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Latest Insane Fad: Pit Bull/Bull Dog or Pit Bull/Boxer Mixes Which Kill People

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Bullypit Info, American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier Hybrid Dogs, Bullypits: I have owned and trained plenty of dogs of all different sizes and temperaments.  My first one was a collie, Lassie, of course.  When I was just a small child, the dog and I were close buddies as was Door Kitty (named by myself because she was a stray).  I am just horrified at what is happening to dogs these days.  Breeding them for violent, anti-social behaviors leads literally to deaths, often of the owner or the family where these killer dogs live.  People seem unable to understand how dogs and be bred to be vicious and dangerous and all the training in the world won’t make them safe to live at home.

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Greece Says Nyet To EU Bribes While China Expands Trade Routes To EU, Russia

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New Silk Roads to energize Asia’s vast economic potential – CCTV News – English: The Chinese are focused like a laser on expanding trade and gaining profits.  Since Japan has turned away from cooperation with China, they are looking towards Africa, India, Russia, Turkey and the EU for more customers.  The US is concentrating on continuing trade deficits, trying to isolate Russia even though China won’t do this and isolating Iran which China is also going to service with this new Silk Road rail system they intend to build.

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‘Piss Christ’ Creator, Serrano, Whines About Free Speech

“Artists must be free to live”: “Piss Christ,” Charlie Hebdo and the dangers of self-censorship is an editorial written by Serrano who made his living ‘shocking’ people with his ‘art’ which was really rather more akin to garbage and junk.  The freedom to hurt people’s feelings is supposed to be this high point in our society and people who are unhappy about vicious, nasty ‘art’ and ‘writing’ are supposed to ‘suck it up and shut up’.  Here is Serrano whining about this:

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Previous Interglacial Was Warmer Than ‘Dire’ Predictions Today: Alaska Warming, Great Lakes Cooling,Is Ice Age Warning

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This shows the North Pole regions if the planet gets warmer.  Supposedly, this means we and all living things will perish.  Trees will grow closer to the North Pole, for example.  Oh, the horrors!  Only, it appears that the previous Interglacial was much warmer than the present one.  Trees grew much closer to the North Pole.  Life flourished during that Interglacial.  My mountain was -4ºF at dawn.  In Europe, UK weather: Colder, windier and with likelihood of risky icy road conditions and snow ‘blizzards’ which is why the Prince of Wales is demanding it be colder because warm climate is evil.

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Ukraine Fighting Increases, NATO Restarts Cold War: Why EU, Japan And US Can’t Afford This War

Pro-Russian Rebels Blitz Key Ukraine City as the NATO leaders who once promised Russia they would not take over all of Eastern Europe, screaming bloody murder.  As usual with these affairs, the US news loves to start the History Clock at convenient points so they can blame someone for things that happened due to NATO aggression.  It is rather odd they are seeking to restart the Cold War as Cold War II.  Of course, this can cause a real war, WWIII.  Since Russia can annihilate the US, this is a bad idea but threats of annihilation doesn’t stop anyone, does it?


The US blames Russia and North Korea as well as China for all sorts of internet bad deeds while pretending to be honest but of course, Snowden has proof to the contrary and here is this week’s proof:  Regin Malware Unmasked as NSA Tool after SPIEGEL Publishes Source Code.

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Global Warmists Want Us To Live Like Rats—Siberian Researchers See Permafrost Freezing More, Not Melting

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Global warmists need more money…note the paved over playground with manufactured equipment for the children behind the white picket fence.


We were very lucky here on my little mountain and got half the snow forecast but it is bitterly, bitterly cold.  3ºF as I sit indoors near the fireplace, wind blowing outside.  I read this disturbing yet extremely hilarious rant at a left wing site erroneously called ‘Truthout’: Dahr Jamail | Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process.  Boo hoo, they are all roasting to death and think we will all roast to death!  And this roasting won’t stop!  I have an easy solution: they can all leave California and other warm places and move to my neighborhood!

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10,000 Japanese Fascists Sue Asahi Simbun Over Comfort Women Story

▶ History Clean: Japan deletes WWII ‘comfort women’ chapters from textbooks – YouTube

Japan government continues to deny responsibility for sex slavery as the fascist Abe regime terrorizes anyone who talks about past WWII aggressions.  This is the same week Europe is holding a celebration of the freeing the last survivors of Nazi extermination efforts in Poland…by not inviting Russia to the party even though Russian soldiers were the liberators.  Meanwhile, in Japan, denial of WWII crimes is climbing fast with the US snoozing over this, refusing to punish the Japanese leaders.


I was thoroughly disgusted when the Asahi Simbun news people retracted all mention of ‘comfort women’ WWII crimes.  This caused both China and both Koreas to issue formal complaints which Japan ignored totally.  Now, More than 8,700 people sue Asahi Shimbun over ‘comfort women’ stories ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion:

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