Black Friday Shopping Hysteria: The Battle For Underwear At Victoria’s Secret For Women And Big TV Sets For Men


Black Friday causes chaos in England too – YouTube


The crazy mania is being exported to other countries.  People get trampled, huge TV boxes are grabbed from each other and then carried off like…looting stores during riots!  Looks the same.  Here is a really sad detail about all this zany shopping frenzy:  From a commentator at the You Tube site…zoonyxnet6 hours ago

If the leaked list from yesterday is accurate, I’m pretty sure those Samsung TV’s are UE40F5300’s – last year’s model for £349? Or you can just buy this years UE40H5500, a much better model at John Lewis, Currys or Richer Sounds for….. £349. Oh.



This is no shock to me.  Stores that have electronics that don’t sell so hot during the previous year and which are now out of date as new stuff comes in, puts these clunkers on the shelves for ‘Black Friday’ and then create hysteria when the sales are really crummy in the first place.  The very best time ever to buy cheap electronics is in February.  You can even get some discounts on newer stuff because most people blow all their spending money before Xmas rather than waiting a tad.  Going against the ant hive takes a lot of restraint.

Leafcutter Ants – YouTube: Humans are no different from leaf cutter ants.  If you look at various videos of people grabbing and running off with TV sets and other electronics during the Black Friday rituals, you see the same teeming movements.  We are really not all that different from insects when we are in an emergency or a mania.  Below is a video compilation of shopping riots from last year’s Black Friday.


The saddest of these riots is all the women attacking each other, shoving, screaming and squealing because they want some Victoria Secret underwear.  The idea is, they are supposed to be lovely ladies that men would adore and take care of due to looking oh-so-pretty.  This replication of a drunken bar brawl between a bunch of bikers and street thugs is rather humorous to outsiders but imagine the twisted logic of the women doing this.


Their fantasy image of themselves crumbling to dust!  The entire point of that joint was to sell to MEN so they could give their ladies something sexy and intimate.  No man would set  a foot in that mob to buy something for any females.  The Book of Persephone.: Orpheus and Eurydice.


Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 1.22.20 PM


Yes, very charming indeed.  Note that none of these maenads are wearing any underwear.  And Orpheus had no chance, either.  He should have known not to go shopping at Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday or any other day, for that matter.


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10 responses to “Black Friday Shopping Hysteria: The Battle For Underwear At Victoria’s Secret For Women And Big TV Sets For Men

  1. ziff

    AT a major intersection in Vancouver there is/was a interesting [for the place] building that for years was the public library, it then became a virgin records store, now it sells ladies naughty underwear [VS] , perfect sign of the times.

  2. vengeur

    You got to hand it to the marketing people, creating this Black Friday thing to excite the people into actually COMPETING to buy their junk. When I see this behavior I think God help us if the food supply of this country is ever disrupted.

  3. Christian W

    Elaine’s theory of cannibalism would certainly get a good test.

  4. aashild

    Thank you for the interesting ant video, i liked it. Such an amazing ability to cooperate for the common good.

  5. emsnews

    Heh, I could illustrate what it was like to commute by subway to my former office in Manhattan using videos of wild African buffalos migrating across rivers! 🙂

  6. Petruchio

    It’s always been a mystery to me WHY do people have to go out shopping for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving? You have almost an entire month to get your Christmas shopping done. Do you get the best deals on Black Friday? LOL. Like Elaine says, last year’s stuff is what is on sale on BF. The whole REAL meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas is being totally corrupted. Driving home from Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, I couldn’t resist; I had to swing through the parking lot of the local Target Superstore. Yes, sadly, the parking lot was nearly full. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the folks that were there or to laugh at them. BTW: as a red blooded male, I don’t think Victoria’s Secret stores are frivolous. There’s a time and place to shop there for your female friends, but NEVER on Black Friday. Ever.

  7. melponeme_k

    I remember when the Black Friday thing started. I went to the local outlet mall and other stores because of the novelty. There weren’t any great deals it was just something to laugh about, a silly experience.

    Of course this was before the stores started to really exploit the concept, marking things down low on a limited number of items, corralling people into barriers than opening the doors like the running of the bulls.

    The elites think this is a joke. Plus it ties into the magical hoodoo some of them believe in. They can’t exploit Thanksgiving. It actually reminds people of American history and good intentions. It is a sharing holiday. They hold their black mass of shopping the day after Thanksgiving or now, during it, to dissipate any goodwill that forms.

  8. aashild

    That was rather chaotic scenes. Reminded me of India. I clearly prefer the ants way of doing it 🙂

  9. Christian W

    Ants work together.

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