California Drought Ends But Not The Global Warming Whining

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Huffington Post’s only weather article today!


Rain, mud arrive in thirsty Southern CaliforniaMajor storm soaks Southern California – LA Times…but as usual, Much-needed rain drenches California, but hardly puts dent in the drought is a typical global warmist headline.  Proof to see how ‘liberal’ media lies to its readers is easy to find.  The California based Huffington Post, for example, has NO stories about the rains even if mud slides are endangering readers of that rag while their only weather story on the front page is about a tiny fish that is going extinct (sic) due to no rain!



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24 hour forecast showing entire Western half of the nation will have many storms.


Rainy Day Is Welcome in Parched California is admitted to the front page of the NYT but it also says, ‘…drenching rainstorm came as the state wheezed its way into the fourth year of the worst drought in CENTURIES.’  Not, ‘Heavy rains break the drought’.  And this worst drought in centuries is total BS, too.  There have been much, much worse droughts in the past.  50 year droughts, for example.


California as still relatively dry even during the super cold Ice Ages.  It was never a swampland or dense forestlands.  It has always been warmer than the rest of North America.  Far from being a good place to track whether the planet is hot or cold, California is out of the norm for the rest of the planet.


One of the main ways humans deal with incoming new information that conflicts with pet beliefs is denial.  The warmists love to pretend that sane people who notice the colder trends, are ‘denialists’ when the opposite is true.  Even when weather the warmists pray for comes, they go into denial and pretend it isn’t happening.  One way of keeping their church of the hot earth running is to simply have no information about cold weather even when it is happening to their own followers.


Bezos lives in the hot West so of course, he has ordered his newspaper to make no mention of the rain and snow pouring into the Western states where he lives.  Instead, the only top weather story is this silly one:  West Antarctic sheds a Mount Everest worth of ice into the oceans!  Now, sane people know that when a river of ice from glaciers pours off the continent and into the ocean, it usually is due to lots of freezing ice in the hinterlands which shoves existing, previous ice forwards.


Glaciers are rivers of ice fed by ice.  When they shrink, they turn into water.  If a glacier is shoving ice directly into the ocean, this is Ice Age conditions, not warming conditions.  One of the most important things to understand about Ice Ages is, the temperature at the poles don’t get colder, they probably get somewhat WARMER but remain well below freezing while temperatures on all the continents except for several key places like California and much of Australia, get much, much colder.

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Current Ice Conditions and Forecasts – Weather and Meteorology – Environment Canada showing the rapid icing conditions with the Hudson Bay already nearly all ice along the shorelines and it isn’t winter yet.


So even if the to poles warm up from -50 below zero F to -40 below zero F, this is a ten degree rise but still is Ice Age conditions.  If the rest of North America plunges by 5 degrees F from normal while the Arctic rises by 10 degrees F, this means definite Ice Age conditions and leads to glaciation of nearly the entire northern half of the continent all the way down to NYC.


We have often noticed that mainstream pro-global warming often Bilderberg-owned media refuses to cover obvious winter news that is needed by readers to survive the severe cold conditions.  This odd way of presenting the news has been going on for quite a while now, the last 5 years in particular.


November North American Snow Cover Increases To An All-Time Record as the Arctic is freezing more and more not less and less and Antarctica has record ice surrounding it.  Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI shows it is growing at a fast rate, too.  Global Sea Ice Area Up 700,000 km^2 Over Past Decade.


So the global warmists have stories like this: Earth Has Changed Since First Meeting On Global Warming by Associated Press:


Carbon dioxide emissions are up 60 percent, global temperature is up six-tenths of a degree, population is up 1.7 billion people, sea level is up 3 inches, extreme weather in the United States is up 30 percent, and ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are down 4.9 trillion tons of ice.


Diplomats began talks Monday at a United Nations global warming conference in Lima, Peru, to pave the way for an international treaty they hope to forge next year.


Just like the term ‘climate change’ they use ‘extreme weather’ to describe global warming when the weather extremes are blizzards and severe cold.  China on yellow alert for blizzards today, for example.  FREEZING BRITAIN: UK faces SNOWSTORMS and plunging temperatures…this last week.  Some ‘we are roasting to death’ weather indeed.


Lake Erie temperature at end of November was the coldest in decades and even the warmists who run the Washington Post admit that this is the Third colder-than-normal November in a row in DC…in Billings, Montana, Ed’s Almanac: November trends colder than average with more snow.


El Niño To Bring Colder-Than-Normal Winter Temperatures Across Canada – International Business Times claims in an article which is total bunk.  We had no el Nino last winter or the winter before but we had super cold weather.


The rulers who have decided to NEVER EVER meet and talk about global warming in any cold place, are meeting to talk about it this week and they are absolutely determined to foist this tax on us all. Even if hell itself freezes over.


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3 responses to “California Drought Ends But Not The Global Warming Whining

  1. melponeme_k

    Living during an ice age is so horrendous that that Norse created their whole mythology from it. They feared it so much that every winter, during the solstice, they would light candles and do all sorts of things (eventually becoming what we call Christmas) to prevent the ice of Niflheim and Hell’s minions from returning to take over Middle Earth (our world).

  2. Petruchio

    And now we know why the wealthy took so much effort, especially during the 1980’s, to gain control of the American media. They couldn’t lie and deny like they are now if there were independent voices in the media to call them on their frauds. War is good, peace is evil. Up is down, down is up. Through the looking glass logic prevails. Very sad indeed.

  3. Luke

    ‘‘Denialists’ and other terms [aka mudslinging]. Racist. Bigot. Narrow Minded. Stupid. Anti Science. Nazi. Fool.
    Feel free to expand the lefts list of terms for people who disagree w their dogmas.

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