Black Teens Hammer Driver To Death: Liberals Complain About Watermelon Jokes

The black veteran seized a man by the neck and put a gun there and forced him into a building and into a lawyer’s office where he was talked out of killing everyone.  He claimed he just wanted to be arrested because he couldn’t get a job.  A lot of the ‘liberal’ media refused to carry this story.  As well as this other story:  Story to watch: Teens beat motorist to death with hammers in St. Louis | Twitchy


Story to watch: Teens beat motorist to death with hammers in St. Louis | TwitchyPolice said Begic was in his vehicle in the 4200 block of Itaska about 1:15 a.m. when several juveniles approached on foot and began damaging it. Begic got out and the juveniles began yelling at him and striking him with hammers. Two male juveniles, 16 and 15, were taken into custody.


Two were caught and taken into juvenile custody. Police are still searching for two others, a 16-year-old black male and a 15-year-old Hispanic.


Liberals scream endlessly about cops and others killing black teens.  Even if a black teen has someone on the ground and is beating them and gets killed, the black and liberals are united in screaming for the white or Hispanic person be severely punished for fighting back or killing violent teens.  They love to talk about how these are ‘children’ and a slew of liberal editorials popped up this last two years about how black ‘children’ are being persecuted.


The news story about the teens using hammers to beat a motorist to death that they ambushed and surrounded has been totally censored by all the major liberal media.  I keep mentioning how the most dangerous killers in my own experience were black teens all the way down to 12 years of age, people think I am making this all up.


On the contrary!  The least dangerous black males are over the age of 40.  They often tend to be quite mellow, actually, and I have never felt a moment of fear around people this age.  None what so ever.


Instead of looking into the mirror and figuring out what black youth are so violent and uncontrolled, liberals are twisting reality to make it look like this cohort is the victim of crime rather than a danger to society:  What Does ‘Black-On-Black Crime’ Have to Do With Ferguson? | Julia Craven


 It’s dangerous, however, to tell Black people to dress better, work harder or be respectable because it diverts attention from the gaze of the oppressor to the behavior of the disenfranchised…“Black-on-Black crime” highlights the fear surrounding Black masculinity, the lack of Black femininity, and perceived inherent Black criminality. And, when Black people are shamed for committing the same crimes at almost the same rates as whites, it illustrates how much the white supremacist gaze has been internalized.


Notice how this black commentary in the Huffington Post, one of the most racist rags online comparable to Stormfront but on the left, not the right, notice how this woman claims the black crime rate is the same as the white crime rate which is a blatant lie.


When less than 10% of the population commits 50% of the murders, this is a very high crime rate differential.  Statistics also show that blacks kill whites at four times the rate as the reverse.  The above story about the hammers used by juveniles illustrates this clearly.


The rate of stranger killing stranger is higher with blacks, both with them killing each other and killing whites.  One aspect is different: more killing of strangers in mass murders are done by mainly whites.


I see editorial after editorial in the liberal media complaining about having to teach black children any manners at all.  Some black women editorialists claim that teaching their children basic social skills is cruel and unnecessary.  They frankly believe they can let loose their children to roam at will doing as they please and whites are supposed to grin and bear it and do nothing.


Here is what happens when black mothers let their kids think they can go berserk in public:  EXCLUSIVE: ‘Broken jaw’ fight in Harlem HS now a lawsuit – NY Daily News.  In other words, two teen males dissed each other in school and so they went at each other hammer and thongs and one of them got hurt.  The mother of the loser of this battle is furious that no one who is big, strong and has police powers, intervened to stop junior and his neighbor, Thug Jr. from killing each other!


This is from the very same black community that howls in rage when cops try to stop black teens from killing people or stealing stuff or going crazy in public!  Here is one frustrated comment from the readers of the Daily New:


MEOW MEISTER (what black parents are demanding)
1. Unless each student had a personal supervisor the size of a WWE wrestler, nothing can stop one of them from attacking another student.


2. Schools are discouraged from reporting incidents because they go against the record of the school. Special ed referrals also go against the record of the school, so these emotionally disturbed kids never get services or removed from the general population.


3. If a supervisor did restrain these students, then their parents would be suing the school for “touching” their precious little angels.


4. When Bloomberg blew up the school system and culled the best students for his boutique schools and charter schools, community high schools like this one, which were already overcrowded, had to warehouse the worst students from the community.


Bloomberg didn’t simply do this.  I moved from NYC because I had a second child and couldn’t afford to send two children to private schools so out we went to the suburbs. To stop this exodus, several mayors tried desperate ways to fix the schools only to discover re-segregating these is the only solution.


Naturally, NO ONE wants to go to school with a bunch of killer kids, angry mothers, disrespect towards the teachers and staff, filth and vandalism, fist fights in halls and classrooms (this is why my own daughter had to be suddenly extracted from school in NYC, after being victimized repeatedly).


When I launched ‘Save Our Schools’ (SOS) I went to great pains to reach out to the black neighborhoods to fix all this.  The grandmothers were quite enthusiastic.  Al Sharpton attacked me relentlessly.  The younger mothers were hostile about schools being allowed to isolate out of control children.  So nothing was done, the schools continued to resegregate and the quality of schooling for blacks continued to plunge.


I have pointed out in the past, nearly all of the school ‘reforms’ are due to black and now Hispanic students unable to cope with schools and their lack of social skills making teaching increasingly impossible as they age.  They go from being quite good and capable in early grade school to nearly uniformly unable to learn anything by the late teen years.


Here is yet another example of desperate tactics to fix this social mess caused by poor habits learned at home and bad attitudes:  Old Tactic Gets New Use: Public Schools Separate Girls and Boys –


Single-sex education, common in the United States until the 19th century, when it fell into deep disfavor except in private or parochial schools, is on the rise again in public schools as educators seek ways to improve academic performance, especially among the poor. Here at Charles Drew Elementary School outside Fort Lauderdale, about a quarter of the classes are segregated by sex on the theory that differences between boys and girls can affect how they learn and behave.

The theory is generally held in low regard by social scientists. But Ms. Flowers notes that after the school, where nearly all students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, started offering the classes two years ago, its state rating went from a D to a C. Similar improvements have been repeated in a number of other places, causing single-sex classes to spread to other public school districts, including in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.


One boy interviewed by the reporter said black girls are ‘bossy’.  The boy probably was raised by several generations of black mothers and grandmothers and had no secure male figure in his life.  When women run the homes, men are run out of the homes and into the streets.


In the old days, children who were uninterested in school were put to work.  Today, this is excess population no one wants and which has been rendered useless for even simple labor by attitude problems.


Black teens and young adults who are civil and pleasant please everyone and I notice in my own interactions and watching others interact, white people are quite happy to do business with black teens and to be around them.  I know this is certainly true in my case and I have personally known quite a few really delightful black teens who made their parents very proud indeed and for good reason.


They also do well in school!  This is how we can tell if they are civil, if their grades are good and their teachers report cooperation this extends into the streets.  Trayvvon, for example, was NOT a good student, he was violent in school, he was a thief and a troublemaker and his own mother kicked him out of the house because of all this while daddy let him roam the streets at night.


Liberal commentators in liberal media are rapidly shutting down all comment sections.  Eventually, there will be none except at sites like Daily Kos where anyone says a peep to irritate the owners of that site are instantly vaporized.  The Washington Post takes a lot of grief from readers and for good reasons so here is an editorial which is a warning that Bezos is pissed at his readers and plans to vaporize all of them:  Another reason to avoid reading the comments – The Washington Post by Anne Applebaum (a Zionist, of course).


Now on to another related story.  Blacks want whites to walk on eggshells all the time while blacks should be allowed to openly talk about abusing whites and joking about ‘trailer trash’ and ‘red necks’ and excusing black on white crimes, etc.  Far too many liberal black women in particular, go around with a huge chip on the shoulder and don’t hesitate to unload on anyone who does anything that irritates them.

This was a Mad TV skit which is funny and to the point, alas.  In reality, this happens at the top of the social pyramid.  The latest example is this turbulence about a white author making a mild joke about a friend who is a black woman getting an award from liberals for her latest book about how horrible it is to grow up as a black girl.


He mentioned that she told him she was ‘allergic’ to watermelon.  Oh, the horror!  So she wrote editorials to all the liberal media about how insulted and angry she is and how mean he was to even mention ‘watermelon’ thus ruining her splendid day! The Pain of the Watermelon Joke is a must-read for seeing the psychology of a person who makes themselves into a perpetual victim.


Way, way back in the Stone Age when I knew a number of the Black Panthers when they first launched their political journey, we talked about hair, beauty and other issues.  Black women were told they had to look white to look beautiful.  One of the biggest changes the Panthers made socially was to make black hair beautiful and we had the Afro.


Today, all the top black women in the media and entertainment and politics…HATE THEIR OWN HAIR!  They hate it!  They buy or steal hair from women in India and Europe and weave it into their own hair or wear a wig and thus, have long straight tresses.  They also go under the knife like Michael Jackson to erase their African beauty.


On and on it goes: this author, instead of examining why she is ‘allergic’ to watermelon, simply wants us to make watermelons vanish because it embarrasses her!  If I were her, I would celebrate watermelons which, incidentally, I love to eat.


I would make it a top cuisine item and make many jokes about it.  Wave it as a flag!  She hates watermelons because she accepted the bad jokes and racism that some whites attached to it.  I am glad that Jacqueline Woodson has her natural hair.  But she should show grace and tolerance towards FRIENDS who might inadvertently step on her psychological toes.


Poor Mr. Handler.  Bill Cosby has not apologized to a single white woman he has drugged and raped and he hasn’t been arrested, either. But say something that irritates the black liberals and groveling on the ground is useless.  Handler apologizes again, calls his remark racist  and he will apologize again and again and again to no avail and no forgiveness.


Lemony Snicket author makes $110000 apology for racist remarks is another example of this.  If whites did this to blacks, many would be rich.


Back in October, Whoopi Goldberg Defends Obama Cartoon with ‘Watermelon Joke and everyone apologized like crazy for that.  And good for Whoopi for telling the truth about the need to tolerate even crappy jokes.


The solution for white people is the same when it comes to schools, crime, jokes, whatever: studiously avoid black people!  And this is a TERRIBLE solution and I am against it.  This is a case of ‘you don’t want what you wish’ because this leads to a bad ending.


I want integration!  And I want responsibility.  And I want all these systems to be fixed.  And I am against racism, both black racists and white racists.  Sanity is preferred.  And there are plenty of bad people of all types and backgrounds and fixing this isn’t done by hysteria, lying about facts, demands that we have a dual system (with whites wanting segregation and blacks wanting the right to run riot all the time).


Our society is crashing and burning and the black community is merely leading the way as US citizens are viewed less and less as people to hire while our Presidents and Congress flood the country with both legal and illegal foreign labor while the populace at large turns on each other and tries to kill or intimidate or steal from each other.


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17 responses to “Black Teens Hammer Driver To Death: Liberals Complain About Watermelon Jokes

  1. Jeffrey Hardin

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.

  2. e sutton

    Well now, let’s see. We whites are not allowed to self segregate to avoid being brutally attacked as this man was because it’s “rayciss”. I’ve spent the better part of my life actively avoiding negroes and believe I am much, much better off because of it. I’ve never heard anyone ever say, “Gee, that neighborhood is getting blacker. Let’s move there!” No, rather it is blacks who see quiet white neighborhoods, as Ferguson once was, who decide to migrate there and systematically DESTROY IT! So keep pushing for your integration, Elaine! I’ll take a stab at it and ascertain that there are scarcely very little negroes up there in that lovely mountain region you inhabit. Perhaps your neighborhood is up for a little diversity? What say you to that, oh Enlightened One? Vermont is looking sweeter all the time, despite the horrific global warming. 🙂

  3. melponeme_k

    Our Future.

    When the Soviet Union fell, this exact thing happened. All former police officers and military offering “security”. All of that turned into the Red Mafia problem we have today in major cities in Europe, New York, LA, Anchorage, Denver etc. Newspapers play it nice by calling them Oligarchs. The name Vor Y Zakone was originally just petty street thieves but eventually was usurped by the oligarch “security men” big timers.

  4. Luke

    Why do you consider yrself ‘Liberal’, EMS? Clearly the zionists and nutcases are in charge of that arena.

    Here, from the lib city of somalis and gangs [a once nice White city];

  5. Christian W

    Elaine is close to the real definition of a ‘liberal’ not the distorted version of the concept (shadow man concept) that is now used in US political discourse.

    I have pointed out many times before that the US political discourse has been deliberately destroyed (the well of political discourse has been poisoned). Through their think tanks the elites have distorted all concepts into twisted opposites of their real meaning.

    This makes it very painful and confusing, basically futile, to try and hold a sane discussion aiming to achieve real progress. Which is why there really isn’t any sane discourse left in the US. There is no sane and deliberate exchange of ideas aimed at understanding issues and achieving a workable platform of consensus.

    Instead all there is is shouting and hammering at each others position to try and destroy the other politically. Useless and pointless. Which is the way the elites like it.

    Liberal is not Liberal. Today a ‘liberal’ (the ones Elaine rail against) are simply close minded brain washed mouthpieces for Soros sponsored policies, and Soros is about as far removed from a ‘liberal’ you can get.

    Marxism is not Marxism. Look at John’s use of the concept. Marxism, classically defined, aims at achieving a classless society, through the initial step of the rule of the proletariat (the working class) yet here it is tyranny/rule by the elites.

    Conservative is not Conservative. In modern US conservatism is as much radical Christian fundamentalism aiming to introduce a grotesque form of Christianity as a basic pillar of society. Conservatives are radical cultural revolutionaries trying to twist the Constitution (the law itself) instead of protecting it, introducing exactly what the founder tried to protect the US from in the first place. A Conservative, by definition, is one who protects the existing order.

    Go figure.

  6. emsnews

    My family has a very, very long history of revolutionary liberal actions. We were the ones to behead a king of England. We also imposed the Magna Carta on a king even earlier.

    We also did the whole ‘American Revolution’ thing, too.

    My grandmother was a suffragette. She was the first woman to get a physics degree from a men’s university.

    My grandfather took under his wing the very first black US astronomer and taught him physics and befriended him (I met him at grandpa’s funeral!) way back in 1900.

    There are many wonderful black people who are the height of kindness and wonder. I fondly remember them. The present generation has been ruined, alas! It breaks my heart to see this happen.

    I am not a racist. I am warning the black community about the road they have chosen with the liberals (sic) egging them on to be nastier and uglier each generation. This is the road to hell. And I hate it.

  7. Christian W

    So, ‘liberals’ are promoting the policies of the elites.

    ‘Marxists’ are the elites as seen by the Libertarians.

    Conservatives are “Christians” (again a concept turned completely on it’s head – these are demonic people) pushing through the policies of the elites with Christian fundie lipstick on.

  8. vengeur

    STOP KILLING US . LOL Yes black people, PLEASE stop killing us white folks. Thanks Elaine for airing this murder of a white immigrant by a couple of angelic skittle munching “Trayvons”. And yes , thanks to Obama making race relations even worse than imaginable by steadfastly REFUSING to criticize blatant criminality in the black community, even the doofest of us average white folks understands the necessity of avoiding black people. Elaine is a courageous woman, even if I don’t always agree.

  9. Luke

    Killings like this happen daily. In this case he was killed for being White.
    His wife was a few days or weeks from giving birth. Obama is doing what he can to get Blacks to riot.


  10. Luke

    I note its daily. This case got little coverage in USA jewsmedia. This is the ‘Great Society’ LBJ and the Dems gave us. Let the hoodrats breed on the White mans dime and bite the hand that feeds them. Dumb violent Blacks.

    EMS is a feminist. She hasnt mentioned the million White women raped by Blacks each decade in the USA.

  11. emsnews

    I mention this a lot.

    Good lord! Look at Crosby! He didn’t do the ‘casting couch’ thing. He DRUGGED AND RAPED WHITE WOMEN!!!

    And there is zero rage about this in both the black commentariat nor the white running dogs. (an old Chinese communist term…heh).

  12. John

    Christian W

    Marxism, classically defined, aims at achieving a classless society, through the initial step of the rule of the proletariat (the working class) yet here it is tyranny/rule by the elites.

    Your confusion is easy to understand. You actually believe that this is the true goal of Marxism. It is not.

    Humans are not capable of a “classless society.” The Marxists know this; being psychopaths, they are experts in human nature and since they see everyone who isn’t a psychopath as a subhuman to be subjugated, they blatantly lie about wanting to create a worker’s paradise and so forth.

    It’s a complete fraud. It merely justifies the jackboots. Because fairness.

  13. Christian W


    That was actually the dictionary definition of Marxism. I looked it up. 🙂 But you are correct that a classless system is probably impossible to achieve. As you point out there are always the psychopaths, who in a way are in a class of their own…

  14. John

    Yes, I’m sure the dictionary definition of Marxism takes their self-professed altruism at face value. Remember, Marxists control most of academia and have for decades.

    The greatest prosperity for the greatest percentage is always obtained by allowing a truly free market to work. This means a government that is powerful enough to punish the deceitful, but not powerful enough to become a tool of the deceitful. The government can punish those who would try to rig the game, but not be able to be used by the game-riggers to their own parasitic ends.

    And it will not be perfect; nothing in this world is, because this is an imperfect place. I’m reminded of the old adage, “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” Marxism promises perfection, when all it really does is destroy basic human goodness. Ask anyone who fled a Marxist system of any sort, they’re NEVER shy about giving their opinion on all forms of Marxism.

  15. emsnews

    The Church started out as a ‘share everything and help the poor and oppressed’ and quickly turned into a looting machine that oppressed the lower classes and ‘tithed’ them to death turning it into an onerous tax on the peasants and giving precious little to the poor while building palaces for church leaders.

    This is how all religions operate even today.

  16. kenogami

    Here are two intelligent black men who will never appear on the mainstream media:

    What Sowell says is relevant to Ferguson:

    “Harlem was one of many ghettos across the country that have still not recovered from the riots of the 1960s. In later years, a niece of mine, who had grown up in the same Harlem tenement where I grew up years earlier, bitterly complained about how few stores and other businesses there were in the neighborhood.

    There were plenty of stores in that same neighborhood when I was growing up, as well as a dentist, a pharmacist and an optician, all less than a block away. But that was before the neighborhood was swept by riots.”

  17. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ # 15

    I guess that means that religion is a form of Marxist bullshit! 😀

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