Looters And Arsonists Overrun Ferguson Mo. Destroying Everything In Their Path

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We are called ‘racist’ when anyone points out that hoodie-wearing thugs are…bad people.  Note what these young men are protesting: the right to loot liquor stores.  They greatly resent the police interfering with their activities which are utterly anti-social and destructive.  All over poor Ferguson, thugs rampaged and burned, looted and stole stuff.  And the government let them do it because the governor of the state of Missouri was scared of being labeled a ‘racist’.  So we got a wild looting session.


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This man is ‘black’ but I am guessing he is a ‘lower class Indian immigrant’ who is working the night shift.  But he is BLACK and like most blacks, is the victim of black criminals who have no mercy and who are responsible for 93% of all black violent deaths in America. Giuliani’s claim that 93 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks – The Washington Post chastises him for mentioning this dire news.


As I have been attacked here!  How dare the cops shoot at thugs, people complain.  Well, if the bulk of the black youth are unemployed and making a living as criminals, they will have many, many encounters with the cops and a lot of these will be violent since the unemployed black youth is very violent.  And our economic system has been set up to eliminate them nearly entirely from the workforce except for a 10% elite blacks who will be promoted due to the need for ‘integration’ even though whole job categories like construction and manufacturing, are locking out blacks AND poor white males, both.

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Ferguson is now dead.  I don’t see it coming alive again and history is my guide as always.  Wherever there are black riots, we see the last of the whites fleeing, the cops cease patrolling, the place becomes a bombed out mess which most sane people go to great lengths to avoid.


Cops in Utah Are Responsible for 15% of All Homicides: at this site is a video of a cop in Utah yelling at a man who was listening to music in his earbuds, to ‘Get your hands out now’ and then, when there was no response (the kid wasn’t running away) he shot him as he turned around to see what was going on behind him.

Dillon Taylor police shooting body cam video – YouTube

And got off, free, for this.  This was an ILLEGAL shooting.  I would fully support arresting this cop.  The kid he shot was white, by the way.  The kid’s name was Dillon Taylor.  This is a most excellent case for talking about police brutality.  I would support this 100%.


The horror of Ferguson is, the Brown case is the exact opposite.  It is a terrible example to use when talking about police brutality.  Utterly wrong.  Being able to understand why is most important!


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6 responses to “Looters And Arsonists Overrun Ferguson Mo. Destroying Everything In Their Path

  1. emsnews


    ‘Arrest May Close Chapter In Slaying of Berkeley Officer’

    Here is an article about finally catching the guy who shot the Japanese American cop in the back of the head in front of my house. The killer was a Black Panther guy which is why he fled to Oakland.

    My memory is a little off…the bike rider was the one who was talking to the cop when the assassin came up and shot the cop. I ran outside as the bike rider was calling the cops on the police radio of the dead cop. It was terrible.

    I do remember correctly that there was a lot of anti-cop talk at that time and I wrote an editorial at the Berkeley Barb asking people to cooperate with the police and deploring the assassination of a cop.

    And boy, the attacks! Screaming, hate filled attacks on me telling me I was stupid, horrible and a racist (it was a black assassin).

  2. Jim R

    Who’s gonna pay the carbon taxes on all that crap they’re burning?

  3. e sutton

    Lower class Indians run many of the convenient stores in my area and around the country. They are hard working and their families work in their stores. Looting these people’s stores and then burning them is just blacks shooting themselves as well as the merchants in the foot. Banks won’t lend to rebuild unless forced to by Emperor Obama. Insurance companies won’t cover this kind of loss due to riots. Typically, Ferguson will devolve into another Camden, Detroit, Oakland, etc. Then we’ll get to hear about how they have to live in “food deserts”.

  4. Christian W


    Yeah, these types of riots are just self-defeating nonsense and very sad for the victims.

  5. rape, pillage and plunder, old history now hiding behind Martin Luther Kings robes. WWMLK say if he was alive? Shame, shame. And because of our politicians we law abiding citizens have no protection. Cowards! There is no right or wrong, only image and votes have their attention.

  6. Totally agree on this nonsense. I don’t live in America but it didn’t take a genius to understand the stupidity of the situation.

    These protesters aren’t protesting injustice or police brutality or anything of the sort, they just want an excuse to loot and pillage. What they are doing is simply destroying the town they are living in. It’s ridiculous and the sheer height if stupidity.

    They may be part of the have-nots, but the anarchy they are promoting is surely not going to be any better than the order they are tearing down.

    Ferguson’s government really let the ball drop here, the Grand Jury’s decision was correct and they need to stand by that. A mayor should not be afraid to play hardball with criminals who are looting, pillaging and rioting.

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