Pope Claims Global Warming Will Make Hell On Earth, Demands We All Move Into Huts And Not Drive Huge Armored Vehicles

Screen shot 2014-12-28 at 9.41.09 AM

Vatican City: the Tiny House the Pope lives in.

French Alps – Snow strands 15,000 vehicles in Savoie as Europe goes in the deep freezer and in the UK – Motorists stranded by snowfall in Yorkshire while in Asia, Bone-chilling cold paralyses normal life in Rajshahi, Japan has had many blizzards this month, China’s Yellow River froze and in India – “Unprecedented snowfall” in Himachal Pradesh and this week, Blizzard warning for Hawaii mostly, I guess, due to Global Warming President Obama visiting there.  So, time for yet another deranged man living in a giant palace, telling us we have to stop using CO2 oil/gas and live in Tiny Houses and walk everywhere!  The Pope joins the chorus, ‘We are roasting to death!’


The epic push to eliminate the middle class in first world nations continues to roar forwards with a new character playing the game:  REPORT: Pope To Go Big On Climate Change


The reason for such frenetic activity, says Bishop Marcelo Sorondo, chancellor of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, is the pope’s wish to directly influence next year’s crucial UN climate meeting in Paris, when countries will try to conclude 20 years of fraught negotiations with a universal commitment to reduce emissions.


“Our academics supported the pope’s initiative to influence next year’s crucial decisions,” Sorondo told Cafod, the Catholic development agency, at a meeting in London. “The idea is to convene a meeting with leaders of the main religions to make all people aware of the state of our climate and the tragedy of social exclusion.”


Constantly, these elite jerks just have to have this urge to go out on their many balconies at their many palaces to lecture us about how nasty we are and how the poor must be saved…by having the rest of us live in miserable, tiny huts and not consume stuff!  Over and over again, the super rich living in palaces do this to us.


The latest handy tool to stop the teeming middle classes is to lecture them about how our collective life styles is destroying the Planet Earth!  If only we would cut back and live in Tiny Houses, the planet will be saved and all would be well.


Here is Buckingham Palace: one of a dozen gigantic Tiny Houses owned by the British Royals…

Screen shot 2014-12-28 at 9.47.32 AM


The British royals have been royally pissed off at the peasants.  They want them all to be put in their place.  That being, dirty hovels that have no heating.  For a bunch of anti-consumptionists, they live rather full lives!  Yes, they don’t use these rooms except in special occasions but who built these rooms in the first place?  It wasn’t built for any dirty peasants!  And peasants aren’t allowed inside, either.


Prince Charles: climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity – Telegraph


The Prince, who has long been an outspoken campaigner on climate change, will make clear his frustration that more has not been done to tackle global warming, despite clear warnings from UN scientists of the potentially catastrophic risks it poses.
In a pre-recorded video address, the Prince shakes his head as he says: “We are running out of time – how many times have I found myself saying this over recent years?”


This is the clown who was unable to tell his new, barely out of her teens bride, ‘I love you,’ the day he married her and who said, ‘I don’t know what love means’ right in her face on camera.  Sigh.  This blabber mouth has latched onto the global warming scam due to the fun of watching peasants suffer while he rides in huge armored vehicles with a huge entourage, lives in multiple palaces and parades his former mistress in public wearing expensive tiaras.


His comments come in his capacity as patron of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, a group of businesses calling for action on climate change…


In his video, Prince Charles says the world cannot “delay, regroup, prevaricate or wait for more and better information” and warns that tackling global warming will require “an unprecedented transformation of our communities, societies and lifestyles”.


He calls for renewable energy – such as wind farms and solar panels – to be “vastly scaled up”.


This is the same Prince who sent letters to all his peasants who live on his properties (he owns much of the land under people’s houses!) warning them he is going to FRACK for CO2 burning gases.  And they get nothing and he gets all the profits and it will mean drilling huge holes in their front and back yards, etc.  Classic two timing bastard.


Stunning Pictures of Al Gore’s New $9 Million Mansion Media Totally Ignored as the US media pushes this stupid story forwards, ignoring obvious cooling.  Yes, it was WARM for once in the last month in time for Xmas rains. I rushed outside and finished the wood chopping which was suspended before Thanksgiving due to the wood pile being buried by two feet of ice and snow!  I was so happy.


But on the other side of the planet they are getting the super cold/super ice winter we had earlier.  All the major global warmists live in huge palaces.  Obama isn’t spending his winter vacation in a super cold spot like Greenland or Antarctica.  He isn’t communing with polar bears.

He is in Hawaii.  Ignoring race riots by blacks. Ignoring chaos in America.  Police make arrests as scores of rowdy teens erupt in bloody fights at malls across America all of these being black teens going feral.  We just finished another Xmas orgy of buying stuff which is heavily encouraged by our rulers.


Who then turn around the very next day, literally, to lecture us all about how this is destroying the planet and we will roast to death as soon as winter is over and we stop digging out from blizzards.


Oh, by the way, a cop in Arizona going in to stop a domestic violence issue was shot dead.  And all the cops at the NY police funeral again turned their backs on the mayor.  Eventually the US will look like Ukraine.  And be as bankrupt.


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28 responses to “Pope Claims Global Warming Will Make Hell On Earth, Demands We All Move Into Huts And Not Drive Huge Armored Vehicles

  1. Ken

    I find it interesting that Europe is getting hammered by cold weather this winter like North America did last winter. I seem to recall that they had the mild winter last year.

    This makes sense to me. If the cold artic wind blows down on one side of the planet, it will create a low pressure center in the artic which will draw up the warm southern air on the other side of the planet.

    This probably has nothing to do one way or the other with global warming. It’s just an interesting yin and yang. It may be selfish, but I’m enjoying the mild winter even though it is at the expense of the Europeans.

  2. e sutton

    Ah, those darn “teens” being upstarts again! I’ll bet their dads are going to have a stern word with them after all this. Oh, and I wouldn’t worry about the U.S. looking too much like Ukraine. You need white people for that.

  3. e sutton

    “We just finished another Xmas orgy of buying stuff which is heavily encouraged by our rulers.”

    More crap I have absolutely no use for to put into the back of my closet. Again. And this after telling people not to buy for me this year. Just *doesn’t* register I guess.

  4. vengeur

    I think you mixed up Prince Charles and Prince William. I HOPE Prince William won’t be another Prince Charles.


    ELAINE: Prince Harry is Di’s second son. William is the son of Charles. Harry probably isn’t.

  5. Maddie's Mom

    You FIRST!, Barry, Al, and Charles.

  6. Luke

    Even the Popes on the bandwagon.

  7. Jim R

    I HOPE Prince William won’t be another Prince Charles.

    Wow, you mean Liz could outlive him, too? Maybe … I think I saw a news item recently, that she has recently, or soon will, enter the record books as #1 with a longer reign than Victoria.

  8. The USA is at least as bankrupt as the Ukraine is right now. Probably more so. The only thing keeping the US afloat is petro dollars.

    Long reign always preside over decay.

  9. Eric Blood Axe

    The Queen doesn’t own the palaces. She doesn’t own any islands, She is at least half english. the rest scottish or german. She is Queen of Scotland, descended from the Stuarts, There are no other contenders for the crown, the last descendent of the Old Pretender, was a Cardinal, who died early in the 19thC


    ELAINE: Just read in the news today that she DOES OWN THE PALACES. Outright. Just not all of England…she really does own much of England but this is hidden from the peasants. The government owns it all but won’t take it from her, either.

  10. Seraphim

    @The Queen doesn’t own the palaces. She doesn’t own any islands…

    Actually she does not own anything at all. The Pseudo-“British ” Royals are a bunch of usurpers, since (at least) the murder of the last legit King of England, Richard III Plantagenet. For my part I wait for the return of King Arthur!
    I do relish in watching the documentaries about the discoveries in the cer park. Mainly because in my youth (a very long time ago) I fell for a book called “The daughter of time” by Josephine Tey (aka Eelizabeth MacKintosh) which in 1990 was selected by the British-based Crime Writers’ Association as the greatest mystery novel of all time! (Wiki). And for good reasons. The discovery of the remains of Richard III are a total vindication of her “clarity of mind, and her loathing of fakes and of propaganda” shown in what is not just a “mystery novel” but a piece of historical research of the highest order.


    ELAINE: I suppose I have to write an article with links showing that she DOES own her palaces…totally and completely.

  11. melponeme_k


    According to a recent book I’ve read, King Arthur was a very admired warrior from Scotland. A great amount of propaganda throughout the centuries tried to erase his origins according to this book.


  12. Sunger

    Yes Elaine, Al Gore is a hypocrite. And that makes all climate science fraudulent. Case closed.

    And of course the Pope is now part of the conspiracy. Maybe he agreed to push bogus science in return for a few bucks, huh?

  13. Seraphim


    Thank you. There are hundreds of books revealing the “true” identity of King Arthur. All more or less far from the truth.
    I contend that one which come closest to the truth is a book, not unsurprisingly neglected if not confined to the memory hole by the official science. It is:

    “Guardian of the Grail: A New Light on the Arthurian Legend”, by John Whitehead, Jarrolds, 1959, Arthurian romances – 352p.

    It would appear that the falsification of the real story of King Arthur went almost hand in hand with the falsification of the story of King Richard III by the usurping upstart dynasty of the Tudors. King Arthur was a victim of the spiritual calamity unleashed upon the Merry England by the upstarts – the Reformation. The henchmen of Henry VIII destroyed the Glastonbury Abbey and the grave of King Arthur, who as the book I recomend was the first Christian King of Britain, but as the firm traditions assert, in the first century. He was the Briton King Caractacus or Arviragus who battled the Romans of Emperor Claudius.

  14. melponeme_k


    The Ardrey book ties the Arthur history into the stone of scone which had eventually been stolen from Scotland. England only gave it back almost 20 years ago. But only to borrow.

    Ardrey makes a good case.

  15. emsnews

    Most likely Arthur was fighting the Romans, yes.

    The entire thing is very Celtic and Victorian artists and writers believed this very much so and did a lot of really lovely work around this story.

  16. melponeme_k

    “Most likely Arthur was fighting the Romans, yes.”

    Yes, Arthur was Celtic…Scottish Celtic.

    And he didn’t fight the Romans he fought the Roman Catholic Church encroachment. Ardrey’s argument was that he refused to convert but his popularity was so large during and after his death that later stories turned him into a King and made him English.

  17. Luke

    ‘ I suppose I have to write an article with links showing that she DOES own her palaces…totally and completely..That reminds me of the rajneesh flunkies [way back in the 1980s] who say ‘raj didnt own the 100+ Rolls Royces’.

  18. Yes Elaine you are right. Technically the Monarch does own all the land in the UK. The surfs who own the deeds to a piece of land actually have it on a very long lease. Which the Monarch or much more likely the government of the day can terminate at any time.

    This is the legal basis for the compulsory purchase in UK Law.

  19. emsnews

    Thank you. 🙂

  20. Seraphim


    With all due respect, the argument of Ardrey falls in the category of obscuring the real story. There are solid arguments, brought about not only by Whitehead, but by a score of other sources, that the everlasting fame of King Arthur was due to the fact that he fought valiantly the Romans, albeit he was pardoned and permitted to reign over Britain as a client King and that reign – under Roman rule – was indeed a moment of progress (if we leave aside the Celtomaniac nationalistic discourse). Britain remains a solid and loyal acquisition of the Empire for five hundred years.
    He was indeed the first Christian King, as the centrality of the Grail legends in the Arthurian Gesta suggests. He perfectly matches the character of Caractacus or Arviragus, son of King Kymbelinus of Shakespearean fame. He was the father of Claudia Rufina, wife of a Aulus Pudens and founder of the oldest Christian Church in Rome, Santa Pudenziana. The pair is mentionened in 2Timothy, 4, 21, along with Linus. Linus is said also to be the son of Caractacus and, most importantly, the FIRST POPE OF ROME. It might further suggest the early date of Christianity in Britain (the Emperor Constantine goes to Rome from York!)
    It is infinitely more likely that the inspiration for the legendary Arthur was a real famous King and not an obscure chieftain of an obscure Pictish clan. The “encroachments of the Roman Catholic Church” refer to the well known question of the date of the celebration of Easter, which was a controversy between the Roman Catholic Church and the so – called Celtic Church (which was Christian and in no way some “Druidic” survival).

  21. melponeme_k


    The book I posted gives valid arguments based in the celtic language about who Arthur was and where he lived. He fought against converted tribes around Argyll.

    He was named Arthur MacAedan and Merlin was a politician who used Arthur’s battles as powerful propaganda. Audrey places all Arthurs battles and final resting place in actual locations not hypothetical places favoring England.

    I have no fight in who Arthur was but Ardrey makes a convincing argument. The fact that you want him to remain Brit Roman blinds you to more convincing arguments.

    The grail stories are TOTALLY different from the historical Arthur. They have everything to do with Alchemy and magical symbolism nothing to do with the real Arthur.

  22. Seraphim


    Please feel free to believe whatever you want and favor whatever author meets your preferences. Please believe me that I have no interest whatsoever in Arthur being either Brit Roman or whatever. I have no interest whatsoever in Scottish independence or Scotland continuing to remain in the UK.
    Nevertheless I do believe that historical science has the capacity to disentangle the past. And all historical sources place Arthur in England, more precisely in Camelot which is the Roman Camulodunum (present Colchester), which was even the capital of Roman Britain at a time – (COLONIA CLAVDIA VICTRICENSIS). In actual fact it was the oldest town in Britain.
    And with all due respect, the Grail stories have everything to do with Arthur and nothing at all with the Alchemical, Rosicrucian, Masonic, pseudo-Druidic fantasies which are precisely the smokescreen that obscures the real story.

    But this is how things turn out to be:
    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” (2Timothy 4, 3-4). Notice that is the same Paul’s Epistle that names Claudia, Pudens and Linus.

  23. melponeme_k

    This has nothing to do with Scottish Independence.

    This all to do with a bunch of people claiming magical blood in order to call themselves Royals. Hence all the Alchemy claptrap and Arthur.

    I find it very probable that Arthur was a very popular Scottish warlord who was a pain in the ass to the church and early English. Since they couldn’t tarnish his popularity, they stole his life and history. The stone of scone was very important to Scottish royal clans it figures very largely in the Arthur being Scottish. And the English were soooooo hot to steal it and they did for centuries. And when they crown a new ingrate who thinks he is magical, they will take it from Scotland so said Ingrate can place his nasty foot on it. And pull the sword from the stone.


  24. Seraphim

    @I find it very probable that Arthur was a very popular Scottish warlord who was a pain in the ass to the church and early English.

    If that story amuses you it’s fine with me. That wouldn’t make it true.

  25. melponeme_k


    But neither is the version you favor. Because more than likely the man never existed and is an amalgamation of many different people and events.

  26. emsnews

    History vanished during the Dark Ages except in a very few places.

    What is ‘history’? Ah, a written record! Which is why we often say ‘recorded history’.

    Then there is archeology that recovers the buried past. And then there is mythology. Arthur is nearly totally mythological as is Jesus. And virtually all ‘religious’ leaders. They are turned into myths even as they live.

    Which is a sad fate indeed. It is most dangerous to be one with the mythological astronomical entities! 🙂

  27. Seraphim

    @Arthur is nearly totally mythological as is Jesus.

    How right was St. Paul!

    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” (2Timothy 4, 3-4)”.

  28. Jim R

    Hell, Reagan is practically a legend, and I just remember him as a douche.

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