Black NJ Professor Brittney Cooper Is A Racist Teaching ‘Black Studies’

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After Middlesex County home invasion charges, relief but questions of hate crimes remain | a gang of angry blacks in New Jersey terrorized the Indian community (Southeast Asian Indians) breaking into homes and beating up victims while talking racist.  Blacks have been focused very  hard on several things.  Never taking responsibility for their own racism, preventing the police from arresting them if they resist, and demands everyone hand over even more stuff while there is no reciprocation of behavior or social responsibility.  This is crashing into a huge wall of resistance from all other ethnic groups.


Salon is a great place to track the most racist black writers online.  One of them is Brittney Cooper who ‘teaches’ at the University of Alabama and at Rutger’s University in New Jersey in ‘black studies’.  She is a particularly noxious racist.  Hates all whites no matter what and has a huge chip on her shoulder the size of the Empire State Building:  “Listen when I talk to you!”: How white entitlement marred my trip to a Ferguson teach-in –


Dr. Brittney Cooper | Next Generation Black Intellectual—How a nightmarish train ride reminds me why too many white people don’t get how short black America’s fuse is right now:


On Friday, I was on the train to New York to do a teach-in on Ferguson at NYU. Beats headphones on, lost in thought, peering out the window, I suddenly saw a white hand shoving my work carry-on toward me. Startled, I looked up to see the hand belonged to a white guy, who was haphazardly handling my open bag, with my laptop perched just inside to make space for himself on the seat next to me.


This self-centered professor thinks that when she pays for one seat, she gets two.  She then puts on earphones to block out other people and totally ignores passengers seeking seats in a crowded train.  So another passenger shoves her junk towards her so he could sit down in a seat he paid for.


That he wanted the seat on the now full train was not the problem. That he assumed the prerogative to place his hands on my bag, grab it, shove it at me, all while my computer was unsecured and peaking out, infuriated me. I said to him, “Never put your hands on my property.”


This savage didn’t say, ‘Excuse me, I’m sorry I had my stuff on your seat.’  Then the man probably would have said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry about moving it, thank you’ as you move it over even more.  Then everyone is happy.  The social situation is fixed by everyone apologizing.  It doesn’t even matter if you are right or wrong, it pays to be apologetic because this prevents fights.


I have, in the past, when someone is both illegal and violent, resort to saying, ‘You are under arrest’.  Or, ‘I am getting the police’ or some other authority to remove them.  This will, in uncivilized people, start some snarling and snapping until the cops or conductors or whoever shows up to stop them.


His reply: “Well, you should listen when I talk to you.” That line there, the command that when he, whoever he was, spoke, I should automatically listen encapsulates the breadth of the battle against racism we have to fight in this country.


This professor who seems to have nearly no understanding about how reality works, is pissed because the man who she tried to steal the seat he paid for, informed her that she should have listened to him when he asked her politely to move her junk.    He wasn’t ‘commanding’ her, he was giving her a clue about her own lack of courtesy.


Buoyed by his own entitlement, his own sense of white male somebodiness, this passenger never even considered that he might simply try harder to get my attention before putting his hands on my stuff. His own need to control space, his own sense of entitlement to move anything in his way even if it held something of value to another person, his belief that he had the right to do whatever he needed to do to make the environment conform to his will are all hallmarks of white privilege.


I bet a million bucks, if he did ‘try harder to get her attention’ she would have blown up.  What methods should he have used?  A gun in her face?  No, that is what black dudes do when dissed.  Should he have poked her in the arm and yelled at her?  ‘Yo, get your stuff off my seat?’


Maybe he should have waved his suitcase in her face!  Since she chose to close herself off from all contact except the most extreme, while stealing space owned by the other passengers, it is for her to apologize for this not demand everyone contact her in some way that she prefers.  She obviously didn’t want to be available for contact!


In the reverse scenario, a black man would never get on the train, snatch up a white woman’s bag, and shove it in her face. But then black women are rarely entitled to the courtesies proffered to white women, and black people never presume they are entitled to occupy interracial spaces so aggressively….


This paragraph is the funniest.  Black dudes go up to white women all the time and it has happened to me, too, in New York, and snatched our purses.  And we don’t get them back, either.  They run off.


Still I am struck by the utter cluelessness of this guy on the train, by the way in which snatching up my belongings and shoving them at me seemed like an entirely reasonable thing for him to do. Mere seconds after this exchange, he looked at me frantically as he patted his pockets. “I can’t find my cellphone!” He knew I didn’t have it, but what he wanted from me was empathy and, perhaps, assistance. As I fought back the urge to pummel this man, it occurred to me that far too many white people really don’t get how short black America’s collective fuse is in this moment.


In the words of Melle Mel, Don’t push me cuz I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head.


Imagine if a white professor wrote this about a black person being annoying!  They would be hounded out of their job.  This woman is trying to egg young students into attacking the police.  She now has made threats about ‘blowing up’ and ‘losing her head’ and her ‘collective fuse’ is driving her into becoming very violent.


She should be fired.  She is a hazard to other people in public.  She is a racist.


And this irritable black woman doesn’t give two hoots about this news:  Demario Bailey killed trying to defend twin brother when robbers ambushed them in Chicago| Daily Mail Online which is a British paper because this is No News in the US.  The two black boys, both good students with no records, were assaulted by a gang of teens under the age of 18, one was only 15 years old, and was shot dead for his jacket!  And these teens robbed a store beforehand like the crook in Ferguson who was shot after attacking an officer.


Then there is Xmas shopping:

Shots fired and chaos breaks out over the new Jordan Gamma Blue 11 – YouTube

▶ RIOTS over New AIR JORDAN XI Gamma Blue SNEAKERS SHEEPLE RIOT & Smash Through Doors – YouTube

▶ News Air Jordans Shopping Riot Kills 3 PEOPLE. (Jordan XI) – YouTube

Girl, 17, tasered by police as chaos breaks out at Houston mall: 50 officers called in to control crowd of teenagers throwing rocks and pushing as they queued up for new Air Jordans overnight  | Daily Mail Online


Every year, Jordan and Nike deliberately issue limited number of sneakers to mainly black kids who then resell them online.  These kids hope to cop an extra $200 this way.  Every Xmas, they riot as they rush the stores.  Every year, they fall for this cynical ploy.  The shoe maker and the basketball star don’t stop doing this.


All they have to do is produce enough shoes for the demand.  But no, they have this stupid sale every year and people are being killed and children become criminals thanks to this.  And Brittney should be furious at this obvious exploitation of young blacks but she obviously isn’t.


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17 responses to “Black NJ Professor Brittney Cooper Is A Racist Teaching ‘Black Studies’

  1. vengeur

    Thank you for pointing out here in detail, how any innocuous, everyday situation can turn into a volatile, potentially dangerous situation when dealing with a hateful, race obsessed black person. It really is to the point of psychosis with such people, and this woman is a prime example. ANY verbal or physical interaction with such people (by a white person) will be judged as a personal affront and assault on their dignity, worthy of aggressive verbal or physical retaliation ( she suppresses the urge to “pummel” him.) But she is honest about one thing: she and her fellow racist blacks are on a hair trigger of hateful rage toward whites and ANY excuse to punish “white privilege” is justified.

  2. Luke

    Okay, Nike was started by the billionaire who pays Asians ‘peanuts’, yes?

    Re, ‘She should be fired. She is a hazard to other people in public. She is a racist.’

    I am not sure if EMS has Marist background or sympathies but clearly Elaine
    hasnt a clue [as judged by her quote above this] ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM.

    Fired for hating YT and being a dumb fool with a ‘Studies’ degree
    [Feminazi studies, gay studies, ethno studies]???
    Surely you jest.

  3. Luke

    I meant ‘Marxist’ not ‘Marist’.

  4. Luke

    I HAVE TO go over to Le Salon and read the comments on the article.
    My OP about Blacks in ‘common space’ is they have no manners, no class, no nuthin. I have had enough bad experiences asking someone Black to lower their voice etc that in such places I avoid them and ask for nothing if that is possible.

    My encounters have been at school and on public transportation w Blacks. They think they ‘own the space’ and fu-k Yt [whitey].

  5. Luke

    “Buoyed by entitlement, sense of somebodiness’. If that isnt ‘projection’ I dont know what the f— is.

  6. Luke

    This comment at Salon made me laugh, ‘I’ve seen Brittney Cooper, and I she believe she has a legitimate claim for two seats.’

  7. melponeme_k

    Yes, I read that article yesterday and I couldn’t believe how this PROFESSOR managed to make an every day situation into a racial incident.

    When a train or bus in NYC is almost empty, everyone puts their bags on the seats. Everyone..white, black, Asian, Spanish etc. When the train or bus fills up you take the bag off the seat and move it to your lap. If you happen to be asleep, a person who wants the seat taps you on the shoulder, you apologize and move your junk. No racial attacks are intended or perceived by anyone except by Dr. Brittany Cooper.

  8. emsnews

    She has published numerous editorials showing her noxious racism. I am shocked that she is allowed to teach. This is disgusting.

  9. John

    Blacks in America have been taught that temper tantrums achieve results. It’s not surprising that they keep pushing the envelope, especially when there’s a bona fide race-baiter in the White House.

  10. Luke

    re, ‘Blacks in America have been taught that temper tantrums achieve results.’
    Remember what the media called ‘Race Riots’? The riots were Black Riots. Now the looters are Black and Brown.

  11. emsnews

    All races have rioted in the past. It is not all that uncommon. Most riots happen for spurious reasons.

    Then there are the union battles….there is nothing wrong with fighting. Just, destruction of one’s community shouldn’t be the goal!

  12. John

    Demonstrations are not looting. Looting is not protest. Of course, looking back over a long range of history, all races have protested. And at times, violent protest was the only viable option. But we all know that what’s going on here is not about redress of grievances. That’s just the excuse being used to justify utter lawlessness.

  13. emsnews

    The end result for black riots that loot is the eternal death of whatever community that suffers this fate. None are saved. They nearly universally decline.

    The only exceptions are when the riots utterly wreck things and then there are no people left and it is finally after 50-100 years later, is recolonized.

  14. Pingback: New York Police Versus Mayor DeBlasio Will End With High Crime Rates Many Black Deaths As Cops Retreat | Culture of Life News

  15. Rob

    Luke on December 18, 2014 at 4:39 am
    I HAVE TO go over to Le Salon and read the comments on the article.
    My OP about Blacks in ‘common space’ is they have no manners, no class, no nuthin. I have had enough bad experiences asking someone Black to lower their voice etc that in such places I avoid them and ask for nothing if that is possible.

    My encounters have been at school and on public transportation w Blacks. They think they ‘own the space’ and fu-k Yt [whitey].

    Luke, I have to disagree with you because you stereotype black people into one category but not all black people are like that. I’m not that way so I don’t fit into that stereotyped category. I disagree with what she is saying.

  16. emsnews

    Yes, not all blacks are like that at all. It is very easy to see: older ones are some of the sweetest,nicest people on earth. My dearest friend in NYC was Mrs. Lake who was over 100 years old.

    She was an angel!

    The ones to look out for are the young ones heading towards prison or the grave.

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