Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn gentrified neighborhood where cops were shot dead

This shooting today took place very near where I used to live in Brooklyn, NY.  Here is a shot of Myrtle Avenue where the killer attacked the two police officers.


Both have now died:  Two New York police officers shot execution style ‘in revenge for Eric Garner’: Suspect ‘pumped bullets into officers after creeping up on car’ in Brooklyn  | Daily Mail Online


Investigators told the New York Post that they are looking into posts on the Instagram social network from a man who detailed explicit plans to kill two NYPD officers today because of the controversial death this summer.


The message, which included the words ‘this may be my final post, has now been deleted along with the rest of the account.



Gunman kills self after 2 NYPD cops fatally shot ‘execution style’ as ‘revenge’ for Garner | New York Post


“They Take 1 Of Ours … Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post continued, signing off with, “This May Be My Final Post.”
The gunman was a fugitive who had just murdered his girlfriend in Baltimore Saturday morning, sources told The Post.


This gunman shows how the black community is collapsing, destroying itself.  Note that he murdered his girlfriend before heading off to NYC to murder some innocent cops.


This brings back horrible memories of a similar event which I witnessed.  Not once but twice.  This assassination is due to the President and the US Attorney General and Mayor DeBlasio and of course MSNBC fanning the flames of race warfare.


I warned everyone: this will only get much, much worse.  Blacks have been nearly totally shut out of the US economy by the elites who foisted ‘free trade’ and of course, ‘millions of easy to cheat and control illegal aliens’ into the country and thus, managed to sideline and destroy the entire black lower working class.


This is liberalism’s failure.  All the way down the line.  And this saddens me greatly.  We are heading towards a massive race war here in the cities this summer and it is all totally unnecessary.  Liberals, imagining that Asians and Hispanics will join forces with them are insane.


Hispanics tend to be either wild revolutionaries or extreme conservative Catholics.  Like the Irish who have the same yin/yang value schizophrenia.  Blacks, on the other hand, unlike Asians or Hispanics, are in this destructive cycle which has seen 60+ of the women with children and no husbands.  And 50%+ of the under 35 years old black males with prison or police records and no hope of employment by anyone.


School failure rate is now at horrific levels ever since ‘Common Core’ was launched with less than 15% of the black male students passing these new tests!?


Facing social annihilation, it is no shock to me to see them committing suicide just like enraged, hopeless Muslims who have no door out of their hell holes, either.  All the statistics paint a hopeless picture for blacks with the only escape being entertainment or sports, neither of which work since most of them go bankrupt quickly even if they earn many millions.


Cohesion within is lost: black women hate their own hair, black men murder each other at the drop of a hat.  This sad state of affairs should be addressed by their leader, Obama.  And…he and his gang of Bilderberg conspirators who are black, too, is deliberately telling them all, ‘You are OK, it is whitey’s fault!  Don’t do anything different from what you are doing now.’


Bad advice.  Fatal, even.


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  1. John

    Bad advice. Fatal, even.

    Yes. And deliberate. The Bilderbergers are throwing as much “mud at the wall” as they can, hoping for something to stick, something to touch off widespread societal upheaval, so they can suspend the Constitution, declare martial law and clamp down on the whole of the populace “for your own protection and safety.”

    I have told the people I know, and asked them to tell their friends, “Obama & Pals are trying to enrage the populace, both black and white, so that he can use the resulting civil unrest as a pretext for a power grab. DON’T let him get to you.”

  2. emsnews

    Quite possible.

    But of course, provoking a war with Russia, China and a billion Muslims at the same time kind of makes this a terrible strategy, no?

  3. Jim R

    It’s the logical conclusion of a militarized police state. When you keep militarizing, you eventually get war.

    And note how well military occupation has worked out for Libya, Iraq, and any number of other places.

    The elites want chaos, because they have always profited from chaos in the past. It’s hard to say when that trend will end, but it may not continue indefinitely.

  4. Thank you for reporting this. I just watched my local news and not a peep? The Left has declared war on civil society and the rule of law. Where is “top cop” Holder now?

  5. Robert

    There is a solution to the big problems in the black communities in the US.
    Sharpton et al need a grand strategy.
    But first, it will take at least 2 Generations to solve the problems!!!
    There is no easy short-cuts.

    The main problem is the breakdown in family structure in the black
    population. The black men need to be advised that it is an extremely
    bad idea to have children with different women, where the children are
    left with no father (male-figure), or part-time fathers.

    Once that step is taken, I propose that the successful black
    professionals band together to create an institution with branches
    all over the US, to coach black men and families on how to progress
    properly: speak proper English, learn how to make resume and
    interview strategies,, learn new skills, and most importantly is to
    have Mentors who generously volunteer their time and resources
    to build up the communities from ground zero.

    Then there are other steps..

    but, if you are not willing to be patient and take the steps for
    at least 2 generations, then there is no solutions that can help
    the black communities.

  6. John

    The black family, and all the lower classes for that matter, have been purposefully destroyed, by the mechanism of the welfare state. It subsidies those who are content to live just above the animal level, and taxes everyone who wants to work to pay for it. This has caused an explosion of the “lowest common denominator.” As I’ve long said, that is the true goal of Marxist philosophy, regardless of what Marx himself may or may not have intended.

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