DC Can’t Pass Spending Bill Which Creates More Debts While Bankers Stuff Bill With Xmas Goodies

Senate postpones voting on $1.1trillion spending bill needed to avoid government shutdown until Monday as the Democrats rapidly lose a grip on political power in DC.  The liberal had their last hurrah with the pushing for more race riots and now we go into a slight change in our government.  Under the Democrats, it was all about wars against Muslims and Russia, arming Japan and forgetting about WWII crimes, torture, Gitmo, persecution of whistleblowers like Snowden, ZIRP loans to rich bankers, more free trade and lots of illegal aliens getting work permits.  Where was anything good for US workers, black or white?  The Republicans have many odious polices due to us in the future but the Democrats were barely distinguishable.  Both are run by Bilderberg gangsters.


Naturally, the rulers have to figure out how to explain themselves and why workers have no pensions, no wage hikes, no future, blacks or whites, both:  Why America’s middle class is lost, by Jim Tankersley, Washington Post


By 1990, there were nearly 200,000 aerospace workers in Los Angeles County alone, and the local median income had risen almost 20 percent since 1970, after adjusting for inflation. Then things cratered.


Rockwell was in California.  It was part of the NASA complex of businesses.  My dad had a number of things to do with the Rockwell people way back when NASA was launched…after the Russians sent up Sputnik.


I remember Sputnik extremely well.  It was cold that first night it flew over the US, my father pointed it out to us kids standing next to his private observatory which housed my grandfather’s telescope which was the largest privately owned refracting telescope in America (and is now in the Smithsonian collection).


My father said, ‘Now we will have lots of funds for space exploration!  At last.  I am going to DC tomorrow to talk to Congress about this.’


The battle for space dominance roared onwards until the Soviet Union collapsed thanks to Chernobyl and Afghanistan.   The US now has lost half a trillion there and now the Afghan Govt Seeks Donors ‘Bailout’ because it is going bankrupt. And we are going bankrupt.  And this was bin Laden’s dying with: to bankrupt the US.  Thank you, dear leaders, for fulfilling his dreams.


The Cold War ended, and defense cuts starved the industry. More than half the county’s aerospace workers lost their jobs over the next decade, and when they found new ones, they weren’t nearly as good. The county’s median income fell more than 10 percent — and stayed there.


There were people who understood that the space race to the moon was fatally flawed in that no one had any idea what to do there except play a round of golf!  Brief History of the L5 Society: way back in 1974, my family decided to colonize space:


O’Neill’s first published paper on the subject, “The Colonization of Space,” appeared in the journal Physics Today in September, 1974. A number of people who later became leaders of the L5 Society got their first exposure to the idea from this article. Among these were a couple from Tucson, Arizona, named Keith and Carolyn Henson. The Hensons corresponded with O’Neill and were invited to present a paper on “Closed Ecosystems of High Agricultural Yield” at the 1975 Princeton Conference on Space Manufacturing Facilities, which was organized by O’Neill. A sign-up sheet at the conference eventually made its way to the Hensons, who also obtained O’Neill’s mailing list. The Hensons incorporated the L5 Society in August of 1975, and sent its first newsletter to those two lists. The L5 Society started out as a shoestring operation in the back of the Henson’s small electronics company in Tucson.


I worked for the L-5 Society and attended various meetings at the top of the government/space industry pyramid.  I was totally against my relative’s plans for using the facilities to farm.  I said, ‘for producing oxygen, pond scum is by far the best and most efficient and uses the least surface area.’  But the romantics shot this down.


Then, at the Princeton meeting about all this, when Reagan was running for President, William Safire and I had a HUGE fight over the new issue: building the stupid ‘anti-missile Star Wars shield’.  I was aghast.  I told everyone, ‘This is suicidal.  The minute Moscow hears of this, they will go into first strike mode!’  Europe erupted into protests when Reagan announced his platform a day later.  The Russians became more belligerent.


The L-5 Society died with the Cold War.  Now, the L-orbits host spy satellites as we dive bomb towards WWIII.  I wanted space colonies to be used for manufacturing things that did better in low gravity situations as well as using materials mined from the moon and the asteroids.  This is still a possible future if we don’t have WWIII. Isaac Asimov agreed with me.  But  now this is dead in the water, so to speak.


Back to the WP Rockwell article:


The Rockwell plant shed workers steadily, was bought by Boeing and eventually closed in 1999. …city leaders tried and failed, again and again, to lure good-paying jobs to the cavernous old Rockwell plant. They were going to make electric golf carts and they were going to build houses and shops, but both fell through. They briefly filmed some blockbuster movies, but the studio went bust and never employed many locals anyway. By 2010, the only people working in the former plant were a pair of historians, cataloguing its aerospace past.


The most amazing thing here is the comments to this article and these show why a recent WP editorial whining about comments being ‘stupid’ is a warning to readers, they are about to be silenced forever for daring to tell the truth:


8:15 AM EST
It seems that Ross Perot told us the truth when he stated “If NAFTA is passed (Clinton’s Admin.), you will hear a giant sucking sound as the jobs leave the U.S. It was true and our politicians were lobbied (read bribed) to make it happen. Without protective tariffs this country will never have heavy industry again.


John Hutchinson
8:07 AM EST
This economic dynamic has been going on in accelerated fashion since the early 1990s, (perhaps earlier). It has been going in almost every Western nation. It is time to stop the partisan crap and look at the deeper causes.


These are just two samples of comments about free trade and illegal aliens being the root cause.  No one dares say ‘Bilderberg’ or they get banned for life.


Back to DC games:  Obama Rejects Senate War Bill as ‘Too Limiting’ while  Gorbachev Blames US for Provoking ‘New Cold War’.  One rule of thumb for future idiots wanting to rule the earth: NEVER fight two wars at once.  Also, NEVER fight religious wars, they are bottomless pits from hell.  Also, NEVER ever accumulate enemies, try to pare them down to as few as possible.


WWII was an oddball for the US.  We fought a two front war with opposite enemies on opposite sides of the planet.  This was made possible by the simple fact, 90% of the actual ground battles (not air raids!) were fought by the USSR nearly alone.  And to win fast against Japan, the US dropped 2 nuclear bombs on civilians.


The rich have celebrated the end of the Cold War by launching a global war against Muslims and now another war against Russia.  No one is paying for any of this instead, it is all 100% government debt and Congress is unable to pass a trillion dollar budget due to tax cuts and wars.  Now, Banks urge big customers to take cash elsewhere or face fees – MarketWatch because ZIRP loans from the Fed are tons cheaper.  Remember: all savings are NEGATIVE for banks!  They hate savings accounts!


Banks are urging some of their largest customers in the U.S. to take their cash elsewhere or be slapped with fees, citing new regulations that make it onerous for them to hold certain deposits.


The banks, including J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. JPM, -1.80% , Citigroup Inc. C, -2.04% , HSBC Holdings PLC HSBC, -1.86% , Deutsche Bank AG DB, -1.79% and Bank of America Corp. BAC, -1.95% , have spoken privately with clients in recent months to tell them that the new regulations are making some deposits less profitable, according to people familiar with the conversations.


And she is right:  Elizabeth Warren: Citigroup Lobbyists “Literally Wrote” Omnibus Bill …Elizabeth Warren Rips Citigroup For Weaseling Wall Street Giveaway Into Government Spending Bill:


This week, she fought to keep a major Wall Street giveaway out of a must-pass spending bill and by Friday night it was clear the fight was lost. So Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, took the Senate floor and unleashed a haymaker on Wall Street giant Citigroup that will leave a mark for an awfully long time.


After listing the top Citi executives who have gone on to work in the Obama administration, she addressed Citi directly, noting that she agreed that Wall Street reform wasn’t perfect.


Like previous out of the box Democrats, she is right.  And ignored.  And has zero power, can only embarrass her fellow Democrats into pretending to care about what she is yelling. Meanwhile, the Democrats including the entire leadership of that dying party, voted with their bulging pockets: the more lobby money they accepted from bankers the more they voted for the banking interests.


Note how many bankers are working for Obama!


And there is cheating at the bottom with people exploiting welfare money for the poor:  Dead people, lottery winners are getting N.J. welfare, food stamp benefits, audit says | NJ.com


County welfare agencies conduct fraud investigations but are not successful in recouping funds, the report said. From July 2012 to June 2013, counties identified 5,381 instances of fraud that should have resulted in a net gain of $12.7 million. But they only collected $1.4 million.


The auditor advised the state and county agencies to routinely match the names of SNAP and welfare beneficiaries with the list of dead people reported to the Social Security Administration and lottery winner database.


The auditor also suggested the state set asset limits on people who apply for SNAP. In a written response to the audit, Velez said the department had intentionally stopped doing evaluation of a recipient’s total assets to speed up the application process.


This is the fault of the Democrats who demand near zero investigations when people apply for welfare.  And now Obama added a couple million more to this army of people who have no jobs.  You see, the illegals who are now legal are now no longer desired workers and will be soon unemployable.  Illegal=cheap.


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21 responses to “DC Can’t Pass Spending Bill Which Creates More Debts While Bankers Stuff Bill With Xmas Goodies

  1. nclaughlin

    Got an interesting flyer from one of our local real estate agents, “Oakmont Village Real Estate News”, the retirement community where I live in Santa Rosa CA.

    Quote: “Currently December of 2014, we are seeing a phenomena, not seen for a few years. An actual softening of prices. There is buyer resistance, markedly at some size points. Under 1400 square feet is the hardest hit, actually decreasing in average price paid by over 8 percent in the past year. Overall Oakmont average and median prices went up over 12% for the year ending in November 2014. Many homes exceed the highs of 2005.”

    The rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer.

  2. Peter C.

    Never understood how mining asteroids could be more cost effective than mines here on earth.Until we run out here on earth we have some incredible advantages that earth’s biosphere gives us like breathable air,liquid water,food ,raw materials.Waaay too many pluses especially considering our crappy tech,volitile chemical rockets that like to blow up and barely get us up this steep gravity well.Unless there is some hidden tech the military have I am afraid us monkeys are stuck on the surface.The Archdruid has some good if depressing posts about this.

  3. Christian W

    Some random comments in bullets:

    * People telling the truth in comment sections, as opposed to the US State Department and Hasbara story lines, are already called “Putin bots” or “Putin’s Troll Army”.

    I get that all the time when commenting in The Guardian. The funny thing that the people calling me that are of course the real paid professional trolls using a scripted point. You can tell because they always work along the current bullet points and ignore facts relevant to the debate and just stay on message (Putin = Putler, The Russians invaded Ukraine etc).

    Here is a link that shows the US uses ‘sock puppet’ technology to poison comment sections.


    There is a very large part of the population, in both the US and Europe, that is very aware of what is going on. The problem is that they are very effectively cut off from participating in the political debate or even making their voice heard in public apart from comments in the comment section in the supposed “free press” in the West. These comments are already being cut out, censored or simply shouted down by the sock puppets.

    In the UK the comedian Russell Brand has been criticizing the elites. The Guardian, supposedly representing the liberal left, has published a long string of comment articles mocking him for daring to expose the elites. So a lot of “journalists” and commentators have gotten a nice fee for back stabbing someone challenging the elite narrative.

    * We will be forced to keep our money in banks, at a loss, and forced to pay fees (effectively being taxed) also savings in Pension Funds eg will be taxed this way just to feed the banks.

    * The rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer.

    That is the entire name of the game now. As Elaine points out, in a Depression (the US most certainly is in one now for the majority of it’s citizens) Cash is King. This depression is enforced by the elites, because it makes them very, very rich on behalf of the rest of the US.

  4. e sutton

    @Christian W,

    Yep, I notice particularly over at RT the comment sections go off the rails and any cogent points are quickly lost due to the trolling. What’s remarkable is the full extent of the trolls jumping all over valid points with a bunch of non refutable garbage, often linking today’s Russia with the old Soviet Union. Those of us who remember the Soviet era know what a complete crock it is to compare the two. Like day and night. I don’t mind someone disagreeing with me. I like to hear valid points so that I may become better informed. The amount of energy spent on destroying the truth is staggering.

    As far as the Depression, I couldn’t agree more. The problem I have is the constant denial that we are in a depression. All we hear is we are in a “recovery”. The “recovery” is weak…blah, blah, blah….At least in the days of FDR, people were allowed to call it what it was. And you didn’t have quite the degree of mendacity at all levels we have now. One hard and steadfast rule I’ve had during this depression is to hold no debt. Ideally, one should either rent or outright own their living quarters. Karl Denninger says that we are about to enter a huge deflationary cycle, similar to what we’re seeing with the price of oil. I don’t have near enough cash to go on any big spending sprees should prices for real estate, autos, etc. plummet, but I have managed to sock away enough where I’m not dependent upon having a job (for now) to survive. Which is good, because I’ve been serially unemployed since November ’09. I have a master’s degree, btw. Most employers pass by oldsters like me. I live in a college town and any reasonable, part time job quickly gets snatched up not long after it’s posted.

  5. tio

    congrats you now own the downside of all the derivative bets.

  6. Christian W

    The amount of energy spent on destroying the truth is staggering.

    Yes, that is how they operate. It is a swift boating technique. Say your opponent has a strong point, in this case the truth. You take his strong point and make it your strong point, ie you say that he is lying and you are telling the truth when in fact the reverse is true. However, with the help of media and other stooges, you hammer home the message very forcefully and without stopping. Now you have turned your opponent into a liar by pure force of controlling the narrative.

    To dismantle these lies the opponent has to challenge you every step of the way, and you make sure you make it all sound utterly ridiculous and stupid, so nobody wants to go into that stinking pile of shit to get to the truth of the matter, and, crucially, he has to fight your overwhelming control of media and the narrative all the way every single step of the way. And the simple truth is that he cannot win, because your allies in the media will not allow the truth to come out, they will spin and spin and simply drown out your narrative with whatever happens next on top of counting that people will get tired of the whole stinking mess and put it behind them out of pure disgust or simply believing the bullshit you tell them (because that is ALL they hear).

    And you keep doing this over and over and over with everything that comes along, with all your opponents, all your enemies, all new stories, your own agenda, everything get slanted the way you want it 100% of the time. You allow a little debate but nothing to strong to get close to challenging you.

    If a Snowden comes along you turn him into a traitor. You can hammer home a Global Warming meme this way, if your position becomes untenable you just change the name to Climate Change and continue as previously, and as things change you just keep twisting the narrative a little, just enough to get by and force a new cycle of exhausting dismantling of bullshit.

    In this way you force the rational opposition and the real truth underground, into the blogospere and the comment sections at best. This is why it is so damn hard to challenge the elites and their policies. They own the official narrative. And this is why they hate RT so much because it is outside their control.

    This is why a free media is crucial to a real democracy. It is the job of the media to challenge the narrative of the elites and the political system and to highlight all agendas, including the hidden agendas, for the public to scrutinize.

    But you don’t have a free media. And you don’t have a democracy but a plutocracy controlling the narrative. And there is no real way forward by voting and playing into the elite system. Unless you somehow can muster candidates to break the plutocracy, which the elites will not readily let happen.

    So what do you do?

  7. e sutton

    @Christian W,

    My dad, who was a lawyer with the State Department, told me a few years before he died that if our country ever lost the Freedom of the Press, we were done as a country. That was before the news outlets were under a virtual monopoly. My only hope is that I live long enough to see the people responsible for the loss of my country hanged until dead. Obama, Holder, Boehner, et. al.

  8. Peter C.

    OT Elaine what do you think of the mission logo/patch of the latest spy sat Atlas V NROL-35 launch.Logo shows a witchy looking woman with trident in her hand.


    ELAINE: Typical of all agencies. Yes, they do the Magic Evil Power thing a lot.

  9. Petruchio

    Now that the Repugs control both Houses of Congress, I’m wondering what the narrative will be in the lackey media regarding the exploding deficit. Up to now, it has been the Dems who were responsible. The Repugs have lost their “the Dems are at fault for the exploding deficit” propaganda talking point., Fox Propaganda and the others will have to “retool” their talking points. I’m sure they will and not feel so much as a twinge of hypocrisy doing it. What’s troubling to me is how Fox’s gullible, easily fooled sheeple followers will believe everything they are told by the Fox script readers. Next week, Fox could change their narrative yet another 180 degrees from the previous week–and the followers will believe that hook, line and sinker. It’s being reported in internet media outlets that a spending bill HAS been passed today. Don’t expect the deficit to go down. Likely the opposite, even with those pillars of fiscal responsibility, the Repugs in charge–not.


    ELAINE: Ever since Reagan busted the budget, we have seen BOTH parties do this nonstop. They all do it. All the f^cking time. 😦

  10. Christian W

    WW III is cooking along nicely now. The US is stoking the pot everywhere it can (probably why Chuck Hagel resigned). My guess is WW III will reach boiling point in May 2015 when Russia launches it’s new alternative to the SWIFT banking system.

    Related to that launch: Sooner or later Putin will have to deal with the foreign agents in his government and at the Russian Central Bank or they will bring him down through the deliberate crashing of the Russian economic system. When he does that the US and it’s puppets will scream bloody murder. It will be fascinating to see how Putin pulls this move off.

    The times we live in are becoming much too interesting I’m afraid.

  11. emsnews

    Who will die off first? Russia or the EU?

    Russia has one strong leader, the EU is led by a gang of Bilderberg bankers looting the place and opening the borders to aliens who are flooding in destroying social services.

    And the EU members hate each other and speak a multiple of languages and has a history of butchering each other every 40-50 years which is now overdue.

    And they now will freeze this winter!

    Russia has to endure yet another round of destruction due to all this garbage until the Chinese pipeline is done. Then they can laugh at the EU. And US. And of course, the Chinese will freak out, laughing.

  12. Petruchio

    I noticed watching the Army-Navy football game yesterday that the Army team is called “The Black Knights”. That conjures up the image of evildoers, NOT the good guys.

  13. emsnews

    The vast majority of football players are now black young males. This is like boxing and is due entirely to the fact that this sport is extremely destructive and usually the players end up insane, dead or disabled.

  14. Luke

    “Army-Navy football game” which is an amateur set of teams. At the PRO level most players may be Black. I am not sure about at the college level.

  15. emsnews

    True at all levels. Increasingly, even in high school, concerned mothers are refusing to destroy their precious sons this way.

    And this has become the ticket out of the ghetto for black boys. They are pouring into the game in huge numbers. I think this is more like the Roman gladiator culture.

    The other ticket out of the ghetto has been basketball but it isn’t nearly as popular as football mainly due to the fact, it is far less dangerous to life and limb.

    The exception to this protection rule is car racing: it is overwhelmingly white. It does kill people like football but the auxiliary damage on the body is far, far less frequent.

    In football, it is nearly universally damaging.

  16. emsnews

    Oh, and proof of this is baseball: it has all ethnic groups and races and thus, lots of white European players as well as blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

    It, too, does damage the body but like racing, it is sporadic in nature, not inevitable and deaths from playing the game is few and uncommon and players in the pros, unlike football, can look forward to a comfortable retirement.

    Football players who survive to retire have a much, MUCH shorter life than any other sports players. Race car drivers and golf players have long lives.

  17. Luke

    Elaine, you may enjoy a book called ‘Hundred Yard Lie’. However it was written long ago. Now FB players are so full of food and steroids they are huge.
    Knees cant take endless tackles from 300 pound players. Plus concussions etc.

  18. Luke


  19. Petruchio

    No, I was NOT referring to race when I mentioned “Black Knight”. I was referencing the term “White Knight”. You know, as in a “White Knight in shining armor”? The connotation meaning he is a white Knight and therefore a good guy. Remember the old Westerns? The good guys wore white hats, the bad guys wore black hats. That way the viewer knew who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. More modern example? Darth Vader. It’s no coincidence Vader is dressed in all black.

  20. emsnews

    We know that, Petruchio. We just went off onto a connected tangent.

  21. Petruchio

    OK, I’m a little slow on the pick up, but usually I get there. lol

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