New York Times Ignores NY Blizzards To Harp On ‘Global Warming’

NYT global warming ignoring blizzards


The New York Times carries news about New York…except if it is cold weather news.  The above list of stories are from yesterday when Buffalo was still digging out of record snow.  All the headlines were about ‘global warming’ including the ‘Buffalo snow MELTING!!!’


Like in the 1970’s, fur coats are increasingly popular as it gets colder so now we have this debate, Is fake fur even worse than the real thing? with ‘environmentalists’ arguing pro and con depending on if they love cute animals or hate mass production goods.


Extreme weather from global warming is unstoppable and irreversible, warns World Bank and this confirms that ‘global warming’ is a Bilderberg scam.  Note how they don’t use ‘climate change’ which is a big boo-boo.


Robot Sub Finds Surprisingly Thick Antarctic Sea Ice: climatologists who are warmists are utterly puzzled by this.  What causes ice to get thicker?  What causes record ice cover in both Antarctica and North America?  HAHAHA.  Why mysterious force does this when we are warmer than ever before in history?  HAHAHA.


NASA Admits That Winters are Going to Get Colder…Much Colder so why are a bunch of deranged bankers who have wrecked the world’s banking system, yapping about ‘global WARMING’?  Someone’s storyline is out of whack with the others and I expect the bankers to whack the NASA employees who admitted it is getting colder.

blizzard great lakes thanksgiving 2014

We see the concentration of blizzard activity tonight over the Great Lakes.  Below is Thanksgiving Day’s forecast showing vast blizzards from the Pacific Ocean as well as the one hanging onto the Great Lakes.

blizzards roar across US Thanksgiving day

After Thanksgiving, it will be freezing cold far below normal for the following week.  Today’s warm weather is a welcome relief.  But I bet the warmists will bellow that we are roasting to death when we have a brief respite from severe, unusual cold.


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6 responses to “New York Times Ignores NY Blizzards To Harp On ‘Global Warming’

  1. ziff

    ever think about heating water from above without convection? course oceans have convection, here’s a quote about the atlantic conveyor
    ”Radioactive carbon-isotope dating of the deep waters indicates that from the time of sinking into the deep until its return to the surface, a period of several hundred or even up to 1000 years will pass.”
    but it takes a long time to heat, warm ocean water must be like fossil heat, and slow to release. so we are heating oceans within 50 yrs?
    And where is the data, there is little , including engine cooling records from the 40’s , where do they find this stuff? yet we are shown these confident graphs.

  2. Christian W


    Chuck Hagel has resigned/been forced out. Now there is one who was “embarrassed” (the new euphemism for blackmailed) to serve his masters, which he apparently did not do well enough or with large enough enthusiasm. Hagel walking about with a dead and ashen face and dragging his heels clearly didn’t please his masters.

  3. Luc

    The New York Times carries news about New York…except if it is cold weather news.
    That is one funny sentence. I wonder who buys the NYT and how they can put up with so much ‘fake news’?
    NY got record snow. Six feet in 24 hours is a National Record, I think.

  4. CK

    It was a beautiful fall day yesterday here in southeastern PA. Tonite will be a different story a bit of Buffalo to enjoy tomorrow.

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