Crazy US Muslim Policies Cause More Chaos While US Becomes More Chaotic At Home

Egypt erupts over Mubarak ruling: Thousands take to the streets after judge rules ousted president WON’T face murder charges over Arab Spring protester killings: the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia arranged for the coup in Egypt.  Mubarak was overthrown by the people who then had this election which was fair.


Then Morsi was overthrown after the very rich 1% caused the economy to crash.  The military moved in and illegally removed him from his elected office exactly like Ukraine saw a year later.  The new dictator of Egypt, Sissi, has now attacked the people of Sinai, he eradicated this large town next to Gaza and drove out all the people who lived there and now has closed off Palestine to all trade making the ghetto there exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto.


All with US blessings, Kerry loves this, the very evil and cruel king ruling Saudi Arabia with brutality loves all this and the Jews are absolutely overjoyed.  And the flames rise higher all over the Middle East and Africa.  Hundreds feared dead as suicide bombers and gunmen storm mosque in northern Nigeria during Friday prayers.


U.S. will use psych evaluations, stress tests to screen Syrian rebels for training –this is so ridiculous, so insane, so stupid, I just can’t think of something clever to say about this except…HAHAHAHA….good lord.


Under the plan, rebels would undergo psychological tests and other evaluations, as military officials seek to lessen the risk that surrogate forces will use their weapons on civilians or later turn against the United States.


Then there is the eternal disaster of Afghanistan.  We were supposedly pulling out but Obama after firing Hagel, decided to go back in and this irritated the people who actually live there so the Taliban storm aid workers’ hostel and attack Camp Bastion successfully.  Great.  More of this meat grinder then we go back into Iraq which we destroyed.


 Islamic State militants attack Kobane from Turkey for the first time – indicating besieged Syrian town is totally surrounded and this is due to Turkey being angry at the US and EU for arming the Kurds.  Wars within wars and more wars.


Ferguson protesters begin SEVEN-DAY, 120 mile march to Missouri governor’s mansion to call for police chiefs to be sacked because I am assuming, letting the mobs burn the town to the ground and loot most businesses wasn’t enough.  He was naughty for even trying to stop this, I presume.


Who wants to run that place?  Like Detroit, it will be a constant revolving door for anyone foolish enough to take the job.  ‘I got six kids to feed and you are going to get me fired’: Moment an angry father with three jobs took on students who were blocking highway in Ferguson protest.  Yes, a black man got very angry at protestors who made it impossible to go to the remaining jobs (which will also eventually vanish).  Of course, this is news from England, not the US where these stories are hard to find.


Many commentators and people who actually might live in Ferguson complain about how white folk run the city.  But…Increase Voter Turnout in Ferguson | National Review Online begs:


Ferguson has seen enormous demographic change in the last 20 years, with the percentage of its black population growing from 25 percent to 67 percent. But five of its six city council members are still white, as is the mayor. The school board has six white members and one Hispanic.


One reason for the disparity is that, like many cities, Ferguson holds stand-alone elections for local offices in the spring of odd-numbered years when nothing else is on the ballot. Voter turnout is abysmal — 7 percent of black voters compared with 17 percent of white voters. By way of contrast, 54 percent of blacks and 55 percent of whites voted in the 2012 presidential election in Ferguson.


I used to get people to the polls, it takes a certain amount of work to do this.  If people refuse to vote, you can’t force them to vote.  People love to complain, I have seen this all my life, but getting them to be organized enough to vote suddenly, the complainers are the last to go to the polls.


Complaining the people running are no good when we are talking about local elections, is a cop-out, an excuse.  Yes, it is much harder to push an agenda at higher levels of elections but note how the flaccid response to easy to penetrate elections is used as an excuse to riot.  We see vast energy and tons of free time devoted to rioting and looting.  And complaining.  And making demands.


Then no one will vote.  Voter registration in Ferguson surges after Brown killing and I am betting virtually none of these former nonvoters will rush to the polls more than once, most likely in a major election and not in the local elections.


Protesters target Black Friday sales in Ferguson as if there is much left there to sell at this point.  They want protests all over the nation but the sad truth is, many blacks were mobbing stores to buy stuff this weekend.  And I much prefer the buying versus the method the rioters used to buy stuff which was exactly the same method Mr. Brown used before being shot dead.


Just as the riots were dead wrong, we have an attempt at mass murder by a white man who was insane and also deserved to be gunned down:  Gunman in Austin shot dead after opening fire on police headquarters because he was mad about Obama’s ‘Bring in millions of illegal aliens to vote in future elections for my buddies’ program.  He deserved to die.


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23 responses to “Crazy US Muslim Policies Cause More Chaos While US Becomes More Chaotic At Home

  1. Jim R

    Luc, nobody was there, just a bunch of dumb tribes, etc.
    You know, the black tribe, the white tribe…

  2. Moe

    Elaine: “Just as the riots were dead wrong, we have an attempt at mass murder by a white man who was insane and also deserved to be gunned down…”

    I agree, just another nutso. Too bad the police won’t gun down the ‘insane’ people leading America. No, it would be much better if rational individuals would kill the police (no sarcasm). Better read up on Fourth Generation Warfare.

    “Police are the last line of defense against homegrown threats,” the Austin police chief stated, adding that the attack may have been over US immigration policy. Yeah, right. The police are on the side of the populace, “trust us” they say, as they are armed with Federal government equipment that enables a quasi-military response.

    To quote Ann Barnhardt (hey, she has to be right about some things!): “The Republic is dead.” It is, it just hasn’t fallen over yet. But it will, and there will be a bloodletting. Elaine’s heart is in the right place, but she will have zero impact against the prevailing trends, aside from contributing to readers’ personal insights, (and thank you for that Elaine).

  3. Christian W

    Since when do we just gun down people because they are insane? That notion is nuts, bring out the guns.


    ELAINE: When an insane person is trying to kill everyone! Duh! It is OK to be crazy. It is NOT OK to be crazy and attack people physically.

  4. Christian W

    Btw, the kid with the bb gun who was murdered by the police never pointed the gun at the police. The police officer just rushed in and shot the “gangsta”. That is also insane.


    ELAINE: I once lived right next door to ‘gangsta gangs’ who threw sticks of dynamite, shot guns and knifed people. And…THEY USED 12 YEAR OLDS to do some of this violent stuff!!!

  5. Christian W

    Today US households consume every year about $3 trillion more than they earn (similar story in Europe). Think about that. The elites steal more and more money every year, making profits hand over fist, while the majority of Americans sink deeper and deeper into debt, if nothing else national debt which will be added to non elite Americans like a ball and chain, first figuratively, later by force when/if needed.

    Already tens of millions of Americans live on welfare of various sorts, or are trying to make ends meet by working under paid jobs. All the while the bankers are throwing more and more debt at them while the US government is doing the same indirectly.

    It seems to me that ever since the elites cut off the US dollar from the gold reserve and made it a fiat currency, in effect decoupling the support of the currency from labour, US workers and the middle class have been reduced to debt slaves. This means serfdom. With no need for domestic labour the elites could simply use cheaper labour from overseas on a global scale.

    Obviously the elites, by definition, do not identify with being serfs or debt slaves. Which means the elite do not identify with the nation state, they identify with being part of the elite who are above such worries as debt and it’s effects. (This is also why they don’t feel the need to pay taxes). They are in fact in control of debt. “Deficits do not matter”. No, not for the elites, so they happily push the US into as much debt as the rest of the world combined forcing the world to subsidize the US life style (bread and circuses for the US population) through the dollar reserve system (Bretton Woods).

    But instead of identifying a common problem, which if not fixed will lead to direct disaster on a nation wide scale, below the elite level of course, the US working class and middle class are split in various factions that eye each other suspiciously along tribal, cultural, political, social and religious lines. It is not only the political map that is being gerrymandered.

    I doubt Americans will be able to unite in a common cause and fight off their serfdom politically, there seems to be way too much old cultural baggage dragged around. They will tear each other to pieces along those same cultural and tribal lines – like in Ukraine or Iraq; see how easy it was for the US elites to kick things off when/if needed. On top of this “illegal aliens”, a force fed by elite policies, are used by the elites as kindling under the pot to keep things simmering.

    In the future the police/military will simply shoot first and not care to ask questions later, and nobody will do anything about it.

    Unless Americans can manage to get enough input in the US democratic system to dismantle the Bretton Woods model and come together with the rest of the world for a better system, I fear the Egyptian model under Sissi will be the norm for everyone. This is the unipolar world the US is always talking about.

  6. vengeur

    Elaine: “this is so ridiculous, so insane, so stupid, I just can’t think of something clever to say about this except…HAHAHAHA….good lord.” It really is at that point now, absurdity. Their obsession with toppling Assad jr., which ultimately leads to the Israeli obsession with Iran, which leads to the US obsession with vilifying the Russians.

  7. tio

    “He deserved to die”

  8. Christian W

    ELAINE: I once lived right next door to ‘gangsta gangs’ who threw sticks of dynamite, shot guns and knifed people. And…THEY USED 12 YEAR OLDS to do some of this violent stuff!!!

    So what. Then is not now. Cops can’t use PTSD experiences from the past as an excuse to gun down people can they? Cops have to be sane and have to live in reality and use sane judgement. It can’t be a death sentence for a person to have someone call the cops and say “there’s a (black of course) kid that looks like he holds something that might be a gun in his hands”. And the police just rush in and shoot instantly and say “oops whatever” next. This kids wasn’t the first either.

  9. emsnews

    One friend of mine nearly died because a little kid came up to him and displayed a knife.

    The adult did nothing except say, ‘Be careful with that’ and one second later, in a flash, the knife was IN HIS STOMACH and he was dying except lucky for him, I ran up and took control of the situation, got him taken care of with good first aid and then later I ran down the kid.

    He was in GRADE SCHOOL. And his welfare mom didn’t give a damn that this tyke was running riot.

  10. Petruchio

    @Luc: “EMS, what do you think, …” Luc, I checked out that link you cite. Very interesting. I’m wondering: are the Chinese studying Israelis specifically or Jews in general? One thing that piques my interest re this subject is the question as to whether the people who identify themselves actually ARE jewish. I have heard that most of the people who are Israelis are NOT jewish; they aren’t even Semitic. According to this line of thought, the Saudis are more Semitic than Israelis.

  11. emsnews

    The Palestinians are the semitic people. Since way, way back in the days of the pharaohs.

  12. Christian W

    Yes, kids can be dangerous. So can adults. 3 year old kids have killed people.

    Do you really want to use that as a general guideline for the police to gun down people and give them a ‘get out of jail’ card for free? “He/she reached for his waistband” Oh ok, carry on then.

    I saw a video (I think I posted a link here) where a black man were running away as fast as he could from the police. He sure wasn’t armed or “reaching for his waistband” when the police shot him in the back and killed him.

  13. emsnews

    A friend of mine shot a criminal in the back, too. He had to flee the country because he was not a cop.

    I approved of the killing because killers were roaming our neighborhood, attacking us constantly. Two of my girlfriends were shot up by strangers who attacked them, for example. The same month of this shooting, two men tried to invade my home. One, I attacked with an ax, the other was bitten by my rabbit, ‘Killer Rabbit’ who was rather more like an attack dog. He had this tunnel complex in my back yard and could pop up anywhere and since attackers going to try to kill me would try to come through the back door of my home, this is also where I had a kitty door for Killer Rabbit and he would hop out and bite, hard.

    I had to put him down (it is Federal law!) after he bit a mailman. He made the news in Tucson, by the way, I am not making this up. 🙂

  14. Christian W

    That is terrible (and funny about Killer Rabbit ha!). But that doesn’t excuse the cop gunning down this kid! Or other cops gunning down any other innocent kids. The attitude that it is ok to kill some kids because other kids are criminals is just not right.

    In Iraq and Afghanistan US troops were immune from prosecution for crimes and war crimes. That attitude are comng home to roost now, with law enforcement outside and above the law. I’d e pretty wary of that development myself.

  15. emsnews

    Lordy, you obviously never lived where people rioted nearly all the time and made it dangerous nonstop.

    I have!

    And the ‘kids’ being killed are NOT ‘angels’ at all…anyone looking into their lives sees just one problem after another, and again: they worship the thug culture and want desperately to be part of it, alas.

    Kids behaving themselves are much less likely to be killed. In my experience, the people who would kill these ‘nice kids who are black’ are…black thugs! Seriously!

  16. Luke

    ‘Today US households spend [CW posted ‘consume’] every year about $3 trillion more than they earn.’

    So maybe we Americans are thieves? The debts cannot be repaid, yes?

    EMS, Is Japan on the verge of hyperinflation? Yet its bonds are ‘AA’.


    ELAINE: False. Their bonds have been degraded. Badly.

  17. Christian W


    They are kids, which means they are a product of their environment like anything else. I fully agree that US/western culture, especially parts of it like “Gangsta/Thug” culture is extremely sick; also “welfare culture”, when welfare is abused, is extremely unhealthy (it stops people from personal growth for a number of reasons). That doesn’t mean that the Police culture in the US is healthy either. What happened to the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty? If cops become executioner killers you have just taken another giant step into madness.

    The black community has problems, but that doesn’t mean it is only the responsibility of the black community to solve them. They are not apart from the rest of US society, but if they try to solve their problems as a community apart, or if the rest of the US treat them like a community apart, how can they possibly solve the problems? It is not possible for the black community to lift itself up by the bootstraps by themselves, nor can they expect someone else to do it for them. Also, they have to have somewhere to go within the social context. Do they? Even white youth are struggling with more or less permanent unemployment now.

    If the US cannot see itself as one society for all it’s citizens then these problems will always continue. So here we are up against yet another inherent contradiction within the US system are we not? The inherent divisions emphasized by those little “race” and “religion” tick boxes.

  18. Christian W

    Recently a local paper here in Norway carried a story where an entire class of high school kids claimed they didn’t care about having a job or more education, they would just go on welfare for the rest of their lives and have it easy (play games around the clock and watch tv shows/movies I presume).

    The teacher had to sit them down and have a ‘serious talk’ with them. So, there is something profoundly poisonous in US/western culture atm. Our life style is turning our own children into zombies/consumer drones.

  19. emsnews

    It most certainly IS the black community’s fault 100%.

    THEY can police THEMSELVES but they REFUSE. They like the thug culture. They are addicted to it. At the top, they make money off of the thug culture!

    And you need NO cops if people are civilized. My town has zero cops but lots of people with guns. No shootings except for deer right now.

  20. Luke

    No blacks, No shootings . Know blacks, know shootings.

  21. Christian W

    It most certainly IS the black community’s fault 100%.

    THEY can police THEMSELVES but they REFUSE. They like the thug culture. They are addicted to it. At the top, they make money off of the thug culture!

    And you need NO cops if people are civilized. My town has zero cops but lots of people with guns. No shootings except for deer right now.

    Well, the black community is just a mirror image of the white middle class community. Substitute thug culture for world domination culture and addiction to the world reserve currency (welfare queens!). Why do you have the world’s largest military and the world’s largest prison system and the world’s largest spying system? Can it be because it is so very profitable? Why do you refuse to do anything about it?

    Are you truly civilized? Ask Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria and Libya and Ukraine. Can you police yourself? If yes, why don’t you? No? Why not? Or are you just lazy addicts? Why does the white community vote for Presidents you know will be mass murderers within a week of them being sworn in, yet you keep waiving the flag and pretend like nothing is wrong? Why don’t you arrest obvious criminal thugs in your political, financial and military systems?

    When you sit in a glass house don’t throw stones.

  22. Luke

    Well, the black community is just a mirror image of the white middle class community. You are delirious.

    Why is Haiti the way it is?
    Google ‘Negroes in Negroland’.

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