Southern California Blizzard Strands Motorists In LA During Hottest Year Ever

Winter storm strands drivers in Southern California mountains

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LA Times – 126th Rose Parade could be coldest ever as we close this Hottest Year Ever with a freezing bang.  Periodically we had warmish weather but in general it has been awfully cold with records broken all over the place all year long and snow in the Sahara .  But Southern California was hot and dry for most of the year…and with that finally terminated, the global warmists are tearing their hair out in despair. Oh no!  Where is it super hot?


Hottest Year Ever: 5 Places Where 2014 Temps Really Cooked – Scientific American boasts in today’s headline:


California: The long-running drought in California was made worse in 2014 by record heat. The first 10 months of 2014 were the warmest in California’s history since 1895, further burdening the state’s water demands.


The very last remnant of warm climate in North America has collapsed!  Of course, the brainiacs running Scientific American don’t notice this though they do admit this ‘warm stuff’ was not for the entire year and was trending rapidly downwards throughout the cycle.


The drought is gone, too!  Major hysteria at NOAA and NASA as the last tiny bit of ‘we are going to roast to death’ drowns like a rat.  Far from analyzing why this is happening, they chose to ignore this and continue cherry picking ‘warm weather’ to cover up the cold that assails 90% of North America.

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 6.52.04 AM

According to this wind chill map, Miami is 70ºF so we are still roasting to death at least in that tiny corner.  Note how all the people there are perishing from the heat.


Image of Asia: Breaking ice on Kashmir lake | The Miami Herald posts showing the severe cold gripping most of Eurasia this winter.  It is much, much colder than normal there, too.  Imagine that!  Our geniuses at NOAA and NASA are mute about this, of course, as they desperately search for somewhere warmish to whine about.

Never fear!  The liberal media is fixing this:  NBC News Drought, Heat and Ice: 2015 Could Be Tipping Point on Climate – NBC  No droughts?  So what! Next year will be Driest Year Ever!  If they figure some way to ignore the rain or to reduce it via computer programs, all will be well.


Funny how this ‘drought and heat’ includes ICE.  This is the magic of global warming.  This includes all sorts of other non-warm weather.  Every time they use ‘climate change’ they always talk about droughts, not blizzards.


The ongoing attempt to make blizzards and extreme cold part of global warming isn’t working.  People are scratching their heads.  ‘It sure isn’t hot outside,’ they muse.  Even Al Gore is shivering in his mansion today and wondering where the fantastic fun warm weather ran off to.


Over 180 motorists stranded in snow outside LA | Daily Mail Online


Austin, Texas cancels its New Years Eve celebrations and fireworks while Denver, Colorado experienced its coldest December 30 for more than 100 years as unusually cold Arctic blast settling into the central states with temperatures expected to be 25F to 45F below average


Yes, even Texas is cold.  Bitter cold.  Here is NOAA’s staff freaking out over the fact that the el Nino, a warm weather event that usually coincides with the top of the solar cycle, is floundering to the point of vanishing entirely: December’s ENSO Update: Close, but no cigar. | NOAA

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 7.11.41 AM


Several days ago the media was trumpeting this news:  El Niño Threatens Australia As Pacific Ocean Temperatures Rise – International Business Times and right at that time, the weak el Nino got much weaker.

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 7.16.05 AM


Just last week, it was near the middle of the ‘growing warmer’ yellow band.  Now it has dropped much closer to the neutral grey band.  This weak el Nino is beginning to piss off the ‘climate scientists’ who are desperate for it to go full el Nino.  and they lost their California drought and heat waves!


Rats!  Well, it is supposedly hot in Australia!  Weather News – South Australia to swelter in 40C temperatures as state-wide heat spell looms in high summer.  But today in Sydney, it is 87ºF with thunderstorms.  See? End of the world!


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14 responses to “Southern California Blizzard Strands Motorists In LA During Hottest Year Ever

  1. Sunger

    Yes! Just as climate science has predicted- total regional weather chaos!

  2. John

    The IPCC is a bunch of frauds, Sunger. Pfffft.

    The ongoing attempt to make blizzards and extreme cold part of global warming isn’t working. People are scratching their heads. ‘It sure isn’t hot outside,’ they muse. Even Al Gore is shivering in his mansion today and wondering where the fantastic fun warm weather ran off to.

    The extreme sarcasm is one of my favorite things about this blog. 🙂

    Happy New Year, Elaine! Let’s all try not to roast to death.

  3. melponeme_k

    70 degrees is rather cold for Miami. Just saying. The elites are watching their global warming tax scheme freeze itself into non-existence that is why they are screeching.

    Happy New Year!

  4. emsnews

    Correct. Bingo. Yes. 🙂

  5. Maddie's Mom

    Happy New Year!!! Elaine.

    Put another log, or three, on the fire.

  6. emsnews

    Been feeding the old fire like crazy the last several days!

    My cats won’t go outside unless I go with them. 🙂

  7. CK

    I believe that it is three weeks into summer in Sydney. I would expect it to be summery, warm nights, sultry days, mint juleps and Fosters on the verandas. Big old palm leaf fans flapping overhead. Skinny dipping for great whites.

  8. Luke

    30 to 40 degrees F is cold for Southern California.

  9. emsnews

    Snow in Israel and much of northern Africa.

  10. Jim R

    Luke, you never heard of the “Snows of Kilimanjaro”? That is in Africa.

    It is quite possible on this planet, for snow and ice to exist even at the equator.

  11. Luke

    Jim R, its always good to hear from you. As I posted that I was considering saying ‘On the plains, not Kilimanjaro’. In any case EMS posted about ‘snow in north Africa’.

    Happy New Year.

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