NYC Police Go On Strike So Mayor De Blasio Staff Urged Media Allies To Attack Police More Vigorously

As I predicted, the NYC police are going ‘on strike’ due to concerns about how they should patrol or arrest people.  This is a legitimate concern.  As I keep pointing out and some people find hard to understand, the ‘progressive left’ has joined with the black community in championing cases where the police did very little wrong and the people who died were totally in the wrong…using these cases to pressure the police into retreating entirely from black communities.


Only the black communities happen to have other people living there who don’t want nonstop antisocial crimes.  Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage | New York Post this last week:


It has helped contribute to a nose dive in low-level policing, with overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show.


Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587, during that time frame.  Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300. Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241.


Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63.


Of course, people don’t like parking tickets!  When I lived in NYC during the bankruptcy years, the city ticketed cars in Park Slope religiously and the excuse for this was ‘bi-weekly street cleaning’ which no longer existed so it was just pure revenue hunting.  I had to budget $50 a month for this due to the impossibility of keeping up with the complex time limits in parking.


So what did I do?  The obvious thing: took around hundreds of petitions to voters, got enthusiastic response from all, and submitted these to the City Council and my hand-picked representative, Abe Gerges, would argue my case.  Our committee went around to other neighborhoods to urge them to do the same and voila: the laws were changed and only once a week street sweeping was done and we had an easier time parking our cars.


Many a battle was fought to fix the crime situation in NYC over the years and from 1975-1988, I was a big part of that.  I feel I have a right to analyze what is going on there based on my close association with dealing with crime and the fact that I once was called ‘The Housewife From Hell’ by the media due to my work against crime.  And the extensive arrests I generated including a fist full  of politicians!


De Blasio decided to terminate the Bloomberg frisk program.  This program reduced murders in NYC by over 50%.  De Blasio then went much further and when the police were not charged with murder when the gigantic black male died while handcuffed in Staten Island, he should have explained to the black community that resisting arrest and being grossly overweight are both bad for the health and should be avoided.


Instead, he lavished love and heightened their sense of persecution. The police were left hanging.  Now, if they arrest any 400 lb giants, they are responsible for his or her health or will be put in PRISON???  The families are still free to sue the city for damages.  But putting the cops who have to wrestle with often violent people (and the guy in Staten Island became violent) in prison makes policing impossible.


Have I hurt criminals and thugs I arrested?  ABSOLUTELY.  In one case, as the robber tried to run out of the Home Depot he was robbing, my pal, Abdul Malik, and I suddenly pushed a cart with plywood in front of him and he slammed into it, when he reeled, we tackled him and disarmed him in a rather painful way.


There was a jewelry story robber I hit with a broom and knocked his gun out of his hand, when we wrestled on the sidewalk, I put him into a stranglehold.  Ditto, the man trying to kill his wife via strangling: I broke open the door to their apartment, tackled him and put him in a very sharp neck lock so he had to stop strangling his poor wife whose head was hanging out the window.


The police deal with this all the time.  And get killed doing this.  There is no ‘soft/cuddly’ way to deal with people who are violent criminals!  And anyone can become violent, but some groups are more prone.  Young males, for example and the worst by far are young black males.  Statistics back this up.


The present police ‘blue flu strike’ isn’t new.  It happened in 1999:  After Officers’ Indictment in Diallo Case, Arrests Drop in New York City.  In 1988, Transit Police Arrests Decrease 37.7% – New York Times for the same reason:


The decline occurred as the 3,800-member department was buffeted by allegations that officers in its elite 23-member decoy squad had made dubious arrests on subway platforms and trains. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has told the department that 15 such cases were being reviewed, the Chief said. The activities of the squad, which averaged 60 arrests a month, were suspended Dec. 4.


The crew who did these undercover arrests I knew personally really well!  I used to chat with them.  The decoys would dress like little old ladies (and they joked about that a lot!) or drunks, etc.  They would then wander about looking helpless or pretending to be passed out and then someone would pick their pockets or push them or some action and they would be arrested.


This pissed off some politicians because prominent people were arrested trying to steal from drunks!  Seriously!  I knew one of these ‘no one is looking, maybe I can steal something’ people who was a principal of a prominent school!  So a bunch of people wanted this terminated.  I loved having this crew go undercover.  But it was killed off and the cops were pissed about this.


The mess in NYC today was badly handled by the new mayor from day one.  When he went to the hospital to view the bodies of the dead cops and the cops turned their backs, he silently stalked past them.  I said, ‘That was a bad move.  He should have talked to them and apologized for befriending Al Sharpton.’  That would have been applauded and today’s rage would be considerably lower.


Instead, we now learn that De Blasio aides urged allies to attack police unions over tactics | New York Post


The aides requested public criticisms of the “union’s tactics,” the source said.
De Blasio’s government affairs officials also privately began reaching out to allies as recently as this Monday – just one day before his peace pipe pow-wow with union leaders at the police academy, first reported Tuesday.
“City Hall wanted me to blast the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association for turning their backs on him,” one legislator told the web site. “They called up Monday, said they were calling all of us, and that it was our obligation to stand up defending the mayor.”


Today’s news is a tanker load of gasoline thrown on an already hot fire.  Now all the unions in NYC will turn on the mayor!  The police now have good reason to hate him.  Anything he said to them today has been rejected by the police and for good reason. How he can repair this betrayal is beyond me.  I think it is impossible.


And the killers are now unleashed.  Two weeks ago, Father of five dies after being shot in minivan in Brooklyn for example and last night, Masked thieves gun down Brooklyn man, 36, in his apartment.  They are laughing, who is going to stop them now?  No one. I don’t live there anymore.  The cops are wiping their hands of stopping blacks from killing each other.  And trust me, many others will now die, too unless they arm themselves like we did in the late 1970’s.


New York City Homicides Map – The New York Times shows clearly that blacks are by far, the killers in NYC.  No one else comes even close. Asians are responsible for nearly none of the killings.

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 11.34.59 AM

Demographics of New York City make it very clear that blacks, who are only a quarter of the population, are killing two thirds of the victims there.  This is ridiculous.  Nearly half the population is ‘white’ and 7% of murders are by whites!  There is near zero reason to frisk whites for guns, zero reason to frisk Asians but a huge reason to frisk mainly blacks.  Hispanics don’t commit nearly as many murders per capita as blacks.

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 11.39.46 AM

All the other NYC newspapers are carrying the story about the police going on strike but not the NYT. Not one word. Just this headline:  Police Respect Squandered in Attacks on de Blasio – where the editors blast the cops.  The police have no choice but go on strike because they cannot arrest anyone now for fear of causing thugs some harm.  Since this is now impossible, the mayor has to come up with a better system for arresting people.  What that might be baffles me since my own experience showed clearly that being nice doesn’t work so hot.


As for the drop in drug arrests: the war on drugs is a failure. Like the wars against Muslims, the more we fight, the more they fight.  The more drugs are repressed, the more valuable they are and the more criminals profit on selling the drugs and the more the drug dealers need to have cover for this by doing it in poor communities which then degrade badly.


Ending the War on Drugs would be a great first step.  Years ago when I suggested drug addicts should get free government drugs, people scolded me.  But obviously, the other system is an utter and expensive failure.  People who want to be drug addicts will move heaven and earth to be one and providing them with safe drugs is better than driving them into dangerous drugs.  Just like booze: legalization didn’t turn everyone into drunks.


I suspect one  major reason the War on Drugs continues is, so many people in the ruling class feel this keeps the lower classes at bay.  Black leaders imagine, this keeps money flowing into the hood.  So it rolls on relentlessly for all the worst reasons.


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17 responses to “NYC Police Go On Strike So Mayor De Blasio Staff Urged Media Allies To Attack Police More Vigorously

  1. Jim R

    Should be an interesting evening on Times Square tonight.

    … Interesting to watch from 1000 miles away.

  2. John

    De Blasio, like Obama and Holder, is deliberately trying to cause damage to the country. He doesn’t want to ‘fix’ things with the NYPD. He wants NYC to descend into outright chaos. Ditto Obama, in every city in the country. This is what they want.

    The ‘progressives’ think they have an opportunity to collapse America and have their much worshiped one world government. There are bankster fingerprints all over our government.

    Just look at what that corrupt old gasbag John McCain is doing. I do not identify with the “tea party” but at least they aren’t crony fascists like McLame.

  3. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Maybe someone will use statistics to argue in court that randomly frisking young black males is “necessary to achieve a compelling governmental interest”. It might be interesting, for example, to get Justice Thomas’s reaction.

  4. e sutton

    It ain’t just NYC where the cops will stand down. We’ve got more than our share of pavement apes where I live. The green light is on for lots and lots of madness, murder, and mayhem, courtesy of the black undertow. The destruction of America is picking up quantum speed. I suspect John is quite correct that a descent into complete and utter chaos is in store for all metro areas and the police now know better than to arrest negroes cuz dat jes be rayciss. gnome sane?

  5. cedricward

    Are you sure you’re not Forrest Gump in drag?
    Is there anywhere you haven’t been or anything you haven’t done?

  6. Ziff

    Banks need the loot.

  7. floridasandy

    A good column today. If new Yorkers had any common sense they would recall their incredibly inept mayor before he can do even more damage to the city.
    To pay someone to destroy your city iis insane.
    Recalling the mayor would do a lot to get the city back on track again.

  8. Elaine, cedricwards comment prompted me to do a search on your father, I am also one of seven children, but your family is definitely more colourful than mine. Your sister comes up in the search but not you. It might be time to edit your Dads wikipedia entry to include reference to his part in Operation Paperclip and the grabbing of the optical technology of the Germans.

  9. emsnews

    I am very much the Hidden Person. Good gods.

    I used to be in the news! Frequently! Now I am a nobody and this was quite deliberate.

    Operation Paperclip is still classified.

  10. Frank

    Thank you for the website but I think your interpretation of the stats is incorrect. Three times murders increased slightly during Bloomberg’s era while stop and frisks increased by tens of thousands. 2013 stop and frisks cut in half due to pressure and murders decreased by larger amounts (go figure?! or stopping 700,000 Blacks and Latinos to catch 300-400 murderers is a bit much)…The street crime rate is high among Blacks but it’s also high among poor people. The majority Black town of Hillcrest,NY has one of the lowest crime rates in America…Unions hate every mayor. When they get their new contracts the rank and file will be on board with DeBlasio. Money talks and 70% of unions are happy in NYC (a record)…And crime decreased last year.

  11. John

    Her interpretation is that black people who do not value hard work and education tend to live lives of violence and uselessness.

    It is also that ALL PEOPLE who do not value hard work and education tend to live lives of violence and uselessness.

    In summation, it is a refusal to learn and work that causes the problems. Excusing this refusal in black people (or anyone else, for whatever reason) accomplishes nothing positive.

    The End.

  12. emsnews

    The stop and frisk were for GUNS. People beat or stab each other to death all the time.

    Shootings are rising rapidly now with a murder every day using guns. The stabbings are continuing, too. But guns are now rising to #1 position.

    The hangover of Bloomberg’s push to disarm black thugs has about ended. All thugs know they have a green light to attack and trust me, they will relentlessly.

  13. emsnews

    Yes, John, the collapse of the work ethic in black communities is extremely sad to watch. They got hammered both ways: worked as slaves with zero reward. Then freed but discriminated against so they got little reward for labor, either.

    SInce gaining civil rights, they were suddenly allowed to migrate to liberal northern cities and get on welfare so huge numbers did this and it was instantly toxic, destroying families, work ethic, the ability to learn anything, a total mess.

    Very sad to watch unfold.

  14. Luke

    With regards to the evidence we agree. With regards to the cause we do not agree.
    Haiti and Quebec were both given independence at the same time. Why is each the way it is?
    Why is Iceland a nice land and haiti hateeee?

    As far as scientists who are race realists, well look at what the media does to them, [from ‘SBPDL’]

    Hopefully Rushton, Shockley, Schweitzer and the DNA guy, whose name eludes me at the moment, [DNA guy is Watson.]

    What happened to Shockley was a real shame. Even his family abandoned him. Some future White society will probably build a statue of him. The transistor is one of the most important inventions of all time and yet Shockley became the victim of a media witch hunt. When a White genius calls BS on paintjob theory the powers that be panic and engage in character attacks. Their normal narrative of “only the ignorant believe in race” doesn’t work when the person in question is clearly smarter than anyone in the media.

    Oh well I guess the media was proven right about Shockley,
    Black cities are after all shining technological marvels that embody liberal values of peace and education.
    They got Watson too. They pulled the plug on his board memberships and speaking engagements to punish him for making an honest off-the-cuff statement on DNA and race.
    He’s now so broke that he’s hawking his Nobel Prize.

  15. Luke

    Look at Rape Stats and look at race of perp.

    or here

    What conclusions can be drawn from these 300+ murders

    We have created the biggest sample of black on white murders ever compiled in one list. Over 300 black on white murders that occurred in 2014.

    What conclusion can be drawn?

    We found over 300 black on white murders for 2014. So far we have found 3 white of black murders for 2014. We have even asked left-wing for help compiling white on black murders, and they have nothing.

    1) The rate at which black people murder white people is well over 100 times the rate that white people murder black people. It may be as high as 500 times. Black on white murders are commonplace. White on black murders are an extreme rarity, even though there are five times as many white people as black people.

    2) The FBI reports that 16-18% of white homicide victims are killed by a black perpetrator. We believe the percentage is higher. The majority of black on white murders appear to be random stranger killings. These types of killings are usually the hardest to solve. In many cities with large numbers of black on white stranger killings, there are more white victims of stranger killings in which the race of the perp is unknown. Since black on white killings tend to be random stranger killings, it stands to reason that white homicide victims, with an unknown perp, were killed by blacks at a higher rate than white homicide victims with a known perp.

    3) The FBI reports that 6-7% of black homicide victims are killed by either a white or a Latino. The Federal government has no Latino offender category. All Latino offenders are listed as “white” in Federal murder statistics. So the term “white” means “white or Latino.” We can find many examples of blacks murdered by Latinos, especially in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. A large majority of the black homicide victims killed by a non-black appear to have been killed by a Latino. The percentage of black homicide victims killed by a non-black has been rising in conjunction with the rising population of Latinos. Twenty years ago data of murder victims put the percentage of black victims killed by a non-black at 3%.

    Some black on black murders are even being classified as “white on black” in Federal statistics. We have found cases of black Puerto Ricans, as well as blacks from other Spanish speaking countries, being listed in as “white” offenders in crime data. There are large numbers of black Puerto Ricans in places like New York City and Philadelphia. They have committed many murders.

    The actual percentage of black homicide victims killed by a white person is extremely small. Far smaller than the 7% listed on many cable news shows.

    I’ll re-cap because this is confusing. In Federal crime statistics, the term “white offender” includes whites, Latinos, and many blacks from Spanish speaking countries like Puerto Rico. It also includes North Africans, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Albanians, and people from central Asian countries.

  16. Luke

    One thing EMS has not noted is in 1960 USA had about 10? million Blacks. Now USA has 45? million.
    More Blacks have moved to USA since 1965 than were here in 1865.

  17. Luke

    what are blacks “rebelling” against in Ferguson?

    * Can blacks be discriminated against? No. Civil rights laws ensure that they are treated equally under the law.
    * Do blacks lack access to public universities and civil service jobs? No. They are pushed to the head of the line via AA.
    * Are blacks unable to access America’s wealth? No. There’s an entire welfare system and minorities-only contracting system to redistribute YT’s tax dollar to the ‘hood.
    * Must blacks live in segregated ghettos? No. There’s Open Housing and Section 8 vouchers.
    * Is black culture denigrated? No. Blacks studies, black history and MLK Day have all become national institutions.
    * Do we see demeaning stereotypes of blacks in the media? No. Television and the movies are replete with images of successful blacks.
    * Is it impossible for a black man to rise to the top in America? No. Look at the current occupant of the White House.

    So what is the problem here?
    16 other LGBTQ organizations have penned an open letter of solidarity expressing their grief over the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager gunned down by police in Ferguson, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb.

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