CIA Expensive Study Discovers That Drone Assassinations Don’t Work At All

The Lord of the Rings – The Revelation Of the Ringwraiths – YouTube


Anyone with half a brain can see that a cowardly, ill-run assassination via robot program would be a political and military failure.  History is clear here: no one likes sneaky, secretive creeps!  Otherwise, Gollum would be the Hero.

Using the Ring of Power, he killed whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.  He spied on everyone and thus, was kicked out of his tribe…wait!  They didn’t love him?

What the public needs to understand is that the video provided by a drone is not usually clear enough to detect someone carrying a weapon, even on a crystal-clear day with limited cloud and perfect light. This makes it incredibly difficult for the best analysts to identify if someone has weapons for sure.


One example comes to mind: “The feed is so pixelated, what if it’s a shovel, and not a weapon?” I felt this confusion constantly, as did my fellow UAV analysts. We always wonder if we killed the right people, if we endangered the wrong people, if we destroyed an innocent civilian’s life all because of a bad image or angle.


The whistle blower goes on to complain that acting like a Nazgûl dehumanized herself and others playing this ridiculous game.  The Gitmo torturers were also dehumanized otherwise, how else could they do all the despicable things they were doing and are still doing?


I am betting most joined this disgusting program because they thought it would be FUN.  Yes, lots of laughs.  We call such people ‘psychopaths’.


We are still seeing elderly Nazis one foot in the grave, being hounded over similar activities in the distant past.  Of course, our homegrown Nazis expect this to never happen due to US ‘exceptionalism’.


Of course, the ISIS do this sort of stuff, too.  And note that they are losing ground, not gaining ground as resistance to their terror grows greater and greater.  The Nazis made the same immense mistake.  Whenever they won, they would then begin horribly abusing the losers and doing despicable things to those who were in their power.


So no one liked them and everyone resisted them increasingly and over time, even without the Soviet Union doing the vast bulk of the fighting, the Nazis were doomed to failure as are today’s form of national socialism, Israel.


Israel has not won a single heart or mind in its mindless quest to alienate everyone.  So their position is more and more precarious and requires more and more muscle to limp forwards.  Thanks to controlling the US Congress and media, they have used our nation like a vampire to suck down our wealth and security and keep their doomed machine running a little further along this very destructive road.


But like all bad things, it too, will collapse as the US goes bankrupt, of course.  The CIA is supposed to be protecting us instead, it is bankrupting us and creating endless enemies.  Now, the CIA has turned a once-quite friendly Russia into a WWIII enemy and an enemy that has many nuclear missiles and strong allies like China.


So, a billion or more Muslims are now being joined by a billion Chinese and Russians and this is making us safe?  Good lord.  If this program of making as many enemies as possible is the program, it is one of the most successful enemy program in history and history is full of lunatics wanting to create as many enemies as possible!  Hitler, for one.


Even as Napoleon struggled to control the increasingly fierce Spanish guerrillas, with Nelson offshore hammering his fleets…he decided to invade Russia!  This didn’t work.  Did this stop him?  Nope.  He continued fighting until utterly destroyed.


The CIA is utterly worthless.  But valuable for the military/industrial business which makes lots of loot off of dumping trillions in debt onto our futures while making life much, much more dangerous.


And the assassination game is a two way street and the people we are attacking love this game, they invented the word ‘assassin’ after all!  History of the Assassins (Hashshashin) used drugs to work themselves into a frenzy to do the deed and quite a bit of ‘terrorism’ is assassinations.


The US, by choosing to be the same thing, lost all of its ‘moral ground’ and I warned of this from day one.  You don’t become a Nazi to fight Naziism, you don’t become a Nazgul to save the world from terror.


Terror creates more terror.  The collapse of our diplomacy is directly tied to the CIA, Israel and US elites wanting to terrorize the world rather than be smart or sane.  And they are all insane not to mention, psychopathic mass murderers no better than ISIS.


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20 responses to “CIA Expensive Study Discovers That Drone Assassinations Don’t Work At All

  1. JimmyJ

    When I first heard Dominionist Christian Bible teachings centered on Revelations in the 1980s, the theme even then was that Israel and the US would be fighting a world war against a combined Russia, China, Islam led by Satan. This theme was taught in Bible studies and all over the tv for the last 30 years so its no wonder all policy was designed to make it come true, consciously or unconsciously.

    The only thing missing is that endtimes theme also lumped the EU into the satanic potpourri and so far the EU is firmly our ally. If the EU ever decides to make up with Russia then that’s the cue for the Dominionists to launch.

  2. emsnews

    I know very well that is true.

    This is 100% due to the End of Times lunatics who, if ‘Christian’ want ‘Jesus’ to come and kill everyone working with Jews who hate Christians and want them all dead. Stupid people.

  3. aashild

    You hit nail on the head with this analysis Elaine. It is rather sad, because The US could have been such a great country if it were not ruled by warmongering psychopaths.

    I wish you a merry and peaceful christmas Elaine.

    Your blog is inspiring, and an eye opener.

  4. Petruchio

    I don’t know about how sincerely the ‘Dominionists’ believe this End Times scenario that vomits out of their lying, two-faced mouths. I see it as more or less a cover for the REAL reason the elites like things such as drone strikes: they are total psychopaths. They can’t come right out and say, “We are morally and ethically bankrupt psychopaths. We get off on having the power over life and death. And oh yeah, we just plain love to kill people.” Besides, most psychopaths do not think they are mentally ill; they think they are normal.Sometimes people can dig too deep into the psychobabble. Now maybe the followers of our rulers have at least some genuine level of belief about Israel as God’s Chosen People and all the rest of that End Times BS. It’s just a cover, a con to mask naked greed and lust for power.

  5. Ken

    I think everyone is missing one very important part of the drone program – cost per kill. Weapons are incredibly expensive these days, as are American lives. The drones are the only area that I know of where costs are going down. They may not be working very well, but I don’t think that the US can financially afford to do anything else at the moment.

  6. vengeur

    None of this insanity would persist if we had a news media that wasn’t 100% in the pocket of the Bilderberg gang. The best recent example is the total blackout of honest information about the US funded coup that took place in the Ukraine, which caused Putin to REACT to Nato encroachment. Now we are lead to believe Putin is actually worse that the Communists that preceded him! But I have a news flash for our leaders: the rest of the world is not hypnotized by US media bullshit and sees the US as the aggressor/occupier EVERYWHERE.

  7. Greg

    I think it’s time to throw-out the evil “Notsee” (Nazi) BS. It is a meme that has been disproved. They were not the monsters in WW2 … the Bolsheviks were. They were the ones that committed the atrocious acts of inhumanity. And they won that war. What’s coming next will be the great unveiling. Then we are get to learn the truth … just before we get zapped. Oh help us Father, Please!


    ELAINE: The Nazis were totally evil. They, like the Zionists, believed that their ‘tribe’ was superior to all others and had a right to loot, rape and kill all others. This stupid belief system is epidemic. It has to be resisted because it ends badly.

    Anyone with a brain reading the Old Testament and reading how the Romans decimated the Jews, it is clear this sort of tribal belief ends badly. Did for the Romans, too.

    You know, they were a tight group of small tribes who ended up running an empire and IT DROVE THEM NUTS! They killed each other at the top! Ditto, the Normans 1,000 years later. Same end story!

  8. Mr Bill

    Hmm, I would say the US has lost all of its sanity as well as its moral ground!
    Look at the text of a latest Russia Sanctions bill passed by “Unanimous Consent” in the House, mere minutes before they adjourned for Christmas.

    According to Kucinich, this bill involved total hanky panky and, what I would calll, legal treason. Presumably, the bill was introduced by Mr Jim Gerlach (R-PA) after 10 PM on 12/11/2014. According to the House clerk time stamped records, Mr Gerlich requested the House “consider” HR5859 under the “unanimous consent” rule at 10:23:00 PM.
    At 10:23:54 PM, the bill was “considered” by unanimous consent. At 10:23:55PM , the bill was passed without objection. At 10:27:27PM, Mr Gerlach moved to adjourn the House, and the motion was agreed by voice vote at 10:27:38 PM. The House officially adjourned at 10:27:39 PM.

    Now for the real hanky panky!!!! According to Kucinich, the clerks records show there were only 3 remaining members present in the House at that time. Three members considered and approved HR5859 within less than 5 minutes by unanimous consent (2/3). There’s more
    – Mr Jim Gerlach presumably does not plan to again run for Congress.

    According to the “official” summary, President Obama signed HR5859 into law on 12/18/2014.

    This text is taken from an article published this week by Dennis Kucinich. I have attached a link to the article below. There is also a link to which includeds a “more official” summary of the bill (HR5859).

    The Russia Sanctions bill that passed “unanimously,” with no scheduled debate, at 10:23:55 p.m. on Dec. 11, 2014, includes:

    1. Sanctions of Russia’s energy industry, including Rosoboronexport and Gazprom.

    2. Sanctions of Russia’s defense industry, with respect to arms sales to Syria.

    3. Broad sanctions on Russians’ banking and investments.

    4. Provisions for privatization of Ukrainian infrastructure, electricity, oil, gas and renewables, with the help of the World Bank and USAID.

    5. Fifty million dollars to assist in a corporate takeover of Ukraine’s oil and gas sectors.

    6. Three hundred and fifty million dollars for military assistance to Ukraine, including anti-tank, anti-armor, optical, and guidance and control equipment, as well as drones.

    7. Thirty million dollars for an intensive radio, television and Internet propaganda campaign throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union.

    8. Twenty million dollars for “democratic organizing” in Ukraine.

    9. Sixty million dollars, spent through groups like the National Endowment for Democracy, “to improve democratic governance, and transparency, accountability [and] rule of law” in Russia. What brilliant hyperbole to pass such a provision the same week the Senate’s CIA torture report was released.

    10. An unverified declaration that Russia has violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, is a nuclear “threat to the United States” and should be held “accountable.”

    11. A path for the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty, which went into force in 1988. The implications of this are immense. An entire series of arms agreements are at risk of unraveling. It may not be long before NATO pushes its newest client state, Ukraine, to abrogate the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Ukraine signed when it gave up its nuclear weapons, and establish a renewed nuclear missile capability, 300 miles from Moscow.

    12. A demand that Russia verifiably dismantle “any ground launched cruise missiles or ballistic missiles with a range of between 500 and 5,500 kilometers …”—i.e., 300 and 3,300 miles. /three_congressmen_just_reignited_the_cold_war_while_no_one_was_looking_2014

  9. JimmyJ

    The leaders may well be psychopaths but that doesn’t prevent them being afraid they will burn in a pit of fire if they piss God off. Most Dominionist sympathetic Christians I know firmly believe their end times ‘theology’ and the literal idea of hell as a firey eternity rather than say Sheol or a less masochistic version.

    The label of psychopathy is a popular armchair diagnosis these days but one can have far more common personality disorders and still be dangerously self righteous. Far as that goes, hubris and pride require no psychological disorder to guide the foolish to their doom.

  10. John

    Of course, our homegrown Nazis expect this to never happen due to US ‘exceptionalism’.

    That is not what American Exceptionalism means. It means that throughout history, the state of humanity was not one of freedom, but of serfdom, servitude and oppression. America, as founded, was the exception to that rule of history. If anyone does view American Exceptionalism the way you describe it, they’re misguided, or malicious. Or both.

    @#4 – Petruchio, that’s a bullseye, right there.

    @#8 – Putin is challenging the petrodollar. The banksters will stop at nothing to try to bring him down. It’s what got Gaddafi and Saddam killed, and I’m no apologist for either of those two.


    The label of psychopathy is a popular armchair diagnosis these days but one can have far more common personality disorders and still be dangerously self righteous.

    that statement makes zero sense. One of the hallmarks of Antisocial Personality disorder is self righteous, self-aggrandizing behaviour and beliefs.

  11. emsnews

    BOTH Saddam and Gaddafi DISARMED before being chopped off.

    Putin will never, ever do something that stupid.

  12. Seraphim

    @Putin will never, ever do something that stupid.

    You may bet safely ten thousands to one that this would never happen. On the contrary he makes clear that the devastation which would follow any stupid attempt would be merciless (again Napoleon, Hitler…)

  13. Pontiff Holysh*t

    America, as founded, was defacto very similar to the motherland. True, there was no official monarchy but the government was controlled by elites with concomitant oppression of anyone challenging their authority. Crushing rebellions and passing sedition acts was just about the first order of business. Yes, there were Indians to kill and land to steal, so some people that otherwise might not be able to be “free” were able to claim “freedom”, at least until the land ran out. But conquering though genocidal invasion is hardly any basis for any claim of “exceptionalism”.

    As far as legal protection of “freedom” goes, virtually all of the protections in the Bill of Rights already existed at British common law in one form or another. The Yanks weren’t fighting for human rights: they wanted “freedom” to be in business for themselves. There is nothing exceptional about that.

    The only real claim to American “exceptionalism” might flow from the passage of equal protection after the civil war. But it is a pretty flimsy claim, given America’s rather sketchy record of enforcement.

    Rest assured I am neither “misguided” nor “malicious” on this point.

  14. emsnews

    Word of warning: ALL governments everywhere on earth ‘crush sedition’ and they all ‘oppress’ people one way or another. This is how civilizations exist in the first place.

    How much say the populace has in these matters is where the differences lie. It varies wildly.

  15. John

    How much say the populace has in these matters is where the differences lie. It varies wildly.


    Unfortunately, “they don’t worship our god!” was a perfectly valid excuse, for thousands of years, for wiping out one tribe or another. The language of the Declaration, and of much of the writings of the era of the American Revolution, was very far ahead of what society actually was doing at the time.

    I’ve always thought that Jefferson, Franklin and Madison knew full well that their ideas wouldn’t be fully realized for decades or even centuries, because human bigotries are very, very slow to die off. They chose to “get the ball rolling,” as best as they could.

    I’ve also been doing a lot of reading, on various subjects, and I’ve come to understand that I’ve been using the term Marxist as a sort of catch-all for parasitic, totalitarian asshole with delusions of deity. While it’s true that the manifestation of Marxism in this world almost always involves such individuals, Marx’s basic idea was simply that “nobility” exploiting the “peasantry” was a bad thing and ought to be stopped. Sadly, modern Marxism has been turned into a tool of exploitation, but really, it had no chance to do anything but become that.

    In the physical world – not the spiritual world, where all Souls are of equal intrinsic worth, but in the physical world – intelligence and aptitude for learning are the absolutely the key factors in determining one’s best chance of success. And since it is impossible to equalize those factors, the physical world will always be one of inequality.

    The question is, is the inequality something that arises naturally and is based on relative merit, or is it due to a self-appointed ruling class trying to impose a fake “equality” on everyone else, while they themselves stride across the world like gods?

    Orwell got it right on the second count: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” THAT is what I object to and oppose.Being oppressed in the name of stopping oppression is still oppression.

  16. Pontiff Holysh*t

    The Declaration of Independence was a legal argument as to why the world should side with the Yanks. Jefferson and Madison were lawyers. So, if you love your freedom, thank a lawyer! 😀

    Jefferson, Franklin, and Madison’s ideas very much centered on power held by white, male landowners. And they wanted to be the ones in power.

    Most people extolling the myth of “American exceptionalism” are upper middle class white Christians that have no problem with various forms of American oppression and corruption from a historical perspective. Its only when their ox is gored that the complaining occurs.

    Anton LaVey, for example, claimed the moral high ground over these hypocrites because he at least acknowledged that he was a son of a bitch.

  17. Petruchio

    There’s nothing wrong with government, no matter how big per se. What’s important is WHO is in charge, WHO is running said government. Government can work for good or evil. The Founding Fathers knew this, which is why they also knew that an informed, connected populace was absolutely essential. Big government focused on evil doers like those that infest Wall Street? Good. Big Government that is focused on catering to Wall Street’s every whim? Evil. I think everyone here knows what kind of Big Government we currently have–and whether it is good or evil.

  18. Pontiff Holysh*t

    There is always some nefarious, oppressive group using “big government” to muscle its way into power. Historically it has been Normans in the U.S. Most white people in America didn’t have too many complaints about that, for the most part. Now the Jews are running things and even white folks’ panties are in a wad.

    Plato’s solution was to put the philosophers in charge. Ahem. But that will never happen because of all the Portias running around. So we will have WWIII and human extinction instead. Whoopee!!

  19. emsnews

    The war is on in NYC.

    The mayor is in a lot of hot water now that he has alienated the entire police force there. Today’s murder/execution by a black man who came from out of state to kill…bad news.

  20. John


    There’s nothing wrong with government, no matter how big per se. What’s important is WHO is in charge, WHO is running said government.

    All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible. – Frank Herbert

    THAT is the problem with “big government.” By virtue of the wide scope of its power over the populace, by its ability to pick winners and losers in business through regulation and tax law, by its constant intrusion into every facet of everyone’s life; by all these things, it is guaranteed to attract the worst of the worst. Pathological personalities like Bush, Clinton, Obama, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, etc. will lay awake nights for decades, trying to figure out how to get that power over the populace into their own hands. To a psychopath, power over others is the ultimate drug. Think of it as Thermonuclear Heroin, in terms of its high and the addictiveness to these wretched individuals.

    This is why the government must be just barely strong enough to keep order, defend the borders, and provide for redress of legitimate wrongs, but can not be safely given one iota more power than it needs to accomplish these ends. The term for this is minarchy.

    I personally would add the maintenance of a stable currency to this short list, simply because we’ve seen, with private central banking, what sort of horrible thieving mischief can be played when an unelected, unaccountable entity has a monopoly on a commodity called “money.” But that’s it. That’s all that a government should do.

    A government that’s one bit stronger than this bare minimum becomes irresistible to the pathological, and that’s when the “good people” can no longer win elections. Good people, by definition, do not crave power over others, and will lose the election to the silver-tongued psychopath every single time. That’s how we’ve gotten into the mess we’re in today.

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