Political Science Professor Kato Figures Out Blacks Are No Longer Useful Labor But…Doesn’t Mention Illegal Alien Labor

A tour of West Robinwood Street in Detroit: US manufacturing cities lie in ruins


The Not So Strange Fruit of Racial Murder » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names: as part of the ongoing hysteria about blacks (and whites) dying due to police brutality while arresting people who resist arrest, many are trying to make this a race issue and not a ‘how do we arrest people who fight back or refuse to cooperate with the police?’  There is no easy solution to this problem.  Some people suggest having fewer (or even no) laws to enforce and some people simply want the cops to vanish except when they want them for specific things like protecting themselves from other people’s crimes.  In all this confusion, we have people thinking these police deaths are lynchings.  This is utterly false.


Lynchings happened when people attacked blacks specifically though again, in the history of the South, whites were also lynched, too.  These were mob attacks when people were angry that the law was being obeyed and instead, wanted revenge.  The connection between demands that cops be arrested and punished when they accidentally or stupidly kill people who are resisting arrest is more similar to lynchings due to anger with how the laws are enforced and a desire for revenge.


Professor Kato joins the mob in refusing to differentiate between illegal lynchings which were done in order to defy the rule of law and instead, take revenge, and the present demands of many (but by no means all) for police to be punished while doing their jobs.  Their jobs, by the way, are by the nature of the occupation, violent.  They interact daily with violent people and violence is the result.  Mistakes can be made and if cops must be always perfect, they will gain this status by not interacting with violent people but rather, like the majority of us, run off or hide from or avoid places haunted by violent people.


In the first paragraph, the professor figures out something I keep harping on: blacks are no longer seen as labor to be exploited, they are now ‘lumpenproletariat’ who are the underbelly of the big cities and nearly all gathered in the cities since they no longer are peasants working the land, this concentration of ‘useless labor’ is is exploited as sex workers, drug runners, entertainment for the secure masses and other underground economic uses.  This means, of course, that the State has to arrest these ‘lumpenproletariat’ to keep things from spiraling out of control like say, in the South Bronx during the 1970’s.


The underclass cannot be allowed to burn the entire city to the ground.  Except when the entire city is seen as ‘useless’ like say, Detroit or Camden.  Then, the burning is allowed.  These cities that are burning down, by the way, are all former industrial giants no longer needed by our elites who make most of their profits overseas exploiting cheaper labor in distant lands.  Here is the professor touching slightly on this issue:


Which makes the entire business useless.During slavery and Jim Crow, we needed to exploit the labor of blacks. But after de-industrialization, Wacquant and Alexander notice the de-proletarianization of the black working class that no longer makes them susceptible to the kinds of exploitation seen during previous eras and introduces a new element: blacks as extraneous. As Alexander states, “the new system of does not seek primarily to benefit unfairly from black labor, as earlier caste systems have, but instead views African Americans as largely irrelevant and unnecessary to the newly structured economy – an economy that is no longer driven by unskilled labor.”[2] And with that change came the need to sequester African-Americans into prisons where they could languish outside of the body politic. For that to occur, blackness was criminalized and the state replaced lynch mobs as the central actor in administering, maintaining and regulating racial violence.


He hits the truth accidentally and then rushes off on the wrong track with his claim that ‘blackness was criminalized.’  This is false.  Blacks have seen social collapse of an astonishing degree.  The majority of black women now are not married and increasingly, never married.  Children out of wedlock is the norm now.  Inability to successfully finish high school for black boys is the norm, too.


Black youths murdering each other and a lot of other people is also the norm with 93% of all black murders being committed by blacks.  Blackness isn’t criminal, it is a predictor of the chances of being victimized by a criminal.  In other words, blacks commit far more crimes especially murder, than any other racial group therefore, people are very scared of blacks and go out of their way to avoid black population centers unless, of course, they want the services of blacks in the underground economy, namely sex, drugs and illicit goods of various sorts!


Since these things are illegal, people doing these things end up in prison.  If blacks commit most crimes per capita, they will, ipso facto, also be the predominant population in prison.  The ‘racial violence’ we see is generated mainly by black people living in our inner cities where industry has fled and welfare families poured in.  What has been disposable isn’t just black families but entire cities.  Like sink holes, these once-thriving manufacturing communities are now rapidly being destroyed internally and externally because our elites no longer need them except as population fly traps for undesired labor.


Lynchings were a tragedy that was democratic in form and the response was for more law enforcement, stronger courts and more governmental involvement. Unlike in lynchings, where the question of state action was constantly an issue of debate, there is no doubt what state action constitutes here. The state, from the police department, to the judicial system and even the president is all backing the proceduralization of the murder of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The state has absolved itself of any wrongdoing. If we can’t look to the state, then aren’t we back to the problem we had with lynchings? We looked to the state to save us from lynch mobs and when the state is the one doing the killing, what are we left with?


Lynchings were POPULAR with racists in the South.  They were NOT ‘law enforcement’ and the mob did not want a trial for fear that the victim of the lynching might be found innocent!  The lynch mob did NOT want ‘government involvement’, quite the contrary.  They wanted the State to stay out of it.  Just like today, blacks demanding the cops cease arresting them if they resist arrest actually want no more patrols because this interferes with the underground economy based on selling illicit goods, stealing stuff, mugging people, sex services, etc.


Articles: Black Crime Claims Life of Apologist for Black Crime is a story one of my readers brought up which is rather sad.  One part of the article talks about Baltimore and how this white reporter, Halvorsen, is protected by the police while blacks are not.  I know Baltimore very well.  It is yet another city that went from ‘very useful’ to ‘wastelands no one wants so let’s hand it over to criminals and gangsters’.


Activists in Baltimore corrected her quickly and in large numbers: Race had everything to do with it, they said. Her white privilege gave her an unrealistic expectation of safety in her neighborhood. Her white race blinded her to the real causes of black crime.


“I think the problem here is that many white and/or upper/middle-class residents of Baltimore – and, of course, the Maryland suburbanites who work or play in Baltimore – show no sense of the structural problems plaguing the city and the roots of violence,” said a commentator known as Shereen at a local blog that focuses on journalism and music operated by NPR reporter Lawrence Lanahan.


Lanahan says it’s time to give some tough love to the white people in Baltimore who do not like crime.


“It’s tough to talk about white privilege in the face of crimes like the ones Halvorsen cites, with innocent victims killed and badly injured and stunned families left to grieve,” Lanahan said. “There’s also a lot that goes on, from individual decisions to local, state, and federal policy, that ensures – whether intentionally or not – that all the social ills stay where they ‘belong’ in the neighborhoods that people like Halvorsen and, frankly, I won’t live in.”


According to Lanahan, whites are privileged if they are civil and don’t break laws or create mayhem or mug people or murder anyone in their path.  If we read the comments by Lanahan, she first of all, admits even she, a black person, doesn’t want to live in the ‘bad neighborhoods’ either!  Lanahan thinks that these ghettos are deliberately made by our rulers instead of being the final effect of globalized trade that has eliminated the need for domestic manufacturing labor.


The ‘tough love’ Lanahan wants to dish out to white people is, ‘You just have to live with crime because you are a nasty white lady, so there.’  Not, ‘We should fix this mess and save the black underclass that is destroying itself and attacking everyone outside the ghetto’.  The article from the conservative blog, American Thinker, continues:


Or as President Obama called it in a recent speech to the Black Caucus: The “justice gap.”


This is the kind of atmosphere that David Ruenzel helped to create with his early and oft-cited work on white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The kind mentioned in his obituaries. The kind that blinded him to the dangers of being a white person in a black neighborhood in Oakland.


Other visitors to the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve where Ruenzel was murdered describe the trail as idyllic. An oasis. A hidden gem.


But commentators to the Oakland news site that reported Ruenzel’s death were a bit more explicit: “That parking lot is a well known site for smash and grabs,” said one of several. Others pointed out graffiti and other crimes.


The point here being, the professor in Oakland, California who pushed hard for the cops to be punished while whites should always feel guilty about racism, was murdered by a pair of black dudes from the slums in the valley below the Oakland foothills which is where the remaining 28% of the white population lives uneasily and now, quite scared since black killers are now roaming the neighborhood, murdering white people.


I looked at crime stats for Oakland, CA and saw that in the upper hill community there, crime has risen by 200% in the last ten years which is very significant.  This is a neighborhood with very little crime, it being mostly upperclass.  But now it is under siege as are many other communities as the underclass swells in size each generation and the memory of working an honest job for honest wages dims and vanishes into the deep past.


Another sad story from the past was the 1994 Mugging of Rosa Parks in Detroit.  Jeanne Theoharis explains how this Reveals Rosa Park’s True Character | Womens eNews


On Aug. 30, 1994, at the age of 81, Parks was mugged in her own home by a young black man, Joseph Skipper. Skipper broke down her back door and then claimed he had chased away an intruder. He asked for a tip. When Parks went upstairs to get her pocketbook, he followed her. She gave him the $3 he initially asked for, but he demanded more. When she refused, he proceeded to hit her.


“I tried to defend myself and grabbed his shirt,” she explained. “Even at 81 years of age, I felt it was my right to defend myself.”


He hit her again, punching her in the face and shaking her hard, and threatened to hurt her further. She relented and gave him all her money–$103. Hurt and badly shaken, she called Elaine Steele who lived across the street and had become a key source of support. Steele called the police who took 50 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, the word went out that someone had mugged Parks.


“All of the thugs on the Westside went looking for him,” Ed Vaughn recalled, “and they beat the hell out of him.”


…While saddened by the attack, Parks did not see it as a sign of community dysfunction, rejecting the idea that the biggest problem facing the black community was now black people themselves.


This story illustrates perfectly what is going wrong from top to bottom.  First: Rosa Parks was NOT ‘mugged’.  This was a HOME INVASION AND ASSAULT.  Just as Brown didn’t ‘shoplift’.  He did an assault and robbery.


Secondly, Rosa Parks said she had a right to defend herself from a violent black youth attacking her.  The Trayvon mess was all about how Zimmerman, who was jumped from behind by Trayvon who turned into the stalker by hiding in the bushes and then attacking…the left demanded that Zimmerman allow his assailant to batter him on the ground rather than fight back and in fighting back, if he killed Trayvon, it was to be his fault and to hell with laws allowing us to fight assailants who attack us!


Third and key to this entire mess: the black writer praising Rosa Parks for not blaming the black community for black violence and crimes, mentions with greatest pride that the kid who assaulted her in this illegal home invasion…was basically lynched by a mob!!!


And last point here: Rosa Parks like nearly all black leaders and icons, blames whites for black crimes and doesn’t want to talk about how blacks can be responsible for fixing this.  And the very last point here is, NO ONE on the left is mentioning illegal aliens and how they have been used by the elites to displace black workers.  All the jobs once held by lower class blacks have been turned over to illegal aliens.  Jobs held by poor whites, ditto.


Poor whites and poor blacks are in the same boat here!  And liberals hate poor whites and they pet and encourage poor blacks…only to give them a green light to be depraved and violent.  Slowly, we are grinding our nation to dust.



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28 responses to “Political Science Professor Kato Figures Out Blacks Are No Longer Useful Labor But…Doesn’t Mention Illegal Alien Labor

  1. e sutton

    Today I called my congressman, Walter Jones, to thank him for voting no on resolution 758, which is a backdoor declaration of war with Russia. I’ve never done this before. It might not amount to much, but it’s something. BTW, in my message, I indicated that as a life long Democrat and former lib, I voted straight Republican this past November and will continue to do so as long as I see my interests being sacrificed at the altar of “Cultural Diversity”.

    And please spare me the weeping and gnashing of teeth that I’m voting for my own destruction. That destruction is already baked in the cake. The murderous traitors of all parties are treasonous bastards who deserve to be hanged by lampposts. Anyone who tries to impose their liberal “cultural diversity” down my throat will be met with a bullet through the forehead by a steady hand guiding my Glock 45.

  2. vengeur

    Very insightful read today. Blacks have been sold out AGAIN by the open borders crowd. The bottom rungs of the ladder have been knocked out by the flood of cheap labor and the shifting of manufacturing jobs offshore. Increasing crime and civil unrest will increasingly be the new normal.

  3. Christian W

    Yes it will be the new normal. Which brings us back to the point I made earlier about Israel having found a nice new little earner on exporting their military occupation techniques wrapped up as policing to US Law Enforcement agencies. Win, win again for the elites.

    Whenever I detect these types of win, win for the elites scenarios I immediately suspect foul play. It has been the modus operandi for the elites since (and including) 9/11.

  4. Christian W

    And yes, blacks are being sold out again. In the for profit prison system they are suddenly worth $40000 to $50000 per inmate (according to Chris Hedges). I don’t for a second believe the elites are ‘on the side of the black thugs’. The elites are always only on their own side but if they appear to be on the black thug side it is because they see profit in appearing to be on the black thug side.

    Again the elites are fleecing their sheep both ways. They appear to give with the right hand while picking you clean with the left hand. And when you look again what they appeared to give you with the right hand was something they sold to you for their own profit and your own detriment. This is the one thing the elites excel at nowadays. Scams.

  5. Christian W

    And because the Dems are making such a horrible mess of things (if you believe in the political game) suddenly the utterly hopeless party of John McCain, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, the Bush clan (old slave traders I believe correct me if I am wrong) and in general lunatics galore has a LOT of new voters… go figure.

  6. e sutton

    @Christian W
    Both parties are an absolute fraud. Gazing at this from the outside must be completely befuddling. I live here and am amazed by the audacious fraud we have both within and outside of this country. The neocons come in all stripes now and hold nothing but power and money sacred. Americans, black and white, were sold out long ago. We now have a World War brewing, and I will do anything and everything that makes sure that doesn’t happen. I’m not in love with Republicans any more than I am with Democrats. The straw that broke this camel’s back was the dictate by our Dear Leader that, by hook or by crook, we are getting 5 million new immigrants, paid for on my tax dime, whether we like it or not. Apparently the dems, in a complete state of denial, has chosen to double down on voter dissatisfaction with their policies and have decided to make me and the rest of my fellow citizens swallow this shit sandwich whole. I’m not doing it. At least not quietly. If they want to come take me out, they’re more than welcome. But I’m bring some along with me to the gates of Hell when I make my exit. That much they should know and realize. It’s only fair, after all. 🙂

  7. Christian W


    Yes, it’s bewildering from a sane point of view. I have to constantly remind myself that the elites are totally bonkers and not only capable of doing absolutely anything for power and money but that they are actively trying to do as much as possible for money and power and to hell with anything else.

    I don’t yet fully understand why the Obama administration is so set on blessing you with new citizens (of course I am trying to think of a sane reason for them to do this, but see my point above about sanity…). I think there has to be much more to it than just political party games, but I don’t see exactly what. That some new devilry is cooking is certain.

    I can fully understand your feelings about all of this. This stuff is not good for the old blood pressure.

  8. Luke

    ‘Blacks have seen social collapse of an astonishing degree. The majority of black women now are not married and increasingly, never married. Children out of wedlock is the norm now. Inability to successfully finish high school for black boys is the norm, too.’
    LBJs Great Society. I can not prove he said, ‘I’ll nave these n#### voting Democrat for centuries’, But I do not doubt him capable of saying that.

    Free money, food and an Obama phone. Blacks vote their interests.

  9. e sutton

    @ Luke,
    We all vote our interests. When I was paying interest on a mortgage I was intent on us keeping that tax write off in the tax law code. Now I couldn’t care less about it. That’s why I’m so pissed off at Obama. I DID vote my interest, and he’s going completely against my interest and the majority of the country.

    My dad used to work in the State Department. He asked a good friend who was pretty high up (& Jewish) “Why do blacks keep tearing down their free public housing and shitting all over it?” It was the era of the ’68 riots. His friend said, “Robert, you can’t give things to people. They must work for them, elsewise they do not appreciate nor care for them.”

    True then, and true now. Think about it. How many of your friends got a free ride from the parents to attend university and did the bare minimum and partied? How many of your friends worked their way through, and had their noses buried in the books every spare second of the day (me)?

  10. emsnews

    Easy Street is also called The Road To Ruin.

  11. Jim R

    Boingboing published this article today, and I almost posted a comment:

    I was tempted to repeat my remark about the pro sports teams, but then scrolling through the comments, I found that someone had already made a similar point, and his/her post had been flagged as offensive and censured by the boingers. Political correctness is so tiresome.

  12. Narciso

    “illegal alien labor” is not the real or major cause of job losses and it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that corporations exported most industrial jobs they could to china, thailand, vietnam, bangladesh, etc. The worker revolt of the 60’s has been crushed completely.

    The Crisis of capital has hit the US and Europe hard now that Russia and China are preventing successful looting expeditions from being launched.

    The attempts to extract more wealth from imperial possession like Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, the middle east, etc are failing badly due to the local populations rebelling against the US stooges trying to sell them out. Chaos is not very profitable because the richest developing countries are impervious to US military might (China, Russia, and India have nukes) and the secondary tributary states have been hollowed out to such an extent that they lack government capacity to sell out their population without collapsing into an orgy of violence that prevents easy extraction of wealth.

    We are bankrupt and its the fault of the banker elite and its amazing how effective their divide and conquer games are.

    Its funny how Elaine pretends we are the victims of nasty 3rd worlders invading us and stealing our jobs. We have zombie banks loaded down with bullshit loans with no real collateral left. The population is drugged into oblivion and is too lazy to compete against the worker bees of asia.

    Elaine you have clearly fallen for the US propaganda that seeks to terrorize the US population into attacking anyone but the actual people in charge.

    Ebola had you wailing at the moon that we were all going to die, Illegal immigration has you locked down on blaming all economic problems on the brown horde, and good ole fashioned blacks as rampaging manics wanting to rape and murder the poor whites has made you lose your ability to think rationally.

    Whites are the majority and are too drugged, pampered, and intoxicated with military might to change anything. Blacks have been completely destroyed after their rebellion back in the 60’s (the US government obviously targeted them for destruction). Hispanics are peasants that are just trying to get by.

  13. Jim R


    If you don’t like Elaine’s stories, you do not need to read them.

    The illegal immigration is one of many things the 0.00001% are doing to spread chaos. They expect to profit from and thrive on chaos, because they have done so in the past. So, they dump gasoline on riots, start race wars where none existed, finance terrorists and foment insurrection overseas, all so that their centralized, authoritarian government model will seem to be needed. The banks are but one aspect of that centralized model. It’s called the ‘NWO’ or ‘PNAC’ …

    And Ebola has not (yet) established itself here but it isn’t for lack of trying.

  14. John

    The illegal immigration is one of many things the 0.00001% are doing to spread chaos. They expect to profit from and thrive on chaos, because they have done so in the past. So, they dump gasoline on riots, start race wars where none existed, finance terrorists and foment insurrection overseas, all so that their centralized, authoritarian government model will seem to be needed. The banks are but one aspect of that centralized model. It’s called the ‘NWO’ or ‘PNAC’ …

    I completely agree, save one point: the banks, specifically the private, central, fractional-reserve banks, are the keystone of this model. The government controls the entire world – and the banksters control the government because they control the money.

  15. vengeur

    Unrestricted immigration of unskilled and manual labor is a huge downdraft on the wages of workers. Now why would anyone want to do that? LOL. And why would the Democratic Party ( that USED to represent American workers)embrace it?

  16. Christian W

    I completely agree, save one point: the banks, specifically the private, central, fractional-reserve banks, are the keystone of this model. The government controls the entire world – and the banksters control the government because they control the money.

    You know, on the Saker’s site he had a Russian economist taking questions from his readers. I took the opportunity to ask about the Ruble and how the Russians planned to decouple their economy from the USD. I was, naively I guess, assuming Russia had control of it’s central bank. When the economist said Russia’s Central Bank was in private hands (secret owners but not hard to guess who) I was shocked but I immediately understood what the US vs Russia (Putin) game is all about.

    I also got paranoid and checked if Finland’s Central Bank was in private hands, but it is not, it is state owned. I knew this but got worried… It actually is the fourth oldest Central Bank in the world founded by Tzar Alexander I in 1812. Of course the way things are now I’m sure it is pretty much under the thumb of the big players anyway, but it’s a small comfort it is not outright controlled by the usual suspects.

  17. Narciso

    RE: Jim R
    “If you don’t like Elaine’s stories, you do not need to read them.”

    I ate crow on Ebola, i genuinely believed that the government was trying to create an outbreak here to justify a greater loss of civil rights. Its obvious now that it was just hysterics to scare all of us into focusing on minor details instead of our elites crimes overseas and general impunity of all government officials. Ebola is only spreading in the most chaotic part of Africa and its obvious now that we don’t have the conditions for it to spread here (sanitation, clean drinking water, well fed population, and well stocked hospitals).

    The hysterics on blacks running amok is more of this bs propaganda that seeks to divert our attention from more serious news. Its obvious that the government created the conditions for rioting (announcing the verdict at prime time) and the Media inflamed passions to scare white people into focusing on blacks imploding instead of more serious problems like the militarism against Russia. They are pulling the wool over our eyes and Elaine is too focused on bashing blacks and the poor to notice that jobs are not coming back until bankers go to jail and the government is cleaned up.

    Right now poking a nuclear armed Russia and China is being buried in the news. Mexico is being wracked with massive protest due to the government murdering 43 teaching students (poor smart kids committed to social justice). We are illegally bombing syria and pretending to be against IS terrorist when we are clearly hoping that they topple Assad.

    Apparently poor blacks being baited into rioting is worthy of 4-5 straight post. The media has successfully pushed all of Elaines buttons (obvious Elaine doesn’t like black thug culture; i can’t say much because there are few blacks and little violent crime in my part of Arizona. The cop that shot the 12 year old was fired for being “unfit” for duty by another police department.


    Its obvious blacks are being used by the media and the government to prop up the police state. Our wonderful elite are encouraging blacks into riots and looting to justify more despotic police powers that will not be used to help anyone but the wealthy, who will be protected.

    Cops are being thrown under the bus. Not to say that they are completely innocent but the reality is that they don’t set the priorities of the police department. They highway robbery (civil asset forfeiture), Race baiting (media), Militarization (M.I.C) and refusal to prosecute and jail any police officers for any crime (prosecutors) has basically made them the baby seals to be clubbed.

    Instead of going after bankers, the media, and congress we are now going to focus on the cops running amok, how congress is going to save us from global climate change, and the evil Russian Putler.

  18. Christian W

    Instead of going after bankers, the media, and congress we are now going to focus on the cops running amok, how congress is going to save us from global climate change, and the evil Russian Putler.

    Yes, it’s a herding technique is it not. The Evil Putler is coming. The Evil ISIS Head Cutters are coming. The Evil Black Thugs are coming. The End of the World Global Warming Change is Coming. But don’t worry, just hand over all your money and all your rights and we will Save you from the Nightmares.

    While for the blacks it is The Evil Police is Shooting You!!!! Get Marching!!!!

  19. emsnews

    And I have explained this endlessly. The key is NOT banking as such: it is TRADE.

    We trade dollars for goods. When our trade partners decide the dollar is worthless, it doesn’t matter a stitch what the bankers do, all they will do is PANIC.

    They are infamous for panicking. They do this regularly. They are helpless when they panic.

    The real thing that hits like a hammer is trade and debt and the US owes China $4.5 trillion dollars which is IMMENSE, amazing, staggering and insane.

    And China knows this and worse, planned way back in 1984 to get the US to run endless trade deficits and and thus, bankrupt the US.

    They plan this! They intend to do this! They want to do this! They think $4 trillion paper dollars are nothing when the goal is to turn the dollar into vapor and end it forever.

  20. Christian W

    Under Obama US debt has increased by 70% from $10.625 trillion on January 21, 2009 to $18.005 trillion most recently. This is an exponential curve.

    The US is destroying the USD all by itself. All in an attempt at enforcing it’s status as the default currency in all global trade. The thing is that the USD is not only used in trade to and from the US – it is used in transactions between other nations as well and in commodity trading etc.

    Take Russia for example. The Russian Central Bank is not allowed to issue rubles directly into the Russian market. Russia has to export goods (trade) for US dollars. The Russian Central Banks then buy those dollars and put them in their Forex account, and only then does the bank issue rubles into the Russian economy. The Russian Central Bank is not allowed to buy Russian state bonds, but it is allowed to buy US bonds and IMF bonds.

    (The above is according to this e-book:
    http://lit.md/files/nstarikov/rouble_nationalization-the_way_to_russia%27s_freedom.pdf )

    The fact that the Russian Central Bank cannot invest directly in the Russian economy makes it difficult for Russia to modernize it’s economy out of energy exports. (Which is one reason I think the steep drop in oil price is part of an attack on the Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan economies.)

    As long as that little arrangement is set up that way it will not be so easy for Russia to create an alternative system. As Mikhail Khazin (Russian economist) says:

    “As long as a main objective of any business in Russia is to increase its dollar capitalization, get a large dollar loan, place shares on the New York or London stock exchanges or sell something for export, the idea of selling oil for rubles will not be greeted with enthusiasm. First, it is necessary to create a ruble-denominated financial infrastructure, then build a business that is oriented on this infrastructure, and only then start a strict policy for its separation from the dollar system. This in any case will require a major change of personnel of the Russian political elite.”

    That is what is happening in Russia now I believe. Putin is clearly working towards a ruble system but not everyone in Russia’s government and banking system are as enthusiastic. (In plain English I suspect they have a ‘mole’ problem.) But since Russia is now under such fierce attack people are starting to fall in line behind Putin (or risk the consequences of not doing so).

    If Russia and other nations do manage to get out of the dollar death grip then the USD will in fact go *poof*. And one day they will manage to get out.

    Let’s hope that day is not the day that triggers the global mush room clouds.

  21. Narciso

    Re: Elaine “China knows this and worse, planned way back in 1984 to get the US to run endless trade deficits and and thus, bankrupt the US.”

    I think this is putting too much blame on China when its clear that our wonderful government decided to throw all of us under the bus while enriching themselves. Our government is at fault not China, not Bin Laden, not Israel for our coming bankruptcy. Its clear that our Empire is going to fall for the same reason as all previous ones have (over-extension and bankruptcy). Our fall began after we decided to try and monopolize 1/2 the world wealth while only having ~5 percent of the population.

    There is no such thing as “Allies” in the international game, we are all competitors seeking to maximize our own wealth by cheating and stealing from gullible and weaker nations. Humans are dishonest and self-serving as a rule and unfortunately for us the elite are plundering the domestic population because foreign conquest is no longer viable with Nukes preventing successful looting operations.

    Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc are all US and Nato plunder expeditions that are turning to shit because our elite are too stupid to understand that nationalism has killed imperialism. Russia and China have clearly decided that they will no longer allow us loot weaker nations with impunity.

    Our elites are stupid in that they actually believe that weakening nation states is in their best interest. Mexico was a plunder job (Pemex giveaway) that is turning to shit because the whole drug war has destroyed that states capacity to beat down the peasant revolt.

    Here in the US people have been dumbed down with fake nationalism, cheap and shoddy foreign goods, and lots of drugs (legal and illegal). We are balkanized to such an extent that i don’t think its possible that we can stem the rot. People are actually still buying into idiotic labels like Republican and Democratic when its clear Corporations and the elite have decided that the vast bulk of us are no longer useful peasants but only peons to be enslaved with lifetime debt that cannot be escaped.

  22. emsnews

    Except it IS the Chinese 50 year plan! I am not blaming them! They figured this out after learning how US banking worked!

    Ahem. The officials who designed this policy lived with me for several years due to my connection to my dad who was a top envoy to China after the Nixon visit.

    Russia is buying dollars but hark! Russia is now in a huge deal with China, gigantic deal with China, and will be replacing dollars with the Chinese currency in its central bank which up until now, also held euros.

    See? This is why the EU and US are using NATO and excuses about Ukraine to smash Russia’s economy now before the pipeline is finished and world energy trade circumvents the US dollar for the final time.

    The US will export energy to the EU and Japan who will suck it down while the US slits its own throat thanks to the stupid global warming deal with China which has China literally laughing all the way to the bank.

    Want to know what the Chinese officials said to me, once they figured out the Federal Reserve and the World Bank?

    ‘I be bank!’ Yes, this is a direct quote.

  23. Christian W

    Yeah, but it is no small undertaking to build a new system outside the IMF, the World Bank and Bretton Woods. You can’t do it directly because the US will launch a war on you. If you do it over time bit by bit, the US will still attack you and try to overthrow you and cause all possible trouble they can think of for you.


    ELAINE: Except the Chinese ALREADY did this! They bought off all the top US elites who think they are the smartest asses on earth and they really think they ripped off the Chinese. Only the Chinese know exactly what they are doing and what the 50 year plan is.

    The one problem with the Chinese plans are corrupt Chinese which is why they are being arrested or killed off one by one.


    The US is going all out in trying to stop this new system and destroying it’s own base in the process by sucking out all wealth.

    But, the elites are “smart”. They are hedging their bets. IF or WHEN China and Russia do manage to create a new system and the Bretton Woods system collapses, the elites will simply invest all the wealth they extracted out of the US and Europe and the rest of the world, into the new system.

    Guess who will be left to pay for it all. The suckers left with all the debt, and not the wealthy elites who have stolen all the wealth for themselves. The elites will float far above the messes they created because they have created a system where they are untouchable by the law or any accountability.

    That is why the elites are playing “Austerity” games and moving their loot into tax haven accounts. Austerity policies are simply elite looting. In the US the elites simply print money and “trickle down” just enough to keep the squirrel wheels turning and people from realizing what is going on. On top of that they use various tactical distractions to keep people divided, angry, frustrated, afraid and attacking various decoys.

    Any political party that does not attack the elite looting directly is part of the elite system.

  24. Christian W

    And Global Warming is one of the biggest decoys they are using. Us human beings are without a doubt trashing our planet, but instead of focusing on real problems (deforestation, species extinction etc) we are supposed to worry about the earth warming – because the elite solution is to suck more money out of us, which won’t fix a thing but feed the elite looting system while making everyone poorer and enslaved to the elite systems, which are the problem in the first place.

    Such a typical elite device.

  25. Christian W

    And the most important decoys are the Republican Parties and the Democratic Parties themselves. Because people vote for them hoping they will change the system, when they are the system itself because they are completely in the hands of the elites, not the voters.

    Another self defeating loop.

  26. emsnews

    Yes, deforestation is a problem and I own a forest and the rich are stealing my O2 produced by my trees who eat CO2 and I and my trees are taxed for this service! Pisses me off and I often complain about this.

  27. Luke

    ‘Ahem. The officials who designed this policy lived with me for several years due to my connection to my dad who was a top envoy to China after the Nixon visit.’
    Traitor. You could have killed them.

  28. emsnews

    Killing teachers is stupid. The Chinese listened to me. The US elites refuse to listen to me. So they screwed themselves. Think I didn’t warn the State Department and via my dad, the CIA about the 50 Year Plan?

    They said I was stupid and the Chinese could never be as clever as them.

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