Torture Doctors Swigert And Dunbar Paid $81 Million For Nazi-Style Torture Regime At Gitmo

Eichmann trial – Session No. 1 – YouTube

I hope there are huge demonstrations about this torture report.  Both the GOP and the DNC approved of this torture and the support in Congress and with our Presidents for this torture of Muslims matches support for Jewish aggression against Muslims in the Middle East.  The other big issue here is how ‘homeland security’ was cover for a huge, massive looting expedition against the American taxpayers that has laid our economy to waste and caused social unrest as the authors of all this…BOTH PARTIES…allowed millions of illegal alien labor to pour into the country while both parties ran up immense budget deficits to reward the rich who paid for our expensive election commercials and other wretched things we are subjected to during election cycles which now seem to never end.



I struggle to explain to people how to not mix up police killings of people resisting arrest or waving guns or swords or other violent actions versus the very real war crimes our nation is committing.   The chaos eating up the entire black community, destroying it pretty thoroughly, is due to economic policies of our rulers…BOTH PARTIES…who continue to destroy the working base of society while telling our children…now over 45% to college while many are barely literate…piling huge debts on them all for the last remaining elusive jobs which are filled by foreign labor in the guest worker program, for example…we have this issue of our leaders torturing people and acting like Nazis aimed at Muslims.


These many policies are destroying blacks in America while the entire US public is being pushed into endless wars with a billion, yes, a billion Muslims and in addition, we are siding hard with Japan who wants to go to war with a billion…yes, a billion Chinese who are smart, well armed and dangerous and have nukes!  This being not enough, we are also being driven relentlessly into war with a very much nuclear armed Russia.


While we are at war with each other at home, of course.  None of these foreign policies do a thing for American citizens except makes it much more dangerous for us and we know that the Muslims know when to strike back, hard and they will because this is who wars are conducted and the torture programs set up by the Mossad/CIA operatives who worship Adolf Hitler, made it much more dangerous which is why these same war criminals are braying that revealing the torture to the Muslims endangers us all because it pisses them off even more.


This last excuse is lunacy.  First, an echo of Nazi German doctors supervising the annihilation os millions:  CIA torture report: The doctors who were the unlikely architects of the CIA’s programme – Americas – World – The Independent


Now it has been revealed that two doctors, identified by the pseudonyms Dr Grayson Swigert and Dr Hammond Dunbar, were paid $81 million by the CIA to help develop and implement a seven-year programme that included “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as waterboarding, placing detainees in stress positions and sleep deprivation.


There are two crimes here: the two doctors must first be brought to Nüremberg for trial otherwise the convictions against the Nazi doctors there must be made void and they pronounced innocent since the US who judged them guilty, was filing false charges.  And there is the looting of the Treasury crime.  Paying these two Nazis $81 million to show our agents how to do what the Nazis taught their agents to do for nearly nothing, is robbery.  It doesn’t cost hardly anything to figure out how to torture people.


And Obama and Bush Jr. both prosecuted and put in prison anyone who revealed the truth about these war crimes:  Ex-CIA Operative Says Prison Was Punishment for Whistleblowing on Torture – ABC News


Former CIA officer John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee connected to its interrogation program to go to prison. But he was prosecuted for providing information to reporters, not for anything connected to waterboarding or other actions that today’s Senate Intelligence Committee report calls “torture.”


No other person connected to the program has been charged with a crime, after the Justice Department said their actions had been approved legally or that there was not sufficient admissible evidence in a couple cases of potential wrongdoing, even in light of the death of two detainees in the early 2000s.


Senate report finds CIA torture produced ‘fabricated’ intel and thwarted no plots which is no surprise.  Also, the criminals went to Congress to try to strong arm them into saying torture is legal:  CIA chiefs accuse Senate of ‘cherry-picking’ evidence in inquiry.


Neo-Nazi Zionists many of whom are dual citizens, have been the backbone of the CIA war on the Muslims.  Congress approves of this because AIPAC pays them to approve of this.  Naturally, these same people turned to their home base in Israel to justify war crimes:  CIA Cited Israeli Court Rulings to Justify Torture — News from


The “Israeli example,” in which the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that some types of torture were acceptable in some “ticking time bomb” cases, seems to have been one the CIA General Counsel was particularly fond of.


The counsel went on to insist that even after torture was explicitly banned by the Senate in 2005, it didn’t cover “ticking time bomb” scenarios, and that CIA officers could continue to engage in torture and be assured of a legal defense if they were ever prosecuted.

Furthermore, we have our government and the EU porcine pussycats all attacking Russia illegally, too.  This is why the Netherlands rejects MH17 relatives’ request for UN investigation because if ANY of the data, materials and transmissions in this affair must be kept secret forever.  Because the EU and US are committing war crimes in Ukraine, this week they bombed yet again, civilians in Eastern Ukraine.  Many are killed while the NATO gang claims they aren’t doing this to the victims, it is all Russia’s fault due to the plane being ‘shot down’.


Iran, Iraq, Syria to continue cooperation against ISIS: This is Israel’s nightmare and Netanyahu is furious about this and the fat toads ruling Saudi Arabia in the most cruel fashion (and they torture, behead and abuse prisoners and people living there with utter impunity, too) are pissed off and both want the US to prevent this from happening so Israel is illegally bombing Syria yet again and the US is doing this, too, but a little more secretively.


And one last thing: EVERY ONE of the Black Congressmen in DC voted for these Muslim wars, voted for torture, voted for money for Israel and are totally complicit in all of this and at the same time, pretend they want cops in the US to not arrest blacks who resist arrest.  Amazing dual standards, no?


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11 responses to “Torture Doctors Swigert And Dunbar Paid $81 Million For Nazi-Style Torture Regime At Gitmo

  1. vengeur

    You nail it again on every subject. You need a radio show.

  2. Ken

    I’ve often thought the same thing. You need a radio show. It couldn’t possibly be more work than you already put in on this site, and you would reach a lot more people. Perhaps start out as a guest substitute for some well know radio host. then, once people know more about you, get your own show.

  3. Henry

    What do you bet that the two “Dr. Mengeles” who set up the torture program were Israelis or at least dual citizens?

  4. Henry

    According to RT (Russia Today):
    “Reports published as far back as almost a decade ago identify those men as James Elmer Mitchell and Bruce Jessen – two psychologists who made bank by designing the torture program and to this day remain on Uncle Sam’s payroll. ”
    These men are oblivious sadistic psychopaths as bad as any of the Nazis were.

  5. John

    Elaine *definitely* needs a radio show. But the powers that be will never permit such a thing.

    However, Elaine, if you ever decide you want to do it, let me know. I’d be happy to be your engineer, or to help you technically in any way I can.

  6. Narciso

    “Paying these two Nazis $81 million to show our agents how to do what the Nazis taught their agents to do for nearly nothing, is robbery. It doesn’t cost hardly anything to figure out how to torture people.”

    The money is a moral payoff. It helps all those doing the actual torture feel like its a valid form of interrogation because two “doctors” created the “manual” and signed off on it. It magically ceases to be torture simply because they spent $81 million creating the torture material and got two doctors to sign off on it. Its a psychological barrier that lets people feel that they are off the hook for the moral responsibility for their actions. They are just following order and a field manual that says what they are doing is absolutely necessary and was cleared by prominent doctors. puff magically no responsibility for their actions since its not “real” torture but enhanced interrogation.

    Most people would be hesitant to take the fall and its the reason why they got to gouge the government for so much.

    Its sad but $81 million looks like a pittance once you get used to hearing about 150-300 million dollar golden parachutes for CEO’s plundering their own corporations. I wonder if $40.5 million will get you a starter mansion on a private island in the Caribbean?

  7. e sutton

    How about a podcast?

  8. Luke

    Off topic,

    Drone strikes on American soil
    There have been at least two easily proven drone strikes on American soil since Obama stated anyone anywhere, including America, could be targeted by a drone. The first of these was in Indianapolis Indiana. Though it was blamed on natural gas, The utilities confirmed the area had no natural gas service. After this was revealed, a lie was hatched about a leaking barbecue grill.

    But a leaking barbecue grill cannot explain how Fema was on the scene en masse within three minutes, obviously there to bury any evidence. Fema responses take days, and their immediate presence on the scene proves this was pre-planned.

    Below is a picture of the Indianapolis blast. You can click this picture to enlarge it:

  9. El Bombastico

    OT: Apologies for the topic switch.
    It truly baffles me that people intentionaly ignore the economic calculation of investing a few dollars for the vaccine shot today versus thousands wasted on treatments tomorrow. Health is always a wise investment.

  10. Joseppi

    Not sure about the radio program idea for Elaine – Unfortunately, her voice does not resonate with the emotion of an avenging angel/incensed muckraker/Joan of Arc leading the charge against injustice – like her keyboard does.
    Elaine’s voice is that of a sweet mother and grandmother giving some homily about good behavior or fairytale adventure story of the past.
    Although, I agree that her voice does need to go beyond this little blog.

  11. Petruchio

    Joseppi: I would view Elaine’s “sweet mother and grandmother” voice is akin to a velvet glove covering an iron fist.

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