New York Police Versus Mayor DeBlasio Will End With High Crime Rates Many Black Deaths As Cops Retreat

We have yet another police brutality video on top of videos showing demonstrators being also brutal as the cop versus leftists war rages hotter in New York City:  NYPD plainclothes officer hits youth as he’s cuffed which is why having cameras is so important for the police. Both to protect them from false stories and to prevent police from breaking the law, themselves.  Maintaining law and order is a tricky business which works best when a community has strong interactions with the police in order to have uniform application of control based on elections choosing what laws should be enforced.


This concept is simple: democracy alongside enforcement. When the Protestants in the US passed prohibition, many immigrant communities were outraged such as the German and Italians, for example.  Gangs rose up and fought over territory as young hip people dove into illegal booze dives to have fun and some danger to spice up their lives.


We call this ‘The Roaring Twenties’ as the morality sector passed a number of laws forbidding things the other sector, mainly urban, wanted to enjoy.  The police, as enforcers, had to obey the laws and deal with violent criminals, trying to stop things…while the police, themselves, often strongly disagreed with these moral laws!


I will illustrate this with a personal story from when I was a hippie chick who basically got along with the cops in odd ways: Once, my hippie bus that I was delivering to someone in Arizona,  broke down in Modesto, California.


The cops pulled me over to tell me my plates were missing.  I was surprised and said, ‘I’ll park it in your lot here and go to San Francisco and pick it up!’  But when I got back with the plates, the bus broke down.


So I was stuck there for a week, waiting for the part I needed.  During that week, since my colorful bus was sitting right off of Highway 5, people who spotted it would come by to visit and we had parties.


After day three, the cops would linger after work…and PARTY with me!  On day 5, the chief ordered me to leave.  I couldn’t so the cops pushed my bus into this field.  Where we partied even more!  It was quite funny, actually.


Then there was the Oakland motorcycle cop who was mean to me in public and then showed up hours later to ask me for a date.  And I said yes. We had fun.


Now on to the news: I have always crossed the line between the cops and the hippies in the past and I ended up working with the police during the NYC bankruptcy crisis to restore law and order.  I see this entire thing collapsing now with the new mayor making one mistake after another.  He struggles to fix his messes but fails and this failure is highly dangerous.


The police across the  nation are outraged at being attacked for struggling to deal with violent, out of control people who resist arrest.  The police in Texas just released a video today illustrating how ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ is ridiculous.  Hands up indeed!


This is the example from Texas:  A typical attempt to ticket a black man who ran a red light led to a long and very dangerous car chase, then the driver pretended to surrender by putting his arms in the air only to then haul out a gun and begin shooting:  Texas cop shot dead suspect who pretended to surrender | Daily Mail Online


The policeman had first tired to pull Solis over for making an illegal turn, but the routine stop escalated into a chase.  Solis pulled over to let out a passenger before speeding off again. At points in the chase he drove the wrong way in an attempt to shake off the officer.  It later emerged that Solis was wanted in Los Angeles on drug charges. He was also suspected of being involved in seven aggravated burglaries shortly before he was killed.


Also in Texas, is a similar but very different story which illustrates how the police have very little time to figure out if someone is armed or not:  Police Shoot Man in Car, Man Exits Vehicle In Shock, Police Confirm He’s Unarmed, Shoot Him Again | The Free Thought Project


“They saw the doors open up, one of the officers gave repeated verbal commands to stay inside the vehicle, then the officer went to brace the door to keep him (the passenger) inside. At one point he had his arm all the way under the seat, right up to the elbow, as if he was trying to grab something. The officer gave him commands to show his hands … at that point the officer was in fear of his life and that of his partner. The second officer seeing the suspect try to reach into his waistband and into his sweater as if he was trying to locate something. He also feared for his safety and once he was out of the area, where there were people behind him the officer discharged his weapon as well.”


However, many witnesses dispute this struggle, and say that the man was simply ignoring officers, but not being aggressive in any way.


The camera at the store showed that the police ordered everyone to stay in the car and put their hands up but the victim refused and then tried to open the door anyways.  The police are jumpy and so responded violently.


This is all very sad but also, we have millions and millions of guns in the nation and we wish to have this right to be armed and certainly black males carry guns and use them since they shoot more people per capita, by far, than any other ethnic group.


So any interaction with black males including teens is rife with hazard and everyone is on edge and then there is the problem of asking people to follow orders.  Some people simply won’t do this.


New York City has seen violent demonstrations, like Berkeley, demanding the police go to prison if someone they are arresting is killed.  The police are quite angry about this, understandably, and are trying hard to not harm anyone in these riots but instead, have been viciously beaten.  In the news:  BUSTED: ‘Female Suspect #1’ arrested in assault on cops as NYPD supporters in ‘I CAN BREATHE’ hoodies face off with protesters over Eric Garner case


The woman is from Ecuador.  I don’t know if she is an illegal alien, yet.


A police union criticized de Blasio for meeting with the protesters in light of the violence, but de Blasio on Wednesday reiterated that attacks on police officers are completely unacceptable.


“We have to denounce violence against police officers,” he said. “This is so fundamental. I said it yesterday. You cannot talk about social change and then commit an act of violence against a police officer. It makes no sense and denigrates the cause. It undermines the legitimacy. It’s illegal. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. You got to go down the whole list. I would say this to any protester anywhere. Respect the police. Listen to their instructions. Work with them. If someone in your midst discusses a potential attack on police, you have to turn that person in. You have to help the police stop that. You have to work with the police if you see someone about to commit an act of violence. Not just police or property but anyone. You have to stop it. All protesters really have to take responsibility for the larger group they are part of.”


Too little, too late.  One of the people arrested this week for violence against the police is a professor who is like Professor Brittney Cooper the professor from New Jersey who is a racist  agitator.


Mayor Bill de Blasio to meet with protesters as search for suspects in Brooklyn Bridge assault on officers continues with a professor, Linkster who teaches at Baruch College, arrested for violently resisting arrest after he threw a garbage bin at the cops.


The professor teaches English and is a poet.  Assemblyman to CUNY: Investigate adjunct charged with assault | Capital New York.  DeBlasio has now backtracked and also called for the professor to be fired if found guilty when at trial.


Cops tell de Blasio: Stay away from our funerals.  I predicted this would happen.  The police are now about to go ‘on strike’ without actually striking.  That is, they will respond slower, be less aggressive and will simply leave the slums to fester and literally burn down.  They did this from 1977-1982.  They will basically vanish from sight.  They will come to write out a report when someone is robbed, mugged or assaulted.  But they won’t actively patrol anymore.


Meanwhile, the black on black crime rages onwards:   Riot erupts in Manhattan courthouse after feuding gangs are placed in same holding cell.  Gangs are on the move, getting more aggressive as they see clearly that the cops are now hamstrung by the mayor and liberals.  Liberals had this free ride for years with GOP mayors being tough on crime and so, could wander about even in the slums in relative safety.


Now,that will vanish just like it did back 40 years ago.  Robbery – 6XX FLATBUSH AVE, BROOKLYN, NY

Brooklyn, NY Crime Map – Showing Crimes in Brooklyn

December 2014 armed robbery middle class Brooklyn Park Slope

Virtually next door, one day later:

Brooklyn Park Slope robbery murder 2014 December

This is near my old neighborhood in Brooklyn.  It is not a slum.  Meanwhile, shootings have shot upwards there and across the black neighborhoods in Brooklyn and now spilling back out into non-black neighborhoods.  NYC thrived under the GOP regime.  Now the Democrats have to prove they can keep crime down, not encourage it.


Ferguson had one major effect: most Americans who voted right after the riots, voted against the Democrats.  This will continue in the future since the party has chosen to not face reality.


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26 responses to “New York Police Versus Mayor DeBlasio Will End With High Crime Rates Many Black Deaths As Cops Retreat

  1. Luke

    Off topic. The shape of things to come. A USA that will be increasingly ‘Turd World’, non White, Primitive. In a land increasingly deforested and polluted.

  2. e sutton

    Not surprising, really. When non other than Eric Holder and Barak Obama himself virtually gave a high five to the protestors in Ferguson, saying “Stay the course!” blacks everywhere took that to mean that it was not only perfectly acceptable and reasonable to oppose the police and rule of law, but expected as well. To obey the law, the white man’s law, is to betray one’s race. That is not acceptable in today’s uber lib environment. The only rule is, there ARE NO RULES. NONE. AT ALL. If any negro obeys a police officer, he is heretofore an “Uncle Tom”. DeBlasio, Holder, and Obama have declared it open season on cops. The cops will now let the majority of rapes, robberies, and murders ratchet up. This summer should be lots of fun. I hope the gentrified neighborhoods are geared up for the antics the negroes have planned for the city. After declaring them to “stand down”, the cops would be absolute idiots to disobey orders coming from high up.

  3. Jim R

    And then there’s this …
    TX SWAT team beats, deafens nude man in his own home, lies about arrest; judge declines to punish cops or DA

    … this isn’t the ’60s any more, it is police-state USA. Civil rights don’t mean anything, it is no longer your friendly local Irish cop you can have a chat with.

    As long as the police continue to be a bunch of ‘roided-up psychopaths, they will not be improving conditions anywhere. They’ll be just like the black and hispanic gangs, only better-armed.

  4. John

    Correct, Jim. This is all being done on purpose from the highest levels, to justify a totalitarian state. The lower levels advance this agenda because they’re drunk on their own personal power over others.

    Increasingly, the psychopathic and sociopathic are seizing power over all the major systems of society: political, social, and especially economic, where the bankster families have all been psychopaths for centuries.

    A worldwide pathocracy, or rule by pathological personalities, is what is being constructed right before our eyes. The question is, how do we stop it?

  5. Pontiff Holysh*t

    I wonder how that professor’s poetry stacks up against this:

  6. Henry

    Here’s one you missed Elaine. Two cops ambushed and killed in Brooklyn

  7. @Elaine, Henry: Even NPR, an outlet of the Democratic Liberal media supported by donations from wealthy liberals, was unable to ignore this:

  8. Ismaaiyl Brinsley, what a name. From Baltimore, shot his GF there. Shot the officers outside a projects in Bed-Stuy. Definitely black. The officers killed, one was East Asian, the other Latino.

    This will definitely help Democrats’ efforts to increase their market share of Asian and Latino votes. Not.

  9. emsnews

    I just got a lot more information about the assassin. He wasn’t a loner. He belonged to a very violent gang.

  10. Jim R

    It’s a war between the gangs and the police. And it will not have a happy ending.

  11. emsnews

    Well, liberals thought that if they encourage riots, they would win elections.

    This is insane and I begged them not to do this.

  12. Tom W Harris

    If only they had listened to you.

  13. Well the liberals didn’t encourage riots… intentionally anyway. Rather, they were encouraging protest marches and demonstrations, which work SOME of the time, and usually on local issues that don’t affect big businesses.

    Problem is, and it’s the Libs’ problem, is that when you call for protest marches and demonstrations, some people are invariably going to stage riots. Especially when the issue at hand involves race.

    I know! Let’s call for a police riot, and call it a demonstration, and see how the Libs like it.

  14. Jim R

    Huh, “libberuls” … it’s like a tea-party convention in here. When the Repubs take over next month, the decay will accelerate.

    But, this article was about police. As usual, the real issues never make the front page.
    Civil Asset Forfeiture: The Final Stage Of Collapse Of Empire

    Why isn’t this blatantly unconstitutional development in the top headlines and on the TV 24/7/365, instead of some black thugs who tried to start a fight with the police?

  15. emsnews

    Because TAX PAYERS love the police confiscation game.

    See? I am puzzled as to why people can’t see this. Voters do this and you complain?

    I do detail why voters do this. The fake inflation numbers have caused real incomes to fall like a rock and people are desperate.

  16. Jim R

    Since 2000, we have completely obviated the need for voters.

    It doesn’t matter what voters want. Voters liked Howard Dean and Ron Paul, but that didn’t matter.

    And that first line is just silly. Maybe you meant TAX CHEATS. Like General Electric, who doesn’t pay anything on their billions of warbux, despite not having invented any lightbulbs recently.

  17. Luke

    I believe PBS-NPR get a half BILLION from gov. The gal who runs NPR has a half million dollar salary.

    ‘Even NPR, an outlet of the Democratic Liberal media supported by donations from wealthy liberals,’
    During the gov shutdown PBS got its half billion, if I recall.

  18. Jim R

    And how much did AIG get, Luke? Yeah, I know, that was ancient history mostly forgotten by now.

    It added up to trillions at the end of the day, of freshly issued fiatscos. From the government. For free. In return for nothing. “Liquidity” maybe.

    Enough to pay the NEA, and NPR, and Amtrak, and the Post Office, and other forms of “wasted” “taxpayer” money until the Sun burns out.

  19. emsnews

    I was yelling about AIG before the blow out.

    I was yelling about derivatives before the crash.

    All of these systems were kept operational in some fashion since the bail outs which is all about ZIRP and tons of money printing. And we are supposed to sneer at Russia being hammered by low oil prices?


    And we still have the stupid derivatives! And in oil!!! Holy cow from hell!!!! 😦

  20. Jim R

    And furthermore, Voters, whether they pay taxes or not, have not yet voted to repeal the Bill of Rights.

    So that’s entirely the doing of the psychopaths in office, the current crop and the ones in recent history. And voters nor taxpayers had anything to say about it.

    Back when they came out with TARP, remember what the voters wanted? Wasn’t it something like 99-to-1 AGAINST bailing out Wall Street? And still today, no one has been prosecuted, and none of the “TBTF” has been dismantled!

    So, when you say that voters and taxpayers approve of allowing the police to rob ctizens at will, you sound silly, Elaine.

  21. Jim R you are 100% correct there; Elaine, take notice.

    I remember back in 2008 that most rank and file conservatives were entirely against the banking gnomes’ bailouts by Bush. Most liberals, too. But Congress did the banksters’ bidding. Voters don’t matter anymore; they just get to pick which corporate-picked candidate is more appealing to them.

    But now everybody — especially the grievance and grudge-nursing angry young black men — has been distracted by the race issue. For what?

  22. emsnews

    The bail out is utterly separate from the issue of confiscation of ‘drug’ money/stuff.

    I am a voter. I voted every election since 1968. I watch the news. I remember when the topic of ‘how to fund the cops’ came up. A big issue with me!

    I remember the ‘solution’ chosen by the MAJORITY of VOTERS: confiscation.

    Don’t blame me! Blame them! This didn’t come out of nowhere.

  23. Jim R

    You said VOTERS favored ‘civil forfeiture’ confiscation, and that TAXPAYERS favored it as well. I have debunked that assertion.

    It is plainly a violation of a couple of the articles in the Bill of Rights, and VOTERS have not called a Constitutional Convention, nor have they approved an Amendment.

    Furthermore, there was never a VOTE on this issue, apart from the constitutionality. So, WRONG!

    If your city can’t afford cops, the obvious solution is to have FEWER COPS. And/or PAY THEM LESS. It’s just that simple. It wasn’t citizens voting for this, it was the various prison-industrial-complex lobbying groups.

    Also worth noting: under the guise of “free trade” or “protect the children” or some similar nonsense, the Internet is now the biggest target of the psychopaths-in-residence at various corporate and political headquarters. They just HATE the free flow of information.

  24. emsnews

    I suppose you will bring this to the Supreme court! Good luck.

  25. Jim R: “Also worth noting: under the guise of “free trade” or “protect the children” or some similar nonsense, the Internet is now the biggest target of the psychopaths-in-residence at various corporate and political headquarters. They just HATE the free flow of information.”

    Exactly. This is how Russia became an illiberal democracy for the LGBT Russians. The State Duma asked two End-of-Times Christian DC lobbying groups, the American Family Association and the Family Research Council. These two groups used the “protect the children” malarkey to get the state Duma to write what they the Xtian lobbyists wanted. Now Russian LGBTs have zero rights to free speech or free expression about their own lives and their own selves, and very limited rights to freedom of association. We in the US just barely dodged that bullet.

  26. Of course, what happened to the LGBTs of Russia is liable and is probably going to happen to the blacks here in the US, first. mainly because their angry young men tend to go on destructive riots at every little thing now. You watch. Plus their black rabble rousers and white apologizers are, respectively, always ranting and whining.

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