Oceans Stay Warm As Continents Cool Down: How All Ice Ages Start

Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post

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I looked at the cartoon…it is 19 degrees outside due to it being a very cold year, and I thought the white stuff in this cartoon was snow.  And then I realized, no, this is a liberal cartoonist working for a West Coast billionaire who has enjoyed warmer than normal winters unlike the vast majority of us and this cartoon is supposed to be sand due to us all roasting to death.


But it is more pertinent as snow.  The liberals think we are going to all die if we don’t make the planet colder.  Even though the planet is most definitely cooling down, the liberals can’t believe this so they go into denial.  The denialists think that reality doesn’t exist.


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The above map shows clearly that we are definitely in a global cooling episode.  These cycles last 30 years or more up to 100,000 years and we call the shorter cycles ‘Little Ice Ages’ and the bigger ones ‘Ice Ages’.


The oceans moderate trends: they cool off later than the continents and they heat up slower than the continents.  Air heats or cools extremely rapidly.  Anyone living in a desert knows this. The difference between day and night in zero humidity is 50 degrees or more!


In the humid equatorial belt, day and night barely differ due to high humidity and there is no winter nor summer due to the sun not changing its angle or length of day by very much.


Look at this temperature map!  Africa and South America ON THE EQUATOR are colder than normal for the most part.  Outside of Alaska and California, all of North America is colder than normal and ‘normal’ is based on the coldest years of the previous cold cycle which is when the satellite record began!


NOAA has revised their predictions for the year this week, making it much colder than before.

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 8.31.57 PM

They now made the cold spot much bigger and lasting all winter into Spring and to June!  But stubbornly and insanely, they have this colder than normal for the southern states and not the Northeast or Great Lakes region.


They did this last year in their predictions, too.  I am supposed to be super warm this fall!  Where is it??? We can see from the top map showing global continents cooling, that the coldest of the cold is directly over the Great Lakes and Northern Plains states, not Texas and Florida.


Absolutely none of this causes the global warmists to stop their hysteria!  They even managed to pretend the ‘pause’ is no pause by making up stories about how this last several months are the warmest the climate has ever seen in the last 1,000 years.  Global Warming | Union of Concerned Scientists

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As blizzards assail the East Coast, the Union of Concerned Scientists are howling about the oceans drowning us which is unlikely since it seems we should worry more about why Long Island exists: it is a MORAINE left over from the last Ice Age.  Every stone, every grain of sand was deposited there by the gargantuan, mile thick glaciers that covered NYC.  IceAge in New York:


 New York City marks the southernmost boundary of an ice sheet that mantled much of North America. The Laurentide ice sheet advanced and retreated over a period of 60,000 years. The last advance reached maximum 22,000 years ago, extending from southeastern Alberta across what are now the Great Lakes to the east coast.


Two lobes surged down the Connecticut and Hudson river valleys, sculpting the land and depositing the moraines and outwash that would become Long Island. Sea water was locked up in ice, lowering the sea level by 350 feet compared to today; from Cape Cod southward, the coastal plain jutted out 50 to 100 miles further than the present-day shoreline, almost to the edge of the continental shelf. The Hudson River sluiced through a deep gorge that cut through the plain and emptied into the Atlantic.


Glaciers literally created Long Island, and carved out the landscape we know today as the New York City region.


After years of finger pointing, world leaders finally ready to tackle global warming by taxing energy.  U.S. Oil Prices Fall Sharply as Glut Forms on Gulf Coast. Can oil fall all the way to $40? It can go up or down!


Oil prices were artificially high for two reasons: OPEC cartel and the US embargo on Iran.  Then prices shot up higher when Saddam was attacked and then Libya went into chaos after NATO attacked.


During all this, all the Western nations did lots and lots of oil and gas exploration and this has now all come onto the market and flooded it with product.  So now the EU is boycotting Russia and the US hopes this will drive up oil prices so our elites can be happy.


Putin cancels new natural gas pipeline to Europe in a surprise move which is no surprise.  He knows this is a waiting game.  The countries that run out of energy will eventually be forced to do business with him.  This glut is due to the EU imposing global warming hysteria rules on the people there who are going to freeze this winter and suffer greatly as it gets colder and colder.


In Diplomatic Defeat, Putin Diverts Pipeline to Turkey instead as well as the huge pipeline deal with China.  China cynically made the global warming deal with Obama because the timeline is designed to kick in when China has Russia’s natural gas pipelines and can easily close coal power plants!

This video is like all the ‘climate change’ propaganda.  It shows only rain and drought as our future and no blizzards even though they now claim global warming causes Arctic cold and blizzards, too.



Lies about how global warming mania rules will effect everyone is on the official EU government page.  The lies are enormous!  The EU technocrats claim that cutting energy use will make Europe more competitive and create new jobs!  The push to eliminate energy is not creating any jobs and it isn’t making Europe more competitive.  With the impending total loss of Russian energy which is definitely going to happen now, the EU will be highly uncompetitive with China who will be getting all that Russian gas in the future.


Only 20,000 years ago, a geological eye blink, most of Northern Europe and Canada and the northern tier of the US were all under mile thick ice sheets.


For 2020, the EU has committed to cutting its emissions to 20% below 1990 levels. This commitment is one of the headline targets of the Europe 2020 growth strategy and is being implemented through a package of binding legislation. The EU has offered to increase its emissions reduction to 30% by 2020 if other major emitting countries in the developed and developing worlds commit to undertake their fair share of a global emissions reduction effort.


In the climate and energy policy framework for 2030, the European Commission proposes that the EU set itself a target of reducing emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.


For 2050, EU leaders have endorsed the objective of reducing Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% compared to 1990 levels as part of efforts by developed countries as a group to reduce their emissions by a similar degree. The European Commission has published a roadmap for building the low-carbon European economy that this will require.


This future for the EU is deadly.  Already, barely out of the depression of the banking collapse, the EU is dragging the world back into a major depression.  It doesn’t amaze me that oil prices are falling.  It shot up in value and like ALL commodities in all of history, it is now going back down to ‘normal’ after the usual glut caused by the energy gold rush.


In 2008 the price of oil and gas fell to the levels we see today and this fall in price was helpful for the EU/US/Japan and Chinese policies.


The price of any commodity eventually collapses due to hoarding or energetic production during the peak value years.  Japan is falling into an even deeper depression and so is the EU and this is no surprise.  China began all this by cutting back on easy credit and China, not the US, is the leading economic engine of the entire world.


Americans still think we are the world’s #1 economy.  We are not.  We are the world’s #1 consumer economy based entirely on public and private debts which have shot up through the roof.  But China is the creditor nation, not the US.  It has more industry, more trade (two way, not one way like the US) and it has a billion people and huge territory and a sweet deal with Russia for energy.


And Russia is being hammered by EU/US policies right now but knows that a short way down the line, Russia will be laughing at Europe as Europe and the US strangle their economies fighting the phantom menace: global warming while freezing their citizens to death.


Long before 2050, the populations of Europe and the US will overthrow the global warmists. If we are not encased in glaciers, that is.


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7 responses to “Oceans Stay Warm As Continents Cool Down: How All Ice Ages Start

  1. ziff

    Saudis are putting USA oil out of business, USA #1 oil producer ,,,,,, of 100$ oil. LOL.

  2. Christian W

    Kerry met with Saudi princes just before they cut oil prises and the plunge started. I’m not sure exactly what is going on, if Elaine is right and this is a “normal” price adjustment, or if this is a deliberate strategy to
    A. cut out competition
    B. Put pressure on the Russian and Iranian economies as part of the war on them
    C. keep the US and EU economies chugging along now that the QE policies are supposed to end. We saw how the markets reacted (insta-crash) when the Fed announced the end of QE.

  3. Peter C.

    I’m pretty sure most people have heard of the “ice age”and they figure there was only one a long time ago and we don’t have to worry about it.They don’t know the planet spends most of it’s time under ice and we are living in an interglacier period ie between ice ages.

  4. John

    Here’s a page full of information which echoes a LOT of what Elaine says. I’m still working my way through it, but I though I’d add it to this thread for consideration: http://www.moneynews.com/mkt-news/Scientist-Confesses-Global-Warming-a-$22-B/2014/11/17/id/607827/?dkt_nbr=rfodltlm

  5. John

    FYI: They ask for money at the end. disregard that part. I may send ’em the $5 just to get the book, so I can read it for myself. But I was just interested in the actual info on this page, not the fundraising pitch at the end.

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