‘Verdant’ Landscapes Are Now Freezing Cold Glaciers According To Washington Post

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The verdant landscapes of Iceland, through a new lens – The Washington Post headline says, talking about a bunch of pictures taken in Iceland showing nearly only ice, desolation and cold!  I have noticed over the years, the warmists who are screaming about global warming, talk endlessly about how much they love the desolate tundra, worry that Antarctica might have a single plant grow and other hysteria coupled with propaganda that cold is beautiful even as these same clowns hold all their stupid meetings and anti-warm demonstrations in hot places like Cancun, one of the least icy places on earth that never had ice, ever, in the last 65 million years!


This insanity is so ferocious, the title of this photoessay uses the word Verdant – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Origin of VERDANT

modification of Middle French verdoyant, from present participle of verdoyer to be green, from Old French verdoier,from verd, vert green, from Latin viridis, from virēre to be green

First Known Use: 1581

All the landscapes in this photo album are barren and leafless!  All!  Not one leaf is seen.  Why would the Washington Post editors use this utterly ridiculously wrong word to describe a tundra-type cold landscape?  Even during the Ice Ages, Siberia had more trees than Iceland!  True, they were mainly stunted willows.  But still, they were trees.


Curious to see if this mania, this propaganda to turn words like ‘verdant’ on its head to fool people into thinking that lovely landscapes are glaciers, I googled ‘Ice Landscapes are beautiful’.  I got a ton of items talking about how beautiful ice is.


This mania for viewing icy, desolate places as ‘beautiful’ is amusing.  Greenland’s Beautiful Icy Landscapes – My Modern Met is a typical example of this.  Yes, ice can be beautiful just like deserts can be very beautiful.  But both are also deadly places where humans would struggle to survive.


A Shifting Landscape: Images of Greenland’s Ice – Good Nature claims.  Of course, the landscape has been mostly ice for at least 2 million years which I would suggest is ‘unchanging’ rather than shifting from one thing to another like the verdant temperate zone belt does between winter and summer.


Arctic landscape captured beautifully by photographer Peter Cox … and Finland’s ‘Ten Most Beautiful Landscapes’ — VisitFinland.com both celebrate severe cold.  Funny that the Guardian, land of Global Warming is Evil, has this story from last year!  Beautiful Antarctic landscapes belie a hard edge to life lived on the ice.


When I google ‘warm climate landscapes are beautiful’ I do not get the same stuff.  Instead, I get Landscape Plans for Dry Climates | Home Guides | SF Gate or Texas Landscaping Ideas – Landscaping Network and Heat Tolerent Plants, Hot Weather Plants – Wayside Gardens.


There is a Balmy and beautiful: 10 places with gorgeous weather, all the time …but it stands alone on the search engine page. The only offering in this search engine page is this:  The Natural Beauty of New Zealand | Immigration NZ which is trying to lure people to New Zealand.


Over the years, Google has become increasingly stupid.  It worked ten times better back in 2000.  Today, it is barely functional.  Any list of entries quickly deteriorates to off topic suggestions.  Often, in less than 5 entries.  It used to be a great tool.  Each year, it gets stinkier and stinkier.


The West Coast Google staff believe that we are all going to roast to death so I would suggest this inability to get any listings that verdant landscapes are beautiful is deliberate programming.


Now on to the California Drought which is over.


What will it take to end California’s drought? 11 trillion gallons of rain …was issued just six days ago.  Oh, the poor babies!  The drought continues!  NOT!  The Man-Made California Drought – House Committee on Natural Resources…is insane.  Humans didn’t cause this drought which is identical to many previous droughts due to California being a severe desert to winter rainforest climates all in one long state that runs north to south.


Actually, the GOP in California are complaining that farmers aren’t getting enough irrigation.  But the reality is, California has several million people and a rain rich/drought dry ping pong climate.


The #1 Google listing on my search ‘California drought ended’ is this:  California drought not likely to end this winter, experts say – San Jose Mercury News from early last November!  HAHAHA.  It has poured since then.  The ‘climate experts’ were, as usual, 100% wrong and this prediction of these stupid climate experts came after the rains already began!  Boy, were they all pissed as hell that it was raining so they snarled, ‘It will NOT rain!!!!’


I bet they all did an ‘anti-rain’ dance with rattles and feathers.‘ Are we there yet?’: How much more rain will end drought? is yet another article whining about the rain.  The ‘experts’ who couldn’t predict the weather much less, the climate, all whine that California will need lots and lots of rain and worse, that this is IMPOSSIBLE.  So there!


Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 7.53.38 AM

Storms are all over the US today.  Of course, the dry desert regions are not getting the same level of rain and snow as the VERDANT eastern half of the nation but this climate has existed for millions of years, except when it turns into Iceland during Ice Ages! Then it isn’t verdant at all.


Here is the 48 hour forecast for the US:

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 7.55.37 AM

Oh my god! We are doomed!  Look at the huge cold front sweeping off the Pacific Ocean, bringing heavy rain and snow to the West Coast!  The horror!  Oh! Wait!  This is another COLD FRONT sweeping in!!!  There is a brief warm front as a cold front sweeps into the verdant regions of the entire East Coast, too.  I suppose the California climate experts will all be out in force, screaming, ‘Go away’ at the storms.


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13 responses to “‘Verdant’ Landscapes Are Now Freezing Cold Glaciers According To Washington Post

  1. Luke

    And who owns the newsmedia?

    Who owns WaPo? Ol ‘slave labor’ Bezos.
    I was watching a show on ‘warming at the pole’ and saw a few penguins and no plants. Anyone who would want an ice cap over a warmer place with diverse flora and fauna is an AGW fool. The show convinced me most people cant think too clearly as it was an advert for ‘vring on the warming and its diversity’ not for what it purported to be.


  2. Luke

    ‘ California has several million people ‘. Last I checked its population was
    39 million and growing much too fast w all the wrong kinds of immigrants.

    I should know. Its been my home for most of my life.

  3. melponeme_k


    Despite the writer trying to frame Russian women as money hungry, desperate desperados…this news story is about an all too common problem across all society now. The collapse of marriage, relationships, friendship etc. What has happened to our world when people can’t create meaningful social nets anywhere?


  4. Eric Blood Axe

    Yes here on the Island, we have been having some heavy rain, you will get it as snow. Greenland’s Icy mountains, and Iceland’s greasy mountains?

  5. mike gibbs

    You are a special person Elaine…in my opinion wrong on the climate thing:>)

  6. JimmyJ

    I agree Google search has become dumber over time. I like to do technical searches and terms that would have been productive are no longer.

    I suppose this makes sense since Google started off as a geek tool but in their quest to maximize advertising revenue (their only revenue source) they have changed the search algorithms to suit the non-geek majority. These areainly people who are more concerned with Jennifer Lawrence nude selfies and how North Korea blocked the screening of the latest Seth Rogan Oscar winner. Anything else those folks want online are at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc skipping Google entirely.

    Ugh popular culture sucks!

  7. emsnews

    So true! I remember when you searched for terms, it would be highlighted in yellow making reading texts for important information infinitely easier!

    Now, you get NOTHING! Nothing! This change was sprung on us overnight and no one could communicate with Google to get it returned,

    I bet you are right, this was done to force people to accept more ads.

  8. ziff

    we are having mild winter here, tornadoes in Dec. ? seems odd [warm]

  9. Jim R

    Well then, I’ll just go back to AltaVista. Great little web search engine, that didn’t make assumptions about what you were shopping for, and rush off to somewhere based on those assumptions:

    As for Global Warming and the Arctic, when you start out at thirty below zero, you can have quite a bit of warming before the ice goes anywhere. IMNSHO, it is early yet to be making predictions based on some expectation of a glaciation event. It is also a bit early to be predicting a tropical earth. Nothing will be done about CO2, anyway.

    So just keep exposing the financial fraud and political shenanigans and enjoy the seasonal weather changes. The climate will do whatever it does, regardless.

    And, Merry Christmas, Elaine! I hope you are having family gather around your little woodstove and that y’all have a good visit.

  10. JimmyJ

    @Jim R: Sorry to break it to you but Yahoo ended up with AltaVista a few years back then wrapped it up last year, so now it redirects to Yahoo Search which is actually Microsoft Bing. If you do a WhoIs on the AltaVista.com domain its Yahoos property. But Yahoo made a strategic agreement with MS since only Bing and Google are half decent for what they do despite the unfortunate changes to mediocrity.

    Back in the day though, before Google arose, AV was the only search site worth anything.

    Lots of folks like DuckDuckGo but its an aggregator using Google, Bing, Wolfram and others.

  11. Jim R

    JimmyJ, clearly you did not sense the irony of my remark. If you clicked that link, you’d get a history of Digital. I think the Altavista domain has been redirected to Yahoo for ten years or so now. I haven’t tried it in almost that long.

    Someone has bought the Digital domain from HP (probably someone with more money than sense), and may be planning to do something with it. For now though, it’s just an online computer museum for an eccentric European.

    I’ve been using ixquick lately, but may give duckduckgo a try…

  12. emsnews

    You are right. I remember the earliest days. Actually, I first used the internet when it was made for NASA. To use it, I would go to my father’s office at the Jet Propulsion Lab or the university.

    Back then, you had to worry about your eyes straining at the dark screens reading green letters! 🙂

  13. JimmyJ

    @Jim R: Yup totally missed the irony. I do all my internet on a 4.5in phone screen now and it is tough for content comprehension for reading or writing. Guess I see why people like the giant phones.


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