China Rejects US And EU Monitoring Their CO2

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It is nearly the Summer Solstice in Antarctica, the sun is shining there nonstop and look at the huge ring of ice surrounding all of Antarctica except for the tip which is near South America.  The oceans around this mega-glacier continent is freezing cold, too.



As our rulers meet in Ecuador which is named thusly due to being on the equator, to discuss how to tax those of us who live in the Ice Age Glacier belt in the Northern Hemisphere for any use of CO2 ‘pollution’.  China is in the Northern Hemisphere and the recent agreement between Obama and the Chinese has declared that China won’t be taxed for using fossil fuels while the US will be taxed very heavily.



Surprise, Surprise: China Rejects Emissions Pledge Review:


China has rejected the scrutiny of efforts to limit carbon emissions, a key tool that the US says is necessary as more than 190 countries work to come up with a new deal to fight climate change. Chinese negotiators sought to delete provisions in a draft text that would have paved the way for other countries and non-governmental organisations to submit questions about its carbon-reduction plans, according to environmental groups that are official observers to the talks.


The ‘developing nations’ that became furiously enthusiastic, especially the equatorial nations, for the global warming CO2 tax did this for one reason only: the EU and US leaders said they would tax their own citizens heavily and hand this over to the dictators on the equator.


So the demand now is $100 billion a year for people living nearly entirely in warm countries.  This tax will be levied on people living in the Ice Age Glacier belt where it is now increasingly, miserably cold.


I got this headline from Truthout:  Extinction Rate Rivals That of Dinosaurs, 2014 Likely Hottest Year Ever and here is how they illustrated this story: a polar bear standing on an ice floe.  Caption: ‘ a polar bear manages to get the LAST ice floe at the North Pole.’  Species are being killed off mainly from deforestation and overfishing.  Neither of which has one bit to do with ‘global warming’.


I found a new website:  Climate Concerns | Some thoughts on our knowledge of the Earth’s climate which talks about past Ice Ages a lot.

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This graph which superimposes past interglacials (all of which are very short in duration!) on top of each other shows clearly that they ALL start the same way, the same speed, the same utter suddenness.  Nothing can cause such a huge jump outside of the sun.


They all reach a peak, with the present cycle the weakest, ever.  This is very bad news.  Just one Interglacial lasted longer than 12,000 years.  Betting that our present situation may last as long is wishful thinking though also possible.  Some Interglacials were shorter than our present one.  But all were warmer at the peak.


About | Climate Concerns: the author of this report is keeping himself, like so many others, anonymous.  He does note that the Ice Ages are getting colder and longer while the Interglacials surged towards warmer highs until the last Interglacial and our present one is slightly weaker at the peak.  No one can prove why this is happening but I surmise it is the sun doing this to us.


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9 responses to “China Rejects US And EU Monitoring Their CO2

  1. Peter C.

    Thats a scary shot of Antarctica,we might be seeing a sign that the interglaciial is about to end.
    Damn not in my lifetime please give us a couple more decades before I have to move south.

  2. Joseppi

    For those believers in Chinese exceptionalism…..

    It appears that the “mutually assured stalemate” of having to maintain dollar reserves to protect the Yuan – and the BIG mistake of taking on dollar dominated debt at a time when the dollar’s value is increasing, while trade with the US is declining…

    “…the $3.9 trillion foreign-currency reserves that we discussed. Many people regard it as a giant piggy bank that can be tapped at will to rectify any financial problem. But the reserve is only good for defending the yuan and is a lot less liquid than many people realize….”
    “…liquidity seems to be a growing problem in China. Chinese corporations have taken on $1.5 trillion in foreign debt in the past year or so, where previously they had none. A lot of it is short term.”


    ELAINE: Typical rubbish.

    The US dollar is STRONG not weak against trade partners. Why??? Easy! All our trade partners and this is nearly everyone, is buying US debt to keep the dollar strong so they can have one way trade with us!!!!


  3. Luke

    This was to be expected. Elaine has warned readers of the ‘Slow but steady takeover of the world by China Inc’.

  4. Eric Blood Axe

    And the sun is not for ever, some time the hydrogen will all be burnt.

  5. JimmyJ

    High extinction rate for sure but due to rapacious habitat destruction not climate change. Sadly industry and Gov can’t come up with a way to make habitat preservation serve their financial bubble blowing machinations.

    Even the simple act of reforestation is too unprofitable here in BC for Gov to bother when the trees take 100 years to regen. The vast bug kill pine deserts are proliferating wildly with replanting at a snails pace.

  6. emsnews

    What you need in pine forests is FIRE. This releases all the carbon trapped in the forest floor and the seeds then take off and grow like mad.

    And pine trees mature long before 100 years. Oaks, on the other hand, do take much longer to grow. I have one oak here that has a 6’+ diameter trunk and the branches that fell down, which I cut up, were more than 300 years old, I counted the rings.

  7. Luke

    ‘The US dollar is STRONG not weak against trade partners. Why??? Easy! All our trade partners and this is nearly everyone, is buying US debt to keep the dollar strong so they can have one way trade with us!!!! ‘

    Can it turn bad on the other countries?

  8. Ken

    Recent studies point out that California’s drought is not linked to global warming, and in fact point out that models for global warming predict the exact opposite of what is happening. Ironically, even these studies have to mention that they are not disputing that global warming is real – long term of course.

  9. ziff

    certainly a temp anomaly here last few days 18C , 14 C , pineapple express

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