Police Assassin Member Of Notorious Black Guerrilla Family Prison Gang In Maryland



August 30, 2012:  Experts testify Black Guerilla Family ordered hit – YouTube


It now appears that the assassin from Baltimore which is a city with a very high crime rate, belongs to this prison gang called ‘The Black Guerilla Family’.  He wasn’t a lone killer, this gang actually announced they would do exactly what they did do.  The NY police were given warning that this was going to happen and the warning was ignored.  Just one hour before the murders, the Baltimore police warned by NYC police only it was too late to do a search for him.  It appears that the killer announced his mission online!  And this was picked up by the detectives in Baltimore.


BREAKING NEWS:  NYPD cops turn backs to de Blasio at hospital – NY Daily News with a video showing at least 100 police officers at the hospital, they all turned their backs on the mayor as he entered to see the dead officers’ families.  They also were totally silent which is quite ominous.  I know this very well!  I had to work hard to get the police to open up and try working with me way back in 1978.


The two dead cops, one is a Hispanic Rafael Ramos and one was Chinese, Wenjian Liu.  Neither of them were ‘white’, strictly speaking.


Cop killer in NYPD slays ran with Black Guerrilla Family – NY Daily News



One source said Baltimore police were already investigating Brinsley’s connection to the gang, which started in California’s San Quentin Prison in the 1960s by Black Panther member George Jackson.


“BGF has been talking about getting back at cops for Eric Garner and Ferguson,” a source told The News, citing intelligence intercepted in Baltimore area prisons.


Several times I thought about writing about this story.  Seems the prisons in Maryland were overrun by criminals who worked with a host of guards there to smuggle stuff and commit or order crimes outside the prisons and this was a gigantic scandal:

April, 2013:  This isn’t the first time the BGF gang surfaced in Md. – YouTube

54 correction employees arrested or fired.  Several women guards were removed after having sex with the leader of the gang in prison.


November 7, 1213:   48 Black Guerilla Family gang members indicted – YouTube

Screen shot 2014-12-20 at 9.46.13 PM

The precinct where the assassinations happened is one I know rather well:  the 79th Precinct.  This is the specific precinct chosen by former Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg to try a new way of fixing the messes there:   NYPD to Roll Out Revamped Operation Impact Plan  which was a plan to flood the place with ROOKIES who would work with the older cops to stop even petty crime and mischief.


This was unpopular and people in Bed Stuy wanted the status quo back which is basically to run the place like a slum.  DeBlasio tried to fix this:


Critics say it contributed to the wide use of the controversial stop-question-and-frisk tactic that stoked tensions between minority residents and the police. A federal judge ruled stop, question and frisk unconstitutional.


Changing the program was one of Mr. Bratton’s main initiatives. The details are still being completed, but more than 450 of roughly 630 new officers graduating on June 30 will enter the program.


They will likely be sent to two precincts each in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens and one each in Manhattan and Staten Island, Mr. Tucker said. Another group will be assigned to the public housing bureau, he added.


The stop and frisk method had to be dropped but it wasn’t replaced with anything realistic.  Instead, we went back to the good old 1970’s when the cops ceased patrolling in the ‘old way’ and replaced this with…nothing.  I know because after the 1977 riots and looting which burned down a big hunk of my neighborhood, the mayor rejoiced that no looters or arsonists were shot except two!  By a desperate store owner!


I can see why the cops are so pissed off!  The officer whose gun went off and shot a man in a dark stairwell in the Pink Projects was one of these unfortunate rookies.  I don’t know if today’s victims of the assassin are also rookies.  Here is one of DeBlasio’s changes:


The new officers will follow up with people who were victims of crime, or reported someone missing, and ask them “how was the, you know, how was the contact with the police department? Were you happy with it? Anything we could do better?” Deputy Inspector LiPetri said.


Victims want someone to wave a magic wand and fix things.  But this is impossible.  Fixing the slums so they are habitable is impossible if the people who live there wish to make it uninhabitable.  Removing the occasional crook or belligerent fighter might work in middle class neighborhoods but it barely scratches the surface in slums.


Sending basically helpless rookies into these hell holes is insane.  They are NOT ‘shepherded’ along by someone with experience.  We know this from the Pink Houses shooting, they go out together, two lambs to the slaughter.  I don’t know if the cops shot today were both rookies or not.  If they are, this is disgusting.  Police work is very difficult which is why it is so easy for some of them to slip up or become jaded and even violent but then, this is a violent business where one is interacting with some highly anti-social or psychotic people.


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54 responses to “Police Assassin Member Of Notorious Black Guerrilla Family Prison Gang In Maryland

  1. Jim R

    So what are you recommending here? …

    Stop and frisk, or don’t stop?

  2. I predict a catastrophe as the NYPD basically surrenders the streets to the rule of the jungle if the mayor doesn’t back the police. It is scary seeing the police officers union head telling the mayor not come to the hospital and I would be thinking about an escape plan. A lot of progress has

    made NYC a livable and safe city but it won’t take much to return to 70’s dystopia.

  3. emsnews

    The mayor made a HUGE mistake. When he saw how angry both black and white cops were, he should NOT have walked right past them.

    He should have paused and gave a speech. Apologizing to them for joining the anti-cop demonstrations. ‘I made a mistake’ speech would have turned the cops totally around.

    Instead, he looked utterly pissed off…AT THEM…and strode past with not one word. A huge mistake, that.

  4. Jim R

    The cops could admit to making a few mistakes, themselves. If it comes to a full-out shooting war, they may have all this military equipment, but they are badly outnumbered by gangstas and wanna-bees.

    Someone on another forum just pointed out this article —
    The Police Are Still Out of Control

    I should know.


    He has some useful suggestions at the end of the article.

  5. Moe

    Welcome to an America where people start shooting back. It will start in those abandoned areas of cities, but should the police continue to exercise undue force, will spread to the hinterlands. Rural resistance will represent the demarcation of civil life to civil strife, i.e., civil war.

    I sympathize with Elaine’s perspective, but the cops in the US are over-the-top aggressive. There will be more ‘assassinations’.

  6. Petruchio

    These kinds of situations are going to happen if you put them in context. Once enough people become convinced that government is not concerned about the general welfare, that corrective action will NEVER be implemented, people become cynical. Then they lose hope. They start to figure that NO ONE is going to help them in their situation and before long you have vigilantism. If enough injustice happens, and the traditional mechanisms for correcting them stand by silently or maybe take the other side and protect the perceived wrong doers, people lose hope. That’s one of the hardest things to restore once lost.

  7. melponeme_k


    No Moe, it will not be a civil war.

    The majority of Americans will rise up and put down the minorities causing trouble.

    I can’t say it enough, but I’ve traveled around the US and it is White. All the talk about illegal aliens taking over is far, far into the future. The ones here now are powerless and at anyone’s mercy.

    And when the majority in America do rise up, they will have a demagogue as their leader. We will see a Nazi America since the elites have seen to destroy any politician who could lead the people with reason. There is no Roosevelt, Lincoln or anyone touching the genius of the Founding Fathers to lead us. And if they do appear, they will be killed.

    We are in a sorry mess. But RACE WAR should be feared. The fact that is is being encouraged by the elite controlled mass media should be a warning. Don’t be swayed by them!

  8. Luke

    Mel, the point of [zionist backed] diversity [die versity] is to have no White majority. See Drudge today for more news on that.

    EMS is taking the mayor seriously. Problem is he is a leftist loon who deserves no respect.

    The tragedy in NYC was indeed tragic comedy.
    The stupidity of the killer was beyond huge.

    Negro sacrifices himself to his race for injuries caused by Yt [White devil]

    To start a race war between Black and White, killer drives 200 miles and kills two, one of whom is an Asian .

    Too Funny! Sad as well. Logic and he did not get along.

  9. ziff

    @jim thanks for posting the serpico, thats the real deal, unlike this other stuff

  10. e sutton

    Elaine has mentioned this many times and I’m not going to belabor the point. When the cops are told by the government, in his case the Holder Justice (sic) Department, Obama, and DeBlasio to stand down and allow blacks to rampage across the city, this is what you get. Cops being slaughtered. I’m not a big fan of the police. They have been built up into being a quasi militaristic army. But you have to be careful when imposing restraints on police. I was (and am) against the “stop & frisk” program put into place in NYC. Constitutionally, you get into trouble when you overtly profile would be criminals based on type. However, and this is a huge point, playing up the notion that innocent black children, black men and boys are pointlessly being murdered by police is hyperbole. Blacks are themselves responsible for the huge carnage their people face at the hands of thugs. Any white person who stupidly believes blacks are not a threat probably deserves to be beaten quite severely. Elaine and other libs pine for the ’60s
    liberal notion of integration actually working and being a net positive for society as a whole. I see integration as a horrible, failed policy which has caused every civilized institution being kneecapped and now on life support. I think voluntary segregation is the answer and always has been. We somehow got sidelined in the ’60s, thinking we are all the same. We are not. Blacks enjoy lawlessness. They should have what they want – lawlessness. Now they shall have it. Cops, white and black, will take their sweet time responding to any 911 calls in the hood. This comes under the heading of “Be Careful What Ye Wish for”.

  11. emsnews

    White radicals hated my guts all the way back to Berkeley in 1970 when I wrote the Berkeley Barb’s obituary for the young Japanese police man who was shot and killed in front of my house.

    The rage directed at me, the name calling, the disgusting threats against my life were sad and stupid. The cops came over to shake my hand and thank me and this began an important relationship which continues to this day.

  12. JimmyJ

    “China has successfully tested their first MIRV ICBM.
    China carried out a long-range missile flight
    test on Saturday using multiple,
    independently targetable reentry vehicles, or
    MIRVs, according to U.S. defense officials.
    As The Washington Free Beacon reports, the
    test of a new DF-41 missile, China’s longest-
    range intercontinental ballistic missile, marks
    the first test of multiple warhead capabilities
    for China…”


  13. vengeur

    What is this country coming to when even the offspring of our jeiwsh liberal elite get mugged by Trayvons and Michael Browns. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2014/12/20/police-robbery-reported-across-the-street-from-mayors-home/

  14. e sutton

    It is painful to be bitten by one of your pets.

  15. Freddy

    Time to cap the entire BGF!

  16. Jim R

    The police risk their lives for the job they do. So do firemen. We can all appreciate that fact.

    When firemen go around starting fires, they are prosecuted when it is found out. They are kicked off the force.

    But when police go around committing crimes, the grand jury no-bills them, if it gets to that. Or the DA gives them a medal for their service and they get a promotion. At the logical conclusion of this trend, there is no difference between the police and organized crime.

    We are now living with that logical conclusion.

  17. e sutton

    @Jim R,
    The black community has spoken. They do not wish to be burdened by the police department. The police department will honor that request. It is a prayer that has been answered for black folk – to live in a society unburdened by the white man’s rules and laws. Like Africa. They’ll get their wish, if you’ll pardon the expression, in spades.

  18. emsnews

    The HUGE problem is…the black activists and lunatic left latch onto cases where the cops had a 100% right to kill someone resisting arrest!!!!!

    This is KEY to everything. This isn’t the cops who are really bad. They aim directly at cases where the cops had to be rough,or had to shoot.

  19. Luke

    How many arrests do police make a year in USA and Canada? How many police are killed each year in line of duty? The media does not mention this much.

  20. emsnews

    Another NYC cop who moved to Florida and got a new cop job was shot dead today.

  21. Christian W

    I agree with Jim R.

    The majority of US citizens now approve of torture. Police State USA is already here as is two tier justice, ie one justice for the poor and common people and one justice for the elites and their henchmen.

    That doesn’t mean Elaine doesn’t have a point when she points out that the protests on behalf of Trevyon and Brown are misdirected. As I’ve said previously I believe the protesters have been deliberately misdirected.

    But what can you expect in a nation where the elites have decided to deliberately loot their own nation, destroy all pretence of democracy apart from the most superficial dressing up and gut all leadership outside their sphere of interest.

    The US needs Belgian style general strikes against the elites’ domestic cannibalism but instead you get Ferguson…

  22. emsnews

    IT matters a great deal! There are plenty of real ‘police brutality’ cases available yet the peculiar ones picked out to go nuts over are ones that clearly show that the police were dealing with people resisting arrest and further, were huge, just huge and very hard to manage.

    Ergo: the reason these particular cases were chosen was precisely because the police were in the right, not wrong.

    This is a COUP against normal police activities. Designed to wreck them as an effective force to stop black criminals (no one else!).

    This is insidious and dangerous and leads to a race war which blacks will lose, no ifs, ands or buts. Why they want to cause this is crazy. I know how they all think: they mainly see only each other and their neighbors who are white, the few left, are usually poor and weak or elderly so black hoodlums can imagine they are super strong.

    They are super weak! Can’t even shoot straight! Must less, fight in concert since they hate each other.

  23. Jim R

    Christian, I basically agree with Elaine that the two currently celebrated cases are poor candidates for martyrdom and sainthood. My spouse likes to remind me of a couple cases from here in Austin as well. They were white people and they weren’t killed, but they briefly made the news for ‘police brutality’.

    One was portrayed as this sweet little 72 year old granny. She was pulled over for a traffic ticket or something, and ended up getting tased. It all seemed like such a clear cut case against the cop, but a local radio talk show played the tape. She might have been 72, but as soon as the cop’s voice recorder came within range, you heard the most jaw dropping stream of profanity directed toward the cop. Yeah, he probably went too far, but I’m not sure how many cops could have treated that as polite discourse.

    The other was this young lady who was crossing the street down in the UT neighborhood. The police were handing out _warning_ tickets for jaywalking, because there was a problem with UT students blocking traffic. Not for a protest or anything, they were just loitering in the street. This young lady refused to show ID to the police, and apparently had been planning to have an incident, with an accomplice to photograph the results. So there was this picture on the web of her, writhing around on the street and screaming in pain. The police were apparently puzzled because they had hardly touched her. She ended up getting not a warning, but arrested until they sorted it out.

    So, these things get blown all out of proportion. I would think the police everywhere would benefit from those little cameras…

    But I’m also inclined to believe Serpico, that the big-city po-po’s are as corrupt now as they were in 1971, and nothing has been fixed there.

  24. emsnews

    You want to know who was corrupt from 1970-1980 in NYC???


    I got a number of them arrested. One committed suicide. One was a effing Congressman!

    I took down the president of the City Council. Guiliani was tapping my phone at my request, he was the Fed prosecutor back then, due to so many politicians calling me and threatening me!

    They all went to prison, one after the other, freaking out all the time. And the cops were my buddies.

  25. emsnews

    This is the time period the Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ for all this stuff.

    I didn’t take down Ed Koch but I did inspire fear in him, he literally would run away whenever he spotted me. I wrecked the Jefferson Club which was the political organization which handed out goodies during elections.

  26. ziff

    HAHA! still no discussion of ‘civil forfeiture’ , cops don’t get paid enough they think, so they turn [ like serpico] or the third world to sticking up citizens.

  27. emsnews

    Yes, the people who created ‘civil forfeiture’ are the…ELECTED POLITICIANS!

    Yup, Them thar guys.

  28. ziff

    agreed, but its the police agencies that lobby for this and local departments and individuals that benefit

  29. emsnews

    This still doesn’t explain why this happens. Someone is voting for this and in great numbers and it ain’t just the cops.

    I know that many don’t want to live in a democracy. Perhaps if we had a dictator…good lord!

    Now we do have the sneaks who bribe politicians to do things that are bad for society!

    They recently inserted legislation that makes themselves even richer! And they did this legally but not democratically.

    Seeing the difference is life and death! The media is owned by rich people who go along with this bribery. The rich who own the media don’t mind if we peons attack each other ruthlessly so long as we don’t attack them.

    The recent spat of ‘punish THESE PARTICULAR COPS who actually did nothing wrong and were doing their jobs when black criminals resisted arrest is designed to push cops into hating blacks and thus, becoming convenient targets for black ire when the real problem is, blacks have been ruthlessly eliminated as workers by the elites thanks to ‘free trade’ and letting in millions of illegal aliens.

  30. melponeme_k


    Salon once more trying to help sell the propaganda that 2014 was the hottest year ever. Get a load of this bon mot about how the North American vortex didn’t matter.

    “50: Number of U.S. states that had temperatures below freezing on Jan. 7, thanks to the infamous Polar Vortex — but the United States’ cooler-than-average year only emphasized how unusually hot it was nearly everywhere else.”


  31. Luke

    Mel, from the link, $10.14 billion: The amount of money pledged by world governments to the U.N. Green Climate Fund, which will help developing nations adapt to the impacts of climate change.

    No Thanks! Do not tax me for ‘AGW’.

  32. Petruchio

    Elaine: you mean there are crooked, corrupt politicians out there who take bribes? Shocking! Actually, there always has been corrupt politicians in New York-and everywhere else ready and willing to sell out the general welfare and whore themselves for money. It’s like asking, “Does a fat baby poop?” Example: Tammany Hall, to go back to the late 1800’s. You know what else? These corrupt, ready-to-be-bribed politicians MIGRATE! I know in my home state, (MN) we have our share of transplanted pols, some of them former New Yorkers. Sleaze spreads like a cancer. My point? There have always been politicians willing to whore themselves to the highest bidder. Imho, what’s missing today is the mechanism to take corrective action and rid politics of sleaze and corruption is neutered. And so the corruption will fester and get worse. However the “good” news is, you can get a package of paper towels for 40 cents cheaper than anywhere else, so the sheeple will stay asleep.

  33. ziff

    “”This still doesn’t explain why this happens. Someone is voting for this and in great numbers and it ain’t just the cops.””

    ?????? they can just do it, you live in a lawless country

  34. Petruchio

    Meant to say: ” However the “good” news is, you can get a package of paper towels for 40 cents cheaper (at walmart) than anywhere else, so the sheeple will remain compliant”

  35. emsnews

    Anyone who calls fellow citizens ‘sheeple’ is doomed. NO ONE will ever be your ally.

    Note that I never, ever, ever use that word. People may have little idea of what is going on around them but that is no reason to look down your noses at them.

    Who knows? Perhaps you, too, are delusional! I believe that most humans are delusional, we are the crazy monkeys, after all. We can’t see reality, we have a strong dream world and a huge imagination which leads to thinking in awkward ways.

    This is NOT a ‘lawless country’. Anyone who thinks that should be sent to a real lawless country and there are plenty in the Middle East and Africa to choose from.

  36. ziff

    sure it is, read Martin Armstrong, they make the ‘law’ as they see fit

  37. emsnews

    The rich always wrote laws throughout history. This does not mean we have no laws! Then there are morals, the thing that is collapsing in our slums these days.

    Seriously. That is not very astute thinking.

    By the way, the mirror is at work here: the rich are losing all morals, too. Wealth corrupts.

    Another thing: I recall vividly how, as the black community began its long decline, the average urban black loved ‘bling’ and money. Very much so.

    They did not love ‘hard work’ and ‘sacrifice’. This has now fatally infected their culture.

  38. Jim R

    There’s a little problem, though, with blaming the politicians …

    Whenever one of them comes out and publicly announces that this police-state crap needs to be reined in, he is marginalized or worse: e.g., Ralph Nader, Howard Dean. Either of these guys would have been popular leaders. There are others, the list would be long, but they are always stopped from getting any real power.

    There is a whole system in place to keep the kakistocracy going.

  39. emsnews

    Howard Dean: I supported him. The people who buried him were the Democratic leadership goon squad.

    I campaigned for him, by the way.

    Ralph Nader didn’t have any real base. He was a cause but not a politician. Dean was once the head of the Democrats and was a politician. And the new guys running the DNC got royally pissed at him because the rich guys who donate lots of money (bribes) wanted him silenced.

    So….what happened??? Think that we still couldn’t push Dean forwards? This is the real question! People really don’t think politics is work, they want things to fall into their laps!

    The rich buy support and power, we little people have to FIGHT for this and this means work, lots and lots of work. Has anyone here driven people to the polls in PRIMARIES???

    I have! Primaries are where the power really is and hardly anyone votes! I have been yelling this for years and it is ignored.

    Off-year elections are also the same power point for any organizers who want to change things. I once got the head of the NYC City Council dumped thanks to an off year election primary! HAHAHA.

    He came to my house and dissolved in tears.

    This city had nearly 10 million people and one housewife carrying petitions and driving people to an off year election primary drove one of the most powerful men in NYC off the ballot and out of office!

  40. emsnews

    In this most recent off year election, the Republicans wiped the ‘progressives’ nearly off the map. Obama hid in the White House. The DNC twiddled their thumbs.

    The GOP worked hard to drive people to the poll and took over 70%+ of the government. This was no ‘conspiracy’ it was lazy stupidity and progressives imagining watching Stewart and Colbert on TV and rioting over race issues would win the election.

    It failed miserably! And will fail worse in the future.

  41. ziff

    so Elaine this is what you call ‘law’
    Civil forfeiture—a process by which the government can take and sell your property without ever convicting, or even charging, you with a crime—is one of the greatest threats to property rights in the nation today.

    Civil forfeiture cases proceed under the legal fiction that cash, cars, or homes can be “guilty”—leading to such bizarre case names as United States v. 434 Main Street, Tewksbury, Mass. But because these cases are technically civil actions, property owners receive few if any of the protections that criminal defendants enjoy. To make matters worse, when law-enforcement agencies take and sell your property, they frequently get to keep all the proceeds for their own use. This gives agencies a direct financial incentive to “police for profit” by seizing and forfeiting as much property as possible.

  42. emsnews

    And pray tell, did the laws allowing this pass easily? Eh? Who did this?

    Take a guess!

    The people who voted for this are the ones who wanted lower taxes!

    Let’s be slightly realistic here: you want a world where you rule? Or democracy? Is democracy perfect?

    Nope! But then neither is any other system! The problem is, people don’t want to do the dirty job of actually carrying petitions, pushing for election actions, voting, going to Congress and making demands.


    I recall once, online, everyone was whining about the counting of votes in the 2000 election. I said, ‘Let’s all go to DC and tell Congress to count all votes properly’ and I even wrote this document called ‘The UNIFORM voting act’ to hand out.

    Guess how many people came with me?

    ZERO. Out of thousands reading me. ZERO. Got that?

    Even so, as I passed through the entire Senate building forcing every Senator to read my document, they all freaked out…NBC and CBS both reported about me as I departed and talked with top Senators about this issue when the Supreme Court suddenly announced they would interfere.


    This time, in front of the Supreme Court, a reporter ran up to me and yelled, ‘They decided to not count the votes due to voting systems being crappy!’

    I said, ‘Time for the American people to do something…’ and guess what?

    WE DID NOTHING. Nothing! No one! Not a soul! I was truly alone and very pissed off.

    Now we have endless whining from everyone. But still, no one is really lobbying properly or moving with any determination. Just temper tantrums from both the right and the left.

  43. emsnews

    I see a summer of huge race riots coming. And the destruction of more than one city. And hatred of extreme degree and all this while our leaders involve us in endless wars overseas just like in the damn Sixties.

    And guess what? That ended with NYC nearly bankrupt, the US government nearly bankrupt, the dollar worthless, education collapsing, high crime rates, murder, etc. And I had to pick up the pieces and force things back into functionality and today I am very old and can’t do all that so I live on my distant mountain with my gun collection, watching it all unravel and I feel very sorry for people stuck down in the cities.

    They will discover hell on earth soon enough especially if our leaders shove us into WWIII. All the fierce messes we whine about today are nothing compared to nuclear annihilation.

    People forget, this is the real scary monster. Not slightly warmer temperatures. Now polar bears going hungry (they will feast on the remains of WWIII).

    We are in danger of killing ourselves off! Violently.

    This is why we don’t worry about Fukushima. I don’t see anything happening about that horror! The liberals destroyed themselves by devoting nearly all their energy on ‘climate change’ (sic) while not one demonstration about Fukushima happened in Manhattan.

    ‘Kill the cops’ chanted leftists. Not a peep about Fukushima. ‘Kill Coal’ was shouted. Not ‘Stop WWIII’.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  44. Luke

    ‘I see a summer of huge race riots coming.’

    And I see a summer of Blacks rioting [fixed that for you].

  45. Ziff

    People have lives to live, no time for perpetual civil war. Plus these things are done on the sly, ,,more http://armstrongeconomics.com/armstrong_economics_blog/

  46. Petruchio

    Elaine #36: I don’t think I look down my nose at the average American. ‘Sheeple’ is a reference to their endless passivity towards the hideous sleaze and corruption that infests the government. To my way of thinking, this downhill slide to a nation run of, by and for the elites, the oligarchy. That lying fraudster, Ronald Reagan, started the “ball” rolling–downhill. The Savings and Loan scandal, Iran-Contra, to name two. Then 20 minutes after leaving the White House, Ronnie is on his way to Japan to collect $2 million for a couple of 20 minute speeches. Citizens have an obligation to be informed, to debate the issues with others, to DEMAND accountability from elected officials. Reagan should have been impeached and convicted for Iran-Contra. Nothing happens. Result? Wall Street banksters get bailed out, get REWARDED for gutting a national economy. I was a brainwashed ‘sheeple’. I was a true blue, hard core, right wing republican. Nobody was a bigger idiot than I was. I want people to wake up and smell the coffee.

  47. emsnews

    You are correct.

    There was a brief moment of horror when Reagan ran off to collect his $2.5 million bribe from the Japanese exporters. But then our media owners all yelled that it meant the Japanese admired him greatly and thought he was worth a lot and they wanted to honor Americans by showering money on him!

    The true key to all this was the Reagan tax cuts. Oh, how very popular these were! Deficit spending took off like a rocket and continues to this day with both parties doing it.

    I have railed about deficits much of my life. Remember: the hated Jimmy Carter cut the deficit down to nearly nothing and killed inflation, too!

    Boy, that was unpopular. People teach each other to be delusional. It is from the bottom and the top. This is because Life is a Harsh Mistress. Who wants that?

  48. Luke

    It was Neil Young who pointed out ‘Carter gave away the Panama Canal and now nukes can be shipped thru it’.

  49. emsnews

    Our empire has been crumbling for quite a while, hasn’t it? All we have collected since then is a bunch of fleas (nations that leech off of us).

  50. Luke

    And nations that send us their ‘unwashed masses’. And China that ships the finished goods to USA in exchange for our debt.
    But you know how that will end.

  51. John

    Paul Volcker killed inflation. He was the last decent Fed chair.

    And most of what you dislike about Reagan was actually the work of GHW Bush and the rest of the refugees from the Nixon regime. By the time Reagan left office, the Altzheimer’s had pretty much claimed him. I’m sure Nancy just decided to get paid for the way her husband was used by the Bushies as a smokescreen for their fascism.

  52. emsnews

    Yes, Bush Sr. made Reagan his puppet.

    So why do so many conservatives love this puppet???? And yes, Volcker was the last decent Fed chair. Wasn’t an Israeli front.

    And Volcker worked to stop excessive imports. The #1 being during that time: Saudi oil.

  53. John

    Because he honestly tried. I even remember you saying, a few years ago on this blog in a comment thread, that you’d met Reagan and he was a decent guy. All his talk about the “city on the hill” was sincere. I believe that he was so focused on getting rid of the USSR and preventing WWIII that he let a lot of domestic shenanigans from BushCo ‘progressives’ slide. Pick your battles, so to speak.

    And now, the ‘progressives’ in both parties are going to start WWIII – with Russia. *FACEPALM*

    No matter how profitable they think war is, nuclear war is not. These fools really do think they’re gods.

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