2014 Wasn’t ‘Warmest Year Ever’ Or Even Slightly Warm Compared To Previous Warm Cycles

Southern and Northern Hemispheres December 2014


Huge wind action around North Pole while the Pole itself has little wind.  Note the other ‘quiet’ zone offshore Alaska’s Pacific coast.


6,000 tourists stranded at snow-hit Manali, Shimla/KulluHeavy snowfall in KoreaHeavy snow for parts of JapanHeavy snow for eastern Turkey made zero headlines in US global warming addled media.  The End of Snow? – NYTimes.com asks as they note that parts of the Spanish, French and Italian mountains have less snow than Buffalo, NY.  Naturally, Buffalo didn’t make any headlines at the NY Times maybe because no jet-setters fly there to party.  I didn’t save the ‘no snow!’ story from the NYT and now it is removed, I can’t find it at all because I bet it was a fake story and thus, pulled.  But then there was this headline:  Europe Winter Forecast: ‘Fantastic’ Ski Season for Alps; which doesn’t surprise me, it is snowing and cold all over a great deal of the Northern Hemisphere this winter!


Here is today’s dumb article which is about the death and supposed ‘rebirth’ (sic) of the worse city in the US:  Detroit by Air – NYTimes.com which rattles on and on about the great farming one could do there while dodging bullets.  Then comes this two paragraph direct attack on Americans and a scold about how we are all going to be punished with high CO2 taxes and ha-ha-ha, those dirty white people who fled the chaos in the cities will regret it!  They will all be heavily taxed! Yessiree!


From the air today, the decline appears to be slowing. The spaces once covered in rubble are cleared and mowed. Open green spaces, along with new community gardens and orchards, look almost bucolic against the downtown skyline. From my plane, I sense the potential for resurgence in these areas. I can see how neighborhoods could become more walkable and support mixed-use development, with new shops, public transit and nearby parks and schools. However, this resurgence relies on a city that is stumbling out of bankruptcy. It also depends on an agency with the authority to consolidate abandoned lots for development and open spaces.


I think that the inner ring of Detroit will win out in the long run, as cities are and will continue to be the greenest places to live on a per-capita basis. This is made only more striking when I fly over the suburbs and see the inefficiency of single-family homes. They are dependent on cars, for one thing, and are connected by miles of paved roads to single-use zones of office and retail developments. These areas will not fare well, if we begin to mitigate climate change through measures like a carbon tax.


Yes, this tax is designed to destroy the suburbs.  Then they can all live in ‘clean’ cities!  90% of Detroit IS ‘suburban’.  It is not ‘urban’ at all. I lived in urban NYC.  We had brownstones and houses were right next to each other sharing party walls and no front yards.  Detroit has virtually none of that.  Suburban Detroit died because industry vanished and with it, jobs.  High taxes and high crime killed it.


What’s Up With That is a weather website that very gingerly tries to correct the many errors in global warming ‘scholarship.’  None of this makes the mainstream media nor is appreciated by the ‘scientists’ being bribed to lie about the climate.  Here is the latest attempt by Bob Tisdale to explain some of the errors that led to the IPCC and the governments conspiring to tax us for CO2, to call this last cold, bitter year, ‘The WARMEST Year…EVER!’  November 2014 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly & Model-Data Difference Update | Watts Up With That?


This post provides an update of the data for the three primary suppliers of global land+ocean surface temperature data—GISS through November 2014 and HADCRUT4 and NCDC through October 2014—and of the two suppliers of satellite-based lower troposphere temperature data (RSS and UAH) through November 2014.


The three surface data suppliers have been claiming record high monthly values recently. This is, in part, due to the record high sea surface temperatures in the North Pacific, which impact the global data because of the size of the North Pacific and the intensity of the weather-related warming there. For further information about the unusual warming of the North Pacific, see the post On The Recent Record-High Global Sea Surface Temperatures – The Wheres and Whys.


Here is an exchange of views from commentators including me:

  1. Bob,

    Perhaps you can shed some light on what’s going on in these graphs:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1C2T0pQeiaSTFNEekNLWkxkMFk

    1) Why do the hiatuses from 1800-1915, 1940-1975 and 1998-present each successively have a more positive slope than the last?

    2) Why does each hiatus begin and end at a higher temperature than the previous one?

    3) Why on earth would I pick a 1986-2005 baseline calculate temperature anomaly?

    If you need help with (1) and/or (2), you might want to slap a linear regression line over the entire range of your chart here, and ponder the meaning of an upward-sloping 2nd derivative: https://bobtisdale.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/07-giss-210-month-trends.png

    • Brandon Gates

      If you have something to say then spit it out.

      Your questions do not relate to the above article by Bob Tisdale so there is no reason for him to assist your attempted deflection from his article.


    • Brandon, we are still recovering from the Little Ice Age.

      It is much colder than during the Roman Warm Age. It is much colder than the Middle Age Warm Period.

      It is far, far, far colder than the very warm Minoan Warm Period.

      This is the coldest ‘warm era’ of the last 10,000 years which makes the howls about ‘global warming’ so infantile.

  2. What this comes to even with all the “adjustments” the alarmists can get away with, is a matter of some hundredths of a degree per decade. Be very very afraid!!

  3. 2014 had to be ‘The Warmest Year Ever!’ due to the IPCC meeting where money was the #1 issue. These guys intend to get this CO2 tax money by hook and crook and pour it into the bank accounts of various dictators and ‘world leaders’.

    This has nothing to do with the weather at all. It is a scam. We can prove that this elusive warming isn’t happening until the cows come home and the taxpayer-funded scams will pour out of every university and infect NASA and ruin NOAA rendering it incapable of predicting any weather anymore…and there is nothing we can do about this since this is all about looting someone and bribing everyone.

    It has corrupted science, destroyed NOAA, made NASA look stupid and irritates me to death!

    No US liberal media carried this story:  Climate talks create more CO2 than a small country | Daily Mail Online


Climate talks create more CO2 than a small country as 12,500 politicians fly to Peruvian venue powered by dirty diesel generators
Talks in Lima have produced more than 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide
More than emissions produced by all of Sierra Leone over same 12 days
Summit is to produce legally-binding treaty on reducing greenhouse gases


That worthless meeting spent most of its time and energy talking about where to meet next and decided it was time to go to Gay Paree in France.  When it is warm, of course.  Not cold.  The Copenhagen refrigerator meeting was a huge disaster especially when the ice carving of a huge murderous polar bear didn’t melt.


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13 responses to “2014 Wasn’t ‘Warmest Year Ever’ Or Even Slightly Warm Compared To Previous Warm Cycles

  1. CK

    A “scientist” flying in his private aeroplane condemns the people driving in their private automobiles. Sometimes life is a delightful banquet is it not.

  2. e sutton

    I love your attitude, man!

  3. JimmyJ

    Russia ruble and market in complete collapse, is Putin going away or will there now be a Soviet style purge of western minded Russians…

  4. Christian W

    Think this has to be an opportunity for Putin. He will simply say “Look what happens when we leave our finances open to US run markets. Time for reforms” and then kick out those who doesn’t play along.

    Either that or Russia simply will not break free from US domination.

  5. emsnews

    Russia has seen worse.

    A common flaw: underestimating how much pain Russia can take when EUROPE decides to go to war with Russia and make no mistake, this is war.

  6. Jim R

    Several trading houses halted trading in the Ruble today, due to “excessive volatility” or some such nonsense. They forced the closing of long positions n the Ruble, crashing the price even further (and this was obviously the intent).

    What is confusing is this: remember when they all wanted to devalue their currencies? Cheap Yen, cheap Euros, cheap Dollars, etc. were a *good* thing, because, cheap exports or some such nonsense. Or really because it would herd investors into something other than the currency. A few basis points would cause a stampede.

    And now, the cheap Ruble is a *bad* thing? For whom?

  7. emsnews

    China has several trillion in reserves and will pick up Russia. Once the panic is over, they and only they will benefit including the fact that China is doubling its oil reserves right now.

    And has those lovely plans to be Russia’s #1 customer in the future.

  8. Sunger

    So, Elaine. Who is behind the big climate change conspiracy? Did all the scientists in the world all unaminmously get together and pull a big scam? And no scientists anywhere dissented from this?

    And those who get no cash benefit from a climate hoax- they keep their mouths closed to support the scam? And even scientists from other nations also keep their mouths closed so US researchers can get some extra grant money? And the whole scientific field has not a single scientist who gets mad that his beloved field of study will also be discredited by such a hoax?

    Historically, the few scams perpetrated by science researchers have been met by massive rage by the dedicated scientific community. The scammers do not survive being publicly humiliated and driven from the scientific profession by the great majority of scientists.

    Think of a feeding frenzy by piranhas.

  9. emsnews

    Sunger, you never hear in the news any scientists and there are a great many, who dispute the global warming dogma.

    My father, one of the founders of NASA, of Kitt Peak observatory complex, the observatories in Hawaii and Chile, the founder of the very first solar observatory at Kitt Peak…just before he died, he revealed that his papers about the sun going COLDER than during much of the Interglaical was CENSORED by the science journals and the media.

    I was aghast.

    He had been always published before. I read the emails about this. One editor said, ‘No one wants to hear this news! It is too scary.’


    Everyone who is a climatologist and disputes these global warmists is driven out and punished. Yes, PUNISHED. They are eliminated.

    Why do you think I am here and not being published, too? I am a person who has been in the news a lot in the past as Elaine Meinel or Elaine Levy my previous names.

  10. John


    I really liked the comment posted at the end of this. I typically stay away from Rense; the site has garnered an obvious and not-unwarranted bad rap for general antisemitism. But this gem was worth the look.
    From Donna Halperin

    Hi Jeff – I am Jewish and I take exception to some of the articles you post on your site. However, this particular article is staggering in its implications. It is said there are less than 15 million Jews on the planet. Most of us…and I know a lot of people… are kind, normal and not megalomaniacal in our approach to life. When someone of ANY religious or political persuasion reads this story and then also factors in the dominance of Jews in finance and the economy, government, science, the medical profession, the legal profession – in fact all the professions – one has to come away pondering how such staggering influence has been acquired by such a microscopic percent of the world’s 7 BILLION people. For ANY group to wield such power clearly and obviously injects profound bias and skewing into all areas of a nation so dominated. Is there a Zionist/Jewish bias in Western society and especially the US? Is grass green? It is often whispered that Baron Rothschild really owns and controls Great Britain. It is reported that 7 of the 8 oligarch/gangsters who control most of Russia are Jews …probably hard core Zionists. (Maybe Putin is trying to prevent a total Zionist takeover of Russia with the Lukos oil magnate’s arrest?) And then look at the Zionist Jewish near domination of the Bush administration (no coincidence, that) and the more than one trillion dollars the kindly American people have given to Israel in ‘loan guarantees’…not a penny of which has ever…or will ever… be paid back. I could go on but it when a Jew starts to point out the facts and connect the dots, they are quickly smeared as ‘self-hating’ and so forth. Well, this Jew is an American first and I’m hoping you continue to post factual articles like this on your site. Thank you.


  11. Sunger


    It took the earth around 400 million years to deposit and process the huge amounts of atmospheric carbon in the underground.

    Now humankind has removed the hundreds of billion tons of underground carbon and sent it up into the sky as carbon dioxide during the industrial revolution. This is a massive massive event that has happened all in the last 200 years- much faster than natural earth or sun changes in most cases.

    Another point is that most of the global warming research has only been done in the last 25 years. Climate is the probably the most complex scientific research project ever.

    And just who benefits from all this censorship and scamming by the scientific community? Scientists are people who are not usually interested in earning big bucks or many surely could have become excellent high-end RE salesmen- and without suffering through 12 years of so of university education hassles and publishing hassles.

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