Democrats Make Race The #1 Issue After Losing Election Very Badly

Once more on this topic since it seems quite important, seeing our cities burned to the ground is important…by the way, the bankers started this by dumping a tsunami of loans onto housing and then going bankrupt!  The issue of race is made central in the US because it is convenient for both the left and the right wings, both get great power from the concept of ‘race’ which is destroying our nation and wrecking whole communities as they buy into the ‘race’ issue thing.


I am not going after the right now about race because that is too obvious a target.  I am going after liberals because they are being quite delusional about this topic.  Here is today’s far left example showing numbingly stupid analysis about race that is also infuriating:  “Race”: a Political Weapon » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


To begin with, is “America” racist? Real, existing Americans voted for a black candidate for president, one, moreover, who ticked off only the “African American” category on race in the US Census of 2010. In choosing the less privileged racial group than white, Obama adhered to the principle of “hypo descent,” which the US has traditionally used to determine the race of a child born of a mixed-race union. We have a black political class in the Congress; a black Supreme Court justice; two blacks have been secretary of state (one a woman). We have not one institution in which blacks don’t figure more or less prominently. Mixed marriages have been legal since 1967. In 2008, about 14% of all first marriages were mixed race; 9% of whites, 16% of blacks, 26% of Hispanics, and 31% of Asians were interracially married.


The writer goes on to claim America is racist because blacks are doing poorly.  There is little examination as to why we have a black elite and why they profit from all of this and why this is so bad.


Obama is the perfect example.  His African father was never a slave nor were any of his ancestors a slave.  Obama was raised by his white grandparents with zero money or input from daddy.  He went to white schools.  He grew up in a white neighborhood.


Nothing bad happened to him and he wasn’t inside the ghetto/thug culture.  So…even though his lifestyle, upbringing, neighborhood and everything was 100% ‘white’ he ticked the ‘black’ box on all his forms.


Why did he?  The liberal leftist author of the Counterpunch editorial assumes he was FORCED by ‘racists’ to do this!  Because they hate his black skin!


Alas, it is the opposite: Obama was given PREFERENCES and ADVANTAGES that were immense thanks  to calling himself ‘black’.  He didn’t have to compete for a good scholarship with other whites or especially, other Asians.  He got an Xmas present instead.


Lots of money and a free ride to the very top.  The red carpet!  A poor white trash kid from the deep south going to a rural school would get absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip.  Not one advantage even if he or she was dirt poor, and extremely disadvantaged.


This has been noticed by white families anxious to have their own children go to college.  So people petitioned the government to change the rules a bit:  The White Man’s Guide to Getting a Minority Scholarship


You’ve likely Heard of California’s Proposition 209, which in 1996 made it illegal for public colleges and universities in California to consider admissions on the basis of race, creed, sex or color. Michigan’s recent Proposition 2, a.k.a. Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, is cut from similar fabric. It was passed in early 2006 and makes the same educational admissions processes illegal as well.
Obviously the critics of such legal propositions argue that the educational process will only roll backwards, with scholastic and professional opportunities once again falling into the hands of a predominantly white male crowd, but for the moment, we’re hardly there. According to recent statistics 57% of the college crowd is female with a growing gender gap on American campuses. The problem is laced with a smorgasbord of potential reasons, say experts, only part of which is attached to scholarship money.



Anyone who says anything today about the deaths of people resisting arrest, gets hammered for being racist:  Republican Peter King claims Eric Garner’s health contributed to his death and saying this got him hammered, hard, by the media and the defeated Democrats.


Since ‘global warming’ has been an utter failure in the last election to get the Democrats voted into any offices, they have fallen back on the ‘everyone who says anything in regards to the utter mess the black community is in today is a racist’ game.  That is, we can’t talk about any cause and effect here.


Why are the cops doing this to mainly blacks is a very pertinent question.  Of course, in a perfect world, we would have polite cops putting people under arrest who never, ever resist arrest, and we have everyone live happily ever after, not one death from any form or shape.  But reality is a million miles from this.


Rand Paul just wrecked his ’16 campaign: Watch his awful Eric Garner answer – is doing a typical attack on someone mentioning facts.  Rand Paul, like myself, mentions the cigarette tax but didn’t mention that the guy selling these illegally was doing this in front of a store selling legally.  I suspect in the future as pot is legalized, the pot sellers will be calling the cops on outsiders doing exactly this.  The tax didn’t cause this, it was how business is conducted that caused this.


I bring up the even more important point that anyone selling anything on the street right in front of any store will get this sort of response because otherwise, stores will go bankrupt and no nation state would allow this, even though our own elites deliberately destroyed many factories here by letting in a flood of foreign goods while ignoring our trade deficit which shot to the moon, making the US the most indebted nation on earth.


NO ONE screeching about ANYTHING today is talking about the giant sucking sound of US jobs vanishing and how free trade has wrecked our finances.  The Bilderberg gang loves this and encourages this.  Imagine US workers united against free trade! The rulers are about to foist yet another free trade deal on us and we are talking about protecting street punks for our cops!


Back to refusal to surrender to cops, there is a story about a white man who nearly murdered someone while the cops played nice during a car chase:  LA cops who shot unarmed veteran dead on live TV after dramatic Corvette chase to be disciplined: a white man fled the cops for an hour at a high speed endangering the public.  The family sued and got $5 million from the city.


The high speed chase only ended when this white guy slammed into another car seriously injuring an innocent driver who was following the rules of the road while this creep was running red lights!  I hope the family of his victim sues them for the $5 million.  The man who was shot suffered from paranoia and delusions so of course his family gave him a sports car to tool around.


Then there was the sad tale of the single mom who is black, arrested in Arizona after she nearly killed her children by leaving them in a car in the hot sun:  Shanesha Taylor who received donations denies wasting the cash | Daily Mail Online


Ms Taylor became an Internet sensation after her tear-stained mugshot was published following her arrest for leaving her two-year-old and six-month-old in a 100F car.


She received $114,000 in donations, but missed the deadline to set aside the $60,000 for her children’s trust fund, a sum which was initially agreed with prosecutors.


‘Any money spent has gone to housing, clothes, car payments as well as fast-food outings and birthday parties,’ said Ms Taylor.


‘I’m not the type of person to go out and finance someone’s rap album.


‘Yes, I threw them birthday parties because they haven’t had birthday parties in years,’ she said. ‘I took care of Thanksgiving dinner because my mother couldn’t afford to take care of that.’


Thanksgiving dinner cost $100,000, too!  She spent it all after promising the judge she would put it into a trust fund for her children and if she did this, the case would be dropped.  She didn’t do this but everyone wants her to go free so no lessons are learned.


The UK has a crime wave problem with the cops outgunned and out stripped and the system collapsing thanks to the EU rules:  Only two leave UK under scheme to deport petty foreign criminals | UK news | The Guardian


Conditional cautioning scheme’s annual target of removing 62 immigration offenders has been wildly missed, Vine report shows


May has still not published four other reports she received in August from John Vine, the chief inspector of borders and immigration. They are believed to include two highly critical reports on nationality and overstayers.


The flagship cautioning scheme was announced by the home secretary in April last year in an attempt to increase the number of deportations of foreign nationals charged with petty and low-level offences. Under the scheme individuals can avoid prosecution by agreeing to leave the UK for at least five years and accepting a caution.


The liberal Guardian is partially at fault for this situation and I notice the editors did not allow any comments to this article.  Not only was virtually no one deported for petty crimes, it is worse:  Britain unable to deport more than 5,000 foreign offenders with 150 serious offenders among released foreign criminals even if they murder or rape.  This information is enraging a lot of people who are moving rightwards, not leftwards.


Osborne moves to cut spending to 1930s levels in dramatic autumn statement because TAXES are not enough and the flood of foreigners seeking socialism is huge.  This is what is also happening in the US.


Cities run by black mayors with mainly black populations are swiftly going downhill and bankrupt.  And the #1 thing they worry about is cops hurting people resisting arrest!


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29 responses to “Democrats Make Race The #1 Issue After Losing Election Very Badly

  1. Christian W

    Some absolutely vital points in this post Elaine. I’ll elaborate on one:

    Osborne moves to cut spending to 1930s levels in dramatic autumn statement because TAXES are not enough and the flood of foreigners seeking socialism is huge… and the moneyed class (private interests) is robbing the place blind and using the UKIP as a lightning rod to draw attention from their looting of the public purse.

    Extremely cynical ploy by them because they know full well flooding the UK with foreigners was encouraged by them to destroy the Labour Party’s base of unions. They then infiltrated Labour with Bilderbergers like Tony Blair and Ed Balls (current shadow finance minister) and turned it into the Dem version of Labour (the so called New Labour, the marginally left version of the far right Tory party).

    Do notice the same pattern in both the US and UK of destroying the union base of the left and using race/nationality as bait to deflect anger, stir up emotions and fight or flight instincts, and that way redirect political energy away from the real target.

    All the while the so called liberals or left ‘leaders’ are just running around in circles talking nonsense being useless in general. And the same goes for “liberal” or “left” media.

    And the bankers are laughing all the way to their tax haven treasure coves.

  2. emsnews

    BINGO you win.


  3. Luke

    ‘Cities run by black mayors with mainly black populations are swiftly going downhill and bankrupt.’
    Classic regression to the mean [DNA mean].
    Left to their own devices blacks would be no farther along than they were in 1540. They will all still be living in stick houses and washing in cow urine.
    All you have to do is look at black Africa. It’s the longest inhabited but least advanced place on earth.
    No black African group came even close to inventing the wheel.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, there are racists. Indeed, of all types and skin colors! All over the place.

    The fact that black people focus only on ‘racism’ instead of ‘what is going wrong with us all?’ means they will never, ever escape the mess their community is in.

    It is a crutch. None of the cops who shot or killed suspects who were resisting arrest did this because the person they were dealing with was black.

    They also kill whites, too, who also resist arrest! And this is why whites are making this an issue of ‘the police are too tough’ while blacks are making this all about ‘we are being picked on due to racism!’

    And I say, we have a solution and it is a stupid solution: no more cops arresting anyone who fights back or runs away. Right? For this is the end result.

    Now revolutionaries love this concept. I don’t because I lived with this result in the past. It is hideous.

  5. Christian W

    The US is an enormous mess. Some 40+ million people on food stamps. Some 30 million people on anti-depressants. 2.5 million kids are homeless. Illegal aliens, many of whom are criminals and even highly dangerous criminals are streaming across the border compounding problems at the bottom of society. Education is a mess. Youth unemployment is horrible. Employment in general point solidly to a deep economic depression. The economy is a giant bubble desperately papered over. The elite is not even trying to fix real problems for American people, but focuses on actively making things worse while they loot as much out of the economy they can as fast as they can. Practically everything that comes out of government is a lie. And that’s just scratching the surface.

    I don’t see how giving the police the rights to simply gun down people on the streets or in their homes is going to help the situation one bit. It is only going to increase the carnage isn’t it. The police is not going to clean up the slums because there is no political will or inclination to clean up the slums.

    I saw somebody claim that only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of US government. I wonder what the real literacy rate is for the US.

    And this seems to be the solution to the problems by the elites; let it all burn and let the bottom class and police kill each other all while the elite loot the place blind with an “We’ll be alright Jack because we have the police and military protecting us” attitude. That is also a “solution” of sorts.

  6. Petruchio

    It doesn’t take an economics genius to figure out that if you flood a labor market with cheap labor you drive down overall wages. And if the immigrant flooding continues, you get chronic unemployment for one thing. Other things? Social services in many communities that are strained to the breaking point. Tax revenues fall sharply. And more, pretty much what one sees when you survey the economic ‘scenery’ here in the US. Our honorable members of Congress, the President and the rest of our government know FULL WELL what causes the rotten economy we have. Not only that, our elected reps are enablers, servants to those who want the economy this way. As Elaine says, arrest them all. Treason is the charge I would pin on them.

  7. emsnews

    And see how all this is about flooding former industrial cities with poor welfare cases. Cities and former industrial states voted for greater social services.

    Then the rug was pulled on them and the factories first moved to the ‘slave states’ in the deep south that had few or no social services and then population from these ‘slave states’ moved northwards due to cheap housing in abandoned former manufacturing giants like Detroit and now it is bankrupt and the population is 84% black nearly all of whom descended from southerners who came north.

    And half of these are on some sort of welfare which is utterly unsustainable which is why the city is now bankrupt.

    And this is happening to all cities except for say, Manhattan and some of the rest of NYC due to it being a banking/world trade outfit, not manufacturing like many years ago.

    All the NY manufacturing cities are going the way of Detroit: bankrupt and overrun by people coming in to suck up welfare payments and cheap rents.

  8. Luke

    Christian, as to yr ‘USA is a mess’, This land has increased its population by 50% in less than 50 years. So what do you expect when non White 3rd worlders are brought into a formerly first rate place?

  9. Luke

    e sutton, google ‘Darius Rucker singing ‘White Christmas’ has people unhappy. Darius aka Hootie is Black.

  10. Luke

    Elaine, have you seen ‘Fabulous Ruins of Detroit’ site? Once online I saw a clip of a black hoodlum point his gun at the google mapper who was driving thru Det-rot google mapping. Thats a real slice of life in the hood.

  11. Luke
    sounds like a headline from ‘the Enquirer’,

    Google Maps Catches Teens With Gun At House Where Baby Found Dead

  12. Petruchio

    @Elaine #9: correct as usual, Elaine. I don’t know which to be more angry about, the fact that this condition exists by design or that our ‘honorable’ members of Congress do NOTHING about this. Right now I would say it’s a toss up as to which is more disgusting.

  13. Christian W

    @10 Luke

    Yes, formerly first rate place… for whites. Blacks didn’t even have the right to vote, the Vietnam war was just starting and the dollar was strong. In that context the US elites still thought of the US as one nation and globalism (global control) was not yet on the agenda.

    Now, it’s all about keeping global control of the markets enforcing a dead dollar on everyone. Now, it doesn’t matter if you burn your own cities and the future of your youth, because citizens are now just statistics to be fed into the market, which is probably one reason the elites have doubled the US citizens.

    And scared to death of the consequences the whites are turkeys voting for Christmas, voting for the lesser evil time and time and time again and each time the evil grows stronger and stronger and more corrupt and twisted.

    Today is Finland’s Independence day. I just read the paper and Finland’s Defence minister sounded like a US State Department spokesperson, talking up NATO membership in the face of Russian “aggression”. That is simply creepy and outrageous. It means that in the face of the US onslaught to protect it’s precious dollar Finland risks losing it’s independence and sovereignty and become yet another slave and poodle nation.

  14. emsnews

    Blacks fought long and hard for basic civil rights. I supported this personally and whole heartedly. My granddaddy bucked Jim Crow to promote black scientists!

    BUT…this has all been tossed into the garbage bin. Now, ‘civil liberties’ means resisting arrest, shooting each other, child abuse and burning down cities.

  15. Christian W

    Well, “civil liberties” have changed. Now any American can be disappeared and tortured and basically anything at any point in time at the governments discretion. The decision to allow the police to become trigger happy is in line with that kind of morality.

    History is full of revolutions and counter revolutions, movements and counter movements. It looks to me as if the blacks have been pushed very firmly into a corner which is very difficult to get out of.

    Interestingly it looks to me as if blacks have a lot of support on this issue from certain parts of the white community, young unemployed or underemployed or sporadically employed whites in particular.

  16. John

    It looks to me as if the blacks have been pushed very firmly into a corner which is very difficult to get out of.

    Yep. And the black “leaders” have been an equal partner with the white “elites” in making this happen.

    I still believe the elites’ ultimate goal is a huge depopulation event, and I think they are promoting several scenarios concurrently to bring this about.

    One of those is to bottle up the blacks in the ghettos by making it all too easy to subsist – barely, but subsist – on the dole. Flood the country with unskilled illegals who compete with unskilled citizens for jobs, thus making lower class whites feel bottled up as well. Jack government spending through the roof, but hide the fact that the bulk of government money goes to the elites, with mere crumbs going to the poor who are used as the excuse for the runaway spending. Tax everyone who actually works – but is not an elite – up to their eyeballs.

    The middle class is pissed off at the lower classes about taxes and the welfare state. The lower classes are pissed off at the middle class about lack of opportunity. The elites who orchestrate it all simply sit back, in their gated mansions and in their bulletproof limos…and wait.

  17. Christian W

    Aye, “bottled up” on so many levels in society. You can see the hook for the slogan “I can’t breathe” pretty clearly. That slogan is not only about police brutality; it’s about unemployment, ghetto “life”, fear of crime, fear of police, poverty, lack of future etc.

    I read someone saying something along the lines that the US elites have stopped talking about equal opportunity and the American “Dream”; now it is all about promising to protecting people (ie the middle class) from various Nightmares, domestic and foreign.

  18. John

    Correct. There is no longer a focus on equality of opportunity. It’s now all about equality of outcome. Via redistribution of wealth.

    To paraphrase an old saying: “he who earns the wealth has nothing. He who distributes the wealth has everything.”

    And as I’ve noted before, that power, that control, is the one and only true objective of all Marxist-based systems. I have concluded that Marxism – real Marxism, as it actually happens, not the utopian fairy tales they tell you about it – is the religion of atheist psychopaths.

  19. Pontiff Holysh*t

    There will always be “redistribution of wealth”. There are two ways this can be done: violently and nonviolently. Any civilization with any sort of vibrant culture always has some system of nonviolent redistribution of wealth.

    Human nature being what it is there may never be a perfect system, however, if you prefer civilization to chaos the alternative will always be worse.

    The only people that benefit from unbridled “free markets” are the elites; i.e., people with unbridled killing power who want the fruits of “civilization” only for themselves.

  20. Christian W

    John, if I use your Libertarian vs Authoritarian axis, then I am clearly a Libertarian. But I am also a left leaning Libertarian. I guess you are a right leaning Libertarian.

    I did this test for fun, and ended up as a Left Libertarian. I’m with Ghandi, MLK, Dalai Lama and gang heh. The Bilderberger gang ie Authoriatarian Right (Obama, Cameron etc) are my opposite

  21. Christian W

    And if you are a Libertarian RIght, then I can see why you see the Authoritarians as Marxists, because your opposite is the Authoritarian Left (Stalin).

  22. emsnews

    Everyone is always taxed one way or another. Religions impose huge taxes on people and the religious leaders end up living in gigantic palaces bigger than any palace built by any other dictators. The Popes live in this gigantic palace in Rome, for example.

    The Lamas in Tibet live in the biggest building in Tibet while they heavily taxed the peasants.

    All over history, there is this same outcome: the founders of all religions talk about helping the poor and being kindly and end up heavily taxing them, abusing them and killing them if they stray from the religious beliefs even slightly.

    The core of the Republican Party is right wing draconian brutal Christians and the core of the Democratic Party are all Zionists. They are both exploiting US credit charged against us all to run huge wars.

    This is why both parties are warmongering bastards. Both parties…BOTH…double the debt every decade. Both parties love free trade and letting in millions of illegal aliens. This is why we are reduced to voting based on ‘who will save my few civil rights?’ rather than economic issues.

  23. John

    Pontiff Holysh*t

    Any civilization with any sort of vibrant culture always has some system of nonviolent redistribution of wealth.

    And this cannot happen via government, because by definition, government is a monopoly on violence. Again, try to refuse paying taxes, and see how long it takes for guns to be pointed at you.

    The nonviolent system is an actual free market. It’s an unfortunate fact that a meritocracy is the closest thing to fairness humans are currently capable of creating. There is no equality of outcome possible between PeeWee Herman and LeBron James on a basketball court, just to use an easily understood example. Life is like that. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to accept it and then work within that reality to produce the best possible outcome.

    Christian, I’ve done that test, and I’m center-right libertarian.

  24. Luke

    Taxes? Government spending,

    I can’t think of any testament that better indicts post-American liberals for their profound irresponsibility more than federal spending exceeding what many household actually earn in income.

    Insane…the median INCOME (with half earning more and half earning less) is in the low $40,000.

    Odd…I don’t recall any government checks arriving at my door lately…
    You’re undoubtedly the wrong color; it is your job to pay, not to receive.

  25. Luke

    ‘The Lamas in Tibet live in the biggest building in Tibet while they heavily taxed the peasants.’
    I hope you meant ‘lived’.
    Then Mao [killer of 50-100 million Chinese and Tibetans] rolled in and made things better? worse? [you decide].

  26. emsnews

    I am merely pointing out the history of ALL groups that start off with the ‘we sympathize with slaves, the poor and workers’. They all end up the same way. Left or right.

    This is a hard pill to swallow.

  27. Pontiff Holysh*t

    As far as meritocracy goes, there are always those that think they are entitled to more based on some characteristic such as being a “wealth producer” or being “smart” or whatever. Of course, in order to capitalize on these characteristics at some point they are going to need the cooperation of the less gifted. How to secure this cooperation? Henry Ford, for example, was such a person. He used thugs and violence to keep his workers line.

    Unregulated markets work great as a theoretical construct. In practice, they amount to “dog eat dog”, and the problem with that is that no matter how big of a dog you think you are, there is always a bigger dog out there.

    In order for a completely free market to “grow the economy”, employers would have to be willing to voluntarily pay workers enough to live comfortably AND accrue capital savings, and train them so that eventually they can take their newly acquired capital and skills and go out and compete with their former employer. The employer is supposed to rely on his ability to use innovation to bring added value to the market in order to remain competitive. Obviously, this is never going to happen in a million years.

    The real world evidence so far indicates that the societies that have the greatest overall happiness have high taxes and copious social services.

    Rush did a pretty good job of surveying this ancient human paradox using words and music:

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