California Drought Long Gone While Amazon Natives Furious About Global Warming Plans

global warming is so cold

California is getting lots and lots and lots of rain so of course, the sun lovers of Malibu who want to freeze the rest of humanity are now whining because global cooling is hammering them now.  Even so, the global warmists cling to their ideology desperately.  At the CO2 ‘let’s strangle capitalism and kill millions like in North Korea’ meeting continues, the natives of Africa and South America have finally figured out that THEY will be forced to live in total poverty to cool the planet even more.


Brazilian Indigenous Leader: Carbon Trading Scheme “REDD” a False Solution to Climate Change


AMY GOODMAN: How does REDD affect your community?
NINAWA HUNI KUI: [translated] So, the first impact is that the state of Acre is one of the first states in the world that is promoting REDD, and it is the first state of the Brazilian Amazon that is doing REDD. And it has already violated Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization, which guarantees indigenous people’s right to free, prior, informed consent and the right to say no to projects that affect us. So, Brazil is violating Convention 169, because indigenous peoples have not been consulted about REDD and it is moving forward.
So, the second impact of REDD is that it has divided indigenous leaders, who before were united to defend the territories and Mother Earth. A third impact of REDD is that it has resulted in the co-optation of some leaders who have accepted money and bought cars with that money, and they don’t even know where that money is from and what it means.


The money is our taxes flowing to the Amazon which has NOT fixed the ‘global warming’ problem at all except by making it impossible for poor people in the North to heat their homes.  This scheme, to tax poor people in the North heavily while bribing tribes in equatorial lands to back this scheme, meant sharing a tiny bit of the trillion dollar tax loot but this was great for propaganda.


Now, the poor people of the equator regions have realized they have been conned.  They are going to be forced to live in dire poverty while the rich fly overhead in jets, laughing at everyone. They are growing angrier about all this.


The Amazon natives are in particular good position to protest this so…the US ‘liberal'(sic) media ISN’T TALKING ABOUT THIS AT ALL.  This is ‘non-news’ just like the blizzards in Buffalo were not news.


I spent hours chopping away at a sea of snow and ice on my mountain as a huge lumbering, slow winter storm dumped snow on us.  As per usual, the New York Times, a major paper in my state, has zero mention of this major winter storm but has this: A Strange Climate Event: Warmth Toward U.S.


The gist of the story is, the world LOVES Obama because he promised to give them a trillion US tax dollars to fix global warming that doesn’t exist!  The US rich are using our tax money to bribe the world to pretend there is global warming especially the equatorial belt which has begun to notice that, for example, it has recently snowed in Cairo, Egypt.


The New York Times even ignored this news:  BBC News – Power restored as ‘weather bomb’ storm subsides


Energy firm SSE said its engineers had reconnected 28,000 homes by 16:30, with a further 2,800 still without power.


Much of western and northern Scotland has been battered by wind and rain.


A wind speed of 144mph was recorded on the remote St Kilda islands, with gusts in excess of 80mph elsewhere.


The NYT even is now ignoring Malibu!  Not one headline about the Pounding West Coast storm causes two deaths as Heavy rains, winds, flooding slam Northern California as the people living in Malibu wonder What Is This “Atmospheric River” That Is Flooding California … as THE GREAT FLOOD IN CALIFORNIA. – Great Destruction of Property Damage $10,000,000. – wrote way back in 1862.


My mother and father’s families lived in California way back then.  Baker Mountain is named after one of my ancestors, for example.


The Pacific slope has been visited by the most disastrous flood that has occurred since its settlement by white men. From Sacramento northward to the Columbia River, in California, Nevada Territory, and Oregon, all the streams have risen to a great height, flooded the valleys, [inundated towns, swept away mills, dams, flumes, houses, fences, domestic animals, ruined fields and effected damage, estimated at $10,000,000. All Sacramento City, save a small part of one street, part of Marysville, part of Santa Rosa, part of Auburn, part of Sonora, part of Nevada, and part of Napa, not to speak of less important towns, were under water.


The rainy season commenced on the 8th of November, and for four weeks, with scarcely any intermission, the rain continued to fall very gently in San Francisco, but in heavy showers in the interior. According to the statement of a Grass Valley paper, nine inches of rain fell there in thirty-six hours on the 7th and 8th inst. Whether, it is possible that so much rain could fall in thirty-six hours I will not decide; but it is certain that, the amount was great, for the next day the river-beds were full almost to the hilltops. The North Fork of the American River at Auburn rose thirty-five feet, and in many other mountain streams the rise was almost as great. On the 9th the flood reached the low land of the Sacramento Valley.


One of  my ancestors, great grandpa, was a calvary officer in the Arizona territories back then.  Grandpa told me about that cool cycle rain period between 1860-1890: ‘Why my father rode through such high grass back then, it licked the belly of his horse!’


See?  99% of the people living in California and Arizona as well as Nevada have been there for less than 3 generations and therefore have no ‘family memory’ of the weather or other events.  One of my grandfather’s favorite things was to drive around the Southwest pointing out stupid things people were building in flood zones during the 1930-1960 warm cycle.


Europe’s deep freeze: Ice storms cause widespread winter chaos, in pictures – Telegraph of London has many pictures showing what global cooling looks like.


And of course, The Al Gore Ice Free Arctic Has Arrived!  Gore claimed it would be all gone by today.  It is now greater than ever.  The global warmists, to keep the ball rolling for the Ecuador meeting, have announce falsely that this is the Hottest Year EVER!  Which is insane.  So of course, the news that the Antarctic and Arctic are now frozen solid is avoided like the plague.


UN Conference: Communism Needed To Stop Global Warming:

ScreenHunter_5134 Dec. 11 23.48


Lima, Peru—Evo Morales, the president of the Plurinational Republic of Bolivia, is a superstar politician here at the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP-20) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The press gaggle follows him around like puppies and enthusiastically applauds his unrelenting diatribes against rich industrialized countries.


The headline is a quotation taken from Morales’ response to being asked at a press conference if he was optimistic about the summit meeting here in Lima? “The deep causes of global warming are not being dealt with here. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism,” asserted Morales. “If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution.”


And of course, the solution is to tax the cold north as much as possible to fix this elusive warming that seems to be totally avoiding us up here closer to the frigid North Pole.


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9 responses to “California Drought Long Gone While Amazon Natives Furious About Global Warming Plans

  1. Luke

    Your photo is quite something, considering the season is Fall. As far as California goes the rain of last night was the heaviest in memory.

  2. emsnews

    Whose memory? 🙂 Mine? I doubt this.

  3. Luke

    Angelinos memories.

  4. Moe

    Damn, I wish we had some of your snow here in Southern Manitoba! The last few days have been unseasonably warm, and it’s impacting the snowmobile season.

    Our home heating source is electricity, which is very cheap in Manitoba. But I am reluctant to depend solely on a government provided energy source, and have acquired a woodstove as a redundant heat source. Our electrical service has always been extremely reliable, but I have experience, and a long memory, of previous failures in other localities. During 1998, some residents of western Quebec were without hydro for weeks, after an ice storm. Try to imagine living without heat during the winter for that duration! Elaine, you may have experienced that weather, since you are immediately south of that region.

  5. Moe

    “The deep causes of global warming are not being dealt with here. The origin of global warming lies in capitalism,” asserted Morales. “If we could end capitalism then we would have a solution.”

    Of course Morales knows the reality of global warming. He’s merely another socialist/communist espousing the warmist line. But he sure sounds like a moron when he blames global warming on capitalism! So-called ‘capitalism’ has been around since time immemorial, it’s merely free trade among individuals. Morales’ definition of capitalism though, is the Marxist one. And even if that system of capitalism is onerous, it certainly can’t be the cause of global warming, since there is no global warming!

    What an effin moron: but I repeat myself.

  6. Lee

    I went to a talk just yesterday. Worst drought in California in 1500 years.
    I’d say there is a drought,
    Drought devastates cherry crop, puts some growers out of ……/la-me-cherries-drought-2015061...
    Los Angeles Times
    Jun 18, 2015 – Growers say this year’s cherry crop was worst ever in Leona Valley … He is going out of business and selling the farm, a victim of drought and …
    Drought devastates Southern California cherry crop, puts ……/article_b25a7b18-1a77-11e5-...
    Lodi News‑Sentinel
    Jun 24, 2015 – … and selling the farm, a victim of drought and soaring monthly water bills. … In the Lodi area, cherry growers have been hanging on

  7. Lee

    AMY GOODMAN: How does REDD affect your community?

    I read Amys forebearers [some of them] were Orthodox jews.

  8. emsnews

    Lee, this ‘drought’ doesn’t even come close to the mega droughts of the past.

    It didn’t rain for 50 years at one point!!! Did you know that nearly all cacti in the Southwest didn’t evolve before 5,000 years ago? They are recent plant evolutionary things, not ‘here forever’.

    Mastodons, giant sloths and other mega creatures roamed Los Angeles a mere 10,000 years ago.

  9. Lee

    ThANKS. The ‘AGW’ gal told us that ‘Climate Change [in caps] and worst drought in 1500 years’. That was on Friday. rain on Saturday.
    Rain in So Cal in July???? Climate Change?? haha.

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