California Tree Ring Study Falsely Claims Present Little 3 Year Drought Worst Ever: Utterly Ridiculous Claim!

The tiny 3 year drought in Southern California has suddenly morphed, via one tree ring study, into the Worst Drought In Last 1,200 Years!  Magic!  Everyone who has done climate research in the past 100 years is laid to waste as this singular tree ring study trumps everything discovered previously. I know for certain, there was this tremendous 50 year long drought that plagued the entire Southwest deserts which annihilated the farming communities of Arizona and New Mexico turning farmers into cannibals and leaving the deserts strewn with broken pottery and human bones.  The Great Drought lasted from 1130-1180 AD.  And California got slightly more rain during that 50 years than the rest of the Southwest.


I know all this because I grew up playing with this broken pottery and got in trouble when I was only 7 years old because my father found me stirring a pot with the tibia of a native who died during this drought 500 years earlier.  These bones were scattered thither and yon in Tucson!  The saddest pottery pieces showed icons of thunder storms with lightning and rain painted coming out of cloud pictures.


Now, all the other data about this severe drought is chucked into the trashcan based on tree rings that were NOT from the deserts but from some California MOUNTAINS which happen to capture rain that doesn’t fall elsewhere due to updrafts.  The present drought in the Southwest isn’t remotely as bad as 500 years ago.  Not even a close match.


California drought the worst in 1,200 years, new study says – San Jose Mercury News:


“We were really surprised. We didn’t expect this,” said one of the study’s authors, Daniel Griffin, an assistant professor in the University of Minnesota’s department of geography, environment and society.


The report, published in the journal of the American Geophysical Union, was written by researchers at Massachusetts’ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Minnesota.


The scientists measured tree rings from 278 blue oaks in central and southern California. Tree rings show the age of trees, and their width shows how wet each year was because trees grow more during wet years.


Blue oaks don’t grow in the valleys and the desert.  And if the data is so ‘surprising’ it is not due to the data, probably the trees are for some reason ‘starved’ this last three years unlike previously, the surprise here is the CONCLUSION the ‘scientists’ jumped to…because tree rings don’t just record RAIN, they also record SUN SHINE and if it is very cloudy and cold during the growing season, they have smaller rings!  Duh!!!!


But of course, this is supposed to be the hottest year on earth…EVER…and this again is based on ridiculous reading of the data which obfuscates, not illuminates, what is going on.  Since these scientists (sic) want to generalize, they have to do this based on HISTORY which of course, is all about extreme cold Ice Ages that happen repeatedly and with great violence and suddenness.  And look mainly at places where rapid glaciation occurred which is North America except for the West Coast and Alaska’s southern coastline where the Indians walked over from Asia (Siberia was also glacier-free, unlike Canada).


Now it is raining and raining in California but these goofballs cling to the drought like a pit bull chewing on a child’s leg.  They whine about how the rain isn’t much and it is going to eventually stop!  And then we will really be sorry!



“It’s a good beginning,” said Art Hinojosa, chief of hydrology at the state Department of Water Resources. “But we need storm after storm after storm if we have any hope of getting out of the drought this year.”

By April, he said, California needs at least eight more major storm systems like the one this week — as well as many smaller storms — to fill its dangerously low reservoirs and break the drought. Rain and snow this winter needs to be at least 150 percent of average for the reservoirs to fill, Hinojosa said.


The real problem with all this is, the scientists postulate TEMPERATURE from the distant past with zero temperature readings, only size of tree rings which don’t reflect temperature, and present day temperatures which NOAA and NASA have heavily edited making the past much colder than the data and the present warmer than actual readings.


This is where it becomes outright fraud.  Tree rings show growth, not temperature.  Turning them into thermometers is a fraud all by itself.  Cold, dry summers lead to smaller rings!  Hot, dry temperatures do, too.  And so you can’t get a historical record from that alone, certainly not something as elusive as temperature data.  Just like the tons of data and recorded comments by people living in the past remarking on hotter or colder climate conditions were erased by the global warmists who conspired to eliminate the Medieval Warm Period, they brazenly also got rid of the hot, dry 1930’s, too.


This way, they could boldly announce that this very year is the HOTTEST EVER!!!  It certainly has been bitter here and it is still Fall.  10º F nights repeatedly since early November up here on my mountain is very unusually cold.  The blizzards hitting the Northeast get precious little front page coverage in ‘liberal’ NY papers like the odious New York Times, but a typhoon in Asia gets front page coverage, photos and hair pulling!



New York citizens froze to death or died due to the deep snow that assailed Buffalo and other communities and they got very little coverage while foreigners are of highest value for the news media due to them suffering from warm weather.  And this is why California’s LITTLE drought of only 3 years gets massive coverage even as New York is savaged by violent, deadly blizzards.


And these fake liberals want us to take them seriously and they want us to vote for them in the next election because they want to take care of us so gently…and protect New Yorkers from warm weather!  But forcing us to pay punishing heavy energy taxes.  Yes, and by not buying snow plows or other winter stuff because they are convinced we will all roast to death soon enough.


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15 responses to “California Tree Ring Study Falsely Claims Present Little 3 Year Drought Worst Ever: Utterly Ridiculous Claim!

  1. Christian W


    “WASHINGTON — The Republican-controlled House on Thursday approved a $585 billion defense policy bill that grants President Barack Obama the authority to expand the U.S. military campaign against Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria.”


  2. Christian W

    Oh, that bill also authorizes the Pentagon to keep training ISIS rebels for another two years…

  3. emsnews

    AND train the world’s most stubborn fighters: the Afghanis.

    Yes, the Muslim Wars will rage onwards until we are bankrupt.

  4. Jim R

    And the dustbowl. … Wasn’t that a drought? The Grapes of Wrath described that.

    Not ancient prehistory but an event still there in cultural memory.

  5. Christian W

    AND it gives Native American land to a British Australian multinational mining company.–20141204-0052.html

    Yep, Ukraine is our future.

  6. Luke

    Elaine, we are past bankrupt but our money is still accepted.

    This is what the news offers today,

    Notice the terms ‘could be’ [science needs proof] and the absurd ‘climate change’ in title of article. Typical yahoo disinformation. Kardashians and AGW.

  7. Jim R

    Luke, haha, looking forward to next summer in Texas. We’ll be making ice on the sidewalk, Itellya.

  8. Jim R

    Here’s an article you might find interesting, Elaine. I don’t know if you consider ‘Resilience’ liberal, but it certainly does not repeat the conservative storyline, nor quote from the crackpot ‘wattsup’ website…

    The commenters sort of wander off the topic, and start discussing ‘green’ technologies and rare earth abundances and other irrelevant crap, thereby highlighting some of the article’s myths.

  9. John

    The problem with that article, Jim, is that it assumes that CO2 is what determines the Earth’s climate. It is not. Solar output does that.

    This is all explained pretty well in a segment of a BBC documentary called “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” I’ve linked it here before. Unfortunately, this common sense explanation of how the Sun absolutely controls the Earth’s climate has been “debunked” by the warmists. Never mind that it’s the truth. The warmists declare it “debunked,” offer up some pseudoscience as “proof” of said debunking, and presto. From 16:50 to 35:00, pay careful attention to the science explained here. It really kicks in at 28:30 or so. Really, the whole thing is worth watching, but I know people are increasingly busy, and I’m sure you’re one of them.

  10. emsnews

    I grew up playing in the Kitt Peak McMath Solar Observatory.

    The sun runs this joint. The sun dictates what happens to our planet when it comes to climate alterations in tandem with the irregular wobble of the axis of the earth and its epileptic orbit.

    CO2 is the junior player in this climate game.

  11. Jim R

    Heehee, ‘epileptic orbit’.

  12. vengeur

    That’s the problem with this auto spell check- it doesn’t understand context.

    ELAINE: Argh. HAHAHA. Yes, stupid me! 🙂

  13. Luke

    ‘The sun runs this joint. The sun dictates what happens to our planet ‘.
    Gore says AGW. man is causing climate change.

  14. John

    Gore is a jackass. Anybody who listens to him for more than a few minutes knows this.

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