Near Record Sea Ice During ‘Warmest Year Ever’ While World Oil Futures Continue Fall

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Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record as the ICPP claims this is the warmest year ever.  The cold cycles have shifted mainly to Europe and Asia this winter, this month.  While we have a global oil glut caused by derivative futures deals made by traders, all the oil export nations including Russia and Saudi Arabia are seeing profits fall.  The US is betting on Russia falling into chaos due to this but I am betting it will be the Saudis who will fall.


I marvel at how liberals seem to adore extremely cold temperatures and think that glaciers are ‘verdant’ and polar bears and penguins are cute and cuddly and better than kittens.  They are now determined to pretend that extreme cold is lovely even though they, themselves, will run off to warm places whenever possible:  Icy conditions continue across UK after coldest night of the year | UK news | The Guardian

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As is typical in ALL, yes, all ‘liberal’ media, the peasants posting there all sneer about worries that we may be sliding into another Little Ice Age.  Indeed, one reader who is scared we will roast to death in this Hottest Year Ever, sneers:


Is this such a big deal?
This is what the weather ought to be like in these latitudes, and why the fuss?
In the 15 th and 16th centuries the winters were much much more severe than today in our country.
It is because our winters are generally milder is what we should be worried about.
All sensationalism , hype, and tabloidesque tosh.


Note how this weather hysteric who thinks we will roast to death complains that it was very cold during the Little Ice Age so why not now?  The Little Ice Age is the new normal for them.


The weather hysterics are the liberals!  Then when we all point out that their dreaded global warming is finished and we are now in global cooling, they, not us, get even more hysterical and so to keep up their antics, the climatologists who are making oodles of money off of claims of global warming, outright lie about basic weather statistics.

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As this map shows, LA and Florida will be still somewhat warm, that is, above freezing!  Whoopee.  And this last week has been warmer than usual, that is, the blanket of ice and snow on my mountain actually melted.


It is now below freezing again and will remain this way for a while. Just the other day, it was freezing even in LA.  Boy, were they all bitter about this, too!


Back to economic news, the West wants to end confrontation with Russia over Ukraine – EU foreign policy chief says while ‘More stable & prosperous than ever’? NATO officially ends 13-yr mission to Afghanistan gives the Russians a good laugh.  Even as the elites in the EU and US hiss and boo Putin and sneer at Russia having economic problems due to the sudden oil glut, the trillion dollars lost in the Afghanistan adventure is never mentioned.


In Battle to Defang ISIS, U.S. Targets Its Psychology is typical of US liberal media.  ISIS was launched by the US and Saudi Arabia with generous help from Israel.  It models itself on the great ally of the US: Saudi Arabia.  How on earth does the US ‘change the psychology’ of a pathological movement that apes Saudi Arabia and was birthed by the US itself?


The sudden fall in oil prices is now pinching many governments that the US relies on for keeping a lid on angry Muslims:  Algeria calls for OPEC to cut production |


While Algeria has some $200 billion foreign reserves, enough to cover imports for the next several years, it is heavily dependent on its oil revenue which provides 97 percent of its hard currency income and 60 percent of the budget.


Saudi Arabia and the US cynically decided that the oil financial reserves were big enough (the US has near zero reserves) to keep producing export oil in excess to deliberately drop prices and thus, bankrupt Russia.  The calculations used to do this are dubious at best.


It relied on Russia having no allies.  We saw this at the recent G8 meetings where Putin was openly sneered at and treated like they were all in Junior High.  China then invited Obama over to be fleeced over the issue of non-existing global warming and they got a deal which destroys the remains of US industry while getting a green light to continue burning coal.


So they are sitting pretty thanks to Putin deciding to no longer expand business with the EU and instead, send as much gas and oil to China and do all this using only rubles and yuan cutting out the US petro dollars…and this is a huge victory for Putin, not a defeat.


All the Muslim oil export nations use their oil profits to run socialist style welfare states.  While the elites skim off most of the profits to live wildly luxurious lives all of this is being squeezed badly and since all are running mainly off of oil profits in the past, all of them will see their bank accounts drop.


This includes places inside the US such as Alaska and Texas, Oklahoma, etc. will have financial hardships due to falling energy profits.  How they will all cope is to be seen.  I suspect the Saudis will throw in the towel soon and bite the bullet and drop oil exports to correct the situation but maybe they are suicidal?  We shall see who will blink first and I am betting it won’t be Putin.


Here are two graphs showing how England, once the Engine of Production to the World, has turned into a net energy consumer:  Gas from Norway, coal from Russia: eight graphs on the UK energy system | Carbon Brief from 2013:

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 8.38.52 AM


To avoid Russian coal, England has begun burning wood imported from all over including the US.  This is the end result of environmentalism run amok: these trees are being stripped from forests that supposedly will save us from CO2 roasting us to death but the same people fearful of roasting to death due to CO2 are also demanding this wood burning be done to stop coal burning.


I see a trap here!  The fact of the matter is, England is being used by the elites to further their plans to seize Russian resources via hook and crook.  Only the Chinese will beat them all at this game, as usual.


China announced that Russia will not fall into bankruptcy.  And they are the ones with solvent bank accounts, not the US nor UK.


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12 responses to “Near Record Sea Ice During ‘Warmest Year Ever’ While World Oil Futures Continue Fall

  1. e sutton

    Charles Hugh Smith has a good read today about the perils of confusing income with debt. For the past six years, interest rate manipulation and ever increasing borrowing/money printing in the West has given the illusion that the economy is still humming along, despite the recession. Anyone who’s ever tried to balance household accounts knows what a trap debt can be. But our media, government, and economists (sic) all herald the arrival of a bright new age, where we can continue to strip mine Africa, print endless dollars, use Chinese peasants as factory slaves, and menace Russia by threatening them and eventually stealing their resources. The U.S. and its Western allies will awaken from this six year long bender with a hangover that will hammer them for decades to come. That is, if we manage to avoid nuclear Armageddon.

  2. Jim R

    Depends on how you define “sea ice”. And “record”.


    ELAINE: you are looking at the ANOMALY not volume. 🙂

  3. Jim R

    ??? that’s funny. The jpeg image that appears above is different than the one from I was looking at to get the URL. The live image on the cryosphere site shows -0.471, not -1.166. . . .

  4. JimmyJ

    The Saudi thing is a bit baffling since it seems they are courting disaster after years of prudence. Apart from the US foreign policy objectives vis-a-vis Russia and Iran I’m wondering if the Saudis are trying to maximize short term profit from declining production as their fields dry up by keeping the taps turned up as long as they can. The current rulers can top up their wealth and US policy coincides nicely so really there’s no arm twisting required. At the end who of the US or the current Saudi leaders cares if the bulk of Saudi citizens lose out on long term sovereign wealth.

  5. Sunger

    Elaine- If you personally know better than the thousands of climate researchers from different and often competing institutions and nations then you need to present your information and clearly show that your thinking is correct and the scientific consensus is dead wrong.

    No you cannot present one book from 1978 nor your fathers personal belief that his ideas were being censored and declare victory. And no you cannot just dismiss over 25 years of climate research with a wave of your hand.

    Are you aware that scientific research in 1817 (Tyndal) discovered that CO2 traps heat. And all research since has validated that conclusion.

    Are you aware of the Greenland ice cores which provide much insight into climate variations going back tens of thousands of years.

    You have to present real data and show why it is right- not just throw out a bunch of hysterical claims, none of which you have provided any kind of backing.

  6. emsnews

    Sunger, money corrupts. Many a ‘climatologist’ has learned the hard way, if you don’t cook the books to create ‘global warming’ you are punished!

    This is how you get ‘consensus’ which is false. This is not the first time this has happened, either. The temptation to have conformity via crude arm twisting has a long, long history in science.

    I grew up watching all this close up. My parents took us kids everywhere and I participated in scientific panels for years and years but now am an ‘outsider’.


    People claiming we are going to roast to death have to prove their case since this flies in the face of 3 million years of climate history: WE ARE AT THE END OF THIS INTERGLACIAL!

    Got that?

    It may lie 1,000 years in the future but geologically, that is near at hand.

    The warmists have been yelling that we will roast to death tomorrow. And have yelled this for many tomorrows. A total inability to predict the near future much less, the far future.

    The chances of the planet ‘roasting’ is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Got that?

    Cannot happen. History is crystal clear. The ‘thing’ that makes this short interglacial/long, long, long glacial cycles is STILL OPERATIONAL. And has nothing to do with CO2.

    CO2 tags along with warming. The colder it gets, the less CO2. The warmer it is, the more CO2. Simple formula. So what kills off the CO2???

    Why does it plummet for hundreds of thousands of years???? NO climatologist of any sort has any explanations. NONE can tell us exactly why this is happening and why we are still in an Ice Age cycle system.

  7. John

    There is a BBC documentary, which I have posted a link to more than once, called “The Great global Warming Swindle.” In it, several sincere climate scientists walk us through the science that proves that:

    – solar activity causes climate change, period

    – CO2 is a miniscule part of the atmosphere and not the most significant greenhouse gas

    – CO2 levels are a trailing, not a leading indicator

    They also show us that:

    – The IPCC counts among its “thousands” of scientists people who have openly disagreed with their conclusions

    – There are BILLIONS of tax dollars made available every year to fund climate research – but only for those scientists who start from the premise that AGW is real.

    I will not post the link again, as you will not watch it anyway. But the fact is, AGW has been disproven, by very simple, nuts and bolts 2+2 science.

    The AGW crowd relies on models that often contain biased figures, and that attempt to forecast climate a hundred years from now. They can’t predict the weather with any real accuracy for more than a few days, but somehow they’re completely accurate about what will happen a century from now?

    AGW has, indeed, become a religion.

  8. Eric Blood Axe

    It is simple enough. The earth is warmed by the sun. There have been Ice Ages. Therefor the sun varies in output. The only question is, when will the next ice age start?

  9. e sutton

    Yep. I caught it on Christmas day. Still hacking like a three pack a day smoker. I read the article in Daily Mail seconds before logging onto this site and seeing your comment. Mysteriously missing from our media. Why, I have to wonder. Particularly nasty strain as well.

  10. Mewswithaview

    Wealth redistribution to poor Catholic countries, of course the pope is getting involved. He also has to play nice with the money men since the Vatican bank nearly got shut out of the international money transfer system by the American IRS (FATCA) forcing the previous incumbent from the papal office and doubtless they now need a new source of revenue.

    Pope drafts in Peter Sutherland after Vatican bank hit by scandals

    Sutherland is also ex Goldman Sachs.

    Vatican Bank’s ‘painful but necessary’ reforms cause profit loss of €83m

    Vatican Bank Joins 100 Nations In FATCA Offshore Account Hunt

    Vatican Climate Forest

    As always the question is cui bono? and the money trail is usually a good indicator.

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