, police meetings, police councils, etc. All of which I did to the hilt.

    The bonus: cops take very good care of you! When I collapsed and nearly died years ago, half of the cops in my precinct in Brooklyn poured into the building with the captain to carry me to the ambulance.

    And yes, they came fast when I called them.

  15. Christian W

    Yes, fool kids who don’t know better (which is why the military wants kids when they are in the top half of that age range). Have you read The Lord of the Flies? Why do they behave like that? Lack of adult supervision during formative years? Clearly something has gone wrong in the US society when things get that bad. You can also ask the question why is the US society, as a whole, so prone to violence?

    However, turning the police into Mobile Glock Execution Units isn’t going to help is it? The Blacks are just Palestinians lower down on the totem pole.

    “Officer, we have an OBYBM (Oddly Behaving Young Black Man) Situation here.”

    “Fine, rest assured Citizen, we will send in a MGE Unit to take care of the problem.”

    “Much appreciated, Officer”.


    “Citizen, we are happy to inform you that the OBYBM is now taken care of. It was only a 94 round problem.”

    “Thank you, Officer. I don’t know what would we do without you.”

    Maybe the US can introduce a similar system to the Israeli one only with Blacks at the bottom, then Natives, then Hispanics, then Immigrants etc (you can decide the totem pole scale as you wish) with Whites and Jews slugging it out who gets top spot. Then each race gets to enforce the law downwards, but not upwards, using Military power granted to the level of class.

    The bottom class gets to be the Untouchables, while individuals of the Top Class (The Divinely Chosen Ones) have to perform rituals of purification for a minimum of six months if they happen to be touched by one of the dirty bottom classes.

    Your experience is from the 1970’s, another time of economic turmoil. Again the economic times are bad and the level of violence is once more on the rise. Clearly poverty is also a contributing factor to unrest, don’t you think?

    How about rolling back NAFTA? Meaning that you need jobs back for the bottom half of the population, real jobs and not just work three jobs to make ends (not) meet soul destroying drudgery. Can you be surprised that some people choose to become welfare queens in such circumstances?

    Social unhealth, economic unhealth, psychological unhealth. Those are issues that need to be fixed. A lot of forces in US society (modern western socity) are actually aimed at enforcing such issues, never mind fixing them.

    Btw. The Gift of Bullet Town is exactly what Paul Bremer and the US gifted the Iraqi people with after the invasion of Iraq and the removal of Saddam. Where do you think they got that little idea from? They know very well that anyone will go as Loopy as poor Oopy when you live under such circumstances.


    ELAINE: So I am assuming you are for strict gun control? Um…when we want an armed nation we get gun warfare in cities. NYC had a big decline in gun violence when Bloomberg had the police frisk black males under the age of 30. Boy, did that cause a lot of rage!

    The new mayor stopped it and now shootings are a daily crime there, exploding out of control again.

  16. Christian W

    And I am not arguing that you do not need an effective law enforcement as part of society. You need a sane law enforcement agency, that is my point. Law enforcement that is as immature as those kids shooting everything in sight and “throwing dynamite” at problems isn’t going to help in the long run.

    At heart these are political problems. Unless you take political power back into your own hands (arguably you have lost most of what you had over the last few decades) then things are going to get worse, “friendly” militarized police or not.

    Sooner or later you will have to wrestle political power back from the elites, or live in a society dictated by them, which means Mexico Writ Large.

  17. emsnews

    Sane patrols happen in sane communities. Wild wild west ones have shoot outs.

    My great granddaddy was a calvary officer in Old Tucson way back in the 1880’s. My great grandma was a prominent member of the anti-drinking brigade.

    She also killed people during that chaos time. 6, to be exact.

  18. DeVaul

    I was not going to comment here because of the explosive nature of yet another case of “overkill”.

    I will say this: those the boy pointed the gun at had a right to fire back, as they had no idea if it was real or fake. However, the police had no right to shoot the boy in the stomach (attempted murder) when they could have shot him in the leg and after they had been alerted that he only had a BB gun (not very effective against Kevlar or flak jackets).

    Two things can be learned from this: there is no reason to divulge detailed information to the police because they will shoot to kill anyway unless the boy or man is white, and allowing police officers to get away with attempted murder sets all “undesirables” up for disposal by an increasingly militarized police state.

  19. Christian W

    Sane patrols happen in sane communities. Wild wild west ones have shoot outs.

    My great granddaddy was a calvary officer in Old Tucson way back in the 1880′s. My great grandma was a prominent member of the anti-drinking brigade.

    She also killed people during that chaos time. 6, to be exact.

    Wow, scratch the collective unconcsious of modern US and out pops…

    Blazing Saddles without the humor! Hats off to Richard Pryor and Mel Brooks, they nailed it. No wonder the elites could sell Dubya Bush using the cowboy archetype.

    What does Latin America, the US, Russia and Africa have in common?

    They have all been looted by US elites and as a consequence descended into orgies of murder, drug infested chaos, prostitution and despair. The common denominator is poverty and no political representation.

    I agree in healthy communities you don’t need “vigilante patrols”. Isn’t it time for the US to mature as a society out of looting and divisions based on race and class? Btw I agree with strict gun control. I don’t see it as a sign of a healthy society to have people run around armed all over the place day and night. What are they going to shoot? Each other of course.

    Someone has made a lot of money selling large parts of the US down the river.

    Here is a link where Linh Dinh shows what life is like in Camden in today’s US. Postcard from the End of America: Camden (Do look at the pics)


    ELAINE: You obviously didn’t grow up on a ranch like I did. I shot at rattlers, I shot at coyotes. I also had to draw a gun on human invaders who thought an isolated ranch was a great place to commit crimes! Yes, that is all true. Ask any rancher in southern Arizona today about all this. Poachers, drug runners, criminal elements thinking the desert is deserted. It ain’t.

    This is why I found roaming NYC easy to do. Whereas the average white person was terrified to go into black neighborhoods, I could and the people there recognized this was due to me not being afraid of them all.

    Most liberals are terrified of blacks which is why they try to placate them but note: they don’t go to school with them, live with them next door or do much business with them. Trust me on this matter.

  20. emsnews

    Good lord.

    If someone pulls a gun on you, do you shoot him in the LEG???? That is insane!

    Pull a gun, it is all about shoot to kill for both parties! I have been shot at by lunatics. And in the LA case, I didn’t have a gun. If I did, I would have tried to kill him.

    The pathetic need to ‘not hurt people with guns’ is crazy. Blacks are the #1 shooters of guns, they do this all the time, in public. The white shooters who kill many people are uncommon but horrifying and in those cases the ONLY way to stop them is to kill them. Period.

    So anyone thinking that cops have the leisure and protection to figure out if a person using a gun and waving it around is a killer or innocent is IMPOSSIBLE. They have to react, fast.

    Already, it is proven that they hesitate more with black shooters than white shooters due to fears of a Ferguson style over reaction by black civil rights leaders.

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