Counterpunch Editorial Complaining About Police Shooting In Oakland Full Of Holes

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City of Oakland map showing ONE WEEK worth of crimes including, rape, murder, lots of car thefts, vandalism, assault and battery, robbery, etc.  Just one lousy short week in one of the highest crime cities in the US.


The mess in Ferguson continues onwards.  The city is correct in charging Brown’s stepfather with incitement to riot.  I was once accused of that crime but the DA decided to avoid any prosecution because I had abundant proof I didn’t create a riot, the police did this all on their own.  So why am I not siding with the Browns and others who incite riots?  Simple: I followed the law, they did not!


Michael Brown’s stepfather apologizes – as he tries to backtrack on his own irresponsible actions:


Brown’s stepfather didn’t hold back as news of a grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson reached Ferguson. As throngs in front of the Ferguson Police Department listened to St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch’s announcement on cell phones and radios, Louis Head stepped onto a platform above the crowd and embraced his wife, Brown’s mother. He then turned to the demonstrators — some of them shouting “F— the police!” — and yelled, “Burn this motherf—er down!” and “Burn this bitch down!”
His comments drew widespread attention in the aftermath of the violence as a video of his reaction, recorded just after McCulloch’s announcement, circulated online.


In 1970 when I was arrested, it was because I was jaywalking.  This arrest was illegal.  The police were battling us in Berkeley back then and I was a prominent person in all this stuff.  Really!  When I was arrested, some of the people tried to free me illegally.  So they stabbed the police car tires.


I yelled, ‘Stop, don’t do that!  Just go to city hall and I will be released soon and will speak there!’  Then, the riot really got going and the cop car couldn’t move.  So the rioters decided to flip the car with me INSIDE.  I asked them to stop again.


The cops then rushed the mob and moved me to a paddy wagon which was attacked and rocked back and forth again, with only me inside.  Ouch.  Finally, I was taken to jail and kept in isolation even though I was the one that did as much as possible to stop the riot which the police started.


When I was released several hours later, I had a meeting with the mayor and he apologized.  The fact is, I was very, very careful to not egg on a riot at any point and even the cops had to admit this.  The whole matter was dropped.


On another occasion when I was supposed to speak at a rally which turned into a riot, I was actually sick, in bed and not even there.  The FBI came to my home to check this out and had to admit I was totally innocent.  The police can and do cause riots and mayhem.  But we have to see what is really going on.  Brown’s step dad DID start a riot.  The police were doing nothing, he urged everyone to attack not the police but to burn down Ferguson!  This is a crime.  100%.  Big time.


Below is the map of another crime center about to burst into flames again due to thugs taking over the entire city:  Crime rate in Oakland, California (CA): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers statistics.  Oakland is 30% black, 30% Hispanic (a group with a higher than average crime rate, too):

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.39.58 AM

The crime rate of Oakland, California, is three times the national average.  Here is an editorial from a mother of a young man who though thugs were cool complaining about her son being shot dead by cops:  Stop Police Officers from Killing Our Children » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


My son, Alan Blueford, was shot by an Oakland police officer on May 6, 2012. He had just turned 18. Officer Miguel Masso and his partner had stopped Alan and two friends as they were walking down 90th St. The boys were racially profiled; the officers never arrested them, but they tossed one of Alan’s friends against a fence, twisting his arm behind his back; they threw the other friend onto the curb. Alan saw this abuse and knew he was not under arrest, so he ran.


Officer Masso had on a lapel camera, but he turned it off and chased my Alan for about five city blocks, then took out his gun. Accounts diverge here: either Alan was shot once, stumbled into a driveway, and was shot twice more while lying on his back, or he stumbled into a gate, fell into the driveway and was then shot three times.


Either way, the officer stood over him and shot him, center mass. According to multiple witnesses, Alan screamed “I didn’t do anything!” One of the bullets went through his armpit, proving his hands were up at the time. His last words were “Why did you shoot me?”


Sounds remarkably like the Ferguson thing especially the lying parts.  Just as the Browns were furious that the police revealed their ‘gentle giant’ was actually a thug and a bully as well as a thief, ditto goes with the Blueford family.


Here is a news story about this shooting:  Family of Alan Blueford killed by Oakland police receives $110,000 settlement |


 Alan Blueford, 18, was shot by Oakland police Officer Miguel Masso shortly after midnight on May 6, 2012, during a foot chase near 92nd Avenue and Birch Street in East Oakland.


The family’s lawsuit filed in July 2012 disputes that version of events, claiming that Masso shot Blueford three times after he had tripped and fallen on the ground and was on his back trying to get up.


The gun police said he was carrying was found 20 feet away from Blueford’s body, according to the lawsuit.


The mom carefully leaves out the part that her son DID have a gun and he DID have it drawn which is why, when he fell, it flew out of his hands and landed 20 feet away.  Guns skitter across the ground when flung, I know this first hand.  Here is a street shot of the corner where the kid was shot:

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 10.46.11 AM

All the houses here have iron fences to keep out thugs.  Including their driveways!  All of them.  Bars on the windows because in slums run by thugs, everyone lives behind bars while the thugs fight off the cops who try to put them behind bars.


I once arrested an armed crook in NYC using my broom as a weapon.  He drew his gun and it flipped out of his hand and skittered under a parked car and while I wrestled him to the ground, he tried to scoot over to the car to get his gun and kill me so I pressed down hard on his throat and just then, the police arrived and took over.


Blueford didn’t run because he thought the police were mean to his friends and unreasonable.  If he thought the police were doing something illegal, all he had to do was say, ‘I am a witness to this arrest.’  You do NOT run away with a drawn gun in your hands, right?  Right.


His mother made up that stuff because she cannot face the truth that her son as well as far too many of his associates are causing a massive and destructive crime and rampage mess in Oakland making the place increasingly uninhabitable for non-thugs to live.


Oakland is the third most dangerous city in America nearly totally due to black crime rates. St, Louis and itssuburbs like Ferguson which are part of these statistics, is one of the top ten crime cities in the US, too.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.50.16 AM

St. Louis isn’t as deadly as Oakland.  But it was, just three years ago!  There isn’t one white-majority population city with high crime rates.  Poverty, not race, tied to high crime rates in urban communities is the liberal take on all this which doesn’t explain why Asian communities that are poor and there are plenty of these…have a much lower crime rate especially murder.


Poor whites have a lot of crime, of course, but again, it isn’t as universal as black crime which infests black middle class neighborhoods to a shocking degree considering the higher incomes.  There is definitely a cultural problem here that has to be addressed internally by black politicians who are playing the victim game instead.  Dem represenatives Hakeem Jeffries make ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ motion on House floor is a ridiculous stunt indeed.


Piedmont is part of Oakland and is entirely upper middle class and has a much lower crime rate but it has tripled in just 12 years as the mayhem spreads:

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 10.42.38 AM

Going back to the Ferguson and Oakland shootings by cops: neither victim was surrendering voluntarily and cooperating with the cops.  Period.  Both fought off or ran from cops after being ordered to stand still.  This is why I find the entire ‘hands up!’ a load of garbage.


If only!  I hope that blacks who are stopped by the cops obey this gesture and do this thing instead of doing everything possible to fight off any arrests.


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26 responses to “Counterpunch Editorial Complaining About Police Shooting In Oakland Full Of Holes

  1. Rexford

    Here’s what happened here in St Louis after MB was shot. (I’m from St Louis and anyone who has dealt with the police here knows this.)
    The #1 problem for the authorities was the eyewitness testimony of Dorian who was present at the shooting.His narrative made indictment inevitable so Dorian had to be taken down.
    Fortunately for the authorities, they had everything they needed to “create”physical evidence to undercut Dorian’s story. They had the blood and dna of Brown, they had the gun and the police car,and they had the team that did what was necessary. Let’s give a hand to the authorities,they accomplished job #1,and no one in the media is challangeing the “physical” evidence as presented to the grand jury.


    ELAINE: Yes, the buddy of the assailant was telling the truth…talk about naive.

  2. e sutton

    Dorian was caught in several egregious lies, only managing to sustain the mass confusion and mindless rioting that ensued after the police rightfully exterminated the future crowned king of EBT, Affirmative Action, and Permanent Welfare for Life recipient Michael Brown. There is no telling how many millions of dollars Officer Wilson saved the good people of Missouri, as well as the entire U.S., who would have footed the bill for the exponential offspring Brown would have unleashed upon the world had he not been rightfully executed. Wilson needs to run for president in 2016 on the Republican ticket. He’d lose 13% of the vote off the top, another 13-15% of the silly, self-hating white libs who worship at the shrine of St. Swisher Sweets, but still carry a good majority among the remaining sane people of the country.

  3. Rexford

    Let’s let Ellen and the other commentators decide which comment is more insane,the rigging of evidence by police,or the Darren Wilson candidacy.

  4. Ken

    The liberal argument about poverty being the principal cause of crime fails for another reason – white areas with extreme poverty are quite safe.

    In Michigan, the worst poverty is found in rural areas, particularly the upper peninsula. My ex-wife’s family was from these very poor areas, and I visited them many times. People there don’t even bother to lock their doors. If someone’s car breaks down, the next person along will help them, not rob or murder them. Every household contains guns, usually for hunting. Yet there are almost no murders by firearms.

    With poverty eliminated as a cause of crime, we are left with the character of the people and their upbringing as the cause.

  5. e sutton

    Yes, all we’re asking is that we judge people by the content of their character – oh, WAIT!

  6. Rexford

    I have only one interest at present, a trial for Darren Wilson,with a prosecutor that is willing to do his job.

  7. rcar

    lets see if the chokehold cop gets a trial

  8. vengeur

    I see that individuals on the left are going to maintain their delusional interpretation of the gentle giant soon to be scholar Michael Brown’s demise. Sorry for you, most people can see beyond your simplistic race based lack of logic. Elaine has shown infinite guts to swim against the flood of your evil, hate filled lies. Already innocent people have lost their lives because of the racist haters spreading their vile delusions about Brown’s death, inciting rioting and murder.

  9. e sutton

    I’ll jump in ahead of the fray on Garner. I’m sure Elaine (Ellen?wtf?) will cover this, but they’ve just announced that the cop will not be indicted for Garner’s death, which I believe is absolutely WRONG! There, I’ve said it. The video supports the case of MURDER imo. I don’t care if Garner was doing something illegal. He clearly was not resisting arrest. This is a good case for blatant police brutality. Brown? As my young half Vietnamese nephew once said to me, “Gimme blake, peas!” 😀

  10. emsnews

    Garner was a 400 pound asthmatic who died of a heart attack.

    Yes, the cops swarmed him after he grew belligerent. A person can die of a heart attack when exerting themselves.

    The cops didn’t do an illegal thing because his WINDPIPE was not the cause of his death.

    Unfortunately, he was mishandled but then, this is quite common in this world, I have seen people get ‘agitated’ over the littlest things and if one is about to have a heart attack, it is very likely they will be agitated because this is one of the symptoms of an impending heart attack as blood flow to the brain is restricted.

    The autopsy showed that he had bad arteries due to overweight problems.

    For a criminal act (WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM A POOR WORK PERFORMANCE ACT) you need proof the death was caused by the killer and not natural.

    Mr. Garner’s death was natural but he could have been handled better. That might have extended his life another couple of months but he was long on the road to dying due to his health problems.

  11. e sutton

    Pretty sure I’d have a heart attack if I was swarmed by a bunch of cops and one goes for my throat in less than a minute’s time. No, not “mishandled”, MANHANDLED. Big time. As you all well know, I have no particular fondness for negroes in general, and this man was quite a bit younger than I, as well as hundreds of pounds larger. This was no panic situation, as in, “Oh my gawd, what am I gonna do!” like with Brown. This was a guy selling loose smokes on a street corner. Illegal? Damn straight! Big time crime? What, are you kidding me? Tag him with a hundred dollar fine and move on to bigger and better. It will be interesting to see the black response to this. More looting and rioting, I’d expect.

  12. emsnews

    Ahem…and all the many thousands of people manhandled by black criminals are….you fill in the blank.

  13. Pontiff Holysh*t

    The cause of Garner’s death was “compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police,” the medical examiner’s office has said. The New York City Police Department prohibits chokeholds. The death was ruled a homicide.

  14. vengeur

    Garners death is a tragedy. For somebody who was supposedly arrested 31 times, you would think he would know the drill. But I don’t want cops swarming and choking me either, I would HOPE I wouldn’t resist arrest. He was seen as more than a threat than he was because of his size. That one I would have to say overkill force, but I wasn’t the one trying to subdue him.

  15. e sutton

    At any rate, we sure are seeing a lot of the police these days. Nobody ever puts the cuffs on the big players in the banks. No, they spend time running after some diabetic, obese, asthmatic peddler, dodging the tobacco tax on single smokes. I was okay with Brown eating some lead, as well as his pal Trayvon. This guy looked about as feral as Santa Claus. He resisted and the cops went after him. Happens all the time, I guess. This one was caught on camera. I imagine we’ll be seeing quite a lot of these incidents in the near and far future.

  16. Luke

    Notable quote, ‘For somebody who was supposedly arrested 31 times, you would think he would know the drill.’

  17. e sutton

    Yeah, Luke, the guy wasn’t Princess Grace, but we have a situation where the rule of law is selectively enforced. Those banksters have been allowed to decimate our banking system and have means and can contribute to NYC tax base vs. us Plebes, who are just so much dog poo on the cops’ shoes. This guy was, among other things, a law breaker and a public nuisance (stealing revenue from the state and the shop owners for peddling single cigarettes). Negroes happen to be first in line for this abuse. Sooner or later they’ll come after us as well.

  18. larry, dfh

    Watching Pro Wrestling on tv out of Baltimore as a kid: every time Bruno Sammartino would throw a ‘Heel’ out of the ring, the same old woman would come up to the ‘Heel’ lying on the concrete and beat him with her umbrella. Sometimes I feel I am reading her blog.
    And they still have great tv in Bal’more

  19. Freddy

    It was an illegal chokehold resulting in death, manslaughter. This was not self defense against a thug like Brown, this was to uphold the Zionist monopoly of taxing power in New York, screw Bloomberg. Garner was selling untaxed cigs not robbing a convenience store, or looting the bank accounts of investor or savers. If you believe this standard holds, then Wall Street and Federal Reserve should literally burn to ground with everyone in it.

  20. emsnews

    OK: the cigarette tax. Indian tribes have used their own loophole to sell cheap cigarettes to addicts wanting to avoid the tax. The tax is punitive because cigarettes are extremely dangerous to smoke, more so than say pot smoking.

    I am for taxing pot not making it illegal. We always argued that cigarettes are worse and should be made illegal. They aren’t.

    The guy who died of a heart attack was grossly overweight. He decided to refuse to be arrested and you can see all the cops are both shorter and smaller than him. He relied on his bulk to resist arrest.

    He got his cigarettes from someone who bought it from the Mohawk tribe upstate. He STOOD OUTSIDE A STORE SELLING CIGARETTES taking away customers. The store keeper would call the cops and demand the guy be removed.

    When he refused, a challenge was issued not only to the State but the store owner who was being undercut by someone refusing to collect taxes.

    I just published a big story about this history and explaining why black riots will not cause a revolution but rather a Nazi style backlash and why this is all the fault of the super rich who refuse to pay ANY taxes and who offshored most of our production and jobs.

  21. rcar

    elaine,you are showing incredibly bad judgement to assign any credibility to darren wilsons testimony.
    he is the perfect brownshirt.

  22. Luke

    rcar, by yr ‘logic’ Brown was a Gentle Giant? Unarmed [except for all 300 pounds of him].
    One person told me, ‘I didnt know Brown weighed 290 pounds. All I saw were photos of his face’.

  23. Luke

    Oh, The reason EMS and others are so tough in their estimate of street thugs and street justice is they have lived in high crime areas or been mugged.

  24. Christian W

    We all have the basic right to be safe in our persons and belongings and property. Nobody is arguing against that. Nobody is arguing against that the law should be upheld or the police to be allowed to do their job.

    ELAINE: When crooks, robbers and law breakers demand the police don’t use force when the criminals resist arrest, you get an unholy hell and I can’t warn people enough. It is highly dangerous and you end up with killers and house breakers attacking you NEARLY NON STOP. Trust me on that. I lived with that once!


    However, the police should work within the law. That law has to be within reason ie including basic human and civil rights. The police should crack down on the blatant crime going on at the top of society, which overall both contains the petty crime at the other end of society and vastly exacerbates the problems throughout society.

    To turn the police force into a brute force and aim it squarely at only the petty criminals is not going to solve anything. It will only create more chaos, not less, which is exactly the modus operandi of the elites. At least until the worst” chaos” is contained and the populace itself is contained under the boots of the police.

    Maybe you want an Israeli style society with minorities and illegals in the role of the Palestinians and white people as the Jews with all the real fire power and all the legal rights and all the goodies giving themselves the right to brutalize anyone at any time whenever they feel like, not to mention steal anything they want including life, labour and property.

    And as a result of that are we going to see blacks and other minorities pop up periodically with their own “intifadas”?

    Are we going to see a US with a “reluctant but forced by necessity” White Nazi class?

    If you don’t see the strings attached in that scenario, well…

  25. John

    And as a result of that are we going to see blacks and other minorities pop up periodically with their own “intifadas”?

    Are we going to see a US with a “reluctant but forced by necessity” White Nazi class?

    It is possible. And I do believe the oligarchy would be just fine with that in America. They’re certainly fine with it in Israel.

  26. emsnews

    Yes, race warfare is preferred to class warfare. That is, by our rulers.

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