Missouri Governor Sent National Guard To White Neighborhoods Letting Ferguson Burn

Missouri Lt. Gov. Slams Gov. Nixon: ‘He Kept National Guard Away While Ferguson Burned’ while the Democratic governor, Jay Nixon fires back against claim National Guards were kept out of Ferguson.  What should really infuriate everyone is, the governor placed ALL the national guard in the white suburbs!  He left the ‘black ghetto enclave’ to burn.  And this is EXACTLY what I warn everyone about: liberals do this every time, they let the ghetto burn and then afterwards, the place is a death trap and unfixable.


Many asked the following question in the run-up to last night’s Ferguson grand jury decision: why did authorities choose to make the announcement at 8pm local time?


With news breaking in the afternoon that the decision had been reached, critics argued that protesters had hours to gather, while the police response could have been helped by daylight.


This is a pressing question. It happened to my neighborhood in the past.  Blacks went on this burning/looting rampage and the mayor and governor of NY were PROUD of doing absolutely nothing.  They let it rage until it burned itself out after destroying a hunk of the city not that anyone really cared, it was obvious they wanted this urban clearance!


But this was done by liberal Democrats, not Republicans just like in Missouri.  The governor refused to save the town.  Missouri Lt. Gov.: Nixon Bowed to Pressure from Obama and Holder …MO Lt. Gov: Gov. Nixon Ignored Ferguson Mayor’s Plea for Help …so even as the mayor of Ferguson begged for help it was sent instead to white neighborhoods nearby!  And this was exactly like in the riots in NYC that devastated my community.


The police vanished!  But there were plenty of cops patrolling the Italian and Jewish neighborhoods, for example.  They just pulled out of the black neighborhoods.  So we see today the same exact game being played, this game is OLD and very tiresome.  The end result is alway the same: more crime in black communities that are now burned out hulks, more white flight, more rage, fewer jobs, more speeches about fixing all this while letting in millions of illegal aliens to compete with poor blacks and both whites, both.


Mo. governor vows crackdown on ‘criminals’ who burned down much of Ferguson after the governor refused to protect the people there.  Of course, doing this while not doing this doesn’t work.  No one is taking him seriously.  Nor should they.


Black writers all over America are falling over themselves to take the focus off of the fact that many, many, all too many blacks are now the criminal class and are killing each other and far more blacks kill more whites than the reverse and blacks kill nearly all blacks, this is verboten information and never brought to the table.  So we have editorials like this one:  Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress. – The Washington Post


the real rage smolders in meetings where officials redraw precincts to dilute African American voting strength or seek to slash the government payrolls that have long served as sources of black employment. It goes virtually unnoticed, however, because white rage doesn’t have to take to the streets and face rubber bullets to be heard. Instead, white rage carries an aura of respectability and has access to the courts, police, legislatures and governors, who cast its efforts as noble, though they are actually driven by the most ignoble motivations.



White males are dead last in any government/school system.  When universities hire staff, they give first dibs to black females (to score a double do-gooder point at little expense) and then park them in meaningless sections of the school, for example.  Scholarships for white males have fierce competition while scholarships for black females (again: a double header which is why black males seldom get nearly as good offers or jobs!) are handed out like candy with little effort required to get these goodies.


The editorial rages about black voting.  Supposedly, 50% of black voters or more didn’t show up in the midterm elections.  Hint: they don’t!  No one has to repress these voters.  They just don’t bother!  I used to get out the vote long ago and this required going door to door, telling people I will take them to the poll, begging them to vote, doing all the paperwork, etc. and…if you don’t push and push, they don’t go.


On the other hand, in many white communities, people very definitely vote and are quite careful to vote in off year elections.  Indeed, we plan for this.  If we wanted to introduce a new politician to the voters, we did this in off elections and then worked hard as hell to get voters to show up in uncharacteristic numbers, stunning the opposition that expected black voters to stay home (yes, I pushed hard for my black neighbors to vote for their best interests!).


The Democrats lost very big this last election.  They chose to be in utter denial as to why they lost.  They tried to place all the blame on the Republicans.  In one insidious way, the GOP has made black districts MORE black by gerrymandering and this is wrong…it concentrates the votes in a basic ghetto but blacks don’t work against this because…it means they can win elections easily.


This  means, of course, no need for alliances and crossing race lines, etc.  Which to me, is very bad.  This political isolation has been insidiously eating away at the main Democratic base as white males  have been nearly totally ignored as voters and now, white women are being chased out of the Democratic party, too.


A scary, violent and I think, racist editorial by an ‘African American Studies’ professor in California writing for Salon:  I am utterly undone: My struggle with black rage and fear after Ferguson – Salon.com:


 Did you expect me to call for peace? Did you expect me to condemn looting and property damage? Did you expect me to preach at the people about being constructive rather than destructive?


Peaceful protests have been happening for over 100 days. But white folks only really pay attention if they fear they have something to lose. Smoke flares in their nostrils, because then they are confronted with the possibility of charred, burning, white flesh. No more water. The fire next time.


Yes, burn down white people’s homes and kill even more of them since more whites are killed, many more by blacks while few blacks are killed by any whites including police.  NYC protesters rage against Ferguson decision while in NYC with the new mayor they are fixing the police:


Instead, reports about changes at the top are almost exclusively about race and ethnicity. And when it comes to race in the age of Bill de Blasio, all roads lead to Al Sharpton.
All race, all the time is Sharpton’s game. And now, sadly, it’s all that matters at the new NYPD. Make that the new, but not improved, NYPD.
Oh, don’t worry about the changes, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Saturday. He promised to name new brass this week, adding, “I think the city and its many diverse communities will be very pleased.”
In other words, as long as the top of the NYPD fits a quota system — or “looks like the city,” in the words of activists — nothing else matters.
This is nuts.


NYC’s police head, Bratton hit with paint as protesters shut down three  bridges, the protestor doing this was an Occupy Wall Street person from Central America…because even though with the exit of Giuliani and Bloomberg, with a new liberal mayor, there will be no gratitude for changes.  Instead, mayhem will thrive and already the crime rates are shooting upwards again as the mob grows bolder again.  Shootings are definitely taking off like a rocket in Brooklyn.


I foresee nothing but terrible messes in the future coming from this: Police shooting in Brooklyn housing project ruled a homicide as black politicians seek to punish the cop who was sent on a mission to patrol dark stairwells in crime-raddled public housing projects.  I expect the police to demand they no longer be forced to go there and they won’t go in the future.  This happened in the past!  The police simply walked out of black neighborhoods and ceased patrolling them.  And these exploded into crime hell holes including lots and lots of arson not just during riots but every day, day after day.  Ditto, the Bronx.


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12 responses to “Missouri Governor Sent National Guard To White Neighborhoods Letting Ferguson Burn

  1. melponeme_k

    One trick in the Elite books is culling, mass sacrifice. The starvation of the Irish that gave way to the mass immigration to the USA. The Soviet Union’s starvation of Ukraine in the 30’s. The deliberate small pox epidemic unleashed against Native Americans. Hitler’s attack on German Jewish citizens and the rest of Europe. All of these events and even more are a way for Elites to stir up trouble and keep a hold of power.

    I’m very disturbed that black citizens are being isolated in cities and small towns throughout the USA. It gives them the illusion that they have a sizable number of people which isn’t the case. News Media blows smoke up people’s backsides stating that the USA will have a majority of minorities by 2050 but that won’t be due to black citizens but to Illegal Aliens punching out babies galore. However I think the USA will be long into a Fascist regime before that date and the illegal aliens will be attacked violently.

    Elaine is right Asian American and Hispanic American citizens will side with the white majority and the culling will be unleashed against black citizens with illegal aliens mixed in. There are going to be bad times on “magical” days. Whats even worse is that there will be no one to stop the insanity. Because Europe will be experiencing the same social upheaval. All that will be left are Russia and China against a world of Fascists.

  2. melponeme_k


    The Plague Returns, the super deadly pneumonic form that caused the big wipe in the 1300’s.


  3. As you say Wall street will be rubbing its hands with glee. All that real estate at rock bottom prices.

  4. emsnews

    Actually, the ‘culling by disease and wars’ leads to workers getting better wages! All the way back in time, in fact.

    When the lower class population shoots upwards, wages collapse which is why our rulers let in many millions of illegal aliens. This killed the unions.

  5. CK

    Government edifices were protected. Government only protects those who govern. The governed can pound sand. As it was in the beginning is now and will ever be. Once you allow yourself to be governed you get what all slaves get.

  6. emsnews

    Um, what nations do you think that DON’T have ‘governments’? Yemen? Libya after the US destroyed the leader there? Afghanistan?

  7. Christian W

    The elites used Ferguson to strengthen the police state further. Personally I believe they baited people knowing things would kick off. This article below was written before the riots kicked off and has some important points, especially in the light of what Elaine points out above that it was only the white neighbourhoods that were protected.


    By Andre Damon
    20 November 2014

    The decision by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to declare a preemptive “state of emergency” and activate the National Guard is an extraordinary and unprecedented act, with enormous implications for democratic rights in the United States. Nixon made the announcement this week as part of preparations for the announcement of a grand jury on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed unarmed Michael Brown in August.

    This involves first of all plans for a further police-military crackdown, which is intended to set another precedent for similar measures in other cities throughout the country. The deployment of the National Guard and declaration of a state of emergency, at a time where no significant, let alone violent, protests are taking place, is an attempt by state, local and federal officials to silence and intimidate opposition to police brutality and the policies of the ruling class as a whole.”



  8. Thinking about it. It is all too predictable. Stupid event followed by set piece rioting.

    Whatever happened to DO NOT SHIT ON YOUR OWN DOORSTEP?

    Stupid asses. Don’t rob your local store! Is a new pair of trainers really forth a spell in jail?

    If I was going to riot (and I am NOT going to to do this) I would “Flash Riot” and burn down a few banks, Burn the super store, in many different towns at random whilst their police are guarding the flashpoint.

    By the time the Police arrived at the location another would be happening miles away.

    More seriously I feel that we are going to need more localism and stop being seduced by the latest shiny piece of crap that some crook waves in front of our faces.

    Buy local keep the money within the community. In order to survive this corporate looting expedition.

    But that is a whole other subject.

  9. emsnews

    The entire left has gone bonkers and has decided the cops caused the riots, that these were ‘staged’ by the cops, etc.


    Remember the meetings about the ‘demonstrations’ held in a church and was filmed by a shocked participant who was then beaten up and camera confiscated?

    They were planning to riot! The police figured this out and asked the governor for troop support…WHICH WAS DENIED.

    The governor, a Democrat, thought that by doing nothing, the rioters would have no excuse because there would be no authorities while they ‘demonstrate.’

    Just like Brown refused to surrender to the cop who shot him, the demonstrators saw no police force and decided this was time to do a five finger Xmas shopping spree.

  10. CK

    The cops and NatGuard protected the city hall and other government edifices. They let black owned and black franchised businesses burn.
    While property and business insurance is supposed to cover acts of riots and civil disturbance, determination of where riot ends and civil war or terrorism begins is ( oh quel surprise ) up to the insurer. Just as it was up to the insurers to determine if the hurricane damage after Katrina was wind damage or water damage, one is covered the other not so much.
    @EMS I know that you prefer to be governed, the majority appears to approve of being governed. Ain’t no big thang.

  11. hans

    I foresee nothing but terrible messes in the future ….

    I wonder what the mothers of poor children murdered in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan etc think about your prophecy for the USA!

  12. emsnews

    Yes, the more wars against ‘others’ overseas means wars at home. ALL wars come home to roost no matter what country is doing this. This is why going to war should be limited as much as possible.

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