Nation Freezes Much Of Last Year: NOAA Announces This is HOTTEST Year EVER

looks a lot like Xmas November 2014

I knew it!  I knew it!  NOAA: 2014 is shaping up as hottest year on record: utterly insane!  If this is the hottest year ever, ever, then I am insane.  But I am not insane.  NOAA which has a terrible record for predicting even one month’s worth of weather, is insane.  And liars.  They have monkeyed with the temperature data for several years now, cooling down the past and making the present warmer.  This is now officially insane.


As per usual, it is bitter cold this fall.  Winter has set in with ice, snow, blasting winds, Arctic surges long before Thanksgiving.  Last winter set many record cold statistics.  The trick NOAA uses is to pretend the Antarctic which had record ice, is actually ‘warmer than usual’ which is based on virtually no actual hard data information.  They simply make two or three temperature readings covering the entire lower half of the Southern Hemisphere.


We barely had a summer this year.  The warmest week this year was…late September.  Briefly.  U.S. sending $3 billion to combat climate change while spending not one penny on protecting us from severe cold and blizzards.


“Most notably, this record warmth is not contained to any specific part of the world. Meaning, we are all in this together,” he says. “So far this year, record-breaking warmth has been observed in at least every continent and major ocean basin of our planet. This is something we cannot ignore.”


So, NO WHERE ON EARTH was it really hot!!!  But every continent had ONE ‘hot spot’ which he can’t tell us about since these places don’t exist.


See how insane these lunatics are?  He is puzzled by this lack of heat but thinks we can’t ignore this super hot year which isn’t ‘specific’ to any place on the planet!


Frequency Of 100 Degree Days Has Plummeted In North Carolina, and last summer was the Coolest Summer On Record In The US | Real Science.  Huge Increase In Autumn Snow Cover Over The Past 35 Years as there is also more and more ice at both poles.


The records for all the states show a decline in hot summer temperatures and fewer droughts.  In the last ten years, hurricanes hardly happen in Hampshire (and other places) while tornadoes are declining and blizzards are proliferating.  Some ‘heat wave’ we are having.


I remember the early 1950’s in Death Valley and Phoenix!  It was HOT.  Real hot.  And dry, bone dry.  I would melt crayons in the sun to turn them into wax candles, for example.  I cooked stuff on the stones.  I had to turn my back to the sun so my toes wouldn’t be cooked through my sneakers.


I had to worry about the sneakers melting on the rocks!  A child went outside with no shoes and got stuck to the pavement and they had to rip the bottom of his feet off!  I remember that, too!


Now I worry about freezing to death!  Most of last summer I had the windows closed because it was too cold at night to leave them open!  A first for me up here.  Not supposed to happen.  Surprise: Robot Sub Finds Much Thicker Than Expected Antarctic Sea Ice while the ‘experts’ can’t explain this puzzle…snark.


Last:  NOAA touts hurricane season forecast success where they whiffed it badly but can claim there were a couple of hurricanes…way off in the Atlantic Ocean and those were all briefly hurricanes for the most part.


I predicted few if any landfalls this year due to the cold weather over the US this last summer and voila…hurricanes kept far ashore!  NOAA did not predict this, they predicted a hot summer and a hot fall and a hot winter for us all which is pure insanity.  Sad, isn’t it?


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5 responses to “Nation Freezes Much Of Last Year: NOAA Announces This is HOTTEST Year EVER

  1. Christian W

    Full Spectrum Dominance in action. Oh boy this is going to be so much fun (not).

  2. Jim R

    They just don’t care any more. It doesn’t have to make sense. Climate, politics, whatever. Apparently it all comes from the National Department of Making Stuff UP, the NDMSU.

    I thought they’d at least wait til next summer to make that announcement.

  3. e sutton

    “Frequency Of 100 Degree Days Has Plummeted In North Carolina”

    Yep. Been here for almost 20 years. I’m a transport from up north. Went to the coast late this July. Reminded me of Maine in June. Sweater weather. This past month has been freezing, way below previous years.

  4. John


    The latest gibberish I’m hearing from the warmists is that sure, Antarctic ice is increasing – over the water. But the ice on the continent itself is decreasing. Any truth to this, and what significance, if any, does it have?

  5. emsnews

    They lie all the time. They make up stuff all the time. It isn’t silly, the elites want to tax us heavily while claiming they are saving the earth.

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