Hurricane-force Winter Blizzard For Xmas: Like 1978 Killer Blizzard


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Evidently, a warning has been issued about a developing winter storm for next week.  This monster storm is going to be exactly like the ones that hammered us back in 1978.  I remember those storms all too well.  Tremendously.  These were epic storms!  Made travel in NYC nearly impossible.  Only things moving were the underground parts of the subway systems.  I had to dig a deep trench across the street so my daughter could play with Sam, her best friend back then.


#Santabomb winter storm predicted for Northeastern U.S. at Christmas | Watts Up With That?

Dr. Maue adds on his Twitter feed:

Exciting to see extreme weather forecasts with an item that requires dusting off the record books. 958 mb low

For reference, a 958 millibar low pressure system is as low as the central pressure for some tropical storms and nearly that of some hurricanes. For example Hurricane Sandy had a central pressure of 940 mbar or 27.76 inHg.


Holiday Travel Forecast: Major Christmas Eve Winter Storm to Impact Millions in Midwest, East is in other news sources so this isn’t being hidden.  California has no more drought.  Instead, it is more and more like in the 1970’s there, too.  As the planet cools off, we shall see more epic storms then we get fewer storms and lots of even colder cold weather which will be dry.

▶ Blizzard of 1978 – YouTube

▶ Historic New England blizzard of 1978 – YouTube


The above video shows the severe flooding in Revere Beach, MA.  My sister’s husband’s family lived there and had to be rescued.

▶ Blizzard of 78 – YouTube


This video has former students talking about jumping out of windows into the huge snow drifts.  My husband was one of them.  They partied for a week since they were stuck in their dorms.


Mentioned in the news is this previous storm:  Cleveland Superbomb of 1978


Meteorologists have a name for a storm that occurs when air pressure drops very rapidly as a jet stream brings in moisture: a weather bomb. In late January 1978, a low-pressure system moving from the Gulf Coast met with two other low-pressure systems, one from the Southwest and one from Canada, to create one of the worst snowstorms the Midwest has ever seen.


With barometric pressure so low, it was more like a hurricane than a snowstorm, the so-called Cleveland Superbomb dumped 1-3 ft. (30-90 cm) of snow on several Midwestern states, including Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. Wind gusts approached 100 m.p.h. (160 km/h), causing snowdrifts to reach heights of 25 ft. (8 m) in some areas. Such snowdrifts made roadways impassable, forcing doctors and emergency personnel to ski and snowmobile their way to those in need. Indiana’s governor sent tanks down I-65 to remove stranded trucks, while in Ohio, National Guard helicopters flew some 2,700 missions to help stranded drivers. About 70 deaths are attributed to the storm.


When that blizzard hit NYC, I was living in Park Slope.  I was the super of my building for Mr. Cohen and was responsible for dealing with the blizzard which meant eventually digging out the sidewalk and front stoop as well as going on the roof with his son to clear the mountain of snow and ice off after the winds died down several days later.


During the blizzard, we watched the news on TV.  At one point, they were talking about the high seas that were ripping at the coastal communities.  They then showed this lady being carried out of her Victorian mansion on the shore with the fire department running a ladder to her bedroom window.


‘OMG!  That’s Mrs. Nier!’ I yelled.  I was distraught.  I couldn’t call her, of course.  The TV crew hung out as her home disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean.  It just slid in and vanished!


Later, I managed to find her at her oldest son’s home in Queens.  She said, ‘I was sleeping in bed when the dogs began to howl.  I heard pounding on the back door and thought someone was breaking in.  So I ran down the stairs and fell into the ocean!  I ran back up and looked out the window and a huge pier log was ramming the back door with each wave.  I thought I was going to die.  My phone was dead but a neighbor called the fire department!’


When a winter storm from up north joins with a southern storm we get ‘Nor’easters’ which are very dangerous, powerful storms as strong as a hurricane but without an ‘eye’ because they form over land, not sea.


Nearly all of these storms end up slamming into England!  Which will see severe snow, ice and violent seas.  Not the balmy weather we were promised by global warmists.



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10 responses to “Hurricane-force Winter Blizzard For Xmas: Like 1978 Killer Blizzard

  1. Luke

    I was in NYC in 1978 and ZI do not remember the storm. I was young. Guess it didnt faze me.

  2. emsnews

    Actually, you probably don’t remember it because that winter there were many blizzards, it was just the worst of the lot. 🙂

  3. melponeme_k

    According to Salon your denial of global warming and belief in the coming ice age is OPTIMISM BIAS!

    Because freezing to death is incredibly optimistic!

  4. Sunger

    Elaine just because a snow storm in 1978 might possibly resemble next week’s storm does not invalidate any of the principles of global warming science.

    And the notion that climate science is invalid just because you have cold weather this winter in upstate NY is crazy. Climate researchers have NEVER claimed that the earth would heat evenly and uniformly in all places at all times.

    In fact, climate science predicts that massive chaos in local and regional weather systems is the most likely outcome.

    Elaine you are a smart person. And you surely know that science does not issue proclamations like religious dogma. Science is a process of constant learning and rethinking. As we learn new stuff, we rethink older ideas and change them with the new knowledge.

  5. Judah

    Actually, sunger the ‘official science’ behind climate science fails at taking into account changes in the sun’s cycle and the amount of natural volcanism on Earth. Part of the reason winter is so bad in 2014-2015 are a number volcanic events coupled with a weak sun cycle.

    Like all politicized science, the focus has changed from ‘this is an ongoing problem’ to lets massage the models and data to sensationalize the problem, perhaps losing sight of it in the process.

    Is there global warming that is manmade? Oh yeah! Is it being counterbalanced or reversed by natural events this year? No one is analyzing THAT.

  6. Jim R

    Texas weather report: typical for this time of year. It certainly isn’t hot.

    And, a little bit of rain, welcome relief from the drought. I hope we don’t have an ice age, because that means _severe_ drought across the Southwest.

  7. Sunger

    The only place climate science is politicized is on Fox News and in the rightwing GOP crowd. It is a poor comment of the American people that Fox and the GOP are able to represent science as some kind of scam and at the same time present superstitious religious dogma as 100% true.

    The actual facts are that scientists are extremely UNPOLITICAL. They hate politics and politicians and have done a very poor job of defending climate science in the face of political assaults from the GOP and fundy christians and others who live in the world of religious superstition- the types of folks who see climate science as ridiculous are the same types who believe in devils, angels, heaven, hell, etc without a shred of evidence.

    Another problem is that scientists are extremely conservative in presenting research conclusions because they don’t want to be attacked as being alarmists or to be pulled into political controversies.


    ELAINE: Good lord! This is the entire problem! The new ‘conservative’ position is, it got somewhat warmer so people imagined this would go on to infinity! So all the systems were set to say, ‘This is going to infinity’ and when it didn’t, instead, even as CO2 climbed,it got colder and colder, to save their precious belief in warming, the ‘scientists’ then conspired to LIE about the data. This is rapidly destroying the entire field of climatology.


    There is no bureau of climate science which dispenses “official” global warming propaganda. All scientific conclusions undergo peer review- a process in which scientists who come up with new research must fight for acceptance of their methods and conclusions. Bad or made-up research is relegated to the junk bin post haste.


    ELAINE: This paragraph reveals your utter naivety or alas, worse, outright lying. Which is it? Bad research can sail onwards with enthusiasm for generations with people disproving it, mocked and abused! History is FULL of examples of of this!


    No such process exists in the GOP/FoxNews bunch as they’re mission is propagandizing the most uninformed citizens in the US in the interest of their big business buddies.

  8. Christian W

    @ sunger

    “the types of folks who see climate science as ridiculous are the same types who believe in devils, angels, heaven, hell, etc without a shred of evidence.

    Do you have any scientific proof for this wild claim?

  9. emsnews

    Scientists have been corrupted by government money from CO2 taxes! Yes, this is corruption. Everyone and their uncle is inserting ‘X is caused by global warming!’ and once it got colder and colder, they changed it to ‘X is caused by climate change’ which is hilarious since the climate always changes.

    ALL science is POLITICAL. All! I grew up deep inside the government/science/university complex and watched the money battles close up. This is why my dad flew to DC so often. To get money.

    And it is obvious that the media owners and government are REFUSING to deal with the severe cold. All last winter, we heard nothing but ‘California is hot and dry!’ while many Americans died or suffered severely from extreme cold.

    Then to top it off, we were told, this last year was the Hottest Ever! Which is highly insulting.

    Now, we have the last ‘hot/dry’ spot gone as general cold/wet takes over nearly the entire North American continent. Sheesh.

  10. John

    Sunger appears to be on a trolling mission. He is unswayed by fact, and regurgitates warmist talking points without effort.

    He will quickly realize that fact, logic and reason live here, and either join that discussion or “sod off.”

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