Rolling Stone Black Victim Rape Story Utterly Unravels, While Cosby Drug/Rape Story Doesn’t Mention Race Of Victims


▶ Bill Cosby – Spanish Fly – YouTube: the above video has been removed minutes after I got it from a major news story.  You can view this in iTunes for $1.29 bucks. iTunes – Music – It’s True! It’s True by Bill Cosby


At the same time dozens of white women in the entertainment industry are coming out of the closet…not for the first time, either…to accuse Bill Crosby of drugging and raping them with the connivance of Hugh Hefner and the Hollywood/Las Vegas male gang who used the casting couch as a way of raping young women, we have the Rolling Stone running a probably fake rape story where a young black woman accuses young white college frats of raping her only to have her story totally unravel.  There are several interesting threads in both stories which have to do with race, liberals refusing to see reality, the depravity of the entertainment business and black women desperately wanting to be raped by white males so they can feel justified in hatreds.


Here’s the 1969 Bill Cosby Routine About Wanting to Drug Women’s Drinks | Village Voice article finds clues in the past to Crosby’s thinking about date rape and how to do it.  He couldn’t do any of this safely until he become famous and part of the Rat Pack who were all a bunch of abusers of women especially Crosby’s favorite pal, Hugh Hefner.  These white guys all joined in a joint conspiracy of silence to cover up for each other as they did all sorts of anti-women acts including rape.  They also conspired to make light of all this and turn it into a joke.


Over the years, over and over again, white women have accused Crosby of rape and his lawyers  had to pay off quite a few to keep them silent and the government turned a blind eye to all this due to the guy being popular with many politicians who have their own Omertà code of silence which erupts occasionally into scandals in the public eye when politicians stab each other in the back.


The Omerta in Hollywood is very intense.  We are not to know basic facts like, who owns the joint and what their ethnic identity is and how this warps all our entertainment and how black and Jewish producers conspire to commit or cover up crimes and how both like to abuse white women who are desperate to make the Big Time and are willing to put up with anything in order to get the brass ring.


Angelina Jolie called ‘minimally talented spoiled brat’ in hacked Sony emails shows how these creeps plot with each other to attack, undermine, control and abuse women actresses especially ones like Jolie who is now a director.  They hate her and intend to destroy her bit by bit only hackers uncovered this conspiracy.


Bill Cosby accusers list: Sexual assault, rape, drugs feature in women’s stories are at this site.  The list is long and getting longer. The top issue for me is, how this guy got away with raping so many women and why the black community is silent about this information.  While the liberal media actively avoids saying ‘Crosby raped white actresses and Playboy bunnies by drugging them.’  The race of the victims is hidden while the race of the rapist is definitely unavoidable.  Not that Crosby is alone!


You can bet…and I know this for a fact due to knowing so many people in the ‘industry’ in the past and also working in a bar that serviced these guys in the past…that Crosby’s pals probably did a lot of the stuff he did and are now terrified this will make the news, two.  Especially the bunny business.


So far, Crosby hasn’t been arrested but finally the FBI is investigating him and I hope heads roll and there will be some spectacular heads bouncing down the staircase in the future unless this is covered up yet again by politicians who have good reason to fear the cleaning up of Hollywood.  Now onto the latest episode of a very sad storyline, the repeated attempts by the media to blame white males for raping innocent black females in odious ways:  Rolling Stone Ducks Questions As UVA Rape Story Keeps Unraveling


In the Rolling Stone article, Jackie recalled seven men brutally raping her on top of broken glass at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house that night. The students told the Post they urged Jackie to call the police. In the Rolling Stone story, they are depicted as advising her not to report the crime.


All three students told the Post that Erdely never contacted them for her Rolling Stone article. Erdely wrote in the article that “Randall” declined an interview about the rape because of “loyalty to his own frat.”


I was raped by a very connected man who was my father’s coworker at Yerkes Observatory.  A number of people suspected him of this long, long ago, back in 1956.  But I had zero memory of the rape until the day, as an adult, I accidentally met him, I suddenly had a flash memory of the rape and more importantly, he confessed to me.  This didn’t lead to a crime investigation because a short while later he was found, dead.  I am assuming with no information that he killed himself.


The fact is, I can’t openly denounce him with no proof  now that he is dead and can’t confess to the police so I let the matter literally die of old age.  I feel sorry for the bastard because he could have avoided all this by not raping a child.  But rapists don’t listen to this sort of caution.  In the Rolling Stone case, the reporter was as anxious as the student, who is black, to accuse white males of lusting after her body and abusing her sexually, neither woman bothered with investigations or proof of anything.


In the same Post article, Erdely declined to say if she knew the names of the alleged rapists and ringleader “Drew.” Erdely also said she had “corroborated every aspect of the story that I could.”…


In the editor’s note, Dana wrote that “because of the sensitive nature of Jackie’s story, we decided to honor her request not to contact the man who she claimed orchestrated the attack on her nor any of the men who she claimed participated in the attack for fear of retaliation against her.”


The’retaliation’ the fake victim feared was the people she was falsely accusing, suing her and the reporter, so she played coy and supposedly imposed rules that negated an investigation. What?  Anyone who demands no investigation should be ignored.  You can’t believe someone who then demands you don’t look further to see if they are lying or not.  This is basic for any interactions.


Dana’s statement seems to contradict the earlier claims of Erdely and Woods that the writer tried vainly to reach the alleged attackers…


The Rolling Stone reporter lied about her own investigation which didn’t happen.  She pretended it happened!  This is grounds for being blacklisted by all publications.  She is no reporter!


The Post also reported Wednesday that the name of the man Jackie provided to her friends as the ringleader — identified as “Drew” in the story — does not match any records at the university.


In addition, the Post reported that photographs Jackie had texted “to one of the friends showing her date that night were actually pictures depicting one of Jackie’s high school classmates in Northern Virginia,” a man who said he hadn’t been to Charlottesville, Virginia, where the university campus is located, in more than six years.


That is the final piece of the puzzle. I was amazed when I read this young lady was ‘forced to kneel on broken glass’ while giving blow jobs.  This is the sort of sadistic detail a woman wanting to believe she is a victim would provide.  It makes zero sense.  If a woman is in great pain with her knees on glass will not give a great blow job, she would bite down hard simply due to the fact, it is very hard to keep the mouth open while grinding your teeth due to pain.


When we get hurt, we yell or scream and then clench our teeth.  This is our animal response to pain.  One can threaten someone and demand a blow job but one can’t make someone kneel on broken glass and expect a successful or pleasant blow job.  It is impossible.


So her over the top detail is the sort that alert cops to suspect a fake story.  This happens a lot which is why the detectives encourage the victims to give details, this winnows out the liars from the truth tellers.  It isn’t perfect or exact but it is pretty close to reasonable.


We are not having a national conversation as to why black males rape so many women or kill so many people.  Black men mainly kill black men and black men mainly rape black women but the reverse isn’t so true.  Very few white men kill black men and very few white men rape black women but the differential is in the reverse.  Most cross-race crimes are usually done by black males under the age of 30.  This is very dangerous because even though the media and our government won’t discuss this, it is well known.


This is bad.  It won’t be fixed by pretending it isn’t happening.  Black crime, by the way, drops off greatly after 30 years of age but this is due to the high death rate and incarceration rate of blacks.  The solution the Democrats are offering us right now is to not arrest blacks, to let them run off if they resist arrest and to not punish them if convicted because ‘there are too many in prison’.


NONE of this fixes the basic problem.  Race is a huge issue in the US, gigantic, and since everyone insists on a race prism to examine things, doing this all the way to the bitter end of the statistics is important.  And this is what I am doing not because I hate anyone but because I am very alarmed at how this will all end just like I worry about Zionism and how it will lead to the destruction of the Jewish people.  Not because I hate Jews!  My family is half Jewish!


I do this because I am very alarmed where this will all end: in a massive race/religion war which already rages in Africa and the Middle East and which has spread to Europe and the US.  This is crazy and horrible and can’t be papered over, it has to be understood and honest conversations instead of lies.


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18 responses to “Rolling Stone Black Victim Rape Story Utterly Unravels, While Cosby Drug/Rape Story Doesn’t Mention Race Of Victims

  1. e sutton

    Not to nitpick or anything, but since Crosby (Bing) is one of my favorite crooners, it’s Bill Cosby, not Crosby. I would hate for a former child beater to be confused with a rapist. 🙂 Oh, and as to your befuddlement as to why the black community is silent about all this? Well, it’s for the same reason they were so desperate to keep Trayvon’s past deeds secret as well as St. Swisher the Sweet’s noxious life. All blacks are angelic entities who, in their own words “din do nuffins”.


    ELAINE: Thanks for the correction. A slip of the fingers!

  2. Luc

    Most killers are from a tiny segment of USA population [YBMs]. Hence I am okay with the dread ‘racial profiling’.

    Re, “Black crime, by the way, drops off greatly after 30 years of age but this is due to the high death rate and incarceration rate of blacks.”

    Uh, not quite. YBMs testosterone decreases. Black males age 12-40 have highest T on the planet. That plus low IQ makes them very dangerous.

  3. Luc

    In paragraph five you mention the tribes control of Entertainment Industry.
    The chickens are coming home to roost. Haha. racist lib jews emails hacked.

    ‘before Sony Pictures chair Amy Pascal attended a breakfast of Hollywood bigwigs last November with Barack Obama, she emailed her friend Scott Rudin for suggestions on what she should ask the president.

    In what has become the latest embarrassing email uncovered in a trove of messages leaked by hackers who attacked Sony, Pascal wrote Rudin: “What should I ask the president at this stupid Jeffrey breakfast?” She was referring to a breakfast hosted by DreamWorks Animation head and major Democratic donor Jeffrey Katzenberg.

    Rudin, a top film producer responsible for films like No Country for Old Men and Moneyball, responded, “Would he like to finance some movies.” Pascal replied, “I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” Rudin responded: “12 YEARS.” Pascal quickly continued down the path of guessing Obama preferred movies by or starring African Americans. “Or the butler. Or think like a man? [sic]”

    Rudin’s response: “Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart.”

  4. melponeme_k

    Of course there is no proper investigation of possible “racial” incidents. Because most times they are made up for whatever purposes the “victims” have (lawsuits, revenge). These made incidents take focus away from real racism and real racial crimes.

    Here is another story in which there is barely any investigation.

    While I have no doubts that being black can lead to stiffer penalties in school infractions, what is ignored is the fact that black students cause more disruptions thereby leading to more crackdowns.

    The young girl in this story did deface school property. Another young girl mentioned in the story was accused of assaulting a white, male student (threw a book at him). The last incident, the young girl had charges against her which indicates the case has just cause. And yet everyone is screaming how disciplinary actions for public defacement and assault are child abuse for the accused!


    In the meantime, the Japanese are intent on replacing themselves with mentally disabled looking robots.

  5. melponeme_k

    Model Beverly Johnson has come forward with a charge stating Cosby attempted to attack her. She was drugged but didn’t go down quietly. He dragged her to a cab and left her there.

  6. Ritchie

    I miss your posts about the cosmos 🙂

  7. CK

    Spanish fly is a beautiful green beetle Lytta vesicatoria.

    It is one of the “blister beetles”. Blister beetles produce a substance called Cantharidin which when ingested causes intense burning of the genitourinary tract as it passes out of the body. For centuries blister beetles have been ground up and attempted to be used as aphrodisiacs. In theory, aphrodisiacs put you in the mood to frolic. 12 oysters with champagne, Etching viewing and a fine Madeira, Frank Sinatra music, candles, chocolate and an overstuffed mattress, a long erogenous massage with scented oils and really powerful fingers.
    It is definitely not a sedative or a roofie or a Mickey Finn. A sufferer from Spanish fly ingestion is more likely to do the OH MY GOD pee-pee dance than to fall groggily into the arms of whoever passed them the mocha latte.
    And sex in all its varieties permutations and vagaries has been a reliable topic for, aqnd source of humour since the first apple was offered without a pie crust.
    The girl at UVA is apparently Caucasian.
    That a rich successful shiksa in Hollywood is disliked by one of the tribe is just amazing. I am verklempt.

  8. Petruchio

    “that Crosby’s pals probably did a lot of the stuff he did and are now terrified this will make the news, two. …” This quote points to the central problem for victims of this kind of abuse. It reminds me of the quote by Ben Franklin: “Surely we must hang together or we will all hang separately.” I’m sure there are many of Cosby’s type in the entertainment industry who are nervous. If the details of Cosby’s behavior come out, what’s to stop other women from coming forward about other sexual predators of Cosby’s type? I find it hard to believe that Hugh Hefner hasn’t had to pay out ALOT of money to silence women he and his buddies have abused. Oh, would I love to read a book on that subject.

  9. e sutton

    Interesting points, Pet. I hope I can call you Pet. I feel like I’ve known you and Mel for ages. Luc too, for that matter. Go figure! Yeah, I think there are probably several of Cosby’s compadres who aren’t sleeping too well these days. Barbie Benton (remember her? She’s Elaine’s age for crissakes! Well now she’s started talking. Nothing interesting yet, but they’re really crawling out of the woodwork. As horrible as the rape and abuse culture in Hollywood is and was, it’s almost nice to focus on something other than the other train wrecks that characterize our world. Quite sad, actually.

  10. Petruchio

    @e Sutton: Yes, you can call me Pet. We have been regular posters/visitors to this website long enough. If I could meet one person I would pick Elaine. Nobody tells it like it is quite like she does. Hey look, the G20 has a Summit, why shouldn’t we? Just throwin’ that idea out there. Anyways, people such as you, mel Luc, CK, myself and others have posted here long enough where we are, like Elaine, on the ‘watch’ list. I hope the Chinese like us! HaHa.

  11. hblinken

    Maestra, i love to come and read your intelligent posts, been regular here for years. However your posts concentrate far too much on race nowdays, it is getting boring. Give it a break.

  12. emsnews

    Race is now the #1 issue this last month!!!

    I could ignore it and please everyone but then I would be doing the ‘let’s be delusional’ game our media plays all the time.

    In the NEWS: the three friends of the ‘rape victim’ all claim she is lying about nearly everything. They are quite angry about this, as victims of poor reporting by the media that is very anxious to vilify white young males in order to excuse the tsunami of crime coming from young black males.

    And this is a huge issue! Not a tiny one.

  13. John

    The Chinese probably have no problem with us; we call it like we see it, especially about the US.

    Now, the NSA, on the other hand… 😀

  14. vengeur

    Why Whites flee Blacks, part 101,313:
    More angelic, cum laude Travon Michael Browns on view.

  15. CK

    One of the fun things about being old is learning new names for old stuff.
    Catfishing, when I was a mere ute, meant fishing for bottom dwelling scavenger fish. Which taste very good filleted, dusted with cornmeal and popped into a hot cast iron skillet with butter sizzling all around the fillets. Couple of minutes and you had a lunch fit for royalty.
    Yesterday I learned that catfishing has a newer more nuanced, 21st century meaning. It is the creation of an imaginary Alpha male by a girl who wants some attention from a disinterested male. Like any smart bass, the disinterested male in the UVA non-event failed to take the bait. So an episode of RAPE was concocted in hopes that the disinterested male would RIDE TO THE RESCUE like some chivalrous patriarchic white knight of old. Unfortunately the male’s horse was also disinterested.

  16. Marrissa

    Why are you allowing racially discriminate and prejudicial comments fly on this site. People write false generalizations and you respond with smiles and thanks for their proofreading skills??? Not very responsible.

  17. emsnews

    Some of the worst racism I see online is at ‘liberal’ sites.

    And obviously, liberals don’t want to stop the mass slaughter of blacks by black thugs. Sad, isn’t it?

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