Rioters Loot And Burn And Demand Lynching Of Cop While Obama Sits Silent In White House


Some people think that spreading chaos leads to ‘revolutions’ when in the case of a  minority population well known for their violence runs riot literally for months demanding ‘justice’ while refusing to look at physical evidential truths.  This never leads to a ‘revolution’ it leads to a backlash, that is, repression of the ethnic minority.  Right now, the US is very careful about the civil rights of black citizens but this will change rapidly if they continue to burn down cities.  I lived through a long, rough time in NYC when the government refused to protect us from black riots.  Regaining control of the streets was a long, hard fight which we won briefly but now are losing again.


Obama has commented on and done things about ‘race issues’ in the past and he stuck his nose into the Ferguson business.  And right when the frightened grand jury finally released the conclusions of their deliberations, suddenly Obama and his side kick, the very racist Attorney General, don’t say a word.  Not a peep.  Right on the heels of Obama’s unilateral giving in to the illegal aliens lobby.


Obama has no way of funding this Flood of illegal immigrants who will pour into NYC schools 


In the “surge,” 5,000 of the 63,000 migrant kids caught trying to cross US borders — or who turned themselves in for refuge — have been released to relatives or other “sponsors” in New York state. Most live with other illegal immigrants.

In the city, Queens has received the highest number of unaccompanied children, 732, followed by Brooklyn (434), The Bronx (433), Manhattan (63) and Staten Island (less than 50), federal reports show.

The recent arrivals join an estimated 350,000 children of illegal immigrants already in New York state — about 12 percent of the public-school population.

The DOE refused to discuss the exact numbers of recently enrolled children, claiming it would violate student privacy. Officials ignored questions about the cost.

The city’s per-pupil spending in the 2012-2013 academic year averaged $20,749, which would bring the total for the migrant kids to $48.7 million.


The other sad fact is, most of these illegal alien children will do poorly in school unless they are ASIAN aliens.  If they are from India or China, they will excel in school and liberals don’t want to think about why this is true.  At no time does anyone mention Asian aliens.


LA Times – Holder distances federal probe from local investigation in Ferguson which means he and Obama will continue their witch hunt/aggressive lynching of cops.  They are absolutely desperate to discover some excuse for persecuting the policeman who shot a huge thug and huge thugs can kill with their bare hands easily, protecting himself from this huge violent thug.


“While the grand jury proceeding in St. Louis County has concluded, the Justice Department’s investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown remains ongoing,” Holder said.


“Though we have shared information with local prosecutors during the course of our investigation, the federal inquiry has been independent of the local one from the start, and remains so now,” the statement said. “Even at this mature stage of the investigation, we have avoided prejudging any of the evidence. And although federal civil rights law imposes a high legal bar in these types of cases, we have resisted forming premature conclusions.


“While constructive efforts are underway in Ferguson and communities nationwide, far more must be done to create enduring trust. The department will continue to work with law enforcement, civil rights, faith and community leaders across the country to foster effective relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve and to improve fairness in the criminal justice system overall. In addition, the department continues to investigate allegations of unconstitutional policing patterns or practices by the Ferguson Police Department.”


Except the police did nothing wrong.  There are accidental police shootings. There are totally illegal police shootings. There are even racist police shootings.  But this case it was obvious from the second day when the tapes were released from the store that Brown attacked the day of the shooting, we knew that this ‘gentle giant’ was a bully and a thug and instead of retreating from accusations against the poor cop, the civil rights (SIC) community redoubled and quadrupled their demands the cop be punished.


The fact that civil rights thugs latched onto this case is, they want to run riot all the time.  All over the place. Above the law. And I know Al Sharpton VERY well for this guy is the man who tried to get ME lynched in Bedford/Stuy way back in 1983.  I was invited to talk about relations between police and people and had very good suggestions as to how to pressure the city to hire more black police officers and how to get the police to go after crimes the community wanted investigated, etc.


Mr. Sharpton came in with his gang and grandly told them all, I was KKK and they should drive me out.  I was the ONLY white person in the auditorium!  I stood at the podium, silent, watching the audience intently when an elderly black man with a cane stood up, hobbled up to the stage and then he turned around and said, ‘Let me introduce myself, I am the Grand Dragon of the KKK in Brooklyn!’  Everyone laughed.


I said, ‘Our meetings are really secret, even I don’t know about them.’  Everyone laughed again.  Sharpton left in a rage.  Now this man is hanging out in the White House and on MSNBC and the media censors me!  Well, since no one wants to listen to me, all I see in our future is Obama going down in huge flames, the next President will definitely be a Republican and if blacks riot about all this, they will be suppressed, big time.  And thus ends the civil rights experiment.


Since Israel set to make Arabs second class citizens by passing a resolution that says only Jews are citizens and all other ethnic groups are Untermenschen and will probably be locked into ghettos or concentration camps…with Obama silent about this outrage…civil rights are dead here thanks to AIPAC’s rule, they just legalized Naziism.  And we will have this here, too.  Think that this can’t happen?


It will.  All revolutions happen because the peasant class forms an alliance with the bourgeoisie in the towns.  In this case, the lumpen proletariat who are mainly people on welfare and living off of taxpayers, are literally at war with the middle class, burning their businesses, beating them up, rape, murder and mayhem ongoing.  Blacks kill far, far more whites than the reverse, for example.


Holder and Obama never make a peep about that statistic.  Black mobs terrorize malls and businesses and openly attack whites while shouting racist words and not a peep out of any civil rights leaders.  Black serial killer/rapists including the Big Man, Bill Crosby, attack mainly white women and civil rights leaders openly support the rapists.


What is most shocking about the Woody Allen and Bill Crosby allegations of rape is how Jews and blacks have protected these men and tried very hard to blame the victims.  Shame on them all!  The Democrats are rapidly losing support of white women.  White women are terrified of the Ferguson rioters.  Already we saw in the news before the present outburst of illegal violence, Officers’ Children Threatened By Ferguson Protesters  and in a case that happened two days ago, demonstrators surrounded a car and threatened the people cowering inside.


There are still Democrats who are white who imagine blacks will become peaceful pleasant if only we feed them the police who shoot in self defense.  Why, then all will be well because no one will ever shoot at violent black criminals and…the result will be horrible.  Already, black youths think they are invincible.  Now, they really are!  And will exploit this by being even more vicious.  We see story after story of enraged black men and women attacking people in fast food stores, on the streets and in malls, as well as in schools of course, and they show no fear of anyone not even armed cops.


This will be intolerable over time and liberals will be wiped out in elections.  Already they are being wiped out.  I watched in disgust as the liberals first blamed voters for their defeat and then made fun of the victors for being ‘racist’ and then as of this week, all the liberal sites without exception, are pretending THEY won the election!


They lost.  Big time.  And the losses will be much worse in the next election.  The Republicans screwed up the economy, big time, and the Democrats should have been riding high at this point.  Instead, liberals drove the party off the cliff.  And nothing will save it.  And Obama is actively killing the party.  This is all very sad, isn’t it?  Very sad.


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50 responses to “Rioters Loot And Burn And Demand Lynching Of Cop While Obama Sits Silent In White House

  1. Jeffrey Hardin

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.

  2. Ken

    I can’t help but think that the press bears a lot of responsibility for this mess. The Ferguson blacks were basically given a free pass to riot, with excuses made for them in advance. It was almost like waiting for a holiday.

    There would have been great disappointment in the black community if the decision had gone the other way. And then they would have rioted anyway since the “injustice” would have been confirmed by the grand jury. Either way there would have been riots, and the press ensured that this would happen.

  3. John

    Not just the press, but Obama and Holder as well. They wanted this. Anything to distract from their lawlessness and continuing destruction of the country.

    Of course Sharpton wanted this as well, but that’s like saying a bear wants honey. And Sharpton is not an elected official. Obama is, and he appointed his racist, Marxist buddy, Holder. The pair should be tried for treason, for what they’ve done to this country.

  4. vengeur

    Here is a typical delusional comment from Daily Kos about Ferguson:

    “Just received a call from my mother in Ohio, warning me that there are riots here in Los Angeles. (Mom)”It’s a shame. The grand jury said he was just doing his job. Why do they have to riot?”

    Me: Because MB was shot in the back, running away, unarmed, more than ten times. Unarmed.

    Her: Well the policeman thought he was dangerous.

    Me: (silent fuming) Thanks for the warning! I’ll be careful! Good night!

    This is from a woman (the mother) who votes Democratic, doesn’t watch Fox News (though she watches CNN, which is almost as bad), has a master’s degree, taught school for 4 decades and doesn’t have a mental disorder.
    This is in no way to disparage her.
    It’s just that when people who ought to know better on the issues of police misconduct don’t know better, and there are many more like her… well, Houston we have a problem.”

    One gets an idea of how delusional some liberals have become, they can no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy. They choose to cling to the fantasy that Brown was shot in the back, when THE FORENSIC EVIDENCE says the complete opposite.

  5. Petruchio

    “This will be intolerable over time and liberals will be wiped out in elections.” I really hate the term ‘liberals’ here. I know it’s just a matter of definition and all, but these so-called “liberals” in the Dem Party are NOT liberals. Not by my definition. These Dem “liberals give REAL liberals a bad name. These phony liberals are merely actors on a stage and the “play” is all about corruption. About looting the Middle Class and throwing them into permanent poverty. This is hardly what real liberals would do, imho.

  6. vengeur

    The political commentators are always talking about “Obama’s Legacy” . Well, we are looking at it . Ferguson is Obama’s legacy. The legacy of a mealy mouthed weakling who doesn’t have the courage to do anything but pander to the debilitating victim status of blacks, pathetically incapable of assuming the role of President of all Americans.

  7. DeVaul

    Just as I suspected, the “grand jury” was not a grand jury process at all. It was a trial jury that allowed DEFENSE COUNSEL to make arguments that are strictly the province of a trial jury deciding a “trial on the merits”. I was shocked when the news reported this and then said nothing about how unusual it was to by-pass the normal grand jury process, which only involves the prosecutor, the witnesses/evidence, and the grand jury alone in a room together. It is not a trial on the merits, but Ferguson conducted one.

    The only issue before a grand jury is this: was there sufficient evidence to indict (not convict) a person for a possible crime?

    If witnesses come forth and say they saw A shoot B in the back, then that is all that is needed for an indictment. The grand jury CANNOT decide on the credibility of the witnesses or the other evidence presented. That is the sole province of a trial jury under our legal system (which no longer exists).

    To those who wanted a police state — congratulations! You got one.

    This is how police officers and other servants of the oligarchs avoid prosecution. They are tried in “secrecy” by a grand jury that is confused about what its real purpose is, and the prosecutor will conspire with the police to make sure they stay confused. This is similar to the Nazi sham trials that occurred under Hitler.

    At this moment, there is not one police officer in jail anywhere in this country for killing a black man, woman, or child out of 300 million people. Amazing. Utah just created a new record: their police force has killed more people than any other group of people in the state. A Georgia swat team threw a grenade into a baby’s crib and burned it badly, but no one was “indicted”?

    Our judicial system is a total sham now. Those who think it is great will one day look back on this day and others and realize just how awful it was, and their children will not remember them fondly, just as the children of the WW II era Germans did not like to talk about their parents at all (and I knew not to ask).

  8. Luc

    Obama met with organizers of protest and told them to ‘stay on course’. Hows that for demagoguery?


  9. ziff

    Devaul , well said , AND the key point , Brown was UNARMED


    ELAINE: Unarmed people can and do kill. Bare hands! Trust me on this. (What is the matter with people??? No life experiences?)

  10. CK

    If you were a white JuCo defensive lineman and you punched a white cop; you would be shot. If you were a white JuCo defensive lineman and punched a black cop you would be shot and considered a dangerous racist lunatic. ( probably with a suicide by cop death wish to boot).
    Be a black JuCo defensive lineman and punch out a white cop, you will be lionized and the whole world will see the picture of innocence you were at 10 not the large and nasty you became. Oh and you will be shot.
    The moral of the story is do not punch out cops, they shoot you. The secondary moral of the story is from NorthEastern PA. Don’t snipe the police, eventually they will catch you.
    As for the looting and such, it will last until the Snap cards are reloaded.

  11. DeVaul

    “The moral of the story is do not punch out cops, they shoot you.”

    Not here in Kentucky. I recently related a story from here where two officers entered a hotel room to arrest a white man and he grabbed a bat or crowbar and started beating them. Neither drew their pistol at any point, and when he ran away, they did not fire at him. They chased him.

    Do not make up false morals, CK.


    ELAINE: Most cops are now terrified of touching black thugs due to all the hysteria. So…in return…BLACKS ARE NOW RIOTING and destroying entire cities…again! Any excuse! Guess what happens next? A more liberal President and Congress?


    History is my guide. I lived through the previous spasms of blacks burning and looting cities, right smack dab in the middle. And we didn’t have a liberal NYC mayor for years and years. Now, people voted for one and…he is siding with illegal aliens and rampaging blacks shooting at each other all over again! Sad, isn’t it?

  12. CK

    One datum does not a reality make old friend.
    And my morals are above reproach depending one the day and the amount offered to compromise them.

  13. DeVaul

    Keep your morals to yourself then. No one offered to pay you anything for them, nor did we wish them for free.


    ELAINE: This forum is for debates, not snide attacks. We are in a MORAL DEBATE right now, a very important one, tied into ethnic warfare, ethnic cleansing, Naziism, suicidal lumpen proletariat, war and peace, how to raise a child who isn’t a hoodlum,bad banking, over spending, etc. All these are open to debate. Not ‘go away!’

  14. ziff

    monty python defense against fruit sketch

  15. Freddy

    If a cop or you are threatened even by an unarmed thug, you have the right to use lethal force to protect yourself.

    Brown was properly capped so should have that guy in Kentucky. No bleeding liberal crap excuse for getting around the rule of law. The 1% at the bottom feel they can act with impunity like the 1% at the top to the other 98%. Well you now have a great formula for fascism, with the scripted left / right crap.

  16. DeVaul

    Well, Freddy, maybe you can be the one to step up and ask why the violent white thugs are never “properly capped” here in Kentucky while the black ones are, and there is no cold, hard conservative excuse for you not to do it.

    Be forewarned though: your complaint will not be well received here.

    The formula for fascism is to remove violence from the street and into the government, where it can be institutionalized like it was in Germany. That is the purpose of using a grand jury to “acquit” a cop before he has even been “indicted”. Clever, huh?

  17. emsnews

    I have had ‘unarmed’ but huge thugs scream, ‘I’m going to kill you’ while smashing on my front door.

    Yes, I didn’t shoot these fools, I did punch them out, though, or hit them with something like say, a pole arm.

    And each time, the thug took me to court! Hilarious results of course.

    Look: thugs ALWAYS imagine they are the good guys even when trying to beat up a woman because she stopped them from doing something criminal.

    At this point in time, I now use a gun. Yes, twice thugs drove up to my mountain and said they were going to kill me and I used a gun. Didn’t kill them, but did get them arrested which is my preferred result.

    The fact that Ferguson was intimidated by Obama and Holder to do NOTHING to protect the honest people from the freeloaders and crooks who then burned down much of the cities’ businesses is a crime. Those two did this, not the ‘cop shooting innocent sweet thug’.

  18. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ #17

    My advice would be to talk to a lawyer about the law of self defense in your jurisdiction before acting on your present understanding.

    OK you are free to ignore my advice, but you may end up in prison for a very long time.

  19. DeVaul


    If blacks are so dangerous, why are they not “capping” all the white police officers in Ferguson? How many police officers have died in Ferguson as a result of black violence? Why does no one ask this question?

    Is it inconvenient?

    How many police officers have actually been shot by black thugs this year? Does anyone even know? How many have been shot by white thugs? Do the police keep count of this? Why not?

    If few or no police officers have been shot by black thugs, then why have so many black men been gunned down by police officers? If more police officers have been assaulted or shot by white thugs, then why do police not instantly shoot any white man they see with a gun?

    I was once mugged by three black teenagers in a McDonald’s in broad daylight while no one came to my aid. I fought back and tried to keep them from driving away with my wallet, but they won. I don’t allow this experience to warp my view of black people, nor do I use it as a reason to hate others.

  20. DeVaul

    Ok, so now we can force our morals on others instead of just giving our opinions here?

    Then let me ask this: where is the morality of a court system that is intentionally used to heap one injustice after another on a group of people while no one ever questions it because it occurs to “those” people?

    CK does not offer an answer — only his superior “morals”. Freddy wants to “cap” them. Elaine does not offer an answer either, but we must accept their moral judgment regarding how “those” people should behave after they have been judicially raped again?


  21. DeVaul



    And many people on this site want it to continue.

    I’m tired of it.

  22. Christian W

    The “black community” might be well advised to send a couple of strong backed healthy young males to help Elaine with the wood cutting and snow plowing this winter. That should help improve Elaine’s cantakerousness. 🙂

    (Just make sure she knows they are coming, or Grandma’s gun might get some more notches).

  23. emsnews

    What is ‘moral chaos’?

    Eh? I warn everyone, you don’t want cops fighting thugs, you will get your wish in spades! It has happened before, in NYC and Detroit and LA. The police backed out of black neighborhoods which then became utter hell holes.

    And then they would go hunting elsewhere for victims and then run back to their hell holes. I know this first hand! My home in NYC was on the border of one of these hell holes and I had to go deep into these dangerous places to go after criminals.

    THEY KILL PEOPLE. Right on my front doorstep, no less! And now are whining about cops shooting them? Please!

    In NYC I was once interviewed by Channel 2 TV, the reporter asked me, ‘Why don’t you use a gun?’ And I said, ‘The police do this, not me.’ I then stood next to Captain Hill and said, ‘He is my bullet proof vest’ and he said, ‘No way!’ and laughed.

    Ahem…I have been on the front lines. Ferguson has blown up due to this long, long period whereby black labor has been replaced by HISPANIC labor.

    So they are mostly unemployed and due to multi generations on welfare, increasingly unteachable and unemployable. So they are being rapidly cut out of the job market except for ‘make believe’ jobs where they get put into Universities and corporations to be the ‘black person’.

    But the mass of blacks are doomed for one life only: illegal drug dealers, welfare mothers and other underworld life systems namely, theft, robbery, etc.

    Terrible! Utterly terrible! But then, this is why they all meet so many cops and get arrested or killed: they are in the criminal class, not the working class.

    How do we fix this? Well, stop free trade, international business and taxing the middle class to death.

  24. emsnews

    And as per usual, NO ONE WILL EVER LISTEN TO ME. Instead, they want some sort of fantasy world where there are no rules, no punishments, no hard reality.

    And I notice this week the black leaders from Obama on down have adamantly refused to talk about why 90% of all black deaths via guns and knives are…blacks killing each other in the hood.

    Instead, everyone in the media is attacking anyone who mentions this like Rudi, the former mayor of NYC. Sheesh. This will NEVER be fixed. Never.

  25. John

    Lots of us listen, Elaine.

    I don’t always agree with you but I, a self-identified libertarian, do agree with you a lot more than I don’t.


    If few or no police officers have been shot by black thugs, then why have so many black men been gunned down by police officers?

    Now you’re just making things up. This sort of thing happens rarely; that’s why this is able to be blown into such a big deal. As far as who is killing who, broken down by race, Elaine covered this yesterday. Here’s a relevant graphic from her post:

    Death Stats, by race

    And the fact is, blacks commit the vast majority of violent crimes. That is going to have repercussions.

  26. Christian W

    ELAINE: This forum is for debates, not snide attacks.

    Then it doesn’t help when the author herself indulges in snide attacks on entire communites “when in the case of a minority population well known for their violence.

    How can you say that with a straight face when the white US middle class is happy to send entire nations into chaos and war and murder and export Bullet Towns and Weapons and Death and BOMB, BOMB, BOMB seemingly without end in the FOREVER WAR ON TERROR (by the number one terrorist nation run by the white middle class (supposedly). Just ask the Iraqi people, the Afghanis, the Palestinians, the East Ukrainians (Novorussians) and so on and on and on.

    Or maybe things are just a little bit more complicated than that? Then stop making up Strawmen arguments to attack based on cheap stereotypes. When you do that you are doing the same mistake the blacks rioting in Fergusan are. Where is the difference between “Blacks are violent and dangerous” to “White cops are oppressing us?. It makes you look as Loopy as Oopy off on a Quixotic Crusade.

    Normally I respect your intellect and reasoning, but it almost always goes way off the rails when you start to introduce personal history as a fundament for a larger argument. Just because something is true in one context doesn’t necessarily mean it is true in another context.


    ELAINE: Alas, statistics prove me right in this matter. The violent crime rate for blacks in America is vastly worse than any other ethnic group. By far and away! This is a GIGANTIC problem. It is beyond huge, it is FATAL. Pretending otherwise is dangerous.

    It will lead to an inevitable backlash. Believe me…it will lead to a bad end for black people who will pay the price…for crying out loud, how is this going to stop??? Have any ideas?

  27. emsnews

    Libertarianism works only if everyone has the same codes, the same morals and the same self-rules. That is, you have to police yourself.

    When I did many strange and difficult things, I ALWAYS made certain I was following the legal limitations.

    For example, I often let people hit out at me first. EXCEPT WITH GUNS. In that case, it was ‘kill or be killed’.

    I always also stopped when the other person surrendered.

    Which goes back to cops: people often say, ‘I surrender’ WHILE FIGHTING VICIOUSLY!

    I have witnessed this more than once, too! Ask any cop, they will tell you, a favorite tactic of people who have repeated encounters with the cops, they will claim they are calm and cooperating when they most certainly are not.

    Everyone should spend a week with a cop on patrol. It would open eyes.

    By the way, in my life, I have seen TWO cops killed. One was shot int he back of the head by a thief hiding under the front steps of a brownstone in Park Slope on 7th Avenue. I was the chief witness for the arrest of the criminal, I gave the police a complete description of the guy right after the shooting as the killer ran towards Bed/Stuy, his bolt hole.

    The other death of a police man was this nice Japanese American kid who was a rookie.

    This was in Berkeley, CA.

    He was chatting with one of my roomates on the street in front of our house when he was shot from behind by a left wing assassin. I, again, was one of the key witnesses and gave a good description of the killer and the motorcycle he used to run off to Oakland.

    The leftists in Berkeley (this was in the antiwar years) blew up at me, called me names and I moved out and said, ‘Ta-ta’ to them all.

  28. Christian W

    Attaching a possibly righteous cause (oppression of blacks) to a hopeless one (support of Brown) is clearly nonsense. There is obviously a lack of real leadership in the black community. It looks to me the current generation of “black leaders” are put in place to control, even derail, the black population, not advance it.

    Then again – are “white leaders” any better?

  29. emsnews

    Correct, both white and black leaders are betraying everyone.

    And both black and white Congress people vote 100% for Israeli racist policies of ethnic cleansing!!!!

    THAT is the real screecher here. The contradictions in our society are ripping us apart and driving us into Naziism.

  30. Christian W

    ELAINE: Alas, statistics prove me right in this matter. The violent crime rate for blacks in America is vastly worse than any other ethnic group. By far and away! This is a GIGANTIC problem. It is beyond huge, it is FATAL. Pretending otherwise is dangerous.

    It will lead to an inevitable backlash. Believe me…it will lead to a bad end for black people who will pay the price…for crying out loud, how is this going to stop??? Have any ideas?

    Statistics again. Yes, ghettos are bad. Ghettos are violent. People are killed in ghettos. This is the same the world over. Of course if you compare statistics from a Black Ghetto Bullet Town to an affluent White Middle Class community (maybe even Gated ones…have to keep those nasty “undesirables” on the OUTSIDE) the “statistics” are going to look different…

    Now why are blacks living in ghettos? The US white middle class deigned themselves to give blacks the right to vote within living memory, a few decades ago. Not long after the black communities lost their jobs to outsourcing and union busting policies by the white middle class. Generations of blacks went on welfare, and the ghettos/communities were flooded with drugs etc. I talked about this before and e sutton added some thoughts.

    I don’t think Jim Crow ever truly disappeared. Jim Crow is simply a manifestation of a mind set and an attitude. In many ways it simply went below the surface and was papered over by PC-ness and lots of printed US dollars. I believe it is this the blacks are trying to fight in Ferguson and elsewhere. These riots are an (misguided) attempt at addressing/expressing grievances. Sadly for them making Trevyon and Brown front figures is just nonsense and it makes the whole thing an excercise in futility (if you ask me someone channeled the anger and frustration into these ‘safe’ channels. Safe for the elites that is).

    If the black community is to get anywhere they need real leaders, not sell out leaders. Then again real black leaders are usually shot in the US.

    But even that is not a real answer, because it is still within the frame works of identity politics, and identity politics ensures that people will always fight to keep ‘their identity group’ as high up on the totem pole as possible. This is the “backlash” mentality in action.

    More thoughts later.

  31. John

    In Utah, a black cop killed a white kid. Remember the riots and looting? You know – the ones that didn’t frigging happen.

    Excuses only carry so far. People born into crushing poverty work themselves out of it all the time. Ben Carson is the latest well known example, but lots of people, of all races do it. And lots of people of all races slide down into poverty, too.

    Lazy and stupid accounts for the vast majority of the problem. The entitlement mentality encouraged by leftist agitators rounds out the picture.

    Elaine, you are correct. Libertarianism is a grown up’s approach to society. 🙂

  32. Christian W

    Libertarianism is the quintessence of group think masquerading as it’s opposite. If all individuals think the same and have the same mentality collectively (!) Libertarianism might work. Unfortunately people are widely different in outlook on the world and in individual mentality, so Libertarianism is just another no go from the start.

    If only all the billions of poor people of the world were Libertarians, they would all work themselves out of crushing poverty and world poverty would be a thing of the past. Obviously, since they are lazy and stupid, they are not Libertarians. and therefore they are poor.

  33. John

    That is what Elaine meant by snide attacks. You obviously have all the progressive answers, so I’ll look forward to your 2016 presidential campaign platform.

    Libertarianism means that you don’t wrong me and I don’t wrong you. It also means that everyone who CAN pull their own weight, MUST. Follow those simple rules, and how you live the rest of your life is of no concern to me.

  34. Luc

    ‘Now why are blacks living in ghettos?’ Because Blacks turn any area into one, given time and enough Blacks.
    The poorest country in this hemisphere is also the blackest. And Dominican Republic [Mulattoes] does not want the Black Haitians [understandably].

  35. Christian W

    Elaine: Correct, both white and black leaders are betraying everyone.

    And both black and white Congress people vote 100% for Israeli racist policies of ethnic cleansing!!!!

    THAT is the real screecher here. The contradictions in our society are ripping us apart and driving us into Naziism.

    Why is the US middle class just standing there wringing their hands watching their elected representatives NOT represent their best interest?

    Can it be so simple that the Zionists figured out that the US is a closet Nazi country, and by allying itself with US supremacists they could realize their dream of conquering Israel and subjugate the Arabs living there, while putting the tab for all this on the US middle and working classes and even non working classes?

    The US is an oligarchy, which in many ways is the opposite to a real democracy. Why is the democratic system considered the best political system? Because, through elections representing the widest possible majority of people (ideally) the political system is to be kept fresh, and sane, by switching leaders out before they have the time to entrench themselves too deeply into the system and turn it into an hubristic oligarchy.

    Why are oligarchies, totalitarian and authoritarian systems considered bad? Because they are invariably systems based on totem pole hierarchies, where the top loots most of the riches of a nation for themselves and control all systems to their personal benefit. The elites oppress people to ensure the continued power of the themselves at the top of the totem pole and suppress any real democratic process and expression of the will of the populace.

    If Americans are unable to see that if one part of the population suffers and is not integrated fully, nor even seen as an equal part of society, then that condemns the entire society to a totem pole structure that ensures continued cycles of violence, oppression, racism, inequality and political impotency for the majority.

    You cannot isolate the uprisings in the black communities and say they are just isolated instances of an isolated part of the US community. In the larger context these uprisings point to very deep set problems within the US society as a whole. The way to fix them is not by pushing the black community back into it’s box, but fixing the problems plaguing the US as a whole.

    Lack of democracy
    Looting by the top
    Inequality (also between sexes)
    Deteriorating economy
    Racial tensions
    Illegal “immigration”
    General lawlessness and corruption
    Rampant militarism

    If the US middle class in this situation kicks DOWN, not UP, the elites will, yet again, have won another round and will be laughing all the way to the bank. And they will have played the US middle class for fools they know how to play.

  36. ziff

    the fact of the matter, i just saw the interview with brown , [trials are now an interview on tv , right?] , he did have the option of not persueing an unarmed suspect whom he new he could not handle without a gun .

  37. Christian W

    John, I wasn’t trying to annoy you personally. But to my mind, if you want to see Libertarianism in real life action, look no further than Russia under Yeltsin. Libertarianism invariably leads to Oligarchism or variations thereof, because Oligarchs are people who are best at stealing resources in an organized way and in getting other people to work *hard* for *them* (ie the oligarchs).

    God knows the majority of poor people on the planet work their butts off every day just to survive. Many people in the US work themselves to death. Recently I read about a poor woman in NY/NJ who worked three jobs and died because she simply didn’t have time to sleep enough, so her body just gave up and quit the ‘job’.

  38. ziff

    the USA is now a lawless state , so there is no police solution , it comes from the top.

  39. John

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

    Oligarchy needs government to flourish. It is the governmental monopoly on violence, re-purposed to create captive markets via regulations, that makes oligarchy possible. Hence the term “crony capitalism.” Without government protection, captive markets simply cannot exist.

  40. emsnews

    Anarchy is total hell. I remember hippie experiments in this. Generally speaking, no one would clean the commune. Not to mention, pay the bills or discipline the children.

    A lot of child abuse went on, neglect, the buildings deteriorate rapidly, and disease would spread not to mention starvation as children had to go begging at neighbor’s houses for food.

  41. John

    The modern day “anarcho-capitalists” – or AnCaps as they so regally call themselves – get really wound up when I tell them that they’re a lot like the hippie commies from the 60s. They’re hopelessly in love with their social, political and economic theories, they’re both adamant that their way is the ONLY way humans should live, and if the world would just “read this!” then everyone would hold hands and skip through the forest singing Kum Ba Ya.

    It’s sort of like pointing out that the Richard Dawkins type of atheist is, in fact, a religious zealot. They adamantly believe, with no proof whatsoever, that there cannot possibly be a Higher Power of any sort, and that anyone who disagrees with them is a moron subhuman of some sort, and responsible for all the world’s ills. They also pester anyone who will listen with rants about how they and they alone know the truth.

    In both cases, their heads asplode when confronted with my reasoning – because they simply cannot refute it.

    Good times. 😉

  42. John

    Why is the democratic system considered the best political system?

    I overlooked this before. It is not the best system. Democracy is mob rule. That’s why the oligarchy instructs the schools and the media to blather on about democracy at every turn. Mob rule is definitely in their interests, since they use psychological warfare tactics to control the masses of sheeple.

    A Constitutional Republic is the best thing humans have been able to come up with so far. So long as the constitution restricts the government from picking winners and losers in business via regulations, and as long as the citizens make the government follow that constitution, it provides the most prosperity and most freedom for the most people.

  43. ziff

    john it doesn’t matter what form of gov. it takes the will of someone to do the right thing, eg. oblahma if he had any decency would end ‘civil fortfieture’ for a start. but yes i know he is just the guy playing the president on tv.

  44. DeVaul


    “Excuses only carry so far. People born into crushing poverty work themselves out of it all the time. Ben Carson is the latest well known example, but lots of people, of all races do it. And lots of people of all races slide down into poverty, too.

    Lazy and stupid accounts for the vast majority of the problem. The entitlement mentality encouraged by leftist agitators rounds out the picture.”

    I have an article from Businessweek that is going to blow holes all through this argument of yours about the top 0.01 percent and other claims you make about the poor, and I am going to email it to Elaine so she can do an entire article on it.

    The most revealing fact: if you want to me a member of the top 1%, the study group found that you had to be “born into it”.

    Also, the top 0.99%, which you constantly defend, owns more wealth than the entire bottom 90% of Americans — nearly 30% of all wealth (hundreds of billions held in off-shore accounts notwithstanding). (The 9% inbetween own an even larger chunk all to themselves).

    But hey, you can look at the graph when Elaine posts it and then invent all kinds of excuses for your precious 0.99% like you usually do.

    I’m pretty sure someone was fired after this article was printed, as the author keeps repeating that they cannot account for or include vast sums of money held in off-shore accounts by the top 10% of Americans, thus implying that their actual share of the total wealth exceeds the huge numbers that they can actually guess at.


    As for the ongoing debate here, I cannot participate in it because, as a Deaf person who sits on the bottom of the American caste system, it would be not only suicidal for me to debate the morality of “black culture”, it is also immoral because of my personal religious beliefs, so I’m out.

    If you wish to see the source of the rage, despair, hopelessness, and outrage in Ferguson, see my comment above at #9. Ignoring institutional injustice will not cause anything to change. Instead, ignoring it will cause everything to get much, much worse.

  45. Obama was PUT THERE to kill the party. Next time I register to vote, I’m joining the GOP, or simply register as “unenrolled”.


  47. John


    My family is probably considered to be “top 1%.” Barely, but nonetheless. And yet, I can tell you that we are of modest means, quite frugal, and deeply aware of the need to be disciplined in how we approach our finances.

    We are the .99% – and we are NOT your enemy.

    Elaine is the .99% too. We are clinging by our fingernails to a sheer rock cliff, and we have to contend with both Rothschild AND DeVaul wishing to rip us down, albeit for very different reasons. But ripped down is ripped down; motivations don’t really matter.

    We scrimped and we saved, we did without. We practiced a discipline unknown to the vast majority of humanity, to be where we are. And after all of that effort, and discipline, we get to contend with both Obama and DeVaul telling us that we are somehow evil, and should have our throats cut and our wealth redistributed. “Because fairness.”

    Well. We do not accept this. And we never will. That’s just that.

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